DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story | Official Trailer (Trailer 1) | Netflix

From the Emmy award winning creator of American Crime Story comes Dahmer - Monster: the Jeffrey Dahmer Story. The series examines the gruesome and horrific true crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer and the systemic failures that enabled one of America’s most notorious serial killers to continue his murderous spree in plain sight for over a decade.

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DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story | Official Trailer (Trailer 1) | Netflix

Across more than a decade, 17 teen boys and young men were murdered by convicted killer Jeffrey Dahmer. How did he evade arrest for so long?

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This is an amazing show. The actor playing Dahmer will win an Academy Award. This show has a Mindhunter vibe but with all the added gore that Mindhunter never shows. And here is a story that again exposes the Police being very lazy whenever minority groups are caught up with very dangerous people.
Natasha A_bella
Natasha A_bella:
He deserves an award for this, there is no role he can’t portray. He is an incredible actor
Metal Maidenhell
Metal Maidenhell:
Can you imagine being his neighbor? Not enough focus on his victims in the past, this series seems to address that. Evan is perfectly cast. I can't wait to see this unfold.
Madam Macabre
Madam Macabre:
One of the scariest facts about Dahmer's case is that he was nearly caught several times for his horrific crimes. A lot of neighbors called on him reporting suspicious behavior but often the cops didn't look into it (basically not at all) mostly because he was he was a white blonde haired blue eyed man living in a poor African American neighborhood. He purposely chose that neighborhood because he knew that the likelihood of white cops investigating white people in a high population of POC would be extremely low. It's just scary how he used people's own ignorance against them to commit inhumane crimes for about ten plus years 💔
It me ya boi the line
It me ya boi the line:
There's nothing Evan can't do.
He can play a believable teenager, a full-grown adult, an innocent heartthrob, a psychopathic serial killer and the list goes on and on. Every single type of person, gay, straight, human, ghost. He just nails it. What a treasure.
Risingofthephoenixx x
Risingofthephoenixx x:
"Ya'll came to late!!!" That part gave me chills. She deserves an award I can already tell this is gonna be phenomenal acting!
I can't get over episode 6. The deaf guy, Tony... his storyline.. the whole show is pretty gruesome, but this episode in particular was so well done, it really made you see Dahmer as the monster he is.
Elaine Refugio
Elaine Refugio:
The best thing about this series, unlike most (and believe me, I've seen A LOT of documentaries/series about serial killers) is that it just doesn't focus on everything about the killer (family background, childhood history, educational attainment, etc.) but it significantly highlights the ones that are truly the most important people in any story such as this: the victims. It's also worth mentioning how brilliant it is to see the story from the witness's point of view.

It breaks my heart that those officers from the Konrak case were reinstated and even had backpay. It just shows how corrupt the system is. I don't understand how those two excuse of a human being, let alone police officers, get back like what they did was nothing but short of a misunderstanding. They clearly brushed aside the worries of the bystanders and were too racist and homophobic. What kind of monster are they to let that poor child go? Not even an identification check or even get him to the hospital so he can be looked at! It sickens me so much and I can only pray for that poor boy's soul who has suffered so much.

On a side note, it's so interesting to see how aware Dahmer was throughout his murder spree. He was not detached and he clearly knew what he was doing. It almost felt like he just gave up holding it in and finally told the world all the grisly details about his crime. He wasn't proud, rather, he was just telling the story after keeping it in for so long. He insisted on doing those urges even if he knew it was wrong.

Will probably have to wait again for another interesting documentary/series like this. All these teen dramas and reality shows being recently uploaded on Netflix are just not my cup of tea. Most of the time I just find old documentaries on Youtube.
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza
AnnaElisavetta Vonnedozza:
The police returned an underage victim to Dahmer. It is one of the most infuriating things I’ve ever read about in any case ever. I hope they show it so people will be outraged. The Milwaukee police were never held accountable
Jon Doe
Jon Doe:
So proud of Evan! We’ve seen him as lots of different characters in the past (some with very disturbing or weird characteristics), but with him being the lead now, just makes me so happy for him!
Reya Quarles
Reya Quarles:
I am watching this series now. I can’t help but think about the victims’ families 😩. This story is almost unbelievable, but I know it’s true 😮. He was a sick, sick individual and everyone in his family failed him. May there never be another person who walks the earth like that monster.
Chyenne Columbus
Chyenne Columbus:
That show was incredible, real and disturbing. Evan played Dahmer perfectly.
This was excellent Netflix, finally someone telling the story from the victims experiences and point of view. Its long but so worth the watch.
Flea Baguette
Flea Baguette:
I'm glad that they are showing the moment during his murder trial where one of the sister's of his victims screams out that she hates him. That has always stuck in my mind ever since learning about Dahmer and gives me the chills every time I see it.
• Ravenclaw •
• Ravenclaw •:
Really hope Evan Peters is going to be okay after all the disturbing characters he’s played…and he played it very well.
A Castro
A Castro:
Ryan Murphy team! ALL I CAN SAY IS WOW!!!. This was great story telling. From the families, victims, racist cops, stories to the fashion and music was wonderful. It was great to see Karen Malina White and Molly Ringwald acting. I didn't know the story about Ms. Glenda Cleveland. Richard Jenkins and Niecy Nash deserve an Emmy.
ShadyKray's #SHADYPLAYS!
ShadyKray's #SHADYPLAYS!:
Evan Peters is the perfect casting choice. He's really come in to his own over the last few years and proved how versatile an actor he really is. There's been plenty done on Dahmer and being a crime buff I've seen it all so just glanced at this and thought cool must watch it and some point until I watched the trailer properly and realised Evan Peters is playing him. It changed from must watch it at some point to Must Watch Now!
Sana Fahad
Sana Fahad:
Just finished watching the whole series. If i could give oscar to evan for this role i would. Extremely convincing. One thing this series showed is how parents play a huge role in shaping child's future. I am grateful to my parents for what they sacrificed for me. If a mother can't take care of a kid and is doing drugs and father is too indulged in his own job. Such tragedies will continue to happen.
Alanna Dean
Alanna Dean:
If evan peters doesn't win an award for this I will be SHOCKED. He is an extremely talented actor. I watched the series and he had dahmer down to a T. Very talented, very hard working actor. You can tell he did extreme studies on his character.
Samantha Hefling
Samantha Hefling:
I love how this show never has to show any gore, no jump scares but can scare your inner being with just the acting and the story.
Alma Sakic
Alma Sakic:
I will say my chest/heart was hurting at many of these scenes and I found it hard to breathe. It is very terrible and panic inducing what these people endured. My heart goes out to them. I am so glad I am studying Crime Scene Investigation. It makes me feel like maybe one day I can make a difference for someone in this situation. Also Evan Peters is totally killing it in this role, he was destined for it. I am glad my wish that he plays a bonafide serial killer came true. I knew he was destined for such a role.
I’m watching this right now and it’s great. The casting of dahmer is spot on. Evan peters is great with these kind of roles and he does an exceptional job with this one. I know pretty much all the facts about the dahmer case and watched the whole trial as well and this show has all the major points. It’s Very well done. It’s creepy and unsettling but it’s worth binge watching. I don’t think they are in anyway glorifying a serial killer because when I watched I was so disturbed by it that there’s no way you could think anything positive about him.
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There's nothing Evan can't do.
He can play a believable teenager, a full-grown adult, an innocent heartthrob, a psychopathic serial killer and the list goes on and on. Every single type of person, gay, straight, human, ghost. He just nails it. What a treasure.
Yo tengo una obsesión con casos de asesinos,en especial con el de jeffrey dahmer,y me parece genial que hayan sacado una serie sobre él, y quién mejor para interpretarlo que evan Peter!
Maitee Ramos
Maitee Ramos:
Please please please give this man an award already. He’s such an incredible actor!
Phoenix Blacc
Phoenix Blacc:
I was in my early teens when this all happened and long forgotten about this. Needless to say this series refreshened my memory and then some! Ryan Murphy did it again! The entire cast is extraordinary.
Pranjal Makwana
Pranjal Makwana:
That's the kinda stuff we really want. The true face of all the serial killers without any filters and without romanticizing them, just how they are and let the viewers decide what opinions they wanna make about them. And obviously no one could have done better job at nailing this shit than EVAANNN!!! he is a pleasure to watch.
Looks unsettling and disgusting. Should be number 1 for Netflix first week

EDIT: Gah damn 4.6k likes. Guess people agree 🤷🏾
dawn atkinson
dawn atkinson:
I'm quite concerned for Evan...he took a break from AHS because he was struggling with playing all these vile characters so I'm a little surprised he's done this. Don't get me wrong, he nails it every time, but just for his own sanity, I'd like to see him play a different more cheery role 😊
Collin Walker
Collin Walker:
The actor playing Jeffery can literally DO IT ALL! His acting skills are A-1 it’s almost scary how good he his! Big fan!
Best show currently on Netflix right now! I’ve watched every Dahmer film movie out there and none of them comes close to how this was made. The main actor nailed it, the dad, the neighbor were amazing!!
Bigmama’s House
Bigmama’s House:
I pray for the victims families ,this has to be hard to see and experience again 😢. I also pray for the actors and actresses who played the roles of all parties involved . I hope they get counseling after, because I know this was hard !
I don’t think people truly understand how unbelievably sick this man was…
This series was really scary. Specifically because it really happened. He got away so many times, it's quite sad. Evan Peters needs an Oscar for this. He was phenomenal. Great series, but hard to watch. It was worth it though.
This series was incredibly well done. Kudos to the actors, writers and cinematographers especially.
Niecy Nash is such a treasure, she deserves emmys.
Planet Pantera
Planet Pantera:
An outstanding performance, so believable and creepy to the core! Peter Evans was born for this part and he deserves an award for this work.
It’s a masterpiece and he played it so well that it’s scary. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
This actor is incredible. This show is incredible. I’ve seen many docs on Dahmer. They’ve never quite captured the psychology of his crimes nor did they divulge in the stories behind the events and everyone affected by him. Good job Netflix.
Brandon Taylor
Brandon Taylor:
Really hoping Evan , Molly , Niecy, Richard, Ryan Murphy, all should be up for Emmy’s! Everything was spot on.. love the idea too of putting the families first. (Also never realized how unprofessional the cops were. It’s sad)
Great job guys! 🤙🏼
Martha Woodworth
Martha Woodworth:
Dahmer's father, played by the brilliant Richard Jenkins with unimaginable, heartbreaking restraint, and Niecy Nash as the caring neighbor who is undone when she learns the truth - along with the incredibly talented Evan Peters, made this project hard to look away from. would like to see more of all of them in other shows. Dahmer's father was a good man who loved his son and was broken when he learned the truth. Jeffrey was not an abused child, but he had "ideations" from a young age. However, there can be unrevealed incidents in a person's life that put them on a violent and destructive path. I know of a serial killer who was raped as a child by his babysitter. His rage set him on a path of destruction, and his victims all resembled that cruel, teenaged girl. Something like that could have happened to Dahmer that was so traumatizing he did not remember it. On the other hand, most people who experience childhood trauma do not become serial killers. Once again: I didn't expect to go beyond a few minutes of this series, but was compelled by the quality of the acting to see it to the end. Great production! Hope they all win Emmys.
John Smith
John Smith:
I remember the press conference after his death. The sister of one of his victims, stood in front of the 🎤 and said she wanted to send a thank you card to the man who killed Dahmer in jail.
DoggedSam42 -
DoggedSam42 -:
Now THIS is dahmer, this whole trailer is creepy, disturbing, unsettling, and just downright uncomfortable… Evan Peters killed it
MJ Boutin
MJ Boutin:
Evan needs to do children’s movies for the next ten years to rid himself of all the trauma he’s probably got stored up from all the psychopathic-to-evil characters he’s played. 😂 We love you, Evan. Be okay.
Angela Vecchio
Angela Vecchio:
Murphy's social exploration of these American real life horror stories are brilliant. He explores all the nasty social forces of American society such as homophobia and racism which created and aided this monster in his daily depravities. I can't wait to see this. I love Evan Peters.
Deepa Lall
Deepa Lall:
Having seen multiple documentaries on Dahmer and his interviews, I wondered what new they could tell people that we already don't know. And it was refreshing to see that the focus was on racism, homophobia, corruption in police department, victims and their families. We don't want to glorify these monsters, but we need to remember the innocent people who fell victim to them and the pain of the families.

Evan Peters as Jeffery Dahmer was very convincing especially the way he spoke. Although, some parts showing him rage and shouting at people looks exaggerated. Dahmer was very quiet and awkward according to many documentaries. He got what he deserved.

Always be vigilant and look after yourself, sometimes danger comes in disguise of an innocent face. Looks are deceptive. I wish I could say that people have become smarter these days because of media exposure and technology but unfortunately there are still serial killers roaming in the streets looking for their next victim.
Amelia Rigg
Amelia Rigg:
So excited for this. Ryan and Evan never fail.
This was incredible! I binged all 10 episodes. Evan did a fantastic job as Jeffery.
Akshay Sharma
Akshay Sharma:
Ladies and gentlemen behold the greatest masterpiece ever in the history of serial killing true events.. I've seen almost all the serial killing movies and series but trust me this is the best ever i found till now . U will not get bore for a single fu... Second trust me.. the story the plot the music everything next level.. Kudos to the makers!!!! Loved it
Mikhala A
Mikhala A:
They did such a great job telling the stories of the victims and families. Too many documentaries focus on the killer and not the victims ENOUGH.
Dj Raulio
Dj Raulio:
This series is one of the best portraits of how gruesome America can be. And at the same time of how awesome & innocent the black community can be!
It's not about winning the law suit, because justice does not exist. It's about making ANOTHER STATEMENT!
Super well done. Just finished the series and I'm glad to say it had me in shambles. Huge props to every actor.
Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛
Victoria 💋𝔽**СК МЕ - СНЕℂ𝕂 𝕄𝕐 Рℝ𝟘𝔽𝕀𝕃Е💛:
Evan Peters is a sublime actor, this trailer gives me chills in all the wrong ways. Glad Neicy Nash is getting some real recognition. But, keep in mind the absolute disgusting and savage nature of the crimes that were committed when watching this. I hope this doesn't become another piece of media glorifying a severely misguided and mentally-ill serial killer. Dahmer isn't cute, Bundy isn't sexy, Rader isn't strong. I've listened to too many true crime podcasts and heard probably way more gruesome details of the ways that humans were absolutely torn apart and desecrated at the hands of people like this. I hope this series will provide some sort of retribution for the people he killed rather than glamourize murder, as Ryan Murphy sometimes does in his shows.
This actually looks better than the other Dahmer movies I’ve seen before. Evan Peters has proved his acting chops time and time again so I was excited to see him play a real monster because of the way he puts his all into the characters he plays. Was a bit skeptical not because Ryan Murphy doesn’t do good work, but simply because he always seems to put his view points into his shows when it’s unnecessary to the plot. It’s always “women good, men bad” when it doesn’t need to be for the story to be compelling.
SL Bee
SL Bee:
Watched so many doccies and 2 movies abt Dahmer, but this series sure hits different!!! The acting and the storyline is an absolute 10/10!!
Ryan Murphy always does so well with American Horror Story seasons based on historical events or settings. I have no doubt this will be a very accurate and well written show of Jeffery Dahmer’s story
The part when Dahmer said " It's murdering time " sent a shivers down my spine.
Christian B
Christian B:
I just watched the episode “Silence” and I started crying before if even ended. 😢 such a heartbreaking episode
マシュー ドーラン
マシュー ドーラン:
Knowing as much as I do about Jeffrey and his crimes, life and obsessions this looks very accurate and extremely well done
I have always found Dahmer disturbing. He gives me the chills and this trailer just intensified that. Gacey and him are two of the most disturbing serial killers that make me feel so uneasy.
Evan Peters is going to be amazing. This will be a tough watch but honestly it looks very good.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
Evan peters is truly underaged and he’s fantastic at every role he takes and the dive he takes to become these characters weather real or fictional he just does it all so great and very believable
Hiatus Mode
Hiatus Mode:
Evan peters’ acting is so good that sometimes while watching it, i forgot it wasn’t the real Dahmer😭😭…Btw i feel so bad for all the victims but the young boy and the deaf 😭😭
Lindsey W
Lindsey W:
Evan Perters did an outstanding job with this role!!! He definitely deserves an award!!
Richard the Big Bunny
Richard the Big Bunny:
In all seriousness, that is a very well-cut and well-executed trailer (puns intended). If there's an Emmy for Most Effective & Alluring Trailer, that deserves to win. The mix of sex and repulsion and food and horror ... the distorted & inappropriate music ... it's genuinely unsettling.
C S:
Evan Peters is a sublime actor, this trailer gives me chills in all the wrong ways. Glad Neicy Nash is getting some real recognition. But, keep in mind the absolute disgusting and savage nature of the crimes that were committed when watching this. I hope this doesn't become another piece of media glorifying a severely misguided and mentally-ill serial killer. Dahmer isn't cute, Bundy isn't sexy, Rader isn't strong. I've listened to too many true crime podcasts and heard probably way more gruesome details of the ways that humans were absolutely torn apart and desecrated at the hands of people like this. I hope this series will provide some sort of retribution for the people he killed rather than glamourize murder, as Ryan Murphy sometimes does in his shows.
Michael Garcia DTX
Michael Garcia DTX:
I know everyone is excited and has great things to say about this film already. I can't imagine the victims families have to know that people want to see this actor portray the person that murdered their family member/friend. They have to know a another movie exists that show fictional portrayals of the murder of their family/friend. All for money and entertainment. Crazy.
komis pte
komis pte:
That show was incredible, real and disturbing. Evan played Dahmer perfectly.
This looks like the most accurate version of events, but why does Hollywood continue to glorify this man? I can only imagine how the victims families must feel having to relive this every time.
Hope Evan is okay and is getting some support because playing the characters he plays can have an effect on him mentally. Amazing actor
Karl Dickson
Karl Dickson:
This young man is a legend of a actor. I don't think he's ever been bad at anything he does.
Shay Star
Shay Star:
I’m watching this on Netflix but I haven’t finished it yet! So far it really paints a picture of how bizarre this man’s life was. I learned a lot of things to watch out for in case I ever meet a psycho
m 99
m 99:
This trailer is so well done. The song just nails it... How it becomes more disjointed, stripped down as the trailer progresses. Just perfect.
Darren Cassells
Darren Cassells:
Is anyone suprised by the horrible reviews critics are giving this show, I'm 4 episodes in and loving it. Evan Peters is excellent.
The thing about this story is its the small details that really get you. How he methodically got a barrel to dissolve the bodies. He drugged his victims but then drilled into their skulls to keep them compliant without drugs. The sandwich. the relationship with his neighbors. He was so good at hiding it even though he was bursting at the seems for people to know. Its terrifying.
LipSync with Halsey
LipSync with Halsey:
I am truly terrified by this. I remember this happening. Imagine living next to someone like that. Knowing something isn’t right, but the cops do nothing until it’s too late for so many innocent people. Just crazy! Evan Peters is the PERFECT choice to play Dahmer. They resemble each other. I wonder if she eats the sandwich?????
Cassandra Ross
Cassandra Ross:
Evan Peters is an amazing actor, he played the part so well I got chills!!
Diana Raymond
Diana Raymond:
As a mother of 3 brown boys I just can't watch this as a "show" for entertainment. After watching the trailer, my hope is that this can raise awareness and prevent horrors like this from happening again. I pray for the victims souls and their families, I hope this doesn't bring them further pain... Absolutely gut wrenching pain to lose your family like this.
Tom Horak
Tom Horak:
Oh Evan …. Acting is definitely in the blood . What an amazing actor
There’s a fine line between informing the public of dangers to public safety like Dahmer and torture porn. I’m really hoping they focus on telling the story than indulging in the more disturbing and extreme parts of this well documented case. Dahmer was a VERY sick individual, even compared to other serial killers.
Shelley Cline
Shelley Cline:
Here are the morals of this story.

1. Never go home with a stranger
2. Never drink an unopened drink from anyone you don't know or barely know.
3. Obviously never ever go home with a man that already molested your brother for any amount of money.
4. Never rely on or trust the police
Garrison Savage
Garrison Savage:
As much as I love this show and Evan is one of my favorite actors from AHS I still think it’s kinda dumb we give these killers this fame and attention. For a lot of them this is just what they want. I’m sure the victims families wish the killers name was never spoken again. I hope they get some money from this.
Dazed1 NYC
Dazed1 NYC:
Evan Peter's is one of the most underrated actors doin it today. Didn't love every season of AHS but he was great in every role. He has a J Depp quality to him where he can play a normal dude or go all the way left and be just as good.
Adrian Acevedo
Adrian Acevedo:
I think people missed the point, whoever made the show seems like he's trying to justify Dahmer's actions by making it seem like Dahmer was a product and consequence of his peers and society. It's very agenda driven if you ask me. I say no matter what we are all responsible for the actions we take and shouldn't be quick to blame others for them
Timothy Henderson
Timothy Henderson:
This trailer deserves an Emmy.
I never listen to “Please Don’t Go” the same again. Everytime I hear it I’ll think of this show. This was so well put together. Evan Peters deserves an Emmy for this
Shannon X
Shannon X:
I've watched and read so much about serial killers, just finished the book about Robert Black (a disturbing read) that I thought I'd end up binge watching this (especially as I've read about him numerous times) when it came out and its that disturbing I've honestly had to take some time off from each episode to read about nice things 😂 he was one next level fffd up guy and those victims that didn't die instantly must have been terrified.
The police failures in handing that poor boy back, I actually wanted to cry
Phoenix Flowers
Phoenix Flowers:
Although I want to watch this. It’s honestly upsetting how much notoriety we’ve given these monsters. Jeffrey Dahmer has had countless tv, shows, documentaries, movies and podcasts done about him. Meanwhile hardly anyone knows the names of his victims. I hope this show focuses on his victims more and shows the type of people they were.

I just know if there’s any sort of afterlife that Jeff is somewhere gloating about his latest movie and it makes me physically sick.
Damn, looks like both Ross Lynch and Evan Peters are perfect representations of him from different time periods. Really makes you feel like you're watching the real person over an actor
Scary movies and shows don’t scare me. But this was one of the most chilling shows I’ve watched. Especially the scenes that showed his neighbors point of view. The building smelled like death and no one did anything? Crazy
glossypots Lindsey
glossypots Lindsey:
Theresa Smith the sister of Dahmer’s victim Eddie Smith met Jeffrey’s parents and eventually Dahmer in prison. She forgave Jeffrey, which caused much controversy in her family and the community at that time. It must have taken great courage I’ve always admired her. You won’t find many if any references to this, certainly not on Netflix because we live in the age of vengeance and calling murderers monsters because it makes it easier to pretend they are not human just like you and me.
Lia Tee
Lia Tee:
I can’t believe how the authorities handled Dahmer up until he was caught. SMH. It’s disgusting. All those missed opportunities. Those poor boys and men.
Sean Binkley
Sean Binkley:
Just finished it. This series did so many things well. I know a concern of many was that the show would sensationalize the darkest aspects of Dahmer (or sympathize with him too much) while ignoring the victims of his crimes.

The show doesn’t do any of that. IMO it informs the viewer on what made Dahmer Dahmer and understanding who and what he was without forgetting to emphasize how terrible his crimes were and how he took away the lives of innocent people far too soon. I not only felt like I understood Dahmer’s psyche better at the end of this series but that the show also demonstrates how the system and the people around him failed to intervene sooner or more serious than they did. The Tony Hughes episode in particular underscored just how tragic the Dahmer saga reality was for so many people and how things could have gone a different way.
J Greenseed
J Greenseed:
Not for the faint of heart, but an absolute incredible series
Twinkie Gurl
Twinkie Gurl:
Been binge watching this last night and this is so creepy & twisted at same time. All his movies & documentaries are so good, THIS one is beyond that! After watching this, it shows me that Jeffrey is way more evil person ,than he looks . Shame, Shame to those WI officers that keep ignoring that black neighbor women plea for help whenever she knew “something” wasn’t right about Jeffrey . This show is a must-see!!!
This was disturbing, but it gave a good overview of the horrific crimes he committed and the failure of law enforcement to allow him to continue with his horrific crimes. Well done series.
Nykeria Nightfall
Nykeria Nightfall:
He definitely deserves an Emmy after this because he played the sh!+ out of this role!!! With his cute self
Evan literally kills every role. He is like viola davis (the first lady excluded) just fantastic actor.
Just finished watching. Brilliant series, the acting was phenomenal especially from Evan and And Richard Jenkins who played Lionel. My only gripe was some of the story was inaccurate and how they made Christopher Scarver some kind of hero for killing Dahmer. Scarver was in prison for shooting a guy in the head for $15. The man was no hero. He just wanted to make a name for himself. Excellent show though. Was creepy how much Evan looked and sounded like Dahmer. It was good to get a show about a serial killer from all aspects of the involved, not just from the killer, which tends to serve only to glamorize them. Would really recommend!
Christy Rusia
Christy Rusia:
I just done watching it, and I should say it’s really horrifying! But the fact that those police didn’t even bother to check the kid when Glenda reported about it is so sick! He must be alive still, if they didn’t return him to that monster.
scentless apprentice
scentless apprentice:
Wow. I have yet to watch this, as I just found it on Netflix and watched the preview.. Can I just say, Evan peters...what an amazing talent. He has his mannerisms down to a tee, his speaking, and even looks like him. Cant wait to see this now. Once I seen he was in it, I knew I had to watch. Going to take it for a spin now.