Dakota Johnson’s Favorite Comedian Isn’t Ellen

Dakota Johnson revealed to Ellen that her favorite comedian is Tig Notaro, who did a standup set during her recent 30th birthday party. The actress also opened up about what it was like on the set for "The Peanut Butter Falcon" with co-star Shia LaBeouf, who was arrested while filming the movie.


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Just Using
Just Using:
“Ask Johnathan your producer”
Johnathan the producer: you really want me to lose my job, huh?
Dr Gdrox
Dr Gdrox:
Dakota ended her, can't believe the comments aren't disabled
Dante Mills
Dante Mills:
This interview is so passive aggressive
Lisa zain
Lisa zain:
The only celebrity who embarrassed ellen instead of ellen embarrassing her
Blue Sturkey
Blue Sturkey:
I feel like she came here literally just to humiliate Ellen and she did a fabulous job.
Julio Jimenez
Julio Jimenez:
"Ask everybody" - My sis Dakota was having none of it.
jesse stevens
jesse stevens:
Narcissists don't like it when you call them out.
Michal Šenk
Michal Šenk:
I never even considered Ellen a comedian to begin with.
Bernardo Medina
Bernardo Medina:
Oh well that’s the last time we’ll see Dakota Johnson on the Ellen Show.
Baby Cheol
Baby Cheol:
”you know i like you” THE SILENCE AFTER SHE SAID THAT
Ellen is a scary person and has everybody fooled. My God, when Dakota called her out, I was scared she wanna gonna bite someone's head off.
Alex James
Alex James:
conspiracy: the comments aren’t disabled on this video like the others because ellen’s crew hates her for being mean and want to secretly expose her more
The tea is that ellen missed her birthday to watch tennis with george w bush
Nisa Anik
Nisa Anik:
ellen is so fake, backstage she doesn’t even speak to anyone
Sara B
Sara B:
Ellen is such a psychopath. I'm glad somebody called her out
Gia G
Gia G:
She sounds nice. Ellen started out a little rude and she defended herself, then it was just awkward.
Jane CC
Jane CC:
"actually no that’s not the truth ellen you were invited" A CULTURAL RESET WE DIDNT KNOW WE ALL NEEDED
Remmy Mejia
Remmy Mejia:
She’s just being honest. I don’t think it is uncomfortable at all. They both handled it pretty well.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei:
The “so” after she said “I did invite you and you’d didn’t come”💀
Vina Le
Vina Le:
Ellen tried playing it off as a joke but Dakota persisted. Respect.
Bre Nicole
Bre Nicole:
Ellen is actually one the MEANEST people. If y’all don’t believe me go to shallon lester’s video exposing her for the complete psychopath that she is
Mariana Low
Mariana Low:
The cameras, the audience, the production workers on set are all there, but Dakota is treating Ellen like they're alone. A very real interview that did not feel rehearsed or targeted to entertain.
Latina K
Latina K:
You can see the fury in Ellen’s eyes because she does not expect people to call her out. You see how she kept adjusting herself because she was getting HOT
Naomi Walker
Naomi Walker:
Didn't know much about her before but this interview alone gained me respect for Dakota. Finally someone who has the balls to call a narcissist out on television in a classy way.
Elina Elina
Elina Elina:
Who is here after Shallon Lester?
B Kim
B Kim:
Ellen is a comedian? I didn't know that.
Producer: “You were out of town”
Producer in her head: “We’re going down”
Zoe Edmonson
Zoe Edmonson:
Honestly if I were a celebrity I'd wanna be like Dakota because she isnt trying to be something shes not and she just seems like she'll tell you how she feels when she needs to.
June Alvarez
June Alvarez:
I don’t think Ellen is anyone’s favorite comedian actually
F a e l e i a
F a e l e i a:
Ellen had to come back with a sting "You met her at MY party, so I felt like I introduced her to YOU." So petty.
Clara S
Clara S:
Ellen missing Dakota’s birthday party so that she could hang out with George w bush... and then trying to publicly humiliate Dakota as a joke/banter ... ooof that isn’t a good look
Ellen isn’t anyone’s favorite comedian and that is called being an intellectual.
iamchrispaez TV
iamchrispaez TV:
Ellen’s and Dakota roasting each other directly and indirectly for 5 minutes awkward.
Ellen, pure fake. Got that "nasty behind the scenes diva" kind of vibe. I'll bet she's not great to be around if she's not getting her own way.
redlentel soupmix
redlentel soupmix:
'But he said that it was your kiss, so...' I absolutely love how Ellen expected Dakota to be upset or show some kind of shock but instead she was just like 'Yeah, duh.' Like this whole interview was just Dakota destroying Ellen one time after another and *I am here for it*
Amy Lai
Amy Lai:
“I don’t condemn people for their mistakes. I wish they would get through it.” - Dakota Johnson 2019

Bravo to that! Such an angel!
Kayla Barone
Kayla Barone:
My opinion: Dakota Johnson is the most beautiful girl in the world.
SMT 7:
You know what maybe Ellen isn’t used to celebrities not being “fake” back to her. To have to talk to so many celebs all the time Ellen must have to be a little fake. Her “thank you” seemed so genuine and surprised once she realized Dakota actually remembered inviting Ellen to her party. Entertainment business seems like one you might not be able to always tell who is genuine and who is not.
lolo paige
lolo paige:
ellen is so fake, her being on the show means nothing, its about publicity
Aaron Soto
Aaron Soto:
0:45 Dakota : "ask everybody" Ellen = the face of a hypocrite.
Her voice tone is similar to Lana del Rey's they both have such calm and soft voices
M H:
I love that Ellen set her up to drag Shia across the mud and she did the opposite and stood up for him and told us how they all came together to uplift him in a difficult time. Really highlights how different they are how kind Dakota is and how dark Ellen is.
Pretty Little Liars
Pretty Little Liars:
The beginning of the end for Ellen. Dakota is a trailblazer
She is so flowery, so dreamy. I like her a lot.
i’m glad she called ellen out for being fake
Cooc Lidoo
Cooc Lidoo:
You can see a lot about their characters when they talked about shias arrest.
Ellen is like trying to blame him by saying : „he could have ruined the whole shoot“ she is clearly more of an egoist
But dakota is clearly sympathising and not blaming by saying thta she felt protective of him and he must have had a hard time..and such
La Fille de Fleur
La Fille de Fleur:
The “so” after she said “I did invite you and you’d didn’t come”💀
I didn't like how ellen mentioned her best friend, jen anniston, as a way to get back at dakota she could've said any other name
Timothée Chalamet
Timothée Chalamet:
Dakota right now 😌💅🏻
Me Ze
Me Ze:
This is SO painful to watch.
I never realized how truly beautiful Dakota is, my goodness, she’s got that really subtle natural beauty going on.
"I had that thing." Yeah, Ellen was too busy hanging out with war criminals.
Roman Fernandez
Roman Fernandez:
Ellen is a manipulative person, good thing Dakota came for her.
Ellen is so awkward in this interview. It seems she just got owned by Dakota.
Tim Mill
Tim Mill:
So this is Hollywood? A bunch of nitwits whining cuz they weren't invited to some party?
Muhammad Zeeshan
Muhammad Zeeshan:
Ellen is such a narcissist, no wonder she is friends with bush(killer of millions)
"Of course I like you. You know I like you"
*awkward silence*
H R:
Dakota did NOT come to play. Queen
Mariah Crichton
Mariah Crichton:
Ellen is overrated. She needs to go back to humble herself.
Alix Rob
Alix Rob:
Ellen’s face when Dakota says her “ASK EVERYBODY” hahaha 👏🏻liar 👏🏻
I thought Dakota would be a typical hollyweird airhead but she has some smarts I see. And she's not afraid to use them.
Lee Nolan
Lee Nolan:
"This time you invited me? Are you sure?! How do you know??"

ERM.. It was her birthday.. I'm sure she knew who she invited lol
Delcia Gabrielle
Delcia Gabrielle:
I feel like she’s a very real and honest person unlike other celebrities who seems to be fake and ‘trying’ in interviews.
Joseph Ruiz
Joseph Ruiz:
but I did invite you and you didn’t come *so-* wow she slayed her
Sydney P
Sydney P:
This went so much better than everyone’s going on about
Lauren Jackson
Lauren Jackson:
I literally just fell in LOVE with Dakota Johnson...
"I don’t condemn people for their mistakes. I want them to get through it." - Dakota Johnson
Chi Eg
Chi Eg:
She was pretty at 20, but is absolutely stunning at 30.
Eunize l
Eunize l:
The "this isn't going well" of Dakota. She can feel it as well that Ellen is angry, never seen Ellen like this.
This really was the start of the end for Ellen
Nikole Plat
Nikole Plat:
When Ellen should actually
turn off the comments, she doesn’t 💀 these comments are all DRAGGING her... Chile
Mudassar Ahmed
Mudassar Ahmed:
When Dakota Said : "I don't condemn people for their mistakes, I just want them to get through it".... 04:30 Ellen got so emotional by her genuineness.
Eydis Song
Eydis Song:
See the fear in Ellen’s eyes when Dakota says that she was invited to her last birthday. She doesn’t like being called out.
Dominique Z
Dominique Z:
It's almost like Dakota's witch level is higher than Ellen's somehow
Sri Lakshmi
Sri Lakshmi:
If it weren't for the audience, the interview would have been so awkward...
M L:
The confidence of Dakota lol looking right in Ellen's face while calling her out and deflecting all her defenses
If i had a voice like hers, i wouldn't shut up
Josielyn Peter
Josielyn Peter:
This queen dragged Ellen thru the mud and I stan
Catalina Delgado
Catalina Delgado:
Bro I don’t know how she came with those answers so fast THE AUDACITY I love her
Dakota, Shantay you stay.

Ellen, Sashay Away.
Matthew Mack
Matthew Mack:
The most awkward part about this whole interview is Ellen considers herself a comedian
Dakota is one of those people who becomes more and more attractive as they ages.
ElijahMalik Wilson
ElijahMalik Wilson:
“Ask everybody” Is what’s really sending me💀
Gaurav Pant
Gaurav Pant:
She sounds so honest.. She isn't buttering Ellen like a number of celebrities do
Louis Putman
Louis Putman:
That moment when the rumors about Ellen being rude come true. lol
Cook by Khanam
Cook by Khanam:
“Gosh!! This isn’t going well” 😂😂😂
Y Ramadan
Y Ramadan:
Her voice gives me comfort and assures me that it’s going to be ok .
guktefn grshoo
guktefn grshoo:
Ellen is playing 4D chess. Make some publicity and get her YouTube channel some views for that SWEET SWEET AD REVENUE
Charlie Bear
Charlie Bear:
Ellen was once great, but now she’s gotten far too pig-headed, narcissistic, and rude. She’s insensitive and thinks she’s better than everyone she has on her show. It’s nice to see someone call her out.
Her voice when she says "It was October 4th" wow
sarah robean
sarah robean:
Dakota defending herself but still humble
Jay McBride
Jay McBride:
Lol, and what have we seen of Dakota after this interview, lol? Nothing! 😗 😚
She's got such a soothing voice...so calming
Mellow Sounds
Mellow Sounds:
Dakota's body posture and energy emits that she's either tired or fatigued. Some of these actors work long days and hours and may look unenthused on TV at times when doing these interviews.
Dr Boo
Dr Boo:
Contrary to what is expected. Ellen is ruining the interview every chance she gets and Dakota is just making the interview smooth and funny.
Gino Cassano
Gino Cassano:
“This isn’t going well” lol 😂💀
angrodguz the third
angrodguz the third:
This was the beginning of the end for Ms. Ellen.
Christopher Herbert
Christopher Herbert:
She was hanging out with George Bush instead, which is about as funny as her interview technique.
John Konrad
John Konrad:
New idea for the title here
"That awkward moment when your called out for skipping Dakota Johnson's birthday to go hang out with a War Criminal"
Adia Aud
Adia Aud:
“It was probably too far for me to go to”

So Ellen’s saying she doesn’t have enough money to just hop on a private jet and fly to Malibu?