Dame Diana Rigg Dies at 82

This segment aired on the KTLA 5 Morning News, Thursday, September 10, 2020.

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Burke Petersen
Burke Petersen:
It’s a shame this sad news was reported by such a dweeb! Rip.
Ooooh this hurts.
Emma Peel- fell in love with her at 6 yrs old, 50 yrs later I'm still there..
So sad.. =(
The only Bond girl to get James to the altar...
Raven Moonsinger
Raven Moonsinger:
I adored Diana Rigg as Emma Peale in The Avengers. Sexy without being "slutty", cool, calm and classy. I never watched G.O.T., but I'm sure as always she was brilliant. Rest in Peace Diana!
terence barrett
terence barrett:
RIP Diana Rigg, an absolutely wonderful beautiful actress, she was so "appealing" a pun" but in the Avengers, when I was a child, the Avengers and British TV was absolutely wonderful exciting "RIP,Diana Rigg love and peace to your family
Brought Martin's Lady Olenna Tyrell to life....she stole every scene she was in!
Roger Kincaid
Roger Kincaid:
Rest well now, Miss Rigg.

This year has been the most brutal.
Frederick Vanhelsun
Frederick Vanhelsun:
To us her fans of the older generation she will be with us always
Tom McLean
Tom McLean:
Beautiful, talented, smart, and I have never heard a bad word from her or about her. Smart enough to not preach to people either. I will miss her! Can't think oif a current actress worthy of kissing her feet.
May she rest peacefully in a garden of roses.
Toadkiller Dog
Toadkiller Dog:
I was so in love with Emma Peel when watching the Avengers as a little kid. She was beautiful and kicked butt. Those kicks alone made her famous.
Faithin Verity
Faithin Verity:
The best thing about being a kid in 1960's America was that, when you became a secret agent, there was a chance that you might have a sexy beast like her as your partner.

You'll always be in my heart, Miss Rigg.
Pat Pierce
Pat Pierce:
We will never see her likes again. RIP Diana...
She was the sex symbol of my generation and a great actress....!
MLB _:
What an incredible actress. She was amazing in GoT long live her memory, and rest in peace
She was one of the best Bond Girls and killed it on Game of Thrones.
Robin Lambert
Robin Lambert:
Excellent actress .She played Shakespeare and black comedy Theatre of blood with equal vigour
i remember her when I was 10 years old when I use to view in "The Avengers" She was a fantastic actress who did not pigeon hole herself into doing just glamour girl roles
Rest in peace Diana.
Leonardo Da Kimchi
Leonardo Da Kimchi:
Long may she rest! Great actress!
Steve Thomas
Steve Thomas:
"Always keep your bowler on in times of stress and keep a watchout for those diabolical masterminds". Thank you Diana for bringing us Mrs Emma Peel.
Synoptic 12
Synoptic 12:
A very beautiful woman. Surely she shall be redeemed by Our Eternal Light.
Via The Avengers, I had a huge crush on her when I was a young lad. Godspeed.
*Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, stay safe and have a wonderful day*
Dru Underwood
Dru Underwood:
R.I.P Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg
Linda Wallace
Linda Wallace:
Loved The Avengers !! Mrs.Peel truely ROCKED !! Will always be my all time favorite TV Series !!
Antonio Szytulskyj
Antonio Szytulskyj:
Diana had everything: beauty, appeal, class, natural talent. Will sadly miss her 😪, goodbye mrs peel, you're needed elsewhere. RIP
SyFy Rytr
SyFy Rytr:
RIP gorgeous... thanks for the memories
Pamela Mays
Pamela Mays:
She was also the host of the PBS series Mystery!, taking over for its previous host Vincent Price.
Bruce Karaus
Bruce Karaus:
The greatest disservice ever done to this lady was to have her death reported by Sam Rubin. At least he got her name right.
Amogh 3v
Amogh 3v:
"What is dead may never die"
J King
J King:
Rest In Peace ❤️. And now her watch has ended. What is dead may never die.
William Pow
William Pow:
I thought she passed away while back but it's still sad to hear this news of her passing rip
Kelsey C
Kelsey C:
I fixed your headline. "Multiple Emmy, Tony, and Golden Globe great, Diana Rigg passes at 82"

She was more than a 'sex symbol'. Very accomplished woman in every right, and should have been recognized as such. Don't minimize 82 years of someone's life in such a degrading way please.
Diddy Doodat
Diddy Doodat:
2:15 what weird way to say someone's dead. Smh
Jesse Mendez
Jesse Mendez:
RIP Emma. I just can't understand how people would put a thumbs down on a video of someone who worked in the Arts who just passed away. Our society is deteriorating from racism, stupidity, and aftereffects of Covid 19. Shame on you who did that!!!
Jane O'keeffe
Jane O'keeffe:
Rest in peace Diana, beautiful woman, fantastic actress 🙏❤️
Freddy Molina
Freddy Molina:
Oh Nooooo. R.I.P. thank you for the great memories. Used to love the series.
Wow. I remember seeing her in Love letters when it came to San Francisco in 1990 Yes I am that old😂😂😂😂 oh she was a terrific actress. All the gold ones going this year. Getting the hell out of dodge I suppose. Rip
Leon WP
Leon WP:
Amazing actress, beautiful woman and my schoolboy crush.
RIP you wonderful lady.
Peter Franks
Peter Franks:
"It's alright, it's quite alright. We'll be moving along soon. We've all the time in the world",
RIP Diana, the one and only "Mrs. James Bond"
Helen Varner
Helen Varner:
Rest in peace Emma Peel. My 1st woman hero in the 60's. Later in GOT, still a symbol of female empowerment. I enjoyed her so much😍
Eugene Bell
Eugene Bell:
Oh lord, she was so beautiful, the epyamy of femininity
Janet Tomlinson
Janet Tomlinson:
RIP diana rigg/mrs peele!!!!
Awww No! She was one of the best. Always one of my favorites.
Lorna Tilley-Peltier
Lorna Tilley-Peltier:
One of my favorites since I was a little girl. RIP Emma Peel. 🙏🏻
sanjay Kumar
sanjay Kumar:
Queen of thrones ❤️
Kargath Bladefist (WoD)
Kargath Bladefist (WoD):
Rest In Peace Queen of thorns.
Chester Hackenbush
Chester Hackenbush:
As a young boy I watched her in the "Avengers" - a beautiful and very talented actress. A sad loss to the world. Rest in peace dear lady.
thaqib arsad
thaqib arsad:
Cindy Kiesel
Cindy Kiesel:
One of the few greats to grace stage and screen! Thank you and rest in peace Diana!
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall:
I remember her Well during my puberty, 😆 !!!
R.I.P. , when i was 15 back in 67 , i was so in love with her , sad news to know that she passed...
J Bickel
J Bickel:
Ohhhhhhhh Jeeeeeeeeez. Mrs. Peel! One of my first true loves! God Bless!
Joe Phillips
Joe Phillips:
Love her always! RIP fair lady and thank you for your work to Earth. Miss you.
Richard Sorel
Richard Sorel:
You gotta' love that fight scene! LOL
lee -ann Hammond
lee -ann Hammond:
I will always remember her as Emma Peel my very first heroine. Never forgotten. So sad to hear she has gone forever. May her soul stay amongst us.
Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas:
sad only just watch her on tv today repeat of the avengers good one to day clive dune and Yootha Joyce was in it rip
Mark Unwin
Mark Unwin:
Elegant beautiful lady....god bless...
Remember Padre Pio
Remember Padre Pio:
She used to host 'Mystery!' on PBS, and she was splendid. God bless your soul Diana Rigg. You are deeply missed.
David Siller
David Siller:
I loved her, what an incredible talent. R.I.P. darling Diana.
‘DAME’ - *REEEEEEEEEEE* intensifies
GinoGiovanni Feliciello
GinoGiovanni Feliciello:
One year on from the death of the lovely Carol Lindley, we lose another beautiful talented actress, RIP Diana.
A S:
Rest In Peace Diana Rigg❤️❤️
paulus petrus
paulus petrus:
Emma Peel my first love (in fantasy) . I'm sad. Bless
Somya Singh
Somya Singh:
Godspeed Diana. Thank you for entertaining us. Rest in Peace.
H F:
So sad! Rest in peace. I will never forget Emma Peel😢
latino heat
latino heat:
Never heard of her😂
Loved that woman with all my heart.
Brian Vail
Brian Vail:
Loved her in The Hospital, RIP
Happy Person 22
Happy Person 22:
Very sad loss 😔 may she rest in peace and live on ❤️
Brian O
Brian O:
RIP, Emma Peel. I had a crush on her when I was a kid!
I loved Diana Rigg. My favorite Bond girl on my favorite Bond movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".
Black Rose
Black Rose:
May she Rest In Peace.
Hanniffy Dinn
Hanniffy Dinn:
When I was a kid...watching her in the avengers was MIND BLOWING.....! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯
Tee Simmons
Tee Simmons:
i did soo love my sweet Emma Peel Rip Diana
The lovely talented Diana Rigg ... R.I.P you were a true star. x
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
I feel old and sad, Diana Rigg was my Dream Woman ❤️❤️🇺🇸🇬🇧
lito ramos
lito ramos:
My favorite Bond Girl of them all, she was so natural as Tracy, and the same as Emma Peel.
Back then, she represented the new woman of the 70s & 80s and beyond. We will miss you,
Miss Rigg, Goodbye.
Merika 20
Merika 20:
Mrs. Peel!!🙏🏼
Angela Barone
Angela Barone:
My idle for so many years rest in peace Mrs peel
Night Showdor Moon
Night Showdor Moon:
Shanila Latif
Shanila Latif:
Jean Girard
Jean Girard:
O Diana thank you for everything in the dream of life you give god bless you
Cynthia Pickett
Cynthia Pickett:
I was a toddler when this show was a huge hit in the 1960's; RIP.
Fred Fred
Fred Fred:
Mrs Peel, you're needed !
Anibal Babilonia
Anibal Babilonia:
Wow i loved that show! Rip🙏Diana Rigg.
Bob G
Bob G:
I'll miss.you I watched the avenger s
Francis Grandchamp
Francis Grandchamp:
Madame Pale !? (french prononciation for Peel) , we are needed ! Rip Wonderful Diana Rigg.
Steve Carter
Steve Carter:
Very sad about this...I had such a crush on her when I was young
Don Castillo
Don Castillo:
She was one of the best. I will for sure miss her .. beautiful lady.
Moe M
Moe M:
The subject of my very first crush . She was is and will always be beautiful to me
Stillone G.
Stillone G.:
I will miss her, RIP beautiful lady.
Callum Mottram
Callum Mottram:
Goodbye my Dear Emma Peel
Geneva Vredeveld
Geneva Vredeveld:
A GORGEOUS lady! Prayers for her family!
Drewski 1996
Drewski 1996:
Rest in peace Queen of Thorns.
Hey I rmb this news guy, he’s the one who thought all black actors look a like lmao
Graham Bird
Graham Bird:
The greatest Bond girl for all the right reasons in the best Bond picture of them all.
Homero Sanchez
Homero Sanchez:
She was somebody I admired. And I loved her accent.