Daniel Ricciardo full radio during Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crash | ItalianGP

Daniel Ricciardo full radio conversation with subtitles during Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crashed into turn 2

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100+ comentarios:

Daniel Almeida
Daniel Almeida:
The amount of info a driver gets WHILE having to be focused on driving and not crashing at 300kph is actually insane.
Abbie Campfield
Abbie Campfield:
I love how informative the mclaren engineers are, not like Ferrari engineers 鈥渨e are looking鈥︹
Daniel is ice cold in the lead, that takes so much concentration. Imagine being on the end of a shit-streak in your career and staying so cool, making few/no mistakes. Championship level mentality.
Ruza Roos
Ruza Roos:
Oh the irony: Hamilton pitting to cover Verstappen.
10 seconds later: Verstappen's car is covering Hamilton.
Todor Samardzhiev
Todor Samardzhiev:
Ricciardo's radios from this race have a strong "man on a mission" vibe. I'm just happy he's finally finding his mojo.
Nixer Doyle
Nixer Doyle:
McLarens are clearly suited to circuits like Monza, but that takes nothing away from Daniel's and Lando's amazing 1-2. Quali and Sprint showed us that Mercedes and Red Bull were, as ever this season, the superior machines. So to finish 1-2 with Mercedes, RBR and Ferrari behind 'em was just fantastic work from the lads and the team.
Philosophy Philosopher
Philosophy Philosopher:
Imagine being the race leader and hearing the two strongest drivers crashing
1 Billion Views
1 Billion Views:
Great to see Ricardo showing his true skills behind the wheel.
Conor Kelly
Conor Kelly:
that was the best team radio I've ever heard
Really shows how much of an elite driving sport F1 is knowing the driver has to process all this information while battling on track at such high speeds.
Giorgia Lain
Giorgia Lain:
Can you do the same for Lando? I wonder what he said since he saw the crash actually happening
Vedant Awasthi
Vedant Awasthi:
"Leclerc hard yes"
Danny: smirks
Good to hear McLaren still peforming like champion level team - this is such good communication
Richard Neville
Richard Neville:
That moment when you realise the race is completely in your hands.
Ricardo comes over as a genuinely nice guy and pleased for him on this one
Tirth Patel
Tirth Patel:
The amount of Info race engineers give to the drivers is insane.
This is the audio of a top tier team getting it done right!
Ash R
Ash R:
I'd love to have a person like Tom as my engineer. Ex Olympian. It must be amazing.
This is some of the best radio comms I have heard in F1. Factual, useful - almost like air traffic control rather than a lot of the nonsense you hear from other teams and drivers.
L Barbato
L Barbato:
High speed chess game, the amount of concentration and decision making, planning all at 300 k/hr plus, coming into fast corners etc
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith:
the engineer has to be so on it. Amazingly impressive. Pretty cool how he knew danny's question regarding brake balance was related to tyre temperatures
I hope Daniel form continues, great result for McLaren, I do not think Lando will give up a chance to fight for a win next time.
arvi verona
arvi verona:
F1 drivers can listen to your rants and can still have time to cheer you up.
I love how F1 drivers can hit required lap times to the tenth of a second.
Random Guy
Random Guy:
"Leclerc hard yes"

Ok, I'll see myself out guys, thx
葮tefan Ro葯u
葮tefan Ro葯u:
Incredible focus! Love Daniel's concentration after learning of the crash. He kept all the energy on the track:

McLaren Engineer: "Hamilton and Verstappen crashed and they are out of the race.
Daniel Ricciardo: "Okay. Do you need brake balance forward?"
Rice Crash
Rice Crash:
All this and then to bust out fastest lap on the final lap is just incredible.
Mayank T
Mayank T:
He sounds so calm while so much is going on. If you somehow removed the sound of the car it'd be hard to believe he was going full throttle during most his pit wall radio exchange.
Even Max and Leclerc sound on edge on team radio. Lewis is always complaining - mind games or not.
Rob Whiteley
Rob Whiteley:
Man this is just fascinating 鈥o Danny and Lando your now an honorary Aussie and a credit to yourself and your family 鈥.
Chris Liddiard
Chris Liddiard:
Wow, so it seems Botas has quite a drive to get that podium after the saftety. The safety care which would have helped bunch of the field too.
That's unusual: A modern F1 driver who is civil toward his engineer!
The only time I've watched F1 in 30 years and I've been happy for a Mclaren 1-2. The boy's driving for team papaya now are the most likeable duo (Sainz was pretty awesome too though back in the day)
Rudi Prasetiyo
Rudi Prasetiyo:
Good job Daren, I mean Daniel....
Very calm and composed.
Damn, that was strangely exiting to listen.
David Torres
David Torres:
Sweet papaya 1-2 馃憤 馃弳 I really miss this moment where the Mclaren 1-2 on the podium
Sturm und Drang
Sturm und Drang:
the gods opened the way for Ric to get this win, but still he need absolute concentration and pure will without lust of result to do it - by this i mean, when he was told verstappen and hamilton were both out, his response was just completely focussed on the task at hand, all the sense of a win being secured had to be completely ignored in order to make this happen.
Harsh Dhakan
Harsh Dhakan:
Love how detailed and neat the audio and caps are. Thanks for sharing.
Lucas Aragon
Lucas Aragon:
This is awesome to listen to. Ty for uploading! 馃憤
Yew, Daniel good job
At the end, I expected Daniel to say "So I am going to win this race, then?"
Really happy for Daniel!
fariz ascariz
fariz ascariz:
it's like running from monsters. it's amazing to keep his foot steady without crashing.
"understood" when you hear danny say this ur screwed
Crisis Cycling
Crisis Cycling:
And there鈥檚 why he鈥檚 an F1 driver. Max and Ham out and Danny Boy doesn鈥檛 even skip a beat.
Andy Bazz
Andy Bazz:
Give Danny Rik a championship winning car and you know the rest
Victor Cantero
Victor Cantero:
Honestly this was a very good race done by Daniel
Grumpy Goose
Grumpy Goose:
I don鈥檛 understand a single word my wife says when I drive. How can these people communicate the whole race?
Chris Eaton
Chris Eaton:
Verstappen did say if Daniel was leading he would defend for him鈥
Howen Piano
Howen Piano:
"Delta has to be close to zero". I am pretty sure no one can do that all around the world. LOL
Excelente!, cuanto profesionalismo!
Every female Leclerc fans dream "leclerc hard yes"
gizzy guzzi
gizzy guzzi:
If I was driving and told Verstappen and Hamilton out of the race, my response; WooHoo!
This is really cool! Thank you!
based on that the guy over radio control should get the trophy and points
"Leclerc hard yes"
*immature giggle*
This pretty cool to hear, I havent played any F1 game recently but I hope the Comms are like in this video.
When you're alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go

or, know if you keep ya head, you'll win the race!
Great insights... Thanks for the upload!
Wow, driving an F1 car is an engineering operation.
Driver is asking Engineer where he wants the brake bias at.
1 Billion Views
1 Billion Views:
You'd imagine they were in aeroplanes and not cars.
lewis and verstsappen is so ordinary nowadays that no one flinched over it
I can already imagine the smile on Danny Ric's face when he heard that Hamilton and Verstappen crashed. Definitely increased his chances of winning it, even though he would've still lead if they didn't crash.
Bob ASR:
Nice work! Would you have that image without the overlays used for the video?
Down the Grid | F1
Down the Grid | F1:
So pumped for Ricc!!!!!!!
"Minimize the lines and Delta close to zero"

Can anyone explain this for me? Cheers
Tom g
Tom g:
All the times norris was behind the mercy in previous races and did nothing .. give Danny the same chance and boom race win !! Not hating on Norris he鈥檚 a lad but shows the difference
Owen Whittaker
Owen Whittaker:
What did the race engineer mean by "keep Delta as close to zero as possible"
螒ll I have to say, is that the curb in the photo has fantastic colors and I am not Italian :)
Bill Weeks
Bill Weeks:
"Hamilton pitted to cover Verstappen" but the reality was Verstappen covered Hamilton. Seriously, glad nobody was injured.
Ricciardo would have won even if Lewis and max kept racing
Georgy Padalko
Georgy Padalko:
It sounds a lot like ATC conversations in aviation
seeing that pic always reminds me about how much longer f1 cars are nowdays
Swachchha Ahmed
Swachchha Ahmed:
Boi o boi, Mclaren engineers give the most detailed updates
Awesome insight
Mert Ilgaz
Mert Ilgaz:
If they let his teammate try overtake would've been really interesting lol
03:38 for the moment!
So playful outside of that car, but when he鈥檚 racing he is very serious.
Jm Jmhr
Jm Jmhr:
Cesar Benavides
Cesar Benavides:
鈥淟eclerc hard yes鈥
I know a lot of it is kept from the public as part of race strategy, but can someone please explain some of the technical stuff like "keeping the Delta positive" during SC, or "prioritizing the line"? Thank you so much!
Eduardo Mendes
Eduardo Mendes:
Thank you for sharing
Ricardo Sene
Ricardo Sene:
Thank you for the subtitles 馃憤馃憤
Leclerc must have been a bit over excited ;)
Hihi Huhu
Hihi Huhu:
He so calm
They are having full on tea and biscuits conversation.
The Pipper
The Pipper:
Where do you actually find these?
Aditya Gopakumar
Aditya Gopakumar:
What do they mean by "Delta has to be close to 0"?
Daniel Uccheddu
Daniel Uccheddu:
I am a Ferrari fan, but happy for McLarren, like Ferrari a important team, pitty they still don't build their own engine though. Interesting though how their Head engineer is ex Ferrari.
Because of the economic crisis and rate of unemployment, now is the best time to invest and make money馃挴
Great job Riccardo you little ripper Aussie Aussie Aussie
kk talks cricket
kk talks cricket:
Let's go Danny Ric
4:05 that's why commas are useful lmao
Tim John
Tim John:
"Delta close to zero" - can anyone tell me what that means please?
How do u get these?
Genny Tassieri
Genny Tassieri:
Grande McLaren
Eduard Gheorghe
Eduard Gheorghe:
What does "minimize the lines" mean? Is the engineer referring to the driving lines through corners?
Is it just me or did anyone else have a little chuckle when they were saying "Leclerc hard yes" and "Who's behind him?" Sorry to bring the tone down, just had to ask!!! Lol!
Stephen W
Stephen W:
What does minimise the lines mean?
John eckleston
John eckleston:
3:38 Ham/Verstappen crash on radio
Can anyone explain what does minimize the lines and have the delta close to zero means at 3:01 ? I'm new to f1, thanks 馃檹