Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal | US Open 2019 Finals Highlights

Rafael Nadal defeats Daniil Medvedev in the Finals of the US Open 2019.

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US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships:
Watch the extended highlights of this five-set thriller here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUg8fcKFXuM
AD 360 Gaming
AD 360 Gaming:
Beautiful stuff from both players. Rafa showed what he was made of and Medvedev showed what the future has in store
apurba murmu
apurba murmu:
Last 12 Grand Slam
Nadal🇪🇸 5 Title
Djokovic🇷🇸 4 Title
Federer🇨🇭 3 Title
Big 3 rule the Atp circuit
Today Medvedev has passed his Tennis graduation...👏👏
This video honestly does not do this match justice. It is a joke. They should show the break Medvedev had in the first set. They should show the break Rafa had in the third set at 3-2. The heart and will Medvedev had to fight back. This match had everything.

I was at this final live. It was one of the most incredible experiences I've ever had. Both players playing their hearts out. I will never forget it. One of the best finals I had ever seen.
Javier Sànchez
Javier Sànchez:
This morning we all Spaniards have bags under eyes! What a match, we love you Rafa!! 🇪🇸
Ivan Zverev
Ivan Zverev:
This final deserves at least 30 minutes of highlights. It was just simply amazing. Nothing but respect for both players
That was a great match .
Medvedev almost got Nadal , but Nadal is a lion !
Rafael Nadal the KING. Viva Espana . Love from India.🇮🇳🇪🇸🇮🇳🇪🇸🇮🇳🇪🇸
When healthy Nadal is the best tennis player ever!
Carlos Fernandez
Carlos Fernandez:
“Legendario”Rafael Nadal ñ
go go
go go:
Huge respect to Daniil Medvedev from a Rafa fan. He is going to be a great champion in years to come.
¡GRANDE DE ESPAÑA! Don Rafael Nadal.
Manuel Herrera Gómez
Manuel Herrera Gómez:
Nadal es la hostia y mejor persona. !Viva tus cojones!
Julián Junior
Julián Junior:
I have watched the whole game again, because I suffered three heart attacks live, I needed oxygen, and I could not enjoy it. I have to say wow! What a match! The best I've ever seen!
5-hour 5-setter match highlighted in less than 4 minutes. Well done US Open!!!
Trevor Longley
Trevor Longley:
Daniil impressed the hell out of me!! His future and the future of men's tennis is bright!
Joy Galozo
Joy Galozo:
Rafa did it 19GS in 2019..Let's hope 20 in 2020 or even more.Congratulations Nadal well deserved win! You are the reason why I love tennis .You are always be my GOAT.Vamos Rafa
Rock girl
Rock girl:
And again, one of the matches of the year is with Rafa 🙆‍♂️👏👏
Rayna Riley
Rayna Riley:
If Federer is poetry in motion, then Nadal is the most Epic Literature Saga in motion. So much will, determination, skill, soul, perseverance. His a true hero. Royal color of purple suits him well too as he is the KING! GOAT! VAMOS!
Медведь красава, мощно играл 💪
5 hours of footage with extraterrestrial kinda tennis and less than 4 min highlights.. WTF?
Geri Quin
Geri Quin:
Best match. Best player ever. VAMOS RAFA ❤️🎾💪🏽🥇
Kai Melcher
Kai Melcher:
And again, one of the matches of the year is with Rafa 🙆‍♂️👏👏
Я смотрел до 5 часов ночи и не спал. Болел Медведева , он красава!!! а потом на рыбалку сразу поехал😂😂
Javi Revert
Javi Revert:
My new idol: Daniil Medvedev
Michael Zopf
Michael Zopf:
Bravo 👏Nadal 🇪🇸
Medvedev good game 🇷🇺
Gratulation 👏
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez:
Grandioso Nadal el mejor de la historia " El puto amo " saludos desde su tierra saludos desde España
javier vega
javier vega:
¿Qué decir ya de Rafa Nadal? Qu está a punto de convertirse en el mejor tenista de todos los tiempos. Y como español me siento muy orgulloso. ¡Vamos, Rafa!
Акбарали Худжамов
Акбарали Худжамов:
Жалко медведь проиграл блят как жаль! Удачи тебе Медведь
Даня, Спасибо!!! Это было просто великолепно! Жаль, не хватило совсем чуть-чуть для Победы, но мы верим, что всё у тебя ещё впереди! Удачи Тебе!!!
YS Zuri
YS Zuri:
Amassing Rafa, this is the spirit. A difficult opponent playing at his very best. A great, great tournament. Bravo Rafa ;) you deserved it.
Gohan 30
Gohan 30:
Like por los que sufrieron y se alegraron de la victoria de Nadal quedándose hasta las tres y pico de la mañana. 🙋‍♂🎾🥎🥇
Victor García
Victor García:
What a shameful video. Only 3 minutes for this dramatic match, and you even leave out the set point of the fourth set?

You are doing a very poor job with the highlights of this tournament.
not many thought that this level of final would come out, Medvedev is here to stay, Rafa a number 1 !
Gallo Pinto
Gallo Pinto:
This is the difference between Medvedev and Kyrgios.... Medvedev respects the opponent and uses his mentality on moments under high pressure to fight until the last minute. Thats what takes you to the top and hopefully to win a GS. Well done Daniil! 😎👌🔥
Mr. Wig.
Mr. Wig.:
Simply the best tênis player in 2019 & probably in 2020 Congts Rafael Nadal you are my favourite I met him 5 years ago at Winbledon and he was such a good example for me very humble love from UK..
Josh Hohwart
Josh Hohwart:
One of the best Championships I’ve ever seen. Tennis is a brutal game because once you find yourself in a hole, you’re still in that hole, yet you can slowly fight back over a long long period of not giving up. Congrats to both! Pognali, otlichno Daniil! The Bear will return.
That was so close ! Danil " the wall" is so good in defense! Amazing from both
Sijan Grg
Sijan Grg:
I’m even surprised it went 5 sets after how he got the first 2 pretty easily still All hail Rafa!! Vamos!! Vamos!!🙌🏻😭😭
I am extremely gay, but
I am extremely gay, but:
This was remarkably close to being one of the greatest comebacks in tennis history
Xingyu Liu
Xingyu Liu:
3 min highlight for such an epic match? What an unprecedented job dear US open!
Un Valenciano
Un Valenciano:
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Congratulations Rafa, on your 4th US Open title! :D
mani chand
mani chand:
Worst absolutely WORST highlights out of all the slams, poxy few mins, better off with tweeter 😂 😂 then wonder why ppl stream it (off the books 😉 😂)

As for Rafa the goat, great even though he won without playing his best and as for Medvedev,fanatic effort, new gen is here and stands alone 🤦🏾‍♂️
Rik Bhagwan
Rik Bhagwan:
We've been waiting for the new generation to show up. It finally did tonight. We'll see Danill Medvedev again
Thalapathy sakthidharan
Thalapathy sakthidharan:
From 2010
Djokovic-15 grandslams
Nadal-13 grandslams
Federer-5 grandslams
Even in Djokovic voracius 9 years Nadal managed 13 grandslams stop shouting clay, clay and accept the fact

malek gs
malek gs:
I'm extremely happy for Medvedev
And congratulations to the legend RAFA I just wanna say that it's about time and Medvedev will rise up
And he will win not 1 not 2 but a lot of grand slams he's so talented
The Match is so intense like you're playing against a legend you give all what you got and you comeback from 2-0 to 2-2
And he tried but RAFA has more experience and knows how to win finals
Medvedev it's his first final he should be proud of his self
All he needs to do is to WORK now
Keep working keep reaching your dreams you'll go far this guy have a lot of potential
And congrats again to the LEGEND
Prahar Patel
Prahar Patel:
I miss those 10 minute highlights from last year!! They were perfect.
Нюргун Федоров
Нюргун Федоров:
Спасибо Даня за сумашедщую борьбу 👍
Nuño Martinez
Nuño Martinez:
Whether you're a Rafa, Roger or Novak fan we've been lucky to have the 3 greatest of all time all playing at the same time. It'll probably never happen again
Paul Russell
Paul Russell:
Haha I loved what one commentator said “3 quarters of the worlds service is covered by water, Daniil Medvedev covers the rest!”
Meme King
Meme King:
Put Nadal and Medvedev together. What do you get?

A full head of hair 😂

Jk, Respect to these 2 champions
Karin Ritter
Karin Ritter:
I went to work with 3 hours of sleep cuz i watched the entire game yesterday, it was totaly worth it, one of the best matches i ever saw.. it had everything, drama, crazy ralleys, a lot of variations, comebacks, high level of tennis and a fantastic crowd heating up the atmosphere.... Just amazing..... 19 grand slams for Rafa the Goat, i hope he can suprass federer next year
muhammad athar
muhammad athar:
Rafa is a true legend of this sport. I am just amazed how good he is. Incredible performance.
Massive respect to Medvedev to level the match after being two sets down.
But man oh man, Rafa played one of the best games of his career!
Vamos Rafa! Onto number 20 now!
Wow, a five set, nearly five hour match and not even four minutes of highlights, BOO! Medvedev with a fine comeback, has some unorthodox shots (like that two-handed push volley), but he did get the job done. Congrats to Nadal on #19, pretty good for such a humble champion
hen ko
hen ko:
Daniil impressed the hell out of me!! His future and the future of men's tennis is bright!
jose gomez
jose gomez:
Congratulations to my fellow countryman. ❤🇪🇸
Hulda K
Hulda K:
Maravilloso nuestro Super Nadal. ¡Enhorabuena! guapísimo.
Abhinav Khare
Abhinav Khare:
Rafa fights for every point. He is so relentless. Simply the best.
Juliia SunAve
Juliia SunAve:
The quality was...without words. I‘ve seen rarely a match like this.
Haya NadRo
Haya NadRo:
My one and only 💜👑🎾🏆🏆🏆🏆 Love you to the moon and back Rafaaaaaaa💜
Regulus Arcturus
Regulus Arcturus:
WOW, what a match!!! Credit to Medvedev, he has balls of steel and he showed today that he is the real deal. His time will come.

But Rafa...has there ever been a bigger fighter than him in tennis? Congrats on #19!
Daniil's a great player but it's so awful to watch him play 😂😂
Marco Filocamo
Marco Filocamo:
You're Great Rafa... the Real Stellar🌟Gladiator 😎SUPER🎾VAMOSSS💥 BRAVOOO
saleh alsayaad
saleh alsayaad:
Such an incredible match it was. I was certainly honored to watch Nadal returning my memories back to good old times with his astonishing performance. A huge shout to the Russian giant bear!
You made the game much more thrilling!
Absolutey disappointing video because the game had much more awesome moments.
Yes he is a hero 19 grand💪💪💪💪💣💣💣💣💣 come onnn❤❤❤💔🌹🇮🇶
Joseph Westhill
Joseph Westhill:
3 and a half minutes? Well don't overdo it, you guys
pete preston
pete preston:
Wow!! What a match! Medvedev is such a strong player. This guy would have beaten Djoko and Federer. But Nadal is a different opponent in these type of situations.
An INSANE US Open Finals. It was anybodies game in the 5th set..
Danii is the real deal for years to come. This long, lean man is a machine. Congrats man. And on the other side of the court, the real steel, the beast, greatest of all time. Congrats Champion. Vamos Rafa ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Rachid Berrada
Rachid Berrada:
congrats to Rafa I am a fan of him since 2006. I think I will support medvedev after his retirement. He really got my respect. he is a fighter somewhat like Rafa.
John GTA
John GTA:
great job by medvedev - taking a set off nadal devil is immense effort
J C:
This was one of the best matches ever played. Congrats to the winner and my hat off to Daniil. He has a great game and a fighting spirit like I have rarely seen before. I am looking forward seeing more of him.
Enoch Olanrewaju
Enoch Olanrewaju:
Rafael deserves it. I love him so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Oaktree B
Oaktree B:
What a match!!! Great battle from Med, and congrats to Rafa for his new Slam!
Fabrizio Landi
Fabrizio Landi:
The GOAT, Vamos Rafa!
Mikhail Baum
Mikhail Baum:
Bravo Daniil! Congrats with first final. It was a pure pleasure to watch your game. You have a big future. Greetings from homeland.
bb 123
bb 123:
3:07 snow angel
Valayar Checkpost
Valayar Checkpost:
Wonder what Federer is thinking right now...Damn 20 GS and ur still not safe!!! What an era!! Akin to ali-Frazier-Foreman era in boxing...yet to be duplicated...
Johnny Handegg
Johnny Handegg:
*Medvedev* = future number 1 in the world & multiple GS champ
*Rafa* = living legend & strong GOAT candidate
*Roger, Rafa, Novak* = The Divine Trinity of Tennis
Nuff said, peepz
anten das
anten das:
Anyone can come and go but Rafa will be remembered forever! You're our icon Rafa ! Long live Spain's raging Bull 😘😘😘
nacho toro
nacho toro:
By far, very far, the best tennis player ever.
Fernando González
Fernando González:
2:43 Masterclass, look at that return
Chibrit 93
Chibrit 93:
One of the greatest tennis matches of all time, without a doubt! It deserved a sleepless night.
Shadow X
Shadow X:
This is probably,one of the best tennis matches i’ve seen in my life. I’m a Rafa fan since i was a child but believe me at some point i really started supporting medvedev,he is unreal. Amazing night.
I see nadal winning by two sets and about to break medvedev's serve and go for the third I'm like "just go out have fun, this final is clearly nadals"...I go back 3 hours later to know what happened and find them 2-2 and and 4-4 ....what a final !!
Deepanshu Dhama
Deepanshu Dhama:
#19 for the 🐐 and counting
خالد قدوري
خالد قدوري:
Vamooos Rafa💪🇪🇸💪
Lucille D
Lucille D:
Step 1. Go to YT Search
Step 2. Search this keyword: Mimi Kid Art
Step 3. Enjoy!
Daniil Medvedev vs Rafael Nadal | US Open 2019 Finals Highlights
different. Don’t judge, understand instead.” “I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.” “The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” “You Are the Master of Your AttitudeYou cannot control what happens to you, but you can control the way you think about all the events. You always have a choice. You can choose to face them with a positive mental attitude.” “You cannot change anyone, but you can be the reason
Next GEN :
Zverev? No too inconstant
Krygios? No come on
Tsisipas? yes but not yet, kind of soft again
Medvedev? Hell yeah
Pravin Deshmukh
Pravin Deshmukh:
You are all time great Rafa no one is like you,salute you champion!!!
Medvedev also well played.
Bryan Yap
Bryan Yap:
Federer: I am inevitable.
Nadal: And I... am... Rafael Nadal.
Djokovic: Looks at Federer.
*Vamos Rafa!*
The greatest tennis player of all time.
Going to break records of Federer for maximum grand slams.
I'm really hoping Medvedev is the future of tennis. His personality is just golden.
dr. jagdish
dr. jagdish:
I am Nadal fan... After his retirement I becum dani med fan.. Proud to say... 👍
fercedez rary
fercedez rary:
when nadal defeated millman, i just said, my King please give us your 19t ! ,and yesterday he Did it
oh God thank you, congrats and my tenis King forever, Rafael Nadal