Dario Sarmiento ● Unreal Talent ● Crazy Skills 🇦🇷

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Darío Ariel Sarmiento (born 29 March 2003) is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a left midfielder for Estudiantes

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57 comentarios:

Vo Co
Vo Co:
Best argentinian player born in 2003 from what I watched.
Nick Fox
Nick Fox:
He looks quality, that’s why City want him
Explore the World with Farah
Explore the World with Farah:
Oh This boy's style is Dybala-esque
El futuro de Argentina pinta buenísimo también, espero que triunfen :)
الدنيا دنيتنا
الدنيا دنيتنا:
New dybala 👌❤❤💥💥💜💚
Arsalan abbasi
Arsalan abbasi:
Looks very similar to Messi.
Like to run in from the left and cut in.
Beautiful close control and dribbling skills also,
Can be a wonderful player if got a good coach and time to play regularly
Joe Muscat
Joe Muscat:
He can only get better, if he stays healthy , he have a brain for football. Looking forward to see him play in Europe.
Hemanth Harikumar
Hemanth Harikumar:
Next Dario Sarmiento
Konradt Borges
Konradt Borges:
Esse é o D'alessandro 2.0 kkk
Ian victor Gomes
Ian victor Gomes:
New dybala?
FILMACIONES FADI futbol deportes todas las Ligas
FILMACIONES FADI futbol deportes todas las Ligas:
soy simpatizante de estudiantes de la plata y estuve en el debut de Sarmiento en el 2019, es crack!!, ojala lo podamos disfrutar un año mas en Argentina.
Khalil Khan
Khalil Khan:
If Man City get him
Watch out Prem. Goodness.
abzinho10 karim
abzinho10 karim:
Reminds me of the great great great player D'Allesandro
Shelton Parker JR
Shelton Parker JR:
The next Messi? Y'all setting this boy up for a hard fall.
Raftar cc
Raftar cc:
Next Rashford make my words
Know With Sonjit
Know With Sonjit:
He will be good mid fielder /playmaker. 😍
Kerim Arapoglu
Kerim Arapoglu:
If he play cf role or cam role, I think he can play better than this, thank you to this channel 👍👍👍😍😍
Boakye Wenger
Boakye Wenger:
Younger version of dybala
Welcome to Manchester City fc
Jesus Rodriguez
Jesus Rodriguez:
Soy hincha de River pero pienso que ese pibe tiene futuro europeo
Anshid Rahiman
Anshid Rahiman:
New la joya
Zuhdi Yunanda
Zuhdi Yunanda:
Similiar to Neymar, cutting inside to the box
João Victor Vasco CRVG
João Victor Vasco CRVG:
Joga MT
Andres V.
Andres V.:
Crack se pasa fácil a los rivales tiene buen futuro
Al10 Am
Al10 Am:
Faz um do pedrinho prfv
Efenin Kocası
Efenin Kocası:
Good talent 👍
angelo vargas
angelo vargas:
Que Grande se fue al CITY
Tanito EdeLP7
Tanito EdeLP7:
Estudiantes de La Plata the best club!!!!
Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez:
El nuevo Mauro Laespada!
Tomi B
Tomi B:
Tiene buena gambeta pero le falta mejorar el pase y el disparo,no lo inflen tanto tiene 17 años recién.No le quemen la cabeza recién ahora
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
Manchester City please sign him
Alex Edlund
Alex Edlund:
Not as fast as Messi which will prevent him from dribbling around like this in Europe or Man City. As others mentioned , feels like a mix of D'Allesandro, Dybala and Di Maria.
CyberSpace TM
CyberSpace TM:
Mini conejito Saviola?
Juanito Dude
Juanito Dude:
Erne Fa
Erne Fa:
1 partido en liga y 12mdd,inflado desde joven
Anh Tuan Vo
Anh Tuan Vo:
Another left leg player just like Maradona & Messi
Franco Lopez
Franco Lopez:
Guru Sevilla
Guru Sevilla:
left footed aguero...he's not similar to messi...the closest thing to messi ive seen is kubo... but he's not as talented as messi though
Isgak Abrahams
Isgak Abrahams:
Welcome to Barcelona
Feli Arriagada
Feli Arriagada:
Yo soy del pincha!
Felipe Trotta
Felipe Trotta:
Martin Robert
Martin Robert:
He's good but he's not messi
MFD official
MFD official:
i don't know he will be vanished or not from this video
Mithu Shaha
Mithu Shaha:
Nice player
Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger:
Soccernet calling this kid next Messi, but obviously not. Next Dybala, Di Maria maybe.
Eduardo Mayorga
Eduardo Mayorga:
Bienvenido a rayados
ADAM 251
ADAM 251:
No like messi, but ortega. Messi is the one.
Gary Hairith
Gary Hairith:
he tried so hard to emulate messi
Sam Verekar
Sam Verekar:
I think messi at 10 was better than this guy, forget his peers and the young talent Elsewhere, also he does lot of running around and relies on speed, that will be curtailed by quality defenders and age is a bitch..ooks like a good talent, but nothing that great.
Average to me
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson:
He's Indonesian 🇮🇩
Aditya Krisnha Permana
Aditya Krisnha Permana:
Not great Enough
Mr Cheche
Mr Cheche:
La mayoría de jugadas contra equipos de poca monta todavía le falta y es muy joven para europa
Eddie de los Santos
Eddie de los Santos:
Man, this is a joke.
Have any of you seen Gabriel Veron from Palmeiras and Thales from Vasco da Gama?
Its a way better than this. These guys are already formed.
I'm gonna go further: Gabriel Jesus when in his 17s and Rodrygo from Madrid were a way better at the same age. Argentina is needy of new talents. Not that source of some nice players as such on 90s and 2000s. Just observe how many Argentinian players are now on the best European teams and what's their roles in these clubs and you'll realize what's gonna happen to them when Messi retires.
Player Other Day
Player Other Day:
Argentina es una liga mediocre en la que cualquier jugador europeo con un mínimo de calidad destaca por encima de todos, sin hablar de la miseria del pais i los aficionados que van a ver el futbol como si fueran a ver una pelea entre dos perros... en mi opinión lo unico bueno que tienen es la carne😂