This is my theory on who could be Tronte Nielsen's Father.

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Rhythm Pandor
Rhythm Pandor:
Rip to the people who were thinking bartosz is Agnes husband
Everything is wonderful
Everything is wonderful:
What if bartosz is the husband who wasn’t believing enough and got killed my young Noah
John B
John B:
Hahaha all of the theories in the comment are wrong! I love how dark is so unpredictable
Jonathan Luoto
Jonathan Luoto:
Hmm, that would destroy my theory that the other world that Martha 2 came from is the world Old Claudia referred to as the world without Jonas. Since that world would probably have Mikkel never time travel. and thus no Jonas. But if Adam/ Jonas is Tronte's father the Nielsens wouldn't exist in that world, and thus no Martha.
Juve N
Juve N:
I came from the future to tell you that the unknown is Tornate father, he is Martha's and jonas son which means Jonas is his great great great great great father 🤪
Saubhagya Choudhary
Saubhagya Choudhary:
Trontes father is the unknown - Adam and Martha's son 😂😂
Jamie Barrington
Jamie Barrington:
Agnes' husband could have definitely been Adam or even another member of Sic Mundus. Some of the travelers dress like priests to blend in with different timelines, so it would make sense.
Vinícius Galant
Vinícius Galant:
Agnes said her husband died, so that alone makes me think Bartosz, which is definetely the man who young Noah killed, could be her husband. Young Tronte tells young Claudia that Agnes left him in an orphanage for a good time, so it makes me think she hated her son, and could've done those cigar marks on him (se does smoke). She also said she was happy her usband died, so that must've been the worst marriage, and if Tronte resembles Bartosz, it would be one more reason to hate Tront and take it all on him.
soumit bose
soumit bose:
So jonas is grandfather of ulrich .. and Ulrich is again grandfather of jonas 😂😂
it is sooo fun to read the comments after the finale..lol
Mathias Markus
Mathias Markus:
My theory is that Agnes is her own grandmother as she said in 1953 that she is not from Winden but her grandmother is.... Hope makes sense
So is Noah kinda like the base “Father of all” seems like he’s spreading his seed all over🤓🤔
Ted Sheridan
Ted Sheridan:
Dude stop flashing the logo every 5 seconds.
Nona Boccalupo
Nona Boccalupo:
So I was all excited I got this all down pat, then they threw the curveball in at the end! Now I’m gonna have to watch it all over again when season three comes out next year! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Sexual Chocolate Robbie
Sexual Chocolate Robbie:
Waiting for your season 2 chronological explanation.
bavish bijoy
bavish bijoy:
Tronte's father is the unknown, cuz in one of the episodes he meets tronte next to the cave and tells him he knew his mother very well, (later we know tronte has never seen his father cuz he himself had doubts that the unknown was his father)
Franco Corradi
Franco Corradi:
Here's the truth: The unknown traveler, Jonas and Martha's son is Tronte's father.
Emily Moradel
Emily Moradel:
Could you please make a video like DARK SEASON 1 EXPLAINED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER!!! But with season 1 and 2 combined! :D
Ricardo Cossio
Ricardo Cossio:
Tronte was adopted by Agnes. He said to child Claudia that he was in an orphanage and that ashamed Agnes. It could be that Agnes's mission was take care of tronte cause he is Adam grand grandpa. Or yes, tronte can be Agnes and bartozs son, but he was in an orphanage cause Agnes time travelling.
Am I missing something or when we see Bartosz in 1921 he is already in his 20-30s while Agnes is supposed to be a child (8 - 10 years old or something)?
Assuming he's the same guy who's got killed by Noah in S2, Bartosz being Tronte's father theory wouldn't make sense at all.
Megha K
Megha K:
If Jonas is father of Tronte than Martha would be his great grandchild.. hmmm😵
In hindsight, yours was probably the best theory out there, given the information we had. All that was missing was the Unknown as the extra connection in the knot/loop, who you couldn't have known about.
It would be nice if you can make a video about all the different versions of Jonas. In season 1 we already meet young Jonas and adult Jonas In season 2 we also meet Adam who vliams to be the old Jonas. In episode 6 (the day before season 1 episode 1) we even see 2 versions of young Jonas: original young Jonas, who is not aware that his father who commits suicide and young Jonas the time traveler (with scarred neck and yellow coat). In episode 7 and 8 we see that Jonas the time traveller is still there till the 'apocalypse' in 2020. Did he return two times 1 the day before Michaels suicide in 2019 and 2 in 2020 a few days before te apocalypse and so where was he in the time between 1 and 2?
In episode 6 there were 2 versions of young Jonas at the same time, isn't that going too far?
Leo Burkart
Leo Burkart:
Spoiler alert season 3:

so Adam is basically Tronte's grandpa, and Tronte's son Ulrich is Jonas/Adam's grandpa. It's all full circle. Also Jonas is Silja's half-sister, so he's Agnes' uncle, therefore he's not only Tronte's grandpa but also his granduncle...
Sandipan Haldar
Sandipan Haldar:
can any one explain how adam will survive the apocalypse?
Hashir Ahmad
Hashir Ahmad:
Why didn't you consider Bartosz as the father? Going by Agnes and Bartosz personalities, they would have possibly made out in the Sic Mundus. Also, we don't really see Bartosz along with older Magnus and Franziska in the Sic Mundus. This might be due to the fact Bartosz realizes early on that he has been played by Noah and hence Adam. And he decides to leave the group which very well is put forward by Agnes as leaving the church. Following this, Bartosz and young Noah have some differences arising due to Bartosz leaving Agnes and saying to Noah that Adam trusts you that's why he gave you this name. Noah was always supposed to kill him in that timeline but the fact that it all has to do with Bartosz leaving Agnes and Sic Mundud makes it him a stronger candidate for the husband.
Now we can finally stop brainstorming on the family tree...bc after season 3 we know it Doesnt Even Exist..
i think jonas and martha's son was tronte's father
Andre Tripoli
Andre Tripoli:
How Charlotte can be mother and daughter of Elisabeth?
Aditya Thakur
Aditya Thakur:
If it is the case then boom martha is its own great grandmother .
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong:
I thought Noah was his Father 😂
Oriol Paune
Oriol Paune:
Charlotte husband is tronte's father! Could it be? Since he is in old pictures at adam's 1921 church?
Carlos Salcedo Izarza
Carlos Salcedo Izarza:
When they reveal that the unknow is tronte’s father? We just realize that because of the family tree on eva’s floor?
appu guna
appu guna:
When season 2starts there are 2people who builds time travel portal under the cave and young nova kills one of them as he says he has no faith and to start asks questions and he was killed by nova too..may be theres a flashback to him in coming seasons
Kat Stinson
Kat Stinson:
Great theory 👍 i can't say for sure who his father is until season 3. I thought it was Noah (base on season 1)

Who did you think Regina father is???
The origin was the tronte 's father.....you were wrong brother😂😂
Pavan Singaraju
Pavan Singaraju:
It's Jonas and Martha's son " The unknown" Guy in three ages....
Dyan Salb
Dyan Salb:
I am sad because season 3 is the final season... 😭😭😭
Bianca Janaina Schuessler
Bianca Janaina Schuessler:
Okay I know I should be taking this seriously but I just can't stop laughing at the way you guys pronounce the German names... hahah
Adriana Hoxha
Adriana Hoxha:
I think this stroy goes this way...
my father is my child and my child is my father so, we don't know when this thing started it seems like an O theory.....There is not an ending and not a beginning. There isn't actually an ending and a beginning. It just happened
In every dark video 99.9% of the theories people came out with were all wrong. Myself I was in a small minority that were of the opinion that Jonas will break the cycle and I got crucified for it with the same shit being the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end as in an endless cycle. I'm glad I was proved right as the cycle was broken.
Theory of the Mobius
Theory of the Mobius:
My July 2020 version of myself knows exactly who Tronte's father is. Do you? If you do, did it totally blow your mind when you found out? Do you know what it implies?
The wounds on Tronte NIELSEN's forearms are shown to us (with emphasis) a couple of times throughout Season 2. Those wounds looked fresh, as if they had occurred not too long before he and his mother Agnes entered Winden. There must've been some significant time traveling before they both arrived in Winden.
We learned from Adam that, with enough time travel, wounds and scars will begin to form on the body; hence, his disfigured body. We see this occur with future Jonas as well.. the scars on his back.
Quite possibly, the bodily effects of time traveling are more severe on children than they are on adolescents / adults.
Knowing now that Agnes is a member of the Travelers, my belief is that Agnes gave birth to Tronte outside of the timeline in which he is presented in Season 2. Rather than losing her child, like how her brother Noah lost Elisabeth, Agnes must've broken the rules of engagement by taking her son Tronte with her, and that might've been possible only with the help of Claudia.
Could it be that Agnes gave birth to Adam's child? Not sure, but I've read elsewhere that the predecessor of young Noah (the one who has the Emerald tablet tattooed on the front) might actually be an older Bartosz. Is it possible that Tronte is the son of Agnes and Bartosz? Perhaps.

Note: In the opening scene of Season 2, we find out that both the predecessor and young Noah worked for Adam.. this predecessor may have acted as a pastor in his dealings with the world, much like Noah acted like a priest.. one has the Emerald tablet tattooed on the front of his body (the predecessor, or Bartosz), while the other has it tattooed on the back of his body (Noah).. and supposedly each prepares the other to become his successor, only in different timelines.. another ouroboros
Simple is Elegant
Simple is Elegant:
At first I thought Mikkel was Adam.
the earth
the earth:
What about the man who was killed by young Noah who help into digging the hole , I don't know
Drama Llama
Drama Llama:
What if Tronte is someone else's kid. He was saved by Agnes (shown by his scars maybe from the orphanage?). If Agnes prefers women that would corroborate. Also Tronte helps Claudia.. so maybe he has a secret he is keeping.. which Claudia knows of... which ultimately leads to him helping her.
Max Dlmt
Max Dlmt:
Trontes Father's is the origin
kitapkolik burda
kitapkolik burda:
Hello everyone. İ think it is Bartozch. He has brown eyes. So torento has it too. İf jonas/adam was the father, toronto would have blue eyes. And Agnes said that her husband was killed and noah had already killed bart. Bart is also is priest. He has tatttoo. İ think tattoo thing is a sembol of being priest. She also said his husband was priest. So bart is the father of Toronte. Bart is Jonas’s grand grandfarher and his lover’s lover. Haha 🙃
Mihai Gaming
Mihai Gaming:
I think that Winden can not exist without Jonas.
Hello This is Timmy
Hello This is Timmy:
Have you watched season 3 yet? The answer is in the show
I assume the same. But not Agnes traveled back but Bartotz traveled forward.

When he left his actual timeline in 2020 before the apokalypse they went to 1888 all together (That is why Magnus and Franziska are also aged up in 1921. Bortotsz was already fucked over by adult Noah and had still doubts also Magnus and Franziska needed to be brainwashed enough to accept that Bartotzs has to die. Bartotsz misued the timemachine as soon as it was finished and moved forward to a time were Agnes was a child. The grew up together and had Tronte in the 50s but Bartotz came back later and was punished by picking the tunnel together with the newest recruit Noah. And Then Noah killed Bartotsz fulfilling the dept. In a way Noah helped Bartotsz to get into Sic Mundus and the other way around.
Kartika Oktafianti
Kartika Oktafianti:
Is tronte regina's father?
Fawad Shaikh
Fawad Shaikh:
Jonas and Martha's son is the husband of agnes
sourav nath
sourav nath:
Most probably it would be Mad Nielson (Ulrichs brother).
It's the Unknown or Mr. Infinity Sign!
Shourya Trivedi
Shourya Trivedi:
Season 1 was lit....but season 2 lost all plot ..
Anything is happening
Yash Chugh
Yash Chugh:
This didn’t age well...
the dark side
the dark side:
What if Jonas is the father?
Hanifan Bintang
Hanifan Bintang:
Tronte's father is jonah son
Andres Rangel
Andres Rangel:
Lol this theory blowss
What if it s Adam?
Andrew Aragon
Andrew Aragon:
My take is Egon and Hanna had an affair. Jonas is the product of that affair. Hanna traveled back to 86 pregnant and disguise it as Michael son. So Jonas and Martha are not related. This information is revealed in the letter given by young Noah to Jonas before the apocalypse.

This is supported in the embrace of Jonas and Hanna. Take a second look on the face of Hanna, she is hiding something important to her son, also the lack of sexual interest of Michael.

Bartosz importance is not yet revealed, so is his father Alekzander. Why Noah and Adam needed to recruit Bartosz, that’s is the mystery I needed answer on final season.
Shubham Sherkar
Shubham Sherkar:
Magnus neilsen must have time traveled and maried with Agnes so she got name agnes neilsen
My theory is Tronte is actually the son of Egon Tiedemann and Hannah...or...someone else is by 1986. The show failed to explain where Sic Mundus came from and how they can afford to build underground massive facilities in 1921-1956. Why Winden is special, why these 4 families were chosen...why Elisabeth is the leader in the future.
Abhijith Mohan
Abhijith Mohan:
Tahmid Islam
Tahmid Islam:
Jessica M
Jessica M:
Jonas is the father. Mother martha
Mukta Shukla
Mukta Shukla:
Noah is Adam or Jonas , m I correct?)
Shwetapp Sharmapp
Shwetapp Sharmapp:
It's Jonas
Abhi Subedi
Abhi Subedi:
Jithin J Manjooran
Jithin J Manjooran:
I think..... jonas😉
Vielka Castillero
Vielka Castillero:
Noah is tronte’s father
Mark Mallorca
Mark Mallorca:
Tronte’s father is Ulrich’s brother!