Dave Grohl Reveals Why The Foo Fighters Nickname Australia 'The 90s' In An Exclusive Chat

Dave Grohl is in Australia! Sitting down with Waleed Aly, he chats about the return of international gigs and why The Foo Fighters affectionately nickname Australia 'the 90s'. For tour details head to our website.
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28 comentarios:

Dave not only inspires people to do what they love, but also to just be the most genuine version of yourself that you can be.
Malevolent Prophets
Malevolent Prophets:
You don’t have to be good at your job to have a good Dave Grohl interview. The guy is a pro.
Namira Amel
Namira Amel:
dave grohl is an absolute great guy and cant imagine how amazing he is as a father, im very happy for his kids<3
Dorothy Lewis
Dorothy Lewis:
I love Dave he is really a musician i once heard a famous movie star talking about how they went to a school half of the students couldnot identified the instruments that were being played because basically some music is computerized. Foo Fighters PLAY MUSIC.
Brenda Jefferys
Brenda Jefferys:
Love Dave and the Fooies hugely but Australian musos badly need gigs and the income they generate. Support Australian music !!!!!!
Karie Bennett
Karie Bennett:
Got to see them last summer in Cincinnati, Ohio and it was by far the most amazing concert ever.
It was a great interview
P T:
Dave should be an Aussie! Love it!
Be Kind
Be Kind:
Dave is the best
What a great bloke! So "normal"!
Amy Rose
Amy Rose:
So sad watching this now 😢😢 💔
Lil Tigerz
Lil Tigerz:
"oh as if thats gonna be the last show were gonna play there"... it is 😭😭😭
I really wanted to go to there 2022 concert but the tickets sadly sold out
Some Dude
Some Dude:
The Warning is opening for them in Mexico next week. Check them out! THEY could be his three daughters.
Mary Ellen Kidnie
Mary Ellen Kidnie:
I think Australian and South African are similar and sort of the style, you guys should look into some south African rock
Scott Davey
Scott Davey:
Seeing them in Melbourne the day after I see GNR in December
glenn oc
glenn oc:
That's funny I thought they called Oz '80's'!!
Paul Tregoning
Paul Tregoning:
I'll drink with you Dave!
Samantha Madison
Samantha Madison:
Purdy purdy please come back to NZ too!
Samantha Madison
Samantha Madison:
So you came down to Aussie but didn't give us kiwis a chance to see you again!? NO FAIR!!! Love you all so much <3
Gary Warren
Gary Warren:
Just not Adelaide!!!
Warren Coombes
Warren Coombes:
Dave, don’t waste your time on these knobs
Bacon Ator
Bacon Ator:
Please get vaccinated
Paul Horn
Paul Horn:
Tim Roncato
Tim Roncato:
The Poo Biters
Luke Roberts
Luke Roberts:
Is dave grohl is even a christian and also why did foo fighters made fun of studio 666 which is the beast code number?
people are dying in ukraine and you're joking around with a rock star
your sense of timing is off and you lack sensitivity