DAY IN THE LIFE Working at an AMAZON Warehouse (Inside Footage)

Here is a Day in the life of an Amazon warehouse worker. I work at an Amazon fulfillment center and wanted to show actual inside footage of what it is like working at an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon is hiring over 125,000 new employees during start of the 2020 Summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic. My intent for this video was to be educational to these new employees. Amazon's employee retention rate is well known for being extremely low. Because of this, I wanted to show what an Amazon warehouse job actually entails. This video will allow potential employees to decided whether this job is a good fit for them instead of experiencing the job and quitting 2 days later.

This is a RE-UPLOADED video. Approximately 12 days prior to the release of this updated video, the original video was uploaded. Shortly after the upload, Amazon's Human Resources department reached out to inform me that there were some controversial information being shown.

Per request, I have respectfully taken down the original video and blurred or excluded the sections containing the controversial information mentioned to me by Human Resources.
All footage of an Amazon warehouse (hallways, conveyor belts, Amazon's robots, etc), like shown in this video, can already be seen on internet platforms such as Google Images or other larger YouTube channels such as CNN, Yahoo Finance, or even Amazon's just to name a few. Therefore, I am not "leaking" any business information that cannot already be accessed on the internet.
Hopefully this clears up any questions. Thank you guys for the support and Enjoy!

Time-lapses are used throughout the video and most are at 5X speed.
This job is very taxing, but PAIN IS TEMPORARY.

I do not advise doing what I did to make this video. Phones are NOT allowed on the floor and YOU WILL get yourself into trouble.

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I quitted the job after 3 months, if you stay there for too long you'll get insane, it's the same thing as slavery
Mans gotta walk across America start of every shift lmao
The music caused me to twerk so hard that after 4 minutes, I blacked out and smashed my head into the coffee table. I learned nothing. I'll try watching again while strapped to my special chair.
David Westley
David Westley:
Its disturbing to see how well lighted the warehouse is yet it still gives off a gloomy and shadowy environment.
MadeBy Gicasso
MadeBy Gicasso:
Hated working here, they breaks are terrible and the managers/ambassadors treat you like crap. You can have a high pick rate all day and nobody says anything and as soon as your rate drops a little it’s like their chasing you down demanding you to go fast like you’re some mule
Luke Ellis
Luke Ellis:
My warehouse PTSD just got reactivated watching this.. those days will not be missed
I was tired watching his long ass walk to his station
Frank Mazziotti
Frank Mazziotti:
They need 1 hour breaks. It takes 15 minutes to get to your station
Pretty Kitty
Pretty Kitty:
I order a lot from Amazon and I’m always so impressed with the service and delivery speed. It’s easy to see why they have taken over the world. I know it’s hard work and can be stressful with the rate always being pushed. But us customers really appreciate each and every employee so much. Thanks to you all. 👏👍👏
John Dugan
John Dugan:
My shift is eight hours a day, I could never go on a twelve hour shift. You’re keeping America going man!
Efrain Gomez jr
Efrain Gomez jr:
When they call you for overtime, do you go in your regular start and end time, or do they give you a different time schedule.
Toni _xvii
Toni _xvii:
i literally wouldn't mind working this type of job. No dealing with people, just listening to music while working. it might be a pain to stand for hours straight but that can be fixed.
Tank The Pitbull
Tank The Pitbull:
I work for amazon, it’s really heavy work and it’s exhausting. However seriously it’s not the worst job in the world.
Ri Exoticc
Ri Exoticc:
I started working for amazon as a picker a few weeks ago & the first couple nights we’re rough because I didn’t have on the right shoes . But that was really my only problem . I got a pair of air maxes and used the insoles they give you at the job with a thick pair of socks and I put a flat sock under my heel for a little more support . Another thing I recommend is just going to the break room for your 20 minute breaks and use your 30 to go to your car if you want . Take your shoes off on your break to give your feet a rest. It may look weird but has helped me so much 😭 I went from wanting to quit to the job being manageable . Bring a REAL lunch . Dinner from the night before , noodles , WATER (not too much you’ll pee) , fruit . Whatever is gonna full you up but stay away from super sugary foods they will tire you out . Also don’t worry about the clock . I think about the apartment I’m going to be able to afford from this job , my boyfriend , I sing songs and etc and that makes the night go so much faster from just looking at the clock . Give yourself a goal & push ! It’s hard work but the benefits and money is good . And the over time , especially for this time of the year is great ! Can’t find that anywhere else . I’m a licensed cosmetologist if I can do it , anyone can lol
Crystal Chanel
Crystal Chanel:
Y’all see that walk ? They give you 15 minutes break starting from when you leave your STATION . The break rooms are at least a 5 minute walk for average people . And we have to be back at our station by the 15 minutes !!
This is what hell must be like.
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A:
“I eat some food” ** Chips & bread***😂
Marlon Eric
Marlon Eric:
Damn, you need an extra break before your shift even starts with all that long ass walking 😂 geez. What are they crazy
Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse:
And this is why American businesses will forever love China... cheap labor with close to zero human, environmental or labor rights.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson:
I was about to consider working there after this Il just try somewhere else 😂😂😂
Alex Cevi
Alex Cevi:
Props to you dude I couldn't imagine doing that for 12 hours straight
M J:
That’s a lot of walking they don’t give you guys hoverboards?
I been applying for amazon jobs. Hope to get hired, is it hard ? Doesn't seem hard... but like the rules and rumors is what I'm asking about.
Easy ass job. Dont have to deal with people. Don't have to think. If you're a somewhat fit guy, it is no problem
lil ScotchTape
lil ScotchTape:
I literally just quit my job I was doing that same thing idk how you do it bro that place made me feel depressed asf
Bro i started 2 days ago and i already started talking to myself while workin 😭 imma leave after my first payment this shi hard asf. Like the hardness is okay but the payment should be equal with it.
Imagine going to your car on break by the time yu get outside yu gotta go back in
Hadi Jama
Hadi Jama:
Idk if I should work here even tho I’m pretty lazy
Ash Lang
Ash Lang:
You are so lucky your tall and don’t have to go up the latter every five seconds
How easy is it? Is everything labelled in a way where you know where each thing goes? I feel like listening to music while doing this for hours makes it doable!
Prison Mike
Prison Mike:
I really appreciate all that Amazon workers do! It's really insightful to have videos like this to show the true labor that goes into everything
Adelina Garza
Adelina Garza:
“I’m usually the like one of the best but it is what it is” 💀
Are you kidding me with that long ass walk just to get to your station? lol they need trams or something, thats insane
David Jordan
David Jordan:
I got a minute and 27 seconds into this video before I realized there's nothing different between the Amazon workers and the workers of Samsonite the same basic setup
Usman Malik
Usman Malik:
Man today was my first day working at an amazon warehouse. Not gonna lie it was very depressing. I don’t know how long I’m gonna be able to stick around.
Cameron Jennings
Cameron Jennings:
I'm at work watching you work. Man, if we don't live in a society...
Javier Flores
Javier Flores:
Imagine having a 10 min break and having to walk all that long ass hall to get to your car 🚗 😖
Benjamin Adams
Benjamin Adams:
I'm starting overtime nightshift work with Amazon for the holidays tomorrow so wish me luck, brother. Just gotta go graft through it and focus on the paycheck, ammaright?
Imagine living 30 minutes away and you have to leave 1 hour before your shift starts because it takes just as long to walk to your station. Screw all that you couldn't even make it to your car before your break was over.
Left after 6 hours. Supervisors didn’t have a clue and my “partner” left me and I went from managing two cages to four.
Nemo Ciau
Nemo Ciau:
"I'm usually at the top" 😂
Also it’s crazy how nearly every other day I’m being notified about employees having cases of corona, yet they don’t want to continue the $2 pay increase...
Achilles Smith
Achilles Smith:
I outside amazon building waiting for hire event. I get tire already after watching this video
I work in manufacturing and am on my feet for 9.5 hrs a day, minus breaks. My legs and I gotten used to it. Lol.
Sometimes I wake up screaming in pain due to how hard Amazon breaks the body down. It is not easy money, you earn every fractional cent of it
Comment Hero
Comment Hero:
I ran a stucco pump in 105 degree weather during and after high school. It inspired me to better my life and do something else.
Jesu I would drive my self crazy just filling those bin towers
Paula Herrera
Paula Herrera:
i really want to start working at amazon, i heard they pay really well, is that true? and do you have any tips for applying?:)
Vinny Flores
Vinny Flores:
Gawd dzzzzzzamb!!! U gotta be there an hr in advance just so u can clock in on time lol that walk it brutal
Children Of Morning
Children Of Morning:
My luck someone would try to talk to me while I have earbuds in
Horizon Phoenix
Horizon Phoenix:
This is amazing how he goes through the trouble to film all this and show everyone how it really looks like inside the Amazon warehouse, thank you!!
Ms Richie Rich
Ms Richie Rich:
I'm so torn between warehouse and driving for amazon... The only thing that scares me about driving are the possible encounters with dogs😩
Is this a Chinese sweat shop, or Amazon? Hard to tell the difference.
Jaden Crawford
Jaden Crawford:
Hey man. New hire here, just wondering if this is the “sortation associate” position?
Would you recommend this job for full time for like 4 months? Im taking a gap year after this senior year to make it as a streamer while also saving up for community college!
Emily Sward
Emily Sward:
Seeing how long you were walking in the beginning. You'd have to get to work an hour early just to make it to your area u are working at.
haffy rahman
haffy rahman:
Wait a min, if i finish my shift at 6am and the last bus coming at, will they let me go early. As noway will i get to the bus in 5 min lol
Jose Luis Avila
Jose Luis Avila:
If ever have a question? Who do you ask? Or computer talk 2 someone.
Does someone bring you the items to put in those yellow things. All I saw was small items. What about the big stuff like the 50 inch tv I ordered.
Archie Brown
Archie Brown:
I'm 18 and going for a job in ups. My hour induction was hell. I just stacked the heavy duty vans for an hour. It seems to be the same as amazon. Im still going for it because the pay is great.
Minita C
Minita C:
Thanks you for the content 🙏 I will be working in 2 wks, my question is when do I find out what exact position I would be doing? Do you have to eat your lunch in your car? Thank you
Pop Mer
Pop Mer:
When you work VET, are you still able to have two breaks like normal 10 hour shifts ?
Yahaira Crespo
Yahaira Crespo:
Are there robots? I just requested my transfer to another new facility that works with robotics. Is it true managers are always checking on you because of the robots?
Thank you for making this vid I will no longer be applying to amazon it looks sad and depressing I usually work outdoors and oh my god would it kill them to add windows I couldn’t work there
Diego Grimaldi
Diego Grimaldi:
How fast do you have to be when you work at Amazon ima try my best to stay with them. I'm only gonna be there temporarily till I get my job back
How much does amazon start off paying? I work at best buy now making 15 an hour dont know if I should make the switch or not
Alien Pumpkinhead
Alien Pumpkinhead:
I’m about to start working at an Amazon warehouse too. So, I can’t wear headphones to listen to music?
Mr. Peanut
Mr. Peanut:
I'd bet my left nut that the number 1 stow is usually Hispanic? Those people get in a rhythm, and they are machines! Lol.
David Adler
David Adler:
How do you deal with the pain in your thighs or do you get it that much from stowing? I'm a picker and my first week was killer. I'd never been so sore.
N El
N El:
Amazon banned me from shopping online and i dont know why i tried talking to them with no avail, they just keep giving me the run around. Can someone help me with this situation please.
Chris D
Chris D:
Oh man that's some high tech looking stuff! At the Amazon warehouse I work at I have to walk around with a cart putting stuff on shelves! The shelves coming to you looks much better haha
Kristofer Prophet
Kristofer Prophet:
What job “title” is this specific one and can you just always work with light stuff like this if you request it?
Efrain Gomez jr
Efrain Gomez jr:
Oh this is my first job do they tell you when your lunch is, and when to take breaks.
Jacob Hernandez
Jacob Hernandez:
these videos really help full I'm going to start working at a factory in Deltona
thanks man, i just applied to amazon a few days ago and i have a meeting on the 23rd, dont know what to expect. wish me well😬
Ren Vill
Ren Vill:
When I sign up to work for Amazon, how complicated is it? How long until I get accepted and get interviewed?
I worked for a different company in the UK doing packing and only got two breaks during a 12 hour shift. That job looks OK, thanks for sharing this.
Perla Martinez
Perla Martinez:
I can't wait until the day amazon overthrows eBay and eliminates it. Then liberate all eBay sellers and buyers from tyranny and oppression.
Pop Mer
Pop Mer:
Do you know how long it takes for atoz to update a new schedule? I went to HR and changed my schedule 2 weeks ago to part time andd it hasnt changed.
Yikes by the time you get to the car you have 5 minutes to sit down lol are you aloud to run🏃‍♀️ I’d be running to my car on lunch breaks... how much does this pay
lewis lighting777
lewis lighting777:
Im going from hardwood flooring to amazon dude it looks like a godsend compaired to what i do all the time i cant wait truly
Aphrodite’s Kiss
Aphrodite’s Kiss:
How do you feel about package handling? Do you have any insight on it? I recently applied and have the appointment on Thursday!
Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid:
that’s a slave ship my husband work there it’s like 3 strikes your out, the damn computer makes a mistake an that’s an automatic strike on your profile, he had to work super fast
Christoph Rydzewski
Christoph Rydzewski:
I got one arm is there any position I can do?. I'm fast I was windows for a carrer and looking to expand furthur to my goals.
Bob Hope
Bob Hope:
Amazon is a danger to work at. They claim this and that yet the work injury record is the proof in the pudding. Work with your care in mind. And don't surrender your rights for their profits.
Alfre dito
Alfre dito:
I dedicated about 4 1/2 years to this company half a year through an agency (SMX) and the remaining years directly through Amazon.
I work in shipping fluid load. You get 36hrs of heavy gym workout with free sauna 3mos. of summer every week in nevada. But I love it,way easier than my work in levis.
Kyle David
Kyle David:
Do u have your earbuds on all the time? Im starting up soon and I wanna wear them but dont wanna get in trouble. I hope my manager dont mind! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Underrated Inventions
Underrated Inventions:
I hate working, but I like watching people work 🤔
IslandJewel 671
IslandJewel 671:
I'm just amazed how you do all that walking for every break. Or was it just for the video? Cause I just sit on the totes for my breaks 😅
Younes Lounes
Younes Lounes:
Have been working for amazon fullfilement warehouse and was one of the worst jobs ever done in my life. They keep pushing and putting pressure all the time.
Ana Amador
Ana Amador:
I'm starting as an area manager Monday for RT Stow department... any feedback on what to do to make employees life a little better during work?
Matthew Everly
Matthew Everly:
Enjoyed the music. Thanks for the vids bro im starting tomorrow in Venice Florida for amazon warehouse.
Can you please explain what you’re actually doing? I’m thinking about working at Amazon in the warehouse.
Chilo Tech
Chilo Tech:
I work for a sort center it’s fun. But damn that walk is all I need to quit but good you keep doing it tho
I work at Amazon in single pack and I absolutely love it. After working in healthcare for ten years and dealing with mean people, I get to go to work, talk to nobody, do my job, and go home. It's like a damn vacation that I get paid for.
Titiana Rasputin
Titiana Rasputin:
8:39 "really exhausting day this was my fourth day in a row"

You worked FOUR DAYS IN A ROW??? are you kidding me??????
Tj Latham
Tj Latham:
2:13 I see my package 🤣
Do amazon warehouse employees get major holidays off such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years?