DAY IN THE LIFE Working at an AMAZON Warehouse (Inside Footage)

Here is a Day in the life of an Amazon warehouse worker. I work at an Amazon fulfillment center and wanted to show actual inside footage of what it is like working at an Amazon warehouse.

Amazon is hiring over 125,000 new employees during start of the 2020 Summer due to the Coronavirus pandemic. My intent for this video was to be educational to these new employees. Amazon's employee retention rate is well known for being extremely low. Because of this, I wanted to show what an Amazon warehouse job actually entails. This video will allow potential employees to decided whether this job is a good fit for them instead of experiencing the job and quitting 2 days later.

This is a RE-UPLOADED video. Approximately 12 days prior to the release of this updated video, the original video was uploaded. Shortly after the upload, Amazon's Human Resources department reached out to inform me that there were some controversial information being shown.

Per request, I have respectfully taken down the original video and blurred or excluded the sections containing the controversial information mentioned to me by Human Resources.
All footage of an Amazon warehouse (hallways, conveyor belts, Amazon's robots, etc), like shown in this video, can already be seen on internet platforms such as Google Images or other larger YouTube channels such as CNN, Yahoo Finance, or even Amazon's just to name a few. Therefore, I am not "leaking" any business information that cannot already be accessed on the internet.
Hopefully this clears up any questions. Thank you guys for the support and Enjoy!

Time-lapses are used throughout the video and most are at 5X speed.
This job is very taxing, but PAIN IS TEMPORARY.

I do not advise doing what I did to make this video. Phones are NOT allowed on the floor and YOU WILL get yourself into trouble.

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I quitted the job after 3 months, if you stay there for too long you'll get insane, it's the same thing as slavery
MadeBy Gicasso
MadeBy Gicasso:
Hated working here, they breaks are terrible and the managers/ambassadors treat you like crap. You can have a high pick rate all day and nobody says anything and as soon as your rate drops a little it’s like their chasing you down demanding you to go fast like you’re some mule
Yolanda Jennings
Yolanda Jennings:
Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us. I order from Amazon a lot and I really appreciate the hard work you do!
Jose Luis Avila
Jose Luis Avila:
If ever have a question? Who do you ask? Or computer talk 2 someone.
Also it’s crazy how nearly every other day I’m being notified about employees having cases of corona, yet they don’t want to continue the $2 pay increase...
I'm actually a former AmazonFresh employee looking to get into the other side of the company (the more hardlines side, if you will). The reason I'm doing this is because I'm switching from full-time to part-time at my current job. The reason I'm doing that is because I've got a lot of personal projects to take care of. Amazon's just there to help me pay off my car note. So, that being said, I can agree that Amazon's a great "side hustle" for some extra cash, but not something anyone would want to make a career.
lil ScotchTape
lil ScotchTape:
I literally just quit my job I was doing that same thing idk how you do it bro that place made me feel depressed asf
Anthony Cirami
Anthony Cirami:
I have mixed feelings been watching different opinions about how people either enjoy or dislike working there I guess I'll try soo far I just see night shifts around my area I prefer day so I'll keep looking back.
I was tired watching his long ass walk to his station
David Westley
David Westley:
Its disturbing to see how well lighted the warehouse is yet it still gives off a gloomy and shadowy environment.
HRZ Phoenix
HRZ Phoenix:
This is amazing how he goes through the trouble to film all this and show everyone how it really looks like inside the Amazon warehouse, thank you!!
Yemery Brown
Yemery Brown:
As a former employee of a year and a half, just letting you know going in you will be treated nothing more than a quota. This company does not care about it's employees at all.
Laura Ramone
Laura Ramone:
I’ve got orientation on July 1. I guess I’ll be hired as Seasonal. I have always worked desk jobs, this will be my first warehouse job EVER. I needed a change, I was working at a nursing home and I desperately needed out of that job, especially with Covid being around. I also got tired of sitting on my ass at a job all day. I know Amazon jobs are demanding physically but I regularly go to the gym and am in good shape, so I hope that helps me a bit.
Mans gotta walk across America start of every shift lmao
Crystal Chanel
Crystal Chanel:
Y’all see that walk ? They give you 15 minutes break starting from when you leave your STATION . The break rooms are at least a 5 minute walk for average people . And we have to be back at our station by the 15 minutes !!
Esketit Dave
Esketit Dave:
Damn Amazon’s warehouse looks way newer then UPS I’ve been a package handler at UPS for 6 months now...UPS is all old and dark vs Amazon’s warehouse is very bright and new 😂
Rene Garcia
Rene Garcia:
Been working here almost 2 months, it’s pretty chill, never had any managers bother me about my takt time. Coming from being a package handler at UPS, this shit is so easy lol
Alex Anthony
Alex Anthony:
Picker Is high society we packer folk know a hard days work! Kidding we all die overnight but I guess it’s worth it. Great vid.
Logan Nichols
Logan Nichols:
What’s the name of this music? Did you produce it? It’s really good.
I'm 17 and never had a job before, would this be a good starting Job and does it pay well? I'm a senior btw
M J:
That’s a lot of walking they don’t give you guys hoverboards?
Mr. Boss
Mr. Boss:
My shift is eight hours a day, I could never go on a twelve hour shift. You’re keeping America going man!
Luke Ellis
Luke Ellis:
My warehouse PTSD just got reactivated watching this.. those days will not be missed
Donna B
Donna B:
Be careful & look around while you sit in your car on your breaks..always be on the lookout for your own really such a hard worker
So i was just about to apply to be a picker but being a stower looks alot more chill and laid back, Do you still have a certain rate that you have to make every night? and also can you explain the whole process of being a stower?
Timothy Shawn
Timothy Shawn:
I'd bet my left nut that the number 1 stow is usually Hispanic? Those people get in a rhythm, and they are machines! Lol.
Christian Thomas
Christian Thomas:
Damn foo you literally walked all the way around lol
Hanzah Mohammad
Hanzah Mohammad:
Jeff bezos let his employees work without rest and people who share it to Facebook or other social media you can get fired. During lockdown around the world people just odering from amazon and so many package receive every day without social diatancing. I wanna say thank you to all employees of amazon

=me, 2k20
Underrated Inventions
Underrated Inventions:
I hate working, but I like watching people work 🤔
Noah Mueller
Noah Mueller:
Watched this while on my shift at amazon
BigMan TTMGrapher
BigMan TTMGrapher:
I actually have a question for you. As a stower do you put the merch in just any shelf or are there specific labeled ones you need to put in?
St3althx Scop3x
St3althx Scop3x:
this is interesting how do you know where to put what box like is there a number on the box that you would you match up with on the cart??
Tommy Vercetti
Tommy Vercetti:
I'm starting to work soon at an amazon fulfillment center and it's cool to see how is going to be
Elizabeth A
Elizabeth A:
“I eat some food” ** Chips & bread***😂
Easy ass job. Dont have to deal with people. Don't have to think. If you're a somewhat fit guy, it is no problem
Adelina Garza
Adelina Garza:
“I’m usually the like one of the best but it is what it is” 💀
Frank Mazziotti
Frank Mazziotti:
They need 1 hour breaks. It takes 15 minutes to get to your station
Alex Cevi
Alex Cevi:
Props to you dude I couldn't imagine doing that for 12 hours straight
Sim Thiara
Sim Thiara:
It’s been 4 months since I graduated from university and I’m considering doing this job now that I’m desperate for work.
Emily Sward
Emily Sward:
Seeing how long you were walking in the beginning. You'd have to get to work an hour early just to make it to your area u are working at.
Brandon La Pere
Brandon La Pere:
It’s the era of expendable workers, work you at a rate that isn’t sustainable long term, then bring in the new batch of suckers. Retention is not their goal
I start this Wednesday
M Domingo
M Domingo:
I've gotten a response from a night parcel sorter job at best connections group in the UK and since they're a small company they don't have a lot of videos on who they are or what you do so this is as close as I'll get to that
Alina Garcia
Alina Garcia:
I definitely appreciate u and especially working at Amazon I order stuff all day long everyday and really appreciate all the hard work all the employees 💪👊 put in thank you so very much I really appreciate you guys ❤️
oscar s
oscar s:
If you don’t finish do you needa finish even if your shift is supposed to be over like if it’s mandatory to stay and can you listen to music the whole time?
Ladonbeats66 On IG !
Ladonbeats66 On IG !:
god I remember doing this a short few years back I hated how bored I'd man that place is a time suck just standing in one place doing one thing for hours its unhuman
Vinny Flores
Vinny Flores:
Gawd dzzzzzzamb!!! U gotta be there an hr in advance just so u can clock in on time lol that walk it brutal
Justin W.
Justin W.:
I used to do rebin, pick and palletize. Our FC wasn’t robotic so palletize was definitely not for the faint of heart. Gonna be starting again soon, who knows when / where they’ll put me. Hope you’re doing well. :)
I need a link to this job asap. I think I can handle this. I'm not a people person and prefer to work alone and be responsible for myself. Where do you apply?
Rebecca Reid
Rebecca Reid:
that’s a slave ship my husband work there it’s like 3 strikes your out, the damn computer makes a mistake an that’s an automatic strike on your profile, he had to work super fast
Pop Mer
Pop Mer:
Just started 2 days ago. How do i change from stowing to something else? And in your opinion, whats the easiest job at the warehouse?
Nj D
Nj D:
I worked for Amazon during the pandemic, & 3 out of 5 sinks in the women's bathroom at the Oakland warehouse didn't work. How many billions did you make during this crisis, Jeff? What, over 500 billion? And y'all cant afford a plumber?...

Jeff: Yes, we can afford a plumber. We just don't care about our disposable employees, that's all.
Imagine going to your car on break by the time yu get outside yu gotta go back in
Easy ass job can’t believe there’s a bunch of cry 😭 babies.
Am i the only one that thinks that it doesnt look that bad in his video like it looked kind of easy but i didnt even know what was happening
SharkEdge Gaming
SharkEdge Gaming:
They let me drive the op picker when I worked there
Ben Dunn
Ben Dunn:
That’s if you’re stowing. I’m outbound and it’s different 🤣🤣
Kinnidy Smith
Kinnidy Smith:
Omg I work at amazon and stow as well! I found it very interesting to watch this video. I like how your site gives you all a list of all the other stowers with your ranking on it to give an idea of how your doing for the day. My site doesn’t do that :(
I’ve delivered at amazon (DSP1) and I’ve worked in the warehouse (LGB3) .. recently I started working at the post office. Let me tell you that amazon is way better than usps.
Takt time when stowing is the thing that most people struggle with. Small to larger down the line and have 8 bins ready to go that is my tip.
David Nolan
David Nolan:
I start soon, I graduated college into the the worst job market imaginable so Amazon is my last resort. I plan on sticking around to just save as much as I can until I feel comfortable transitioning into something else. I've order off Amazon a lot, so now I look at it as a chance to see it on the other side.
I’m a packer so I never get to really see what the stowers do. Hello fellow RT shift worker!
E.M.D Gaming
E.M.D Gaming:
Dude I started today in stowing and I made several errors, especially with the tots
Sometimes I wake up screaming in pain due to how hard Amazon breaks the body down. It is not easy money, you earn every fractional cent of it
Lamar Pooler
Lamar Pooler:
I think I will stick to rideshare or the port dock instead
Eric Smith
Eric Smith:
It takes my 15 minutes to leave the building to get in my car
Devon Jones
Devon Jones:
I heard that you have to walk a lot but it seemed like you were in one place is this a stower position or something else?
Dark Mugetsu
Dark Mugetsu:
I work on the assembly line making parts for cars 10-11 hours a day, 4 days a week for a year now, we are forced to have to be quick on the job of course too and the managers can get on my ass there. Will Amazon be taxing on me in comparison or should I be perfectly fine and well adapted to the environment already then in your opinion since I applied and plan on working there since it appears the industry there has a brighter future than my current company.
Children Of Morning
Children Of Morning:
My luck someone would try to talk to me while I have earbuds in
Chris Nikas
Chris Nikas:
Im starting on the loading dock in a few days. Know anything about it?
Is this a Chinese sweat shop, or Amazon? Hard to tell the difference.
Giselle Canales
Giselle Canales:
Hey, I got an email confirming my first day but my shift schedule says it's from 9:30am-1:30pm Thursday-Sunday and on my account it says 10:45am-3:30pm do you know which schedule I have to follow ?
Thanh Mai
Thanh Mai:
At first I really though that Amazon warehouses are better than others, but still no dream comes true to work there hihihi at 16$ an hour. Congratulations to anybody to stay there and work their ass off. Way to go .
Shantel Jean-Charles
Shantel Jean-Charles:
Right now where I’m at, they are hiring lots of people at the Amazon warehouse ,they need a 180,000 spots filled, I’m considering it,I never had a job like this, I was only a receptionist and a retail worker so👀......
2020 Filmworks
2020 Filmworks:
Anyone else think about the door factory in monsters inc when the yellow crate towers were zooming around?
Toxicity Rose
Toxicity Rose:
I don’t know what position that is but I wanted to do that. I used to work at Amazon 2yrs ago and it was dock.
Shaloma Aroma
Shaloma Aroma:
Yes! You’ll be able to get paid and workout💪

Don’t forget to stretch and take a multivitamin
Question: when you finish your work early what do you do?
God's Child
God's Child:
they have to give employees electric scooter.
Lina Aguilar
Lina Aguilar:
Hi ! I just had a few questions if you don’t mind, I have an interview for the amazon in Etobicoke but I heard that they are just hiring for September until January, and they’ll fire mostly every amazon worker. Also what is the difference between delivery warehouse and the other one? Lastly they say they work you like animals & I don’t wanna start working and just quit lol. Thank you in advance!
Yesterday was my first day.
I'll give you guys advice, bring some water with you or you are gonna experience a dry mouth. The air is Extremely dry

But this job is fun. And november they will educate me on the vehicles.

And oh boy, people love ordering Candy and cereal in bulk at amazon. And alot of Sodas.
Sheila Boyles
Sheila Boyles:
one of easiest job there other jobs where you litterly have to bust your ass on rate that is out rageous& you out door if its not made Example packing boxes to customers at 195 an hour & Amazon care nothing except getting products to customers!
Public Archives
Public Archives:
4:17 something is looking through the window creepy as heck
I work at an amazon sort center and one shift is 4-5 hrs long but I like doing doubles for 3 days and having 4 days off. Works perfect for me, while I'm in school. The work will get annoying and you can get burnt out quick when its busy, but I can't complain 🤷‍♂️ I'm getting paid more than the minimum in my state which is 7.25/hr so its worth it imo
Trey Conn
Trey Conn:
17 almost 18 and like I just want a job that pays my living and that I can just go into work everyday and know what to do. Some kind of warehouse job seems so perfect for me. Thanks for sharing
Ana Amador
Ana Amador:
I'm starting as an area manager Monday for RT Stow department... any feedback on what to do to make employees life a little better during work?
oscar s
oscar s:
If you don’t finish in your station and your station isn’t finished yet and it’s your time to clock out is it mandatory to stay and finish or can you just clock out and can you listen to music the whole time?
Joyce Woodruff
Joyce Woodruff:
How many breaks do you all get. And do you have to clock out.
The Charma Karma
The Charma Karma:
I’ve literally been trying to find videos like this to show atleast what you will be doing in the warehouse😭 this was lifesaver. I plan on working at amazon next week until I got back to college in August but I’m pretty nervous. I’m a determined person but can get easily discouraged if the work is confusing. If I apply for the job depicted in this video will they still put me in a picker/stowed position?
I been applying for amazon jobs. Hope to get hired, is it hard ? Doesn't seem hard... but like the rules and rumors is what I'm asking about.
Lil Dude
Lil Dude:
Hey man,

So I just applied yesterday and was instantly offered a full time spot for the warehouse in the Austin area. Would you say the opportunity for growth within the company is there? I currently work at HEB overnights and I’m considering leaving it to work for Amazon.
Jesu I would drive my self crazy just filling those bin towers
What exactly are you doing? Are you forwarding the bought items to their original shipping addresses?
Hadi Jama
Hadi Jama:
Idk if I should work here even tho I’m pretty lazy
They treat us like robots or slaves and most managers don’t show any respect or even know yo name
Ulta Multa
Ulta Multa:
Laughing at all the criers complaining about tough mean amazon. They treat us like slaves!! 🤣😂🤣😂
Loli Sigmund
Loli Sigmund:
I'm proud of you..
Truth Btold
Truth Btold:
I start sep 1 2020 as a seasonal sort at the delivery station looking forward to it
I'm on manual sort, and its pretty bad. When working at a warehouse you may not know where you'll end up, but I walk about 10 miles a day, and lift packages with varying sizes. Its pretty demanding, and the worst part is that my feet feel like they're going to break at the ankles.