Debris pulled from Java Sea after suspected plane crash in Indonesia

Indonesia’s transport ministry has launched a search and rescue mission for a passenger jet believed to have crashed shortly after taking off from Jakarta.

The Sriwijaya airflight – reportedly a Boeing 737-500 – left from the capital and was en route to Pontianak in the West Kalimantan province.

Reports in local media say there were 62 people onboard including all passengers and crew.

Pictures have also emerged from a search zone which show rescue teams pulling debris from the Java Sea, however the fate of the flight has not been officially confirmed.

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Martin Epstein
Martin Epstein:
I hope they find the cause, condolences to families of the victims
akshob ramkumar
akshob ramkumar:
My deepest condolences to the family
Smart Bamsi
Smart Bamsi:
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajiun..
Crypto elf
Crypto elf:
damn dont fly from that area ever
Blago Mistra
Blago Mistra:
Another Boeing
If it's boeing , you shouldn't be going..😭😭😭
Abner Shaw
Abner Shaw:
Was anyone on the Democrat Party's "Do Not Resuscitate List" on that flight? Just curious...
nigga carlos
nigga carlos:
0:37 I am given 183 everyday thanks to this right here *f u n d a i l y p a y*
Always in that Java sea it seems
Nubian Queen Tee
Nubian Queen Tee:
Ivory Rain
Ivory Rain:
samm dope
samm dope:
Indonesia airlines keep making fligh from ground to heapen
W.G. Lewis
W.G. Lewis:
Grounded the concord for less🤷‍♂️
Peter McLaughlin
Peter McLaughlin:
There must have been a passenger on there that the CIA doesn't like. Lol
Samsul Ariandi
Samsul Ariandi:
Jeff Holmes
Jeff Holmes:
Very sad news.
Varun Pratap Singh
Varun Pratap Singh:
Praying from india
Has CNN's Don Lemon again speculated that the missing flight may have entered a "black hole", like the missing Malaysian airliner a few years back?
InWilly WeTrust
InWilly WeTrust:
Just finished MayDay airline disasters and what I took from all the crashes were planes and humans have to be 100% precise in order to fly a perfect flight, off just a little bit could cost lives!! Salutes to all the pilots in the world!!
wonder if its another rudder gremlin ?
Rest In Peace Beautiful Spirits💜
Major Problems!!!
Major Problems!!!:
Anything to do with the earthquake that happened hour or so ago
Mundakkal Shekaran
Mundakkal Shekaran:
2021 '1st worst disaster
Watched 3 reports. Each one gives different figures for altitude and number of passengers
Oppo Moli
Oppo Moli:
Md in USA
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan:
انالله وان اليه راجعون
Subbu’s Escapades
Subbu’s Escapades:
The first tragedy of 2021
Azula Quaza
Azula Quaza:
It’s not Boeing this plane is golden. It likely pilot error
pea pod
pea pod:
Condolences to all those on board and their families.
Always Malaysia and Indonesia.
Debbie D.
Debbie D.:
Gosh, not another one. Isn't this where the last plane went down? RIP to all those poor passengers & crew.
Waqar Jahangir
Waqar Jahangir:
Soo sad
Aviation Channel
Aviation Channel:
1. Air crashes rarely happen and air travel is much safer than other means of transportation (Car, Bus, Train, etc)
2. The aircraft involved was a Boeing 737 because it happens to be the most popular and common aircraft type in commercial service (alongside the Airbus A320)
I wish all pasangers save
Sumit Dev
Sumit Dev:
2020:- i m still there people
Covid claims more lives
Ronald Coe
Ronald Coe:
Strange all the likes on this vid??
000236 000236
000236 000236:
*Boeing : **_We made a plane with suicidal AI_*
Vlah Vlah
Vlah Vlah:
Less feeders
judith oguna
judith oguna:
This java sea should be in the list of Bermuda triangle its becoming dangerous 😢😢😢
Bhagya WD
Bhagya WD:
Nothing to say 😞 Just praying!!!
Shaun Stunn
Shaun Stunn:
Why always Boeing for God sake😭😭🤔
Norris Hude
Norris Hude:
So how many died with the convid as opposed from the convid.
Tarun Gupta
Tarun Gupta:
RIP.Very very sad.
virtual villain
virtual villain:
More humans takin to Diego Garcia for biological weapons testing 🤫
Macrona Virus
Macrona Virus:
انا لله و انا الیه راجعون.
That's really sad, May Allah grant them heaven Ameen 🙏
ian flanagan
ian flanagan:
polit pressed the suicide button
Kaylee Pienaar
Kaylee Pienaar:
It is so sad
Waqar Jahangir
Waqar Jahangir:
Soo sad
Look Up
Look Up:
I wander if this would be called toxic news by creepy abc journalists. Condolences for the devastated familys
Lou Minarty
Lou Minarty:
Search mission...
Jian Chipung
Jian Chipung:
Boeing, a plane that will bring you to heaven
Dilip Bhattarai
Dilip Bhattarai:
wait. isn't Australia a lapdog of the USA?
USA Made the Boeing. what do you say about this Australia?
Lucy Walker
Lucy Walker:
Never been on a plane and will ever get on 1. Would rather go by sea then I'd be looking up waiting for a plane to come down. So can not win
Joshua thomas
Joshua thomas:
Last year 8th Jan 2020 a Ukrainian airline was shot down by iran
Davidfi Sumo
Davidfi Sumo:
Yep bioeng really fixed them didn't they
Stephen Yoong
Stephen Yoong:
Boeing ???? Crashed again ?????
RedShark series
RedShark series:
That plane was elder than me..
James Dahl
James Dahl:
Covid got the airplane 🛬
Legislated Misfit
Legislated Misfit:
Somebody was on that flight who needed to be silenced or disposed of...Usual story..
God bless all those who sadly perished..
Call For Music
Call For Music:
Boycott Boeing
Not a Max.
David Abonyi
David Abonyi:
Elites take planes
If God wanted us to Fly, he would've given us wings. R.I.P.
Robert Jakicic
Robert Jakicic:
What's going on with there plane's, they always seem to be crashing for some reason, they have a very bad record, must be missing safety inspections.
sum CLINT:
It was corona
Pinz n Pinsetters
Pinz n Pinsetters:
Its nice to see for once in skynews comments not a bunch of uneducated and/or quite dumb people with terrible views on so many different subjects.
MJ Klein
MJ Klein:
Very sorry....
a google user
a google user:
Greg Scott Pringle
Greg Scott Pringle:
Must have been Saddam Hussain's WMDs they wouldn't shut up about.
Gaby Krisna
Gaby Krisna:
Hi i'm Indonesian and this is the updates

Sriwijaya Air Flight SJ182 was a scheduled domestic passenger flight operated by Sriwijaya Air from Soekarno–Hatta International Airport, Jakarta, to Supadio International Airport, Pontianak, in Indonesia. On 9 January 2021, the Boeing 737–524 operating the flight disappeared about 4 minutes after departure. Officials confirmed that the aircraft crashed in the waters off the Thousand Islands, several kilometers from the airport. The search for the aircraft is ongoing.
On Saturday night the Indonesian Navy stated that it had found the coordinates. At least 10 Republic of Indonesia (KRI) Navy ships were deployed to the location.
The plane, which is operated by Sriwijaya Air, first flew in 1994 and is said to be in proper condition.
Sriwijaya Air SJ182's 30 minutes of delay in departure was not due to engine problems, but due to heavy rain.
So the position of the plane after lost contact was between Male Island and Lancang Island.
Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi said the plane was carrying 62 passengers and crew. In detail, 50 passengers including seven children and three babies and 12 crew members. The Head of Basarnas (Indonesian SAR) Bagus Puruhito, said that the Sriwijaya Air flight number SJ 182 on the Jakarta-Pontianak route did not send an emergency location transmitter (ELT) signal when contact lost.

The following is a brief chronology:
*) 02:36 p.m. ​​the plane took off
*) 02.37 p.m. the plane passed 1,700 feet and made contact with the Jakarta Approach
*) 02:40 p.m. Jakarta ATC saw the airplane flying in a direction that did not match the coordinates. ATC asked the pilot, but it was not until seconds that the plane disappeared from the screen.
. Boeing 737,,, you fly, you die !🥵 🥶 😱
Brian Baker
Brian Baker:
What about MH470,still missing???🙄🙄🙄🤔🤔🤔🤔
TINK West V:
They'll blame Trump & supporters for this as a terrorist attack
About time planes had a button which could turn the bottom of it into a big dinghy so if they’re over water you can press it and the top half flies off and everyone will be safe in the dinghy in the water.
Pablo B
Pablo B:
They didn't wear their masks bro
Philip Liong
Philip Liong:
boeing crash again
Gina Maine
Gina Maine:
Is someone/a group hacking into these Indonsia airplane computer systems to bring them down?? There is a pattern happening with Indonesia planes...this is the third plane from Indonesia to crash....this is NOT normal. Something criminal is happening. Always watch for patterns. Then connect the dots.

RIP. Condolences to all of the families & friends of these passengers. Very sad.
Andrew Stock
Andrew Stock:
Free West Papuans from Indonesian genocide
Howard Li
Howard Li:
Boeing planes need parashoots
Kim Powell
Kim Powell:
Don't tell me. They all had COVID
kwaku oppong
kwaku oppong:
Boeing is in shit again.
T Liew
T Liew:
Now we need China to expedite their airplanes - Boeing flying coffins are dropping out of the air like flies without wings.
DB Coopepr
DB Coopepr:
COVID-19 strikes again!
62 Covid deaths lol
So apparently someone coughed on the aircraft and pilot did a emergency landing in sea to prevent covid
J Nüsslein
J Nüsslein:
Heartbreaking tragedy. Boeing 737 again...
Rusty Bullet hole
Rusty Bullet hole:
The plane is thought to have passed out and died after contracting covid-19
Mischa Fellner
Mischa Fellner:
Many will disappear. Ronas. Crashes. Excuses will be needed for all who cannot walk in public. CEOs, leAders. Etc.
Pikko Pikki
Pikko Pikki:
Rip... 737 again
no theres probably more to this than just a mere plane crash. What type of people were inside and could they have had anything on them that they shouldn't have had. Such as evidence or stuff maybe?
Mark Bonney
Mark Bonney:
Maybe Abu Baker Bashir blew it up
Ruvane Friebus
Ruvane Friebus:
Twice in a span of one year those pilots are most likely ethiopians
It's A Right
It's A Right:
The computer was infected with covid19..
Another damn boeing 737
Oppo Moli
Oppo Moli:
Killer Boeing company
James Bill
James Bill:
Could the pilot not land on water. Pull up before hitting water so it balances. I don't this this pilot was experienced pilot
Matthew Bennett
Matthew Bennett:
Social distancing doesn't translate into Indonesian very well i see.
Kurt Guntheroth
Kurt Guntheroth:
Deja Vu ! all over again with the sub-par Boeing's ,seems all the lawsuits against them didn't make them any safer !
Kusobu, Rb
Kusobu, Rb:
Boeing Airlines should be banned, this company does not have good service aircraft ,,,, God does not know how many parents have been emptied, and how hard they died

May Allah bless their families to bear this grief