DeMarcus Cousins calls James Harden’s comments ‘disrespectful’ | NBA on ESPN

DeMarcus Cousins reacts to comments made by James Harden that the Houston Rockets can’t be fixed and that he’s done everything that he can. Cousins says the “disrespect” started before any interview. Boogie adds that he signed in Houston as a free agent to play with John Wall and that everything Harden has done has been unfair to the rest of the team.

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100+ comentarios:

The media owes apologies to Dwight & CP3, they made it seem like those guys were the problem
Mindful Attraction 2.0
Mindful Attraction 2.0:
5:24 this guy toxic 😂😂😂
When Boogie comes off as the mature person, you know you have messed up
Can we all just appreciate what a good dude Boogie is? He’s had a tough career, but continues to be someone we should all root for.
Andrew Barrett
Andrew Barrett:
2021: the year Boogie Cousins is the professional in the room.
Dats a Paddlin
Dats a Paddlin:
I’m surprised Boogie didn’t get ejected from this interview
Big Blue-Nation
Big Blue-Nation:
It's the reason everyone loves Boogie, he's truthful and demands respect..
Don Williams
Don Williams:
Boogie has my respect for this interview.
"The other 14 guys in the locker room have done nothing to him" Facts 💯
Glad Boogie didn't skirt around the issue. Good on him to call James out like he deserved. Can't wait for Boogie to hard foul Harden
Nick Rogers
Nick Rogers:
“My interest was playing with John Wall” LOL DAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMM
Shant Kalaidjian
Shant Kalaidjian:
James Harden will never be the same as Kobe, Michael or Lebron those people took full responsibility when there team was loosing..not started blaming but putting some extra work...
I hope boogie sticks around long term. The way he has matured in the NBA & the spectrum of the NBA he has lived is impressive. He’s literally been a franchise player, traded, hurt/injured, came back from major injuries, came off the bench, ect ect...
Christopher Cooper
Christopher Cooper:
Who agrees that interview was as real as it gets and no sugar coating!!! ✋🏽
Dominic Pettway
Dominic Pettway:
Boogie is a solid guy. He always ride for his teammates.💪🏾
Cpl. Dean
Cpl. Dean:
Boogie must've had some therapy, he sounds very therapeutic and genuine. Maturity is fitting him well.
James Harden is a complete joke lol he doesn't play defense.. The only reason he scores so many points, is because he takes tons of shots and gets fouled all the time when he drives.. He might win a championship because of Irving and Durant, but he could never lead a team to a Championship
1:54 “...showing up the way he did” I think he talking about James showing up looking fat af 😂
Jacob Gordon
Jacob Gordon:
This was a good interview for Boogie. Not a Rockets fan but I wish him and them nothing but the best when they aren't playing my team.
When Boogie saying it’s disrespectful, James is trippin
Gotta be the best Boogie Cousins interview I've ever seen, lol. He flat out told you how it is.
The real Eric Coleman -DJ ECŌ
The real Eric Coleman -DJ ECŌ:
I'm ready to see Houston vs Brooklyn now!!
Yugdeep Singh
Yugdeep Singh:
"my interest was playing with john wall" DAaaMMMNNNMM
Truth Hurts
Truth Hurts:
I can’t wait for Boogies flagrant when they play the Nets 😂
STAMPEED Lifestyle
STAMPEED Lifestyle:
He’s giving it to them raw and uncut so they shouldn’t ask him no more questions about this no more.
Lol wut
Lol wut:
can’t win with James Harden, the nets have doomed themselves all over again trading all these picks for him if the rumors are true.
James Harden doing his best to not win another MVP award..
Happy Timez
Happy Timez:
U ppl are soft he’s telling it like it is he’s being upfront and you ppl are criticizing him ...
“I’m not happy with the drama at all” respect ✊🏽
V L:
Hope Boogie becomes one of the best Cs in the league again
Michael Albert
Michael Albert:
Love this guy. Dont sugar coat nothing. One of the realists
Camero Rockett
Camero Rockett:
Boogie said " my interest is to play with John Wall". They did play together at Kentucky. I guess Harden needs to humble himself lol.
Tarndeep Rakkar
Tarndeep Rakkar:
In my option the only thing boogie did for the rockets right now was get ejected
The first reporter sounds like the villain from the movie ‘Like Mike’ .
Gįmmę Da ŁøøT x2
Gįmmę Da ŁøøT x2:
Post Boogie press conference..
Team Chemistry: +10
James Harden Morale: -25
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi:
Demarcus to himself: It makes me feel ejected
noah bovee
noah bovee:
cousins deserves to be in the hall of fame for this
Keylow Tv
Keylow Tv:
Boogie: “come to work, ready to work”
Eric Thurman
Eric Thurman:
seems like james might wanna watch his back when he comes back to Houston. These boys are not happy. Boogie looks like he wanna tune him up!
Ahmad Ridley
Ahmad Ridley:
Boogie is gonna give Harden thee HARDEST foul ever when he gets traded lol
Dead Memer-Kun
Dead Memer-Kun:
I like how Boogie learned how to be well-spoken and still get his point across, I am proud of this guy.
Clayton Captain
Clayton Captain:
Big Boogie class act didn't let reports,trip you up in being negative, You and the Rockets make it happen.
On One
On One:
I respect his honesty but he does kno he signed wit Houston weeks before wall was traded lls
Christopher Lowe
Christopher Lowe:
DeMarcus is speaking FAQS 💯💯
Peter MaDash
Peter MaDash:
I remember when Boogie was "disrespectful" to Isiah Thomas years ago in Sacramento too, saying "the ball is gonna move more." He can dish it but can't take it.
Wade Hill
Wade Hill:
media keeps trying to start beefs. Good job Boogie!
The irony of a player named Harden, when he's the softest player in the NBA, is too much. Good luck nets! Lol
Elizabeth Fabien
Elizabeth Fabien:
That was the most honest interview I have ever watched.
Boogie...I met him once...he told me to get the f away from him. True story.
Blair Kirkley
Blair Kirkley:
"Control what you can control"

Well good night people
Trix Axel
Trix Axel:
The team is not good enough tho, he didn’t lie,
I’m with harden to move out and go to nets
He deserves a better team
Plus he has no partner in crime
Ex: Westbrook
He can go 💯
Dwayne Cali
Dwayne Cali:
Houston saw this and said "we got to get him up out of here."
Steven Hardaway
Steven Hardaway:
I didnt like Houston when Harden was there. Now when hes gone i really like Houston.
lmao refs were just standing in the back waiting for him to mess up 😂
Anthony NGOP-LOTI:
"Control what you can control"
Weak recognize weak. Now you got the 3 biggest divas on one team LMFAOOOOO
Gerald Gorham
Gerald Gorham:
love his demeanor in this interview, wasn't expecting this
YouTube Connolly family
YouTube Connolly family:
I respect cousins even more after this. He’s just honest. Something you don’t get too much of these days
Aubrey Tolefree
Aubrey Tolefree:
James need to relax because it wayyy to early to say I’m getting traded like what the season is still to early James never get it no time like wow
thanuestudent _
thanuestudent _:
I loved seeing boogie walk the ball up the court when James is calling for the ball :D haha
boogie and draymond be keeping real in the interviews love it
Kyra Thomas
Kyra Thomas:
I came to play with John Wall to be perfectly honest! Jab to the chin " Down goes Harden, down goes Harden!" Boogie you are my HERO! HA HA HA HA
I like the way he answered those questions especially the last one.
Jazz Monty Music
Jazz Monty Music:
I thought he was dope on this interview. Truth as imho
Syne Onez
Syne Onez:
I'm glad they're being honest about the whole situation
conch .
conch .:
This man sounds so much more mature than I remember. I am glad to hear him talking like the leader of the team. Let’s go Houston!
E R:
Harden knew he was gonna be shipped to Brooklyn the next couple of hours wanna make things clear before leaving the team.
3 years back, john wall and boogie would've been enough for any team to make the playoffs..
Nathaniel King
Nathaniel King:
When this guy who was james harden in the past, is the voice of reason.... 🤔😂😂😂
This is a good, thoughtful interview from Boogie! Even with the zinger about wanting to play with John Wall, LOL.
Chuck-300 Da Realest
Chuck-300 Da Realest:
Harden handled this very unprofessionally. Houston shoulda traded him to the worst team in the league.
Andy Sanchez
Andy Sanchez:
Cousins did this interview like a professional he is! I respect him. Hope James Harden loses all the time to the rockets! He won't have no chance with the lakers baby!!!
C. Walker
C. Walker:
Has anyone introduced Cousins to Toby Nwigwe yet? I feel like some good things could result from that.
s p
s p:
My interest was playing with John wall
Cousins signed first
Steven Lee
Steven Lee:
Imagine Houston winning NBA Finals without James harden?
Andrew C
Andrew C:
Imagine he got traded to the nets tho. Would be pretty cool
Philly God_215
Philly God_215:
He not not feeling Houston as a whole it’s not about them 💯
Otto Fetting
Otto Fetting:
Imagine Harden walking into the locker room after throwing his teammates under the bus.
Harden will never wear the Rockets uniform again.
Leo Dunson
Leo Dunson:
This is the interview that got James Harden traded lol, and it worked in his favor thanks Boogie
The rockets just need to sit harden until he’s dealt.
Juan José Serra Domínguez
Juan José Serra Domínguez:
One of the most honest interviews I have seen in a long time.
Demarcus Cousins answered in a polite and sincere way, great.
michael hewlett
michael hewlett:
I like DeMarcus he's kinda like Mike Tyson how he just tells the truth.
Charlie Hustle
Charlie Hustle:
Boogie! I wanted him to get a ring with the Dubs.
Good for you, Cousins. Very insightful interview.
Deon Harden
Deon Harden:
He knew exactly what he was doing when he said that.. all part of the game
Fabio Scremin
Fabio Scremin:
I love Boogie man, ever since the Kings, hope he get a title some day. One of the true guys, and has been through a lot in his carrer, especially last 3 years.
Sam Gunz
Sam Gunz:
I feel boogie... harden could've been more professional and respectful towards his teammates
Roddrick D. Haynes
Roddrick D. Haynes:
I like the way Boogie handled this interview.
Dxniel 2K
Dxniel 2K:
Who's here after Harden got traded to the nets
Jacob Thomas
Jacob Thomas:
I love DeMarcus Cousins. Dude wants to win and he is a good teammate.
Big Basco
Big Basco:
Boogie: I came to play with John Wall

Me: two shots for Harden 😂
Jerome Mcdonald
Jerome Mcdonald:
The crazy part is that when they were good enough, he couldn't deliver!!! Maybe he's not good enough🤔
Cousins instantly receive a flagrant 2 after this interview
Code Me
Code Me:
He’s always been like this. He’s never held his tongue and that might come to his detriment sometimes but his brutal honesty has always been there.
Joe Danielson
Joe Danielson:
Man this dude has come such a long way from Sacramento. True professional. The league will humble you
Tyrone Parker
Tyrone Parker:
I feel like a proud father. Boogie has grown up right before our eyes. Good job boogie!
You know it's bad when Boogie is the calm and sensible one
Rocket Boy
Rocket Boy:
Cousins don’t bite his tongue. He said this while James harden was still a rocket lmao
Jeremy Lynn
Jeremy Lynn:
Ref awards Harden 2 free throws after Boogie's interview
Gregory Hayes
Gregory Hayes:
there's a reason harden will stay ringless. He has a loser mentality.