Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil | Official Trailer

Featuring the exclusive first listen to Demi Lovato’s title song to the powerful four-part documentary event, “Dancing With the Devil.”

Premiering March 23, Demi Lovato holds nothing back in this powerful four part documentary series exploring every aspect that led to her nearly fatal overdose in 2018, and her awakenings in the aftermath. Director Michael D. Ratner is granted unprecedented access to the superstar’s personal and musical journey during the most trying time of her life as she unearths her prior traumas and discovers the importance of her physical, emotional, and mental health. Far deeper than an inside look beyond the celebrity surface, this is an intimate portrait of addiction, and the process of healing and empowerment.

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she isnt afraid to be vulnerable and that makes her strong
Candeezy Marie
Candeezy Marie:
I've watched this trailer like ten times. I'm not even the biggest Demi fan, but I'll be here to watch this!
Rhea Roberts
Rhea Roberts:
It's the fact that this is just the trailer and I'm here crying.
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]:
I wish Demi could see what many of us see ; she does know how to light up a room with her talent. Only my opinion but based of the trailer it just feels like alot of energy addicted to pain and suffering. I'm glad Demi feels liberated and empowered sharing her truth but what i'd rather see is Demi giving herself permission to be happy and in control. ❤️

Edit: when i said permission to be happy i know its not a flick switch in the brain. For most of us its a daily practice me included. I've never lost faith in Demi, As for the trailer , the producers are showing us snippets of what they want us to see.........
ansiosa, ja to chorando
Fierce Peter Gaming
Fierce Peter Gaming:
*We are not prepared for this*
The fact that she’s ready to share everything, even at her lowest point... Not because she wants to prove something to people but to attest that these things really do happen, even celebrities fall to different types of addiction, depression and anxiety; and it’s not easy to get back up and act perfect whenever people need her to be. I am so proud that she’s able to choose herself and is able to let go of people that are contributing to her downfall.
Chloe Anne
Chloe Anne:
"I'm always careful" I got chills...
When the devil wants to dance with you, you better say never, cause the dance with the devil might last you forever - Immortal Technique
J T:
Can’t stop watching this trailer, the WHOLE world will owe Demi an apology after this. She was literally fighting for her life and the amount of hate she got/gets is disgusting. This is her time to set the record straight.
Christina Aguilera and Elton John are featured in this. What a legend Demetria.
Cold Corazon
Cold Corazon:
“Just a little red wine I’ll be fine” I definitely broke down
Jessica Jauregui
Jessica Jauregui:
"everytime you suppress a part of yourself it's gonna overflow" that hit hard
Tomáš Jančovič
Tomáš Jančovič:
am I the only one who is watching this over and over again just because the song is so good and you are waiting till she drops it????
Kayla Mc
Kayla Mc:
This trailer made me cry, I can’t believe she almost died, I will be never know what someone else is dealing with behind closed doors.
Shivam Trivedi
Shivam Trivedi:
Been a fan since camp rock and I’ve seen her go through so much but even after her mistakes, she comes out stronger than ever before and so that’s inspiring to me! ❤️
Adriana Villarreal
Adriana Villarreal:
I love how she’s expressing herself and not being afraid to hide it
Tuğrul Gayretli
Tuğrul Gayretli:
We don’t deserve a person like her
soinu foig
soinu foig:
"everytime you suppress a part of yourself it's gonna overflow" that hit hard
Nicole Christine
Nicole Christine:
I can't imagine. I can't even understand, what youth and fame do to someone. Mental health is completely put on the back burner. Even physical health at some points. You are literally breaking in front of everyone, and no one sees a crack. It's scary, and yet it's something a lot of people want. This looks amazing, I can't wait to watch it. I feel a lot of good will come out of it.
we love you always
Victoria Banda
Victoria Banda:
It ain’t fun dancing with the devil. He wrecked me and broke me. But God restored me and renewed me.
gabby king
gabby king:
Anyone who thinks that relapse is just simply failed sobriety is lucky enough to have never had to battle with substance abuse and addiction. Healing isn’t linear, yall.
alex c
alex c:
Demi is literally a walking testimony for God and his love and his purpose for people, who survives 3 strokes and 1 heart attack and lives to tell the the story I can’t think of anyone else tbh
Giacomo Maggi
Giacomo Maggi:
Maybe I’m a little bit paranoid because I feel so protective and caring over her and when in “Simply Complicated” she says that she wasn’t sober in the first documentary I trust her because I remember some frames where her pupils were so huge and I don’t know why I felt the instict to check her eyes at 2:15
Daniel Ally
Daniel Ally:
It’s not worth dancing with the devil!
I'm so glad she's talking about this. Heroin is SO hard to stop and everyone I know who has done it has relapsed several times. I know 3 people that have died from overdoses.
Ricaury Perez
Ricaury Perez:
I will be praying for you Demi. There’s a reason why you’re still here. God has a purpose for you, seek him❤️
Gerardo Ramirez
Gerardo Ramirez:
I’ll be interceding in prayer for you Demi. Spiritual warfare is real and the Devil is out there to steal, kill, and destroy. It’s time to wake up and repent of our sins and turn to God. Jesus loves you all!
Michaela Finn
Michaela Finn:
I need her to release the song in the background
Can't wait!🖤
I didn’t know Demi almost died from her overdose. I’m so glad she survived and I hope she is happy now and still enjoys making music. I mean seeing that phone call a month before her overdose kills me. We all had no clue what Demi was going through
Girl: “hey be careful”
Demi: “ok!”
Me: 😢💔
Amira Cactus
Amira Cactus:
Dancing with the Devil is my new favorite song and it's not even out yet
I'm glad she's finally going to talk about it. Alot of celebrities fall into heroin & hard drugs but they don't talk about it, yet alone even recover from it. I was a heroin addict for 12 years & no one would of known just like everyone didn't with her. I've been sober now for over 5 years, so you can come back from it. I'm just so proud of her! Xoxo 🥰
Nina Gray
Nina Gray:
So proud of your courage!
She’s in a league of her own. Demi is outstanding in every way, not just musically.
Shes still what i used to admire. A strong woman still trying to find herself in the chaotic world.
Dear demi, someday we will find that peace and happiness we all been searching for.
brenda sivilha
brenda sivilha:
Just who passed everything with her and supported her entire carrear knows how brilliant she is
Alina Polevoy
Alina Polevoy:
this should be a story to reveal the Glory of God that she didn’t die. it is sad to see it twisted
Kristina Matić
Kristina Matić:
Andrew Bummygoat
Andrew Bummygoat:
Anyone noticed how one of her friend is one of the cast that’s been with her since sonny with a chance or so random. Matthew the dude who said are we talking about heroine. There friends
Demi & Lovatics Videos
Demi & Lovatics Videos:
5to día desde que salió el trailer: ya lo vi hoy como 15 veces
It is truly heartbreaking that some people in this world never get to fully understand how amazing and essential they are because of the invisible demons and negative voices in their heads. I pray that she’s at a place where she can see how loved she is.
Addiction is like wanting to see someone you love just one more time.
He wants to build a relationship with you no other God is like that and no other God is real Jesus loves you.
Here we go. Demi’s about to make me cry for an hour straight again... I think I’m ready.
Demi deserves so much more than what the world gave her. She deserves to be truly happy!
Silvia Davalos
Silvia Davalos:
Hopefully she surrounds herself with positive people to only make her be better and not go backwards! I don't listen to her but she has an incredible voice. We all have a past.
Maria .A.
Maria .A.:
It's any wonder this girl is still alive. She will never heal until she finds freedom and true healing in Jesus Christ. 🙏❤
Lauren Laurenzo
Lauren Laurenzo:
Omygosh she’s still with him if she believes she had nine lives!! Jesus Christ is her only answer! He loves Demi and died to save her. He can heal her if all her hurts and make her new again! Born again in the spirit. Accept him repent from your sins and thank HIM. for dying for you!
Rosie Torres
Rosie Torres:
This makes me so sad because I thought her battle with addiction was over after her first documentary, honestly she started being one of my favorite female artist because of how honest she is about sharing everything. I really hope she can overcome her addiction this time. she’s such a beautiful and empowering woman, I look up to her and how strong she is😢💖
Janelle Lewis
Janelle Lewis:
Remember when Demi found a card on the ground that said “Are You Ready?” 😢 She is so much stronger now.
Buddha's Lounge
Buddha's Lounge:
Really appreciate you taking about it so openly. Thank you. You are a brave and strong woman 😘 🤗
Devon Stewart
Devon Stewart:
I'm solo glad this is coming out cause I could NEVER figure out why she's done the things she has done. I've always wondered"well, what is going on in her life to want to respond to it this way?". So I pray that she is FINALLY ready to take on the world, cause the didn't give it and the world can't take it away baby!!🤗
Harold A
Harold A:
Demi: Dancing with the devil (DWTD)
Me: Larry Wattpad ._.
Ricky Large
Ricky Large:
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich:
She is still at the wrong side.
Stefanie M
Stefanie M:
The only way to find true peace is through Jesus, the purpose of life is love. You won't find it anywhere else. When we die, it will all make sense but will be too late, Jesus love you
Stephanie Hamilton
Stephanie Hamilton:
I’m so scared she won’t make it. Just like so many other celebrities.
Chicanapunx LA
Chicanapunx LA:
She's by far the most revealing celebrity I've seen that's still on top career wise
Her and Selena Gomez are dramatic as hell. At least be original with the title
omg the music, it´s new...... my ears are blessed
Libby Keef
Libby Keef:
Words can’t express how excited this makes me.
Jerry Scott
Jerry Scott:
The world owes Demi Lovato an apology
I can’t stop watching the trailer, that’s how irresistible it truly is
Anytime you suppress a part of yourself it is going to overflow. So true.
Chad Gossman
Chad Gossman:
As a past drug user myself, when he asked her if she was still sober and she gave him that look, from experience whether she admits it or not, the answer is no. Altho it could have been just how they made the ad for the vid look on commercial.
we love you demi <3
God watch over this woman!! So glad she’s alive and doing better !!
Itz Casey
Itz Casey:
She makes a documentary every time she od’s not trying be mean it’s just something I picked up on
Sage Trebilcock
Sage Trebilcock:
She really kept all this private. I remember when she first left sonny with a chance and they said she had issues and I remember hearing somewhere she jumped on someone’s back and tore their hair out amd for some reason I always pictured that until recently and I got more informed. But it’s crazy how much media makes us think things when in reality we don’t know shit. And tbh we don’t need to know shit unless they want us to. Privacy is important very obviously. We as her fans are to blame. We helped give her this life and you know she appreciates it. But she is the one who did this for herself solely and us wanted to know every aspect about her life is what has pushed her so far. Especially when she was young. Their was other stuff obviously, but wanted to know every detail didn’t help either. It made her hide herself even more and in a sense hiding herself lead to everything and lying to everyone. It’s so sad because me myself I do what to know because she inspires me. But us all as a whole feel we have the right to know everything about people’s lives and it’s their fault cause this is what they wanted. That’s not true.
She may be a singer, but she’s a work of art
I hope she's doing great. I'm not a huge fan of her music, but I admire how transparent she always is about her struggles.
Ethan A.
Ethan A.:
Someone people just aren’t cut out to be famous and she’s one of them.
Matt McQueen
Matt McQueen:
I love this woman so much. Even the trailer made me cry. It’s terrifying to know that I almost lost my idol.
Roman Romanich
Roman Romanich:
She was dancing with the Devil out of control...She was dancing with him like Beyonce.
Ronnie Stewart Jr
Ronnie Stewart Jr:
This trailer ALONE said “Fuck Simply Complicated”
Claudia Nardone
Claudia Nardone:
I'm crying and have goosebumps from everything that is said and is present in this video. Ily bae stay strong pls!! Without u in my life is not the same thing, you literally complete my life.🥺
Crystal J
Crystal J:
God was definitely not done with you 🙏 you're alive for a reason. I prayed that you would make it through 🤍✨ #Godisgood
Carl Langenscheid
Carl Langenscheid:
demi is such a honest queen, thats why shes loved and supported by legends!
ilove foodie
ilove foodie:
I can't wait for this documentary to come out. As someone who is struggling with addiction right now (again) I feel like shit! I was only sober for 5 months and then went back again last month and then I tried to stop and I relapsed again. I just keep going back and I don't know why.
Katie Marie
Katie Marie:
This trailer alone is making me cry
You really never know what someone is going through. Growing up seeing Demi on Disney I wanted to be her. I loved everything about her; her smile, her body,her hair,her face,her voice. I wanted to be best friends with Demi. I felt like I knew everything about her until finding out she was checking into rehab and whatnot few years ago and I was so sad for her. I said you know it's being forced while young to becoming an adult in Hollywood and I so badly wanted to hug her. And then now hearing about this made me feel depressed and I just wish she can understand how strong she really is and how getting over all this, is strength for so many of us and Demi needs to focus on this strength and maintain it though it's harder than you'll ever imagine.But at the end if the day while she has persons looking up to her as role models etc. And our inspiration,we need to understand she's only human. She is a HUMAN! Cut her she bleeds,push her hard and she'll fall down. Its honestly only God that can give is that strength to get over and fight and become so much better than before. I pray she finds herself and never has to go through that again. Demi I pray for you girl and I still and will always love you. You need the biggest bear hug ever. Xoxo Maurissa from Trinidad.
I saw the thumbnail and title and thought: “if dancing with the devil means dancing with Demi lovato, then maybe it’s not as bad as it seems”
Jhoana Campillo
Jhoana Campillo:
So Brittany Spears has a breakdown and has to have a conservatorship but Demi doesn’t? #freebrittany
M Nb
M Nb:
I can't wait, all what she's gone through and still being one of the best singers in our generation talent people talent!
The song just goes with it really well
Mr Discount Sneakerhead
Mr Discount Sneakerhead:
Man she is one of the most talented singers since Whitney Houston. However, I hope she doesn’t follow the similar path that Whitney took. I pray for her.
A normal person
A normal person:
I can’t wait for this to come out.
anjaliefaxx xx
anjaliefaxx xx:
the amount of times i’ve watched this trailer is unreal
Holy shit i knew she almost died but i didnt realize she had strokes and a heart attack
Shae M.
Shae M.:
this scares me so much for her. drugs are taking over her and it makes me so sad. i know addiction is terrible disease, especially with having a huge platform like that, it just makes you want to do it more because of how much pressure you have every single day while also trying to have a some what normal life.
i believe in you demi. you’re a warrior
the love i have for this incredibly strong woman , she is so beyond powerful and like someone else said vulnerable .. she's so real and i just am so glad she's here to tell her story
"One month before overdose" when i tell you i got CHILLS
Jo Alex Sg
Jo Alex Sg:
I hope she finds the inner strength to cope with this, may she be protected from this darkness.
Cameron Kaminski
Cameron Kaminski:
We almost fucking lost her... Strokes, a heart attack... Dancing With The Devil
munna mass
munna mass:
This is going to be it for me. This will help me live another day. This.
Marie Benton
Marie Benton:
She summed my life right now with this trailer . It’s so easy to make everyone think that you’re ok while you’re hurting on the inside . But you have it fixated in your mind that no one will give af if you choose to leave or be absent from your body..until it’s too late . Except she actually has people that truly care .
Anita Nikolova
Anita Nikolova:
I really hope that we are not gonna watch part 2 of this after 2, or 5, or 10 years. I hope she's gonna be stronger.
I so feel for this girl. I hope she is finally getting herself together.