Demi Moore Looks Completely Unrecognizable With Her New Look

Demi Moore shocked fans with her drastic appearance when she strutted down the runway in a Fendi fashion show for Paris fashion week in January 2021, sparking plastic surgery rumors. The 58-year-old actress appeared to have stark lines across her cheeks as she walked — and users on social media seemed to be more focused on how different she looked than what she wore or how she walked.

Moore's face became so unrecognizable that some people weren't even sure if it was her on the runway — and reactions from fans on Twitter were harsh. One user commented,

"I wouldn't have thought that was Demi Moore without the headline. Is that all bad fillers?"

Another wrote,

"Nothing against having work done. But don't do whatever Demi Moore has done."

According to The Blast, people were most fixated on Moore's protruding cheeks and noticeably fuller lips. One plastic surgeon told the outlet that he suspected Moore might have had injections put in her face, saying,

"Demi's injector has certainly gone overboard with fillers in the cheeks, lips, and mandible."

He also speculated that Moore might have had a facelift, but the fillers were more overpowering. The source noted, however, that her face and neck skin looked smoother, likely due to, quote, "a combination of Micro-Botox and radiofrequency."

While Moore's appearance at the Fendi fashion show might have caused people to believe she had massive work done, it most likely wasn't the first time she had gone under the knife. Life & Style outlined Moore's transformation from her days as a young actress into her mid-fifties in 2018 and noted that she probably had plastic surgery to maintain her youthfulness.

Staying youthful has been a goal of Moore's throughout the years. The star famously revealed to David Letterman in 2008 that she at one point relied on blood-sucking leeches to maintain her natural glow. She explained,

"I feel like I've always been someone looking for the cutting edge of things that are optimizing your health and healing. I was in Austria doing a cleanse and part of the treatment was leech therapy."

Besides leech therapy, Moore is also a fan of non-surgical procedures. She tried a Thermage , a skin-tightening treatment that uses radio waves, in 2013. She reportedly liked the treatment so much that she turned to it regularly, according to Stylecaster.

Moore is a big advocate for good skin care in general. She told Harper's Bazaar,

"My mother always drilled in me no matter what that you should wash, cleanse and moisturize your skin."

She also credited a rose quartz sculpting tool for giving her a more touted look, saying,

"When you're over 50, when you feel like your skin is hitting the floor, this is an incredible uplift."

"That and smiling. Smiling is the best free anti-aging secret available."

Besides undergoing regular treatments, Moore believes that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is equally important in keeping herself young. She spoke about her philosophy towards aging at Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop panel in March 2019. She said,

"I think my biggest thing is really that less is more, as it's much easier to keep a routine going if we keep it simple, so it's doable. Look, I don't have any super big secret. But I definitely think beauty starts on the inside. [...] If the inside isn't looking or feeling good, then I don't know if anything you do on the outside is going to be good enough."

Moore admitted that she's learned to accept the fact that she's getting older.

"I have one tiny grey in each do I… they're so annoying."

She went on to say,

"I have skin going in a direction that I would prefer it not go. But I think my big mantra for this year is about acceptance. [...] I do believe that when we hold upset, anger, hurt, pain or bitterness, it ages us and we wear it. That isn't to say we are always going to feel happy. But it's important not to hold on to things."

It seems like Moore is following her own advice, considering she hasn't responded to comments about her Fendi appearance. And judging from her Instagram post after the show, it seems like her runway appearance might have been much ado about nothing.

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Nicki Swift
Nicki Swift:
What do you think about Demi Moore's look?
Noella Rash
Noella Rash:
So much for “Aging Gracefully” This is creepy
Gwen Lusane
Gwen Lusane:
She needs to sue her plastic surgeon...
Alecandre Rankins-lee
Alecandre Rankins-lee:
Lol I'm definitely not taking her tips.
Lori Hill
Lori Hill:
I thought it was Courtney Cox, lol
Yves LaRue
Yves LaRue:
Now she looks more like Caitlyn Jenner than Demi.
No Thanks
No Thanks:
This is what happens when your validated for your looks your whole life.
0:55 At first, I thought she looked like Caitlyn Jenner.
Yvette Torres
Yvette Torres:
It's her face, her life agreed. But seriously, she looks like a whole new person.
Lynne Benson
Lynne Benson:
I'm embarrassed for her.
J Texas
J Texas:
It’s as if Caitlyn Jenner and Courtney Cox had a baby 😖
Maureen Xu
Maureen Xu:
She was stunningly beautiful when she's young, a kind of beautiful which made her so different from other female movie stars.
She’s also pushing REALLY HARD with her Gua Sha tool, that is not correct pressure- she’s going to lose more elasticity at that rate aaaaaaaaaaa
Lucy Ann
Lucy Ann:
She was pushing that quartz so hard against her face my goodness!
Joyce Dominguez
Joyce Dominguez:
I'm 60 years old and I say embrace who you are. Wrinkles and all.
She was actually aging pretty gracefully !!! Whatever she did to her face, she should’ve skipped it! She was so beautiful before. Why can’t people go to therapy instead to the plastic surgeon 😭
That is a whole clone😏
Pinkie Mitchell
Pinkie Mitchell:
She must think she is the age of her daughters
"acceptance" accepting how much it costs to inject filler in your face and how silly it looks XD
Josette Koller
Josette Koller:
She really ruined herself just like Burt Reynolds, Sly Stallone and Kenny Rogers. Even her nose is different. She is pretty but she no longer is Demi Moore.
Jon Conkey
Jon Conkey:
The doctors charged her for this disaster, madness is the call of the day.
Wanda Greene
Wanda Greene:
Latest version of that: CAT LADY!
Veronica C.
Veronica C.:
1: she's sucking in her cheeks or
2: she had too much fat removed from her cheeks or
3: she had too much filler from cheek to mouth or
4: she's had a combination of some or all of the above.
J. R.
J. R.:
This is what happens when you have the money to buy any and everything - including buying into someone else's science project. SAD!!!
She looks older actually from a 63 yr young aging graceful with face:essential oils, water, balanced eating the sugar, exercise, prayer, worship, laughter, gardening and rest.
The Wiz
The Wiz:
"Get to the chopper"
- Dutch
Beth Knight
Beth Knight:
It looks like she’s lost her teeth on the sides
M & M
M & M:
her way too long black hair makes her look way older and also parted in the middle makes her look sad : (
Erika L Garcia
Erika L Garcia:
Her make up artist forgot to blend!
Tracy Frederick
Tracy Frederick:
A lot of it was contour. That's what the stark lines across her face. She's definitely had some work done though. I don't have a problem with getting a little nip tuck. Just don't go crazy.
Seish's Mom
Seish's Mom:
It looks like the Dr. filled her cheeks to low with fillers.......leaving her nose distorted and lips too small and distorted whoever did it should be worried.
Taz Khan
Taz Khan:
This is how to get your ex's attention...
And validate his decision to move on.
paul gutierrez
paul gutierrez:
She looks like Caitlyn J.'s sister now.
Casper the friendly Ghost
Casper the friendly Ghost:
hahaha years ago I use to be attracted to Demi on the big screen then I met my wife, boy I'm glad I never met and had a chance with Demi my wife is aging a whole lot better than her, in fact she's older than me and aging better than me LOL
Sharon Hammond
Sharon Hammond:
Harpo wtf is dat masked woman?? I was just asking for my 🐕dusty, shit his ass done ran away... Yikes 🤦‍♀️
No Thanks
No Thanks:
Suprised?...nope they all over do it.
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson:
I thought that was Monica from Friends 😂😂🤣💀
Ellena Montana
Ellena Montana:
Omg she was perfect wtf now she looks like a ventriloquist doll. What a disappointment.
Teresa Stone
Teresa Stone:
She didn’t look that bad. If she didn’t do anything ,everyone would attack her as well. You can never win💔
Alice Brown
Alice Brown:
If thats improving your looks, well, ware a permanent mask lass.
Linda Liffers
Linda Liffers:
I see a lot of harsh over contouring, which is probably a theme or look the designer wanted for the show. Either way, it's her face, leave her alone.
Lorena A
Lorena A:
I believe cloning is a thing these days. All of them actors look so weird. They don't look or sound the same. Lindsay Lohan,Britney Spears,Amanda Bynes... and don't tell me that bullshit that is called drugs and aging. This thing is on another level.
michael arabi
michael arabi:
She was naturally beautiful, now she is a skeleton. Eat something and get well.
lee K
lee K:
She accepted the fact about being older??? Being happy is on the inside??

What the actually f*ck??
Everything she does tells she is not happy and accepting she is getting old.

This is just ridiculous
Nancy Wigg
Nancy Wigg:
She was great in the movie "Blind" She is still a great actress..
Spike Ackley
Spike Ackley:
Thats not Demi, she was executed last year !!!
Flutterfly Flowers Ltd
Flutterfly Flowers Ltd:
Grow Old Gracefully with Honest words as lipstick, Humbleness as blusher , Gratitude as mascara & Joyfulness as purfume. 😊
See how rough she was using that stone on her face?? !!!!!
Alexei M S Cruz
Alexei M S Cruz:
she now looks more like Caitlyn Jenner than the Demi Moore I know especially since Ghost is now showing in Netflix... she was so fresh looking then with that boyish coif...
Maxine Freeman
Maxine Freeman:
She looks better than most of Hollywood celebrities that have gone under the knife. She doesn't have chipmunk cheeks like many of them have.
Toma Hawk
Toma Hawk:
Yes , Demi Moore does looks like a mature Courtney Cox! May Good God protects & blessed Demi Moore ... She deserves a Calm , Safe & Happy Life! 🕯🌷🕊
Sharon Davis
Sharon Davis:
No Girl! Not for you! You are beautiful without that!
Virginia Conway
Virginia Conway:
Her eyes are so different, does not remind me of Demi.
The Ashton Kutcher says:
Shawn Ross
Shawn Ross:
Ruth Ann Castillo
Ruth Ann Castillo:
The fish look.
Kathleen Veronesi
Kathleen Veronesi:
hehe, I thought Demi was Megan!!!
Tanmay Tripathi
Tanmay Tripathi:
That's dudley Moore phoebe
I wish I could look that good
It's All About The Chil'ern
It's All About The Chil'ern:
To Me: Do not follow in footsteps of fools like this.
Me:: No problem.
Vincenzo Gemma
Vincenzo Gemma:
This Hollywood puppets are so focused to stretch their faces, that don’t care to aged with dignity, beauty surgeons are so lucky to make millions with there’s stupidity. I can’t remember a movie with her in the last 10-15 years only paparazzi shots or gossip
Andy Chavez
Andy Chavez:
Yikes! It's unrealistic to think that At 50 + you're going to look like you were 20.
Audrey Beirnes
Audrey Beirnes:
Uh. When Demi get this “ work “ done ? During Covid ? How was she social distancing let alone masking up ? What about the cosmetic surgeon ? The rich can do anything , anytime . Case in point !
x SpinDrift
x SpinDrift:
Always sad to see people who are naturaly good looking, ruin themselves, ego!
A King
A King:
Demi looks like a brunette Caitlyn Jenner...
Marlene Lee
Marlene Lee:
I just came from watching Jamie Lee Curtis video on self-acceptance to this about Demi Moore trying to stay young. What a contrast!
Rebekah O' Malley
Rebekah O' Malley:
Oh for God's sake. She doesnt look creepy, this IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GROW OLD. Her looks are changing but IMHO she should have grown old naturally and tell the public and the camera to GO screw themselves. SHE LOOKS GREAT!
Rotten Pocket
Rotten Pocket:
"Don't do whatever Demi Moore has done." ... You mean AGE?
Rosemary L'estrange
Rosemary L'estrange:
Stars are so full of 💩 their youthfulness is all diet and plenty of water😜 do they think we're blind😎
T Huneeby
T Huneeby:
Funny to hear you say she was talking about living healthy since I’ve read numerous times over the years that she’s a chain smoker.
Susana Salinas
Susana Salinas:
So sad ,The sin called vanity
Tammy Williams
Tammy Williams:
Demi your Beautiful Inside and Outside you go Girl Love You ❤
She's 58 years old. I think She looks great! The people judging her seem jealous.
Marilyn Fink
Marilyn Fink:
She needs a "LOVE INJECTION Filler?????
Paula Leonard
Paula Leonard:
And when everyone gets to be hers and my age let's talk then
Linda J Morris
Linda J Morris:
Why would anyone want that look
Randee Phantom
Randee Phantom:
Was NEVER pretty! So plain lookin. No defining features. Manly lookin n sounding.
Grow old gracefully. I am sick and tired of seeing fake people!
John Phillips
John Phillips:
At some point, even with the money Moore has in the bank, you can't fight gravity. Get rid of the mirrors and give the money you spend on "treatments" to charity.
Jazz Jacks
Jazz Jacks:
Demon Demi looking more and more like Demon Abramovic every day.
Marry Berkouwer
Marry Berkouwer:
I think it is NOT beautifull, now I know why Hollywood wants the stars from the U.K. they look normal natural and don't look like .........
Andrea Woodson
Andrea Woodson:
Her outfit was amazing
Tim Slim
Tim Slim:
She still old inside that body all dryed up
Reminds me of the movie Malifecent the cheekbones very defined
Curiosity Redpill
Curiosity Redpill:
What if she pulling a weekend 😅
Natalie Rubio
Natalie Rubio:
I thought it said demi lavato LMAO
ThisisSarah 81585
ThisisSarah 81585:
I hope it’s just makeup. YIKES
Ella Faller
Ella Faller:
😭😭😭😭😭Demi Moore my idol please comeback😭😭😭😭😭
jojo jojo
jojo jojo:
Staying young is must be stressful thing
Paula D.G.
Paula D.G.:
Such a bunch of bs
Anna Andersen
Anna Andersen:
That wasn’t Demi. It was a clone.
leslie watts
leslie watts:
Come on folks. She's had all her rear molars removed.
Ray Delavega
Ray Delavega:
Shall The Thing That Is Made By The " MAKER " Say, What Are You Doing? You Can't Do A Make Over On Dust. " Natural Women Are The Most Beautiful. "
Tessah Murata
Tessah Murata:
Ok lng poyn dahil artista xa dapat palagi xang maganda Demi Moore the beauty of shadow of Ghost the most pretty in d universe
Lars Rapunzel
Lars Rapunzel:
She needs a hair cut
Know how to love yourself
Ash Fuller
Ash Fuller:
Demi hasn't been relevant in 20 years
Judy Ames
Judy Ames:
That’s not her. She’s been done away with for her crimes against humanity. That’s just a look like it’s running around keeping the status quo for the time being.
Marie Falen
Marie Falen:
I dont Belice at all trata More!
I don’t care what the works she may gone thru but that’s not her !
This is what happens when you make decisions while drunk or drugged. She should have spent the money on therapists instead. She would end up looking better too. Anyways, not a big deal, she can go back. She's not deformed or anything it's fixable.