DENIS SHAPOVALOV: 2019 ATP Highlight Reel

Another year of sensational Shapo shots... and a first ATP title too! Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament:

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52 comentarios:

marc schuurman
marc schuurman:
I thought this would just be a 15 minute rap video
Pim Hom
Pim Hom:
When he gets more consistent he will get a slam no problem
CH habsfan
CH habsfan:
Youzhny has really helped his game, Denis stats W/L for 2019: 17-18 at beginning of year and after 21-10 with Youzhny! 👍🏼
Julia Suarez
Julia Suarez:
9:49 Popyrin looks offended by that half volley pick-up 😂
Alex K.
Alex K.:
Dude has improved so much in 2019. Potential Slam finalist.
Nathan Roman
Nathan Roman:
The way that Shapo and Thiem can hit open stance running backhand passes with one-handed backhands.......never ceases to put my jaw on the floor.
lange darm
lange darm:
0:42 playing better backhands than warwrinka against wawrinka XD
Lucas Gajardo
Lucas Gajardo:
Love his jumping backhand
Harrison Vickery
Harrison Vickery:
This guy is unbelievable
GOAT of jumping one handed backhand
Juan Carlos Portilla
Juan Carlos Portilla:
9:42 the look on Alex just means it was too good

Claudio Jenkins
Claudio Jenkins:
This is why Shapo is my favorite player! :)
Derek O'Connor
Derek O'Connor:
3:34 oh was that a little bit of... ELEVATION SENSATION?!
Harrison Vickery
Harrison Vickery:
Love him
Astonishing talent; hope he puts it all together. Wonderful to watch him do the impossible.
Playz Games
Playz Games:
Can you please do an Alex De Minaur 2019 atp highlight reel
Matías Gabriel AVELLA
Matías Gabriel AVELLA:
Diego schwartzman
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
That scissor jump one-handed backhand is a thing of beauty.
pandacorngirl123 yo
pandacorngirl123 yo:
He will be the next Federer
Pavel Rozov
Pavel Rozov:
Youzhny's done a great job!!
Shapo could be the next federer type if he keeps improving like that!
Gerd Müller
Gerd Müller:
Thank you very much, ATP, for this wonderful compilation of Denis Shapovalovs hot-shots of the 2019 season! - It really is so much fun to watch this young man play! :-)
John Dunlap
John Dunlap:
My favorite player to watch on tour.
Amazing skills👏
An amazing player
Jan Merc
Jan Merc:
Shapavalov has a great back hand 🤚and forehand, quite a lethal combination 💥 ! I think the best ! It is a power packed backhand and forehand that gets the job done ✅! He is a joy to watch in motion ! Him and his mate Auger Alessime ! Two great Canadian players !
Love shapooo
Hugo Ritz
Hugo Ritz:
The next number 1
Thibault dorval
Thibault dorval:
Olivier Max
Olivier Max:
inconsistant ...unreactiv when loosing
Martin Lopaaz
Martin Lopaaz:
Good video my bro
Single hand lefty + wearing cap back to front + mysterious name= cool
Renato Sanches
Renato Sanches:
*Can someone please share and account with me?? Im trusting i just really want to watch repetitions of the matches as live time of course*
Anna Laura
Anna Laura:
Shapo 😍
Francesco Marotta
Francesco Marotta:
Lukijan Bugarski
Lukijan Bugarski:
Massive talent
next year top 10
Esperanza Menbreno
Esperanza Menbreno:
Just came here to watch tennis in slow motion
Daniel Blankman
Daniel Blankman:
Is a good video
His playstyle is so phenomenal.A lot of kids are going to try to play like him.Mark my words!
I feel like KING SHAPOVARILOV would be good at FORTNITE...
Perimeter Scan 07
Perimeter Scan 07:
“Shapalolov” lol
Stephen Martin
Stephen Martin:
Suggested amendment to the rule book, opening line: "Tennis is a game played with one hand on the racket ... "
jemmy gho
jemmy gho:
Great backhand. Like his style. Next gen.
Olivier Max
Olivier Max:
go to bed!
Romain Ready
Romain Ready:
Those jumping bh I mean wtf
Will Bernard
Will Bernard:
Does anyone know his grip for his forehand ? Semi-western or western ?
In terms off physical talent shapovalov has what it takes to be a great, but does he have the mental ability ?will it will show within the next couple of years.
Meruem L
Meruem L:
Wawrinka is such a good guy
Luke Killemall
Luke Killemall:
He's got it all but consistency... He's fast, got firepower, serve, defense, he seems to be doing somewhat well under pressure, but is kinda like wawrinka, only exists on three tournaments in a year. xd
Best Backhand on the tour, offset by Worst Fashion Sense.
Nicolas Föhn
Nicolas Föhn:
He is basically left handed Federer
The Great One
The Great One:
Wow, amazing shots! lol, dude is terrible and had a shitty year in general. One mickey mouse title and fluked his way to a Paris final.