Denis Shapovalov: "It's a tough moment. I had a good chance to win it!" | US Open 2020

Denis Shapovalov’s press conference following his quarterfinal defeat to Pablo Carreno Busta at the US Open 2020.

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52 comentarios:

Future Grand Slam champion for sure, great to see a young guy using a one handed backhand, brilliant player.
L Milne
L Milne:
Fair play to him. Least he ain’t like zverev or coric scared to attack. That game was a painful watch.
Shapo is brilliant to watch all out aggression and attack. Just tiredness let him down.
Andre D.
Andre D.:
He's disappointed, but still gorgeous.
You can see the sadness in his mannerisms and eyes from being destroyed in the fifth.
Despite that, he’s very positive overall.
I really wished he made the semis.
First time watching Shapo. Wow -- some amazing play from him in this game!

Shapo seemed to have quite a few ups and downs from game to game as the momentum shifted. In this game, there were too many unforced errors that looked like nerves in the second and third set. Second serve could also use some improvement, both to eliminate the double faults in high stress points and also just to improve the win %.

Overall super impressed by Shapo's weapons and aggressive net play. Serves like a cannon, but unlike many of the other players on the tour with big serves has a complete game to back that serve up.

If he can work on his mental game and maintain a more even keel during the pivotal moments of of big matches, he will be in contention with the Big 3 for slams soon.

Look forward to following more Shapo in future!
He's hot. Love his smile too. And so well spoken. He should definitely be proud of himself made it to his first quarterfinal. He's a fighter. He will definitely win slams
I was rooting for Busta to win. However I do think Shapavalov is a better player. He just doesn’t have the mentality yet. Therefore he loses matches on poor shot selection and nerves. Once he gets mentally there watch out.
Marco Anderson
Marco Anderson:
He says "he looked dead in the 4th" Busta saved his energy and came back hard in the final set.... Fan of both players wished they met in semi finals
I think this guy is the next superstar. Not zverev
the awakened
the awakened:
Awesome bloke. Future champ
This year's US open made me Shapo fan. I'll be watching him from now on along with my other favorites.
Qasim Arshad
Qasim Arshad:
This QF was waaaay better than Coric Zverev
John Law
John Law:
Dennis has the right attitude..."keep POSITIVE" - "live, learn and move on"
Kiran H
Kiran H:
"There is...there is definitely a lot of positives that I don't see right now" 😂. Talk about attitude...
Param Gandhi
Param Gandhi:
shapavalov:- it's going to be interesting now
proceeds to home in the next round
Suhail Kt cpy
Suhail Kt cpy:
He is a winner in oure hert
Phenomenal player. Simply brilliant if not yet 💯 consistent. His time will come.
Tom R
Tom R:
Love the way this guy plays, and speaks
Aaron Hinchman
Aaron Hinchman:
Was extremely impressed with Shapo’s volleys. Didn’t always strike the most effective approach shots, which led to makeable passes by Busta, but Shapo still committed 100% to those volleys and made some incredibly difficult stretch and low volleys. Really graceful at the net for his age
Great tourney Shapo!!! Been a fan since your futures/challenger days, this has been a great tourney despite this end - how much you've grown, and the grit shown in your Fritz and Goffin matches. Can't wait to see you in the future
S M:
Shapovalov played well but too many unforced errors brought him down
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson:
The last man sounds like a robot, from the reporter!
Ken Truitt
Ken Truitt:
Shapo matches are always a treat for the viewers, very dynamic and fast paced. Some of those points went several strokes longer than I thought was possible, great battles. But ... to win it all ... you have to be smart and careful. Also looked like maybe his one hander is vulnerable to breaking down if the other player attacks it consistently.
Sylvia Delpieve Gobbi
Sylvia Delpieve Gobbi:
You made Canada proud! Well done!
At this point in his career I think he has gone far with his mother as coach but it's time to learn somthing new from a new coach.
Kathryn Herman
Kathryn Herman:
Great game and excellent advancement to this point. Love watching you and know you are a grand slam champ one day soon :0
You put up a great fight sharpo , i am proud of you young man.
Birdie Curry
Birdie Curry:
So close. My daughter met you once in Rome at an eating establishment. She said you were very nice and such a gentleman. She plays tennis at her college TLU in Texas. Meeting you was a great experience for her. Even though you did not come out on top, you had a great tournament. You should be proud especially that you are such a nice person.
Allan Yang
Allan Yang:
Nice pikachu!? Lol
F M:
He is gorgeous just like Mrs. Shap
V D:
Busta is a clever dude... That backache he had in the 4th set all of a sudden disappeared in the 5th set... He wanted to break Shapavolov's momentum...
he looks opposite of Tsitsipas
Mike Whitehead
Mike Whitehead:
wins more games in the match (27-23) yet loses - cruel loss
Watching a fellow southpaw like Dennis is such a delight! You can make it the next slam...
#Hesch tag
#Hesch tag:
CB was just a bit more solid. Pity because DS's game is so much more exciting to watch but credit where credit is due.
Muhammad Siddiqui
Muhammad Siddiqui:
This guy is the next big thing in tennis
Shapovalov actually won more points PCB. He had 160 PCB had 152
l An
l An:
He's still bb Shapo. I do hope he is confident with the way he started playing in the first set. He just needs to stay the same way throughout the match. So many unforced errors in the last set. He came so close!
jerry Wald
jerry Wald:
You did a GREAT JOB Denis
Andrew W
Andrew W:
Lovely temperament
stephanie a.
stephanie a.:
what’s he so fine for 😳😳😳
Hyram Samuels
Hyram Samuels:
Look I won't deny his fabulous game, but everytime I see him I think of THAT questionable rap 😂
Julian Rebell
Julian Rebell:
Ficar berrando em momentos inoportunos foi uma tentativa suja que não combina com esse esporte. O garoto ainda tem muito o que aprender para ganhar um Grand Slam.
Marco Vela
Marco Vela:
Tui Donga
Tui Donga:
At least he didn't whack the ball at the ump again. Give 'im some credit.
IW Nunn
IW Nunn:
Pretty sure this will be thiems first gs title.
Frank G.
Frank G.:
He shouldn't have played doubles, it cost him dearly. He said himself he was tired on the fifth set.
Marc C
Marc C:
Carreno Busta is a typical modern player. Nothing particularly unique but very effective. Shapo on the other hand is special.
Anitha Augustin
Anitha Augustin:
He was lookin like RAFA!!😘😍👍
feel bad for him, the semi final will be boring without player like him.
Oz A
Oz A:
I could not teach this guy not to jump on the backhand - man step down you are losing balance , power from the ground and it is taking too much more energy from you. Be disciplined! If you want to play to be fancy do that more, if you want to win , do what i told.
Marleen Fawcett
Marleen Fawcett:
I just love watching him play, never boring always entertaining. He is a ,hard working young guy who just keeps on improving. He is gonna do some major winning in time. Just 21 ,he really plays with heart and even doubles. His future looks bright, my favorite tennis player!