Denver Nuggets vs Atlanta Hawks Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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One Snap And Gone
One Snap And Gone:
The thumbnail😭
Jokic clamped and no one talks about it because it’s Capela but if it was gobert everyone would be on his efiel tower
John Macpherson
John Macpherson:
BolBol 100% shooting, give the man more minutes!
Nicolas Alejandro Pitarch
Nicolas Alejandro Pitarch:
more minutes to campazzo
Iman B
Iman B:
the thumbnail funny af
Trae went crazy
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas:
Atlanta is one of the best pick and roll team this season
Joel Balde
Joel Balde:
Capela #1 in rebound
Sir Kay
Sir Kay:
The stattpadding and "high IQ" like his Stans claim he has somehow never helps, smh. He slows down the offense, he has like 3 motion lethargic shots. If it wasn't for his height that makes him unguardable with those telegraphed high-arc shots, he wouldn't have any business being in the NBA. What makes me sick the most is his fans. The day they win, ohh! he's the best thing since sliced bread and noone else exist on the team, but, soon as they lose, they'd blaim every everybody on the team but him, same thing with his ilk inn Dallas.
7 Doors
7 Doors:
Atlanta defended the pick’n’roll quite well
Kral Baba
Kral Baba:
Nugget literally got a Kd (Bol Bol) sitting on their bench and they don’t even use him 🤦‍♂️
Franck Moukoko
Franck Moukoko:
Capela and Trae
Good connexion
Diether Santos
Diether Santos:
That thumbnail 🤣🤣🤣
Branko Kockica
Branko Kockica:
Finally Malone is trying to change something, to experiment a bit. I guess that is what regular season is all about. I dont think Nuggets will see playoffs this season...
Ifebunandu Nicholas
Ifebunandu Nicholas:
06:30....Trae don't do him like that man🤦
Trae will be a offensive juggernaut for years. Him and Harden IQ is elite.
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald:
Trae young called trae time
Foxn sportvn
Foxn sportvn:
Hawks offensive highlights be all bout Trae 😂
ColaKO Riginal
ColaKO Riginal:
Pillaron los nuggets
Chi Hin Leung
Chi Hin Leung:
Trae Yeung >> Murray
Jokic with the school threat tendencies
glad to see bol bol on the court
Joker needs some rest
Neal Capoy
Neal Capoy:
Lol? Mpj was hot coming out of the 1st qrt, wtf happened? Seems like he dint even touch the ball the rest of the game
Bojkec Bojkec
Bojkec Bojkec:
This is not basketball any more. I can shoot all the time without any action
Jeff The Ripper
Jeff The Ripper:
Don't know why they back in joker in the last minutes even they are already lose. Denver coaching staffs are not on their game tonight.
brain s
brain s:
Malone SUCKS, mpj is going to destroy us when he leaves for Atlanta.
Calmload R
Calmload R:
5:55 travel
Miljan Stanojević
Miljan Stanojević:
Sorry...but MPJ is killing Nuggets from inside, who ever he is and how good he will be this is not good. Nuggets my face it that some players can not fit in and thats it.