Denver Nuggets vs Boston Celtics Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Conor Reddington
Conor Reddington:
Jokic is the strangest superstar but I love it
Denver Nuggets without Nikola Jokic are the Never Nuggets
Ánima Indómita
Ánima Indómita:
Let’s go campazzo!!!
Jokic is everyone's dad, and the court is just his driveway.
Nemanja PFC
Nemanja PFC:
Nikola Jokic MVP MVP MVP
Number 1 Jokic MVP 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸
Jokic was by far the best player on the court, but had very little help. I guess the Nuggets were just missing to many players in this one...
Joker is the man, he isn’t even all that slow anymore. His stats would be even more ridulous if he didn’t lay off and let his teammates get the numbers when Nuggets are winning and he isn’t needed.
Lil Wisp
Lil Wisp:
0 points in 24 mins for mpj and not a single minute for bol bol. Wtf is going on.
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum:
The Celtics bench really stepping up, love to see it 💯
Denver has to be the most overrated team in the league if you take Jokic out it is literally a G league team
Ariel Jara
Ariel Jara:
Its safe to say Celtics were in trouble if they lost tonight.
Caique Hideo
Caique Hideo:
Jokic 43 pts, still lost 🤦🏻‍♂️
Not Steve
Not Steve:
Finally, a worthy win
Mochamad Nizar
Mochamad Nizar:
6:52 double shaqtin a fool lol
Charles Martel
Charles Martel:
There is only C in the league which can actually touch Jokic, and its Embiid.
Jaleal Drayton
Jaleal Drayton:
JB is all-star
Gadjiglo Znone
Gadjiglo Znone:
Imagine Denver letting Beasley and Grant to leave the team... Imagine that.
G G:
Jokic MVP!!!
cgss Odiongan
cgss Odiongan:
if the Celtics is eliminating iso offfense good things happen
Zarko Zimonjic
Zarko Zimonjic:
Jokic doing all the work for Nuggets
JB on All-NBA team
Ета Що
Ета Що:
6:19 whats this, all judge blind.
MG Reports
MG Reports:
Jokic is on fire 💪
Celtics finally woke up from a week long sleep and stevens is finally playing Nesmith
Jokic MVP 🔥🔥🔥
Sergio Iglesias
Sergio Iglesias:
Denver no defiende..solo Facu corre. Los demás miran...XD
Time lord had a lots of easy basket. Should play him more time.
Lonelle Sanchez
Lonelle Sanchez:
Congrats to the Boston Celtics keep on winning ♥️♥️♥️😊
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma:
Jeff The Ripper
Jeff The Ripper:
6:51 2k21 bug 😂
Davod Hashimi
Davod Hashimi:
Yesssirr we finally won after 2 loss in a row and this helped warriors also to be 7 seed nuggets deserve the 8 seed and warriors 7
PriinceBrvce - Jayson Tatum Is My Son
PriinceBrvce - Jayson Tatum Is My Son:
I’m just seeing games as they go. I know we aren’t doing any damage in the playoffs (If we even make it there)
pp nesmith have splash bros potential
Plata o Plomo
Plata o Plomo:
Campazzo is so underrated
Ilham naxmamiz
Ilham naxmamiz:
Campazzo being elit playmaker rn
Pachinkò Bohl
Pachinkò Bohl:
sanghyun nam
sanghyun nam:
I miss mason...
God, Nugget's defense just makes me mad
Jonathan Abin
Jonathan Abin:
Aaron Adade
Aaron Adade:
Let's go CELTICS!!!! Danny Ainge still better make some moves though
gabriel marques
gabriel marques:
Fez o mais difícil,ganhou do Lakers pra perder pro Celtics
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro:
Babysitting manage
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro:
Marcus KG
Marcus KG:
Ojeleye significantly improved in this season, man he’s solid.
Celtics lose to pistons/wizards and win vs nuggets, wtf...
Yohance Asuelo
Yohance Asuelo:
Brown a BUCKET
Dennis Scrotum
Dennis Scrotum:
Brown and Tatum a bucket 👀💯
piero niccolai
piero niccolai:
Let's - Go - Cel - tics *bum bum dududum*
Cobra Kai
Cobra Kai:
So they just not gonna Play Bol?
Lonelle Sanchez
Lonelle Sanchez:
also a Great Win.. Go Boston Celtics♥️😊
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro:
Stick accident
I feel like Kemba is way overpaid. He's paid as much as Kyrie irving, while producing as much as a lou William's or derrick rose
Henry Gan
Henry Gan:
What happen to Murray, last season playoffs play like superstar man
I think the Nuggets' plan is to place low on purpose so they can take out the Jazz, Lakers, or Clippers right away in the first round. That would be the best way to humiliate a team, besides coming back on them from 3-1
Matt Rennie
Matt Rennie:
Where were the rest of the nuggets?
Vigo Etshitshi
Vigo Etshitshi:
7:39 how is that a two?
pablosa delmundo
pablosa delmundo:
Jokic is a heavier Nowitzki.
Jokic really become an unique center.... Not too love shooting three, not too fond of holding the ball, yet he has the strong mentality to win. You can saw him engage whole system by running the cut.
TejaY TJ
TejaY TJ:
Nuggets rosters
Sometimes Murray
Jokic is doing everything but others have to step up. Murray is good, but he has to reduce turnovers. They left Grant go, that is a costly trade for the whole season...
If Jokic can string together a group of games this efficient, he will be at 60-40-90 to go along with his ridiculous rebounds and assists. It probably won’t happen, but that it is even within reach is ridiculous. Before tonight he was at 56.4%, 38.1%, 85.8%
Pablo Maggi
Pablo Maggi:
Like always Jokic es the best Nugget by far. Campazzo good game for be the first time as a starter (just 1 TO, 2 steals and 1 block) but he need to improve. Murray, not playing the way he must, some points, 3 steals but 9 TO) the rest of the team awful, Porter Jr the worsth. They need a good big that help on defense too, that is the only area where jokic is not too good. And of course pary for Jokic be healty or they gonna lose every single game
Trevor Rogert
Trevor Rogert:
How can Denver compete for a title if they can't even beat the Celtics?
I don't believe it. Against the Piston and Wizard , two worst teams , celtics lose. While facing denver, the best team in west, the celtics win:))
co co
co co:
nuggets should trade someone
slar 2017
slar 2017:
what happened to Murray. looks mediocre nowadays. His pick n roll with Jokic reduced drastically
Steph-ON Curry
Steph-ON Curry:
Denver Nuggets

Michael Porter Jr.
0 pts
0-8 FG

JaMychal Green
2 pts
1-7 FG
Nuggets are not the strongest when Jokic is a primary scorer. yes, he can assert himself most of the time but those time should be picked more carefully. it's his ability to pass that makes him special and nuggets as a team lethal. when all players are moving, then everybody is dangerous and you don't where they're gonna hit you from.. I don't care he scores 40 or 50.. they're good enough to win this game
Alex Mutura
Alex Mutura:
great game
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic:
MPJ and Paul Millsap are the future of Denver. These are nice people, they can't give points, but that's why they play 40 games in a season, the rest are injured and sick. They only give points to bad teams and about 8 points left. , they go to the Chinese league
Sir Kay
Sir Kay:
Jokic got schooled by kids, all the statpadding didn't help. smh.