Denver Nuggets vs Sacramento Kings - Full Game Highlights | February 24, 2022 | 2021-22 NBA Season

Denver Nuggets vs Sacramento Kings - Full Game Highlights | February 24, 2022 | 2021-22 NBA Season
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20 comentarios:

jhon john
jhon john:
I love it when the Joker has a game with stats that are a bit bellow his average, you look again at his stats and see he had 4 stills. A model for consistency indeed
M Meda
M Meda:
Sacramento played really good. This team has some spirit. It is nice to watch some good basketball.
bryan S
bryan S:
Sabonis is trying hard to repay the trust .. it is the rest of the team that seems to be inadequate, especially because there is no defense.
Look at Denver's roster - If Jokic isn't there, it's the worst team in the NBA, by far.
Amazing season for the Joker.
Now all we need is for all the injured players to come back...
If jamal and mpj get back nuggets will be overpowered
This what happens when Jokic has help, great game from everyone
Phleo Murano
Phleo Murano:
Man, what happened to Fox? I remember his rookie year, always dogging at Zo whenever they play against each other. Has he already reached his ceiling?
Миливоје Кнежевић
Миливоје Кнежевић:
Intentionally or unintentionally, Nikola Jokic was deprived of one of the three assists he had in the third quarter against the Kings and thus for the sixteenth (16) triple double this season. The same thing has already happened on January 31 this year against Milwaukee. That's why these Denver peasants should watch out for such omissions, because this is the best season of Nikola Jokic in the 75 years of the NBA's existence.
Kings looks nice
The commentary is so biased wtf. Screams and shouting when the Kings make a layup. Nothing when the Nuggets do anything at all.
Sandan Saiyan
Sandan Saiyan:
Why tf is Hyland playing so much time but Facu isn't?
IDK kings after the trade look to me like freaking CAVS back in the day with King James
basically one consistent player
few above-average players to help him out
the rest are chickens
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma:
Jokic mvp
Luís Jesus
Luís Jesus:
We want QUETA
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic:
Well done for the Denver game. The game of Denver without the most expensive player in its history and a series of victories promises the finals of the West.I hope that Denver's most expensive player will change his attitude about vaccination and return to the team ... MPJ should be vaccinated. Denver need 9.9 points in 35 minutes and a 3-point percentage 20 percent MPJ
Peter Berkes
Peter Berkes:
02:00 - Michael Green? lol
alan ng
alan ng:
3:58 wtffffff
Ricardo Nefasto
Ricardo Nefasto:
Sabonis deserved better than this...
tkk kkt
tkk kkt: