Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz - FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | 2021-22 NBA SEASON

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Denver Nuggets vs Utah Jazz - FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | 2021-22 NBA SEASON
The Jazz defeat the Nuggets in a close game to remain undefeated on the season.

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Mark Quijano
Mark Quijano:
Jazz, having another center from the bench, is now better. JC and Whiteside have good chemistry on the floor too.
Clarkson so underrated..

And Jeff Green is in a new team every season lol…
go Jazz!!
Davy Alain Deglave
Davy Alain Deglave:
Whiteside looks like a good choice as Gobert's sub
Jokic had 24 pts in 15 min?? Did he get injured or something?
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic:
Jokic's injury gives MPJ Denver's highest paid player to show why he was paid $ 207 million.You can see the class of the MPJ player in the defense progress, the player he kept gave only 48 points .He scored 13 points in 39 minutes. and for 3 of 27.3 percent. Spectators on OL STAR who shoot for 3 points at halftime below 30 percent thrown in don't even get a T-shirt
among the spectators there are also good railway workers - hairdressers - masons of all elites.Maybe Melone should look for them out of these 207 million there is nothing and he is vain to play a bench with players of 2 million and sitting Ayatollah of 207 milion
Commentator tries so hard to make the scene dramatic lol.
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma: