Diane Warren Live '88 "Look Away" "I Get Weak"

This video was shot when Diane was the hottest young songwriter in Los Angeles, sharing the stage with Gerry Goffin and Carole King at the National Academy of Songwriters 4th Annual Salute to The American Songwriter. Look for a surprise visit from an appreciative Robert Lamm of Chicago, fresh from their smash hit with "Look Away."

Musical Director: Barry Fasman
Executive Producer: Dene Hofheinz Anton


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One Rapelana
One Rapelana:
I really really admire songwriters/composers/musicians like Diane Warren WAY MORE than singers that can hit the highest notes or the lowest notes.
Dave Wollenberg
Dave Wollenberg:
Diane should put out a single, under her own name. She's got a great voice!
Carla Pizzicone
Carla Pizzicone:
Diane warren I have always said you are the greatest song writer in the world. No one has ever come close.
Ivan Espinoza
Ivan Espinoza:
Just found out she's the song writer to many songs I love so much what a talented woman!
i remember diane saying in an interview that she's never been in love even though she's famous for writing so many love songs. that seemed so strange to me.
30+ years later, she is the most successful songwriter ever. I love when songwriters perform their own songs!
Evan Bakerian
Evan Bakerian:
I wish she would release an album of her singing her hits! She has a nice voice!
Roberto Barraza
Roberto Barraza:
I adore #DianeWarren  the best female songwriter all the time!!!
Lateshia Childs
Lateshia Childs:
She is amazing I never knew she sings, but I knew she was an amazing songwriter. This is one of my favorite songs she is singing.
worked with her before she had any charted songs, she got me my first job in the industry with Steven [email protected] the Record Co., met her at DUKES cafe at the Tropicana Hotel West Hollywood, she would always say, "I WILL BE THE GREATEST SONG WRITER IN THE WORLD", shit she was right !!!!that a girl Diane, you did it Baby!!!!
Jack Rusio
Jack Rusio:
She has a great voice...she really can sing and perform her own stuff...never understood why she doesn't play her songs at live concerts or tv presentations more usually👏Talented Woman
goosebumps from her playing piano at the intro, madness
Eliot Mitchell
Eliot Mitchell:
Remember this night like it was yesterday. My cousin Michael Bolton introduced me to Diane. She is one of the kindest souls... Great memory...
Ken Elder
Ken Elder:
What's more "80s" than a clear, lucite grand piano?
Ben Camins
Ben Camins:
Diane Warren is the complete package. As a music creator who realizes that while the mind speak with words; music is how the heart speaks. Since then, we all have been blessed when her heart finds a song to express with, which her mind does the finishing touches to these thoughts and feelings in one delightful package. What a composer worth emulating! Thank you, Dianne.
I was unaware before watching this video several minutes ago just how good of a singer Warren is. Her voice somewhat reminds me of Anne Wilson's.
Yes, I was on that cultural exchange visit. This show happened right after that.
Jace Pawlak
Jace Pawlak:
The most successful anonymous person of all time.
Ariana Riel
Ariana Riel:
She has stage fright I heard. I’m surprised she did these 2 songs! Boy, she’s unreal! One in a million.
She sings too? I had no idea! She's really good!
Maximillion More
Maximillion More:
I love Diane and what a great voice!
Ted Hoffman
Ted Hoffman:
What a treat...to hear these songs' writer perform them herself....
Abree Bailey
Abree Bailey:
I'm in awe of her song-writing ability.
Christine Bories
Christine Bories:
To be truthful I saw her on X factor with Simon cowell I did not no who she was I had to look her up I no her music how amazing to be so talented her songs are beautiful
Reverend Brown
Reverend Brown:
1988, best year ever in the history of mankind. God how I miss 1988!!!!!!
She is amazing!
Ger R
Ger R:
Great voice, plays piano, great hits = Wow!
Kylie Pollert
Kylie Pollert:
"I Get Weak" also became a #2 hit for Belinda Carlisle; Stevie Nicks was first offered, but turned it down. I personally think Belinda was the right choice to sing it, but I'm sure Stevie and her distinctive raspy voice would've done good with it, if she did choose to record it, though!
mark arellano
mark arellano:
incredibly talented, i know it's OBVIOUS !
One of the greatest songwriters ever and her voice is amazing!
'look away' is one of the few 80s tunes that I haven't heard in ages. Last time was most likely on one of them paid program power ballad compilations xD
I didn't know she sings like that!
Miciah Dycus
Miciah Dycus:
Tears For Fears Yes Ma am! My favorite
Ben McDermott
Ben McDermott:
THANK you soooo much for posting. I am her biggest fan!! I had always heard about that performance but in the 15 years of following Diane and her music had never been able to get a copy....it is incredible. I love Diane's voice....such raw emotion. You are amazing for posting!!!
edward lentze
edward lentze:
never seen this before...fabulous!
Ben McDermott
Ben McDermott:
@The096757 In Diane's case....she has major stage fright. She has said this several times in interviews. She's never wanted to be an artist, just the creator of hits!!!
Royce Sullivan
Royce Sullivan:
Bolton is a favorite of mine. I had a GREAT time in meeting him in Tennessee. I just wished I would have gotten an autograph. And just for a keepsake. I just dont ever get star struck around stars. He felt like a brother for sure. With MASSIVE pipes!!!
Gonzo lenovo
Gonzo lenovo:
Amazing :)
@kevinodegard yeah, I remember having Your autograph :) Last night I was looking for letter from Diane and Steinberg they sent me after that trip.. I still have to find that cassette, when Diane was "interviewing" rest of You at hotel lobby.. Nice memories :)
great writer great perfomer
Royce Sullivan
Royce Sullivan:
THE BEST SONGWRITER IN THE WORLD!!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!! And she penned one of many number ones for my sister.
Dale Boyce
Dale Boyce:
awesome! thanks for posting
Pete D
Pete D:
Diane was well established in '88 - not 'up and coming' . she'd already had big hits with Rhythm of the night and Nothing's gonna stop us now .. the latter was one of several hits and album tracks written with Albert Hammond .. as was the other Chicago hit in '88 'I don't wanna live without your love'
worked with her before she had any charted songs, she got me my first job in the industry with Steven [email protected] the Record Co., met her at DUKES cafe at the Tropicana Hotel West Hollywood, she would always say, "I WILL BE THE GREATEST SONG WRITER IN THE WORLD", shit she was right !!!!that a girl Diane, you did it Baby!!!! such a great person! one of a kind.
NOOOOO!!!! I AM her biggest fan!!!! As a songwriter in Memphis, I have studied her and admired her ability to pen such awesome lyrics and melodies!!!! She is my mentor and doesn't even know it. THE BEST songwriter in my opinion!!!!
Is there any other live/demo/recorded songs where DW sings, would love to hear more. She is the one, when it comes to songwriting, can't even find words for her, she is so in her own league. But I would love to find more of her as a performer.. I guess I am not going to find. But I can always wish. Anyway thanx a million Kevin for posting this!! Do I remember right, that You were too in Finland/Moscow in 87 (Music Speaks Louder Than Words)?
Evan Bakerian
Evan Bakerian:
I wonder if all the songs she wrote would’ve been hits if she released them herself.
Vult Cult
Vult Cult:
I think it sounds good. Interesting this original version was up in D (The Chicago cover is in A, which suits Bill Champlin better). As to the comments about her singing - granted she's not a singer in the same vein as say Whitney Houston or Celine Dion, but considering this is a live performance (and she's playing the piano concurrently), I think she does alright. What is interesting to me is just how close the Chicago cover ended up to being like this - most of vocal melodies weren't just something on the spot - she really had them all.

And as an aside, I love the big 80's drum sound.

Regarding the 2nd song, it's naive for me to admit, but I didn't even know she wrote this song. Like the first tune however, it's amazing how close the Belinda Carlisle cover ended up being.
A clear piano?? Freaking badass
she's a great writer !
great songs
Advice with Cathy Lee
Advice with Cathy Lee:
She the og
Although Diane Warren is best known for writing hit songs for so many different artists. This video shows she's a pretty good singer herself
Chicago fooled me !
I love all her songs! Such a shame she never got famous singing her own material...can you imagine if she sang all her hits herself?! She woulda been the most successful female singer ever!
Word is she has been working with YouTube sister group Cimorelli. That should be something to see.
I was never keen on "I get Weak" when Belinda Carlisle did it and although Diane does struggle in (small) parts with her voice, this is infinitely better than Belinda Carlisle's . Diane's raspy raw voice is really more suited to this rockier edged version.
Charlie's Maiden Covers
Charlie's Maiden Covers:
she sang it maybe even better than belinda herself... and im a huge fan of belinda
joma lebo
joma lebo:
i get weak has a very tight heavy beat
Muhammad Izwan Ahmad
Muhammad Izwan Ahmad:
Is that Jeff Porcaro on drums? Dan Huff on guitars?
Brian Kushner
Brian Kushner:
What was the outcome of the lawsuit claiming she stole this?
Robert Fordin
Robert Fordin:
Diane is the best.
i didn't know dianne warren sang too!!!!
She sounds like Patty Smyth
Darren T
Darren T:
Very unusual to hear her sing to
Lisa Lee
Lisa Lee:
LOL...Look Away...not Walk Away
ok version, but no one can do it like Bill Champlin
Jorge Vidal Wulff
Jorge Vidal Wulff:
why didn't she perform her own songs instead of writing for others???
who is he?
Chris Lemaster
Chris Lemaster:
Bill Chaplain does this better hands down.
Dave Wollenberg
Dave Wollenberg:
She sure is! She should cut some of her songs herself. I'll bet folks would buy 'em, with her singin' 'em!
Michael McGinnis
Michael McGinnis:
Jason Lee
Jason Lee:
did she steal this song...
Drew Jacobs
Drew Jacobs:
Terrible piano player with the band . But without she is simply the best