Diego Schwartzman Practice (4K 60FPS) Court Level View 2021 Australian Open

Incredible court level view of Diego Schwartzman at the 2021 Australian Open.

He looks incredibly fit and has wonderful groundstrokes. He hits the ball with amazing rhythm and timing allowing him to be such a consistent ball striker.

Despite being one of the shorter guys on tour, he currently ranked inside the top 10! He is an inspiration to many players (myself included) as he demonstrates what is possible for someone who isn't genetically blessed with a tall figure.

0:00 - Back view
5:07 - Side view

Recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S20FE

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/liam_apilado/


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36 comentarios:

Huan Ngo
Huan Ngo:
as a short guy, I cannot thank you enough for this video.
Bearly Good Tennis
Bearly Good Tennis:
Diego makes no excuses and takes no prisoners. He inspires me to train harder. As a fellow short statured player, Diego just proves that if you work hard you can achieve what you are working towards.
Truly inspirational player who has gotten every last ounce out of his body & tennis. His size is simply NOT an issue. Amazing game.
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood:
As a fellow 5'7", I love this.
Eric Estrada
Eric Estrada:
As a 5'7" enano myself, I admire Diego a lot and what he has accomplished in this grueling sport. Especially with the super high hitting zone of today's strokes it is amazing that he can contend clay monsters like Rafa and Djokovic.
Neelabh Choudhary
Neelabh Choudhary:
Love these kinds of videos! Thanks so much!!
Co Phi
Co Phi:
Every ball is a high ball for Diego 😂 i can relate
Jeffrey /
Jeffrey /:
insanely great footage @ 60 fps. Thanks man!
Random Tennis
Random Tennis:
Nice footage!
The first 20 seconds look like when I'm playing on my best with my friend.
Friendly Robot
Friendly Robot:
I didn’t even read the title, but I knew it was Diego when I noticed that he was hitting every ball at head height.
His forehand motion is perfect
the video quality is awesome.what camera did you film it
y m
y m:
He always reminds me Guillermo Coria.
Only 143 lbs but his build is rock-solid.
Barrington Records
Barrington Records:
I cant wait to see you uncle shart ;)
Stephen Jiang
Stephen Jiang:
Diego is ripped
Check on celeb heights like he barefoot legit 5'5.3 and shoes on 5'6
Malik Freeman
Malik Freeman:
Schwartzman's Court level: camera on the ground
Man, he's only 5'7. I'm only 5'5. lol.
fly 321
fly 321:
this racket creates extremely spin
Ankit S
Ankit S:
Lol he’s hitting the ball at his shoulders for a lot of the shots.
Richard Rilveria
Richard Rilveria:
Let’s go Marky Mark
Ramil Tabiolo
Ramil Tabiolo:
He is only 5'5
Prince's Vlog
Prince's Vlog:
beautiful groundstroke but very ugly shorts
your local potato
your local potato:
why do they play without shirts lol
Prince's Vlog
Prince's Vlog:
this shorts make his legs looks very very short. Omg Terrible design
Tanyi Franç
Tanyi Franç:
Is the guy on the other side karatzev ?
PureLocal Directory
PureLocal Directory:
gangster poser boy.
Benja Gould
Benja Gould:
Who is the another player ??
Thịnh Nguyễn
Thịnh Nguyễn:
What fh grip does he uses
Dh vltr
Dh vltr:
what forehand grip is it? looks like eastern?
Rex Lol
Rex Lol:
Wow he is so short