Director Joel Schumacher Dead At 80

Hollywood is mourning one of its most prolific directors. Joel Schumacher died on June 22 at age 80 following a year-long battle with cancer, Access Hollywood confirms. Schumacher's rep said in a statement that the late filmmaker passed away "quietly" and will be "fondly remembered by his friends and collaborators." He's best known for helming '80s classics like "St. Elmo's Fire" and "The Lost Boys" and he went on to direct "Flatliners," "Batman Forever," "A Time to Kill" and more. Celebrities took to social media to pay tribute to the movie icon and his memory, including Emmy Rossum, who starred opposite Gerard Butler in Schumacher's 2004 "Phantom of the Opera" remake.
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Joel Schumacher, 'Batman Forever' & 'Lost Boys' Director, Dies At 80: Emmy Rossum & More React


70 comentarios:

Mr. Friendship
Mr. Friendship:
Batman and Robin might not be his best work but he's still a great director no matter what. RIP Joel Schumacher (1939 - 2020)
Ryan Cruz
Ryan Cruz:
R.I.P. Joel Schumacher Your legacy will be remember "Forever" 😉❤ #BatmanForever #TheLegendLivesOn
May he rest in piece, he had many movies outside of Batman that showcase how distinct was his craft, and still made many well-received movies, I would also take those quotes in heart when I become a director
Ken Tsang
Ken Tsang:
Not sure if possible but a Batman Forever Directors Cut from Burton could do Schumacher justice as the version released was pressured by studio bosses.
Adam Dow
Adam Dow:
RIP Joel Schumacher. I loved alot of his movies like Batman Forever, Phone Booth, A Time To Kill, The Client, Trespass, The Number 23 and Falling Down.
Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are the first superhero movies I ever saw in theaters as a kid and i had a great time. Thanks for the childhood memories, RIP.
grant noroyan
grant noroyan:
rip great director
rest in peace to the guy that got me into batman
Kev'z Sab'z
Kev'z Sab'z:
My favourite movie of his is Tigerland (2000) starring Colin Farrell. Thank you Joel for making that movie i pretty much added it on my "Greatest Movie List". I'm hoping that your finally happy up there in heaven. 🙏🙏 😭😭
Suspicious Behaviour
Suspicious Behaviour:
Joel was an awesome director first film I watched of joels was The lost Boys, Flatliners Batman Forever, Number 23, Phone booth ect
Thanks for the years of good films & memories - R.I.P
Gabriel Zayas
Gabriel Zayas:
The phantom of the opera was not a remake, is an adaptation of Webber's stage show. Watched mr.coat's video of remake and adaptation.
Old School
Old School:
Batman Forever shaped a great part of my early teenage years, Thank you for that sir
Christopher Peterson
Christopher Peterson:
He tried to bring the campy fun to Batman ( like the TV series ) He never forgot the key to any Batman film... " It's the car... chicks dig the car. " R.I.P. Forever.
Bobby Hernandez
Bobby Hernandez:
For me he will always be remembered for directing the Classic and my favorite The Lost Boys. Thank you Joel Schumacher and RIP
Christian Knight
Christian Knight:
I just want 2020 to end.
Thank you Joel for such a wonderful ride during the Summer of 1995 for Batman Forever. As a kid its one of those memories that stays with you.
Loy Tolbird
Loy Tolbird:
He made phantom of the opera one of my moms favorite films and a masterpiece in my opinion
RIP Joe. You'll be forever known for the Bat nipples.
Damn!! And I just watched "Falling Down" with Michael Douglas again just last night. :(
Maupay Your a Cheat
Maupay Your a Cheat:
Rest in peace legend he directed my fav movie of all time the lost boys 😪🙏
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts:
Love his movies!!Rest in Peace!!🔩
Captain Cutie
Captain Cutie:
I may not be a big fan of Batman & Robin but he was still a great director regardless. RIP 😢
May he Rest In Peace.
White Ranger Tiger Power
White Ranger Tiger Power:
RIP JS legendary director gone at 80
Eddy Madison
Eddy Madison:
May he rest in peace
Jarrett Mazza
Jarrett Mazza:
Sad, but now I feel like #ReleasetheSchumachercut is more important than ever. He deserves to have his real vision seen even after death.
Ervin's Movie Corner
Ervin's Movie Corner:
R.I.P. Joel Schumacher.
Ed Swanson
Ed Swanson:
Adeus a um amigo quente em noites frias lamento sentiremos muito sua falta Deus e Cristo o guie ate ele !o seu sucesso foi muito grande bem recebido numa época de muita ação e aventura a qual nos trouxe muitos momentos de alegria e emoção .!😢😢😢
Charles De Rosas
Charles De Rosas:
Chapter 27 was underrated
:Y Frank
:Y Frank:
batman forever was my childhood, bye bye now joel :'(
m Chamber
m Chamber:
I just wanted to say batman forever was my favorite batman movie and was surprised by how many more of his movies are my favorites as well when I looked him up on rotton tomato's site he will be missed in Hollywood and hope he's having fun in heaven right now with the Great directors of the past. RIP
Ray Lehto
Ray Lehto:
The mood and music of The Lost Boys has never left me. This movie has the best last line of all time.
0009 LAH
0009 LAH:
1:07 "I don't have the RIGHT words right now"
Gavin Helgeson
Gavin Helgeson:
Rest in peace
Bon Bon
Bon Bon:
no hassle
no hassle:
He really was a marvelous director.
vicenç lopez bataller
vicenç lopez bataller:
R. I. P Descanse en paz Señor Joel. Lo siento mucho.
nacer djaafri
nacer djaafri:
He was a force, He was one of a kind, and he made batman & robin
Koki F
Koki F:
I like how they skipped Batman and Robin.
I love your movie, im sorry if in the past iv been mad about your movie. I love the lost boys, a time to kill and many others. Rest in peace.
Ann Marie Elliott
Ann Marie Elliott:
God rest his soul 🙏😇. A film director that not only shaped actors and actresses careers and lives, but had shaped entertainment.
Juicy Titan
Juicy Titan:
Certainly not the best batman movies but without a doubt the most memorable RIP Joel Schumacher
bayern lover
bayern lover:
r.i.p my favorite movie for him is flat liners and i like batman forever
Joseph Lawson
Joseph Lawson:
In memory of Joel Schumacher I hope you got your bat cried card
Professor Milo
Professor Milo:
Thats so sad i liked his Batman films
As a kid I actually liked Batman and Robin
Jun Wu
Jun Wu:
You can see the kindness and wisdom in his eyes. His quote at the end is straight forward and powerful. 1:57 Be Bold. Take risks, follow your own instincts, and listen to other people only when you believe in your gut that they're right. RIP Joel!
Rip Joel
Abr N
Abr N:
First Ian Holm, then my grandfather, now Joel Schumacher. What's wrong with 2020?
Mrbingbong Idk
Mrbingbong Idk:
I love Batman forever
R.I.P burry the bat-nipples with him.
I watched his 8mm starring Nick Cage few days ago. Good but disturbing flick. One of few mainstream movies to explore horrific real issues like sex trafficking, snuff, young girls going missing, casting couch etc.
Scott William
Scott William:
Falling down
A time to kill
Phone booth
The client
The lost boys
Are his best films.
Amanda Hemstreet
Amanda Hemstreet:
RIP Joel
now we see all dc moives full of bad humor, teen-know stupid jokes, disaster in bgm, terrible story--teller, even sfm are lame as shit.
i missed his masterpiece, every one of them.
it's bad that no one can reach his level these days.
Amanda Hemstreet
Amanda Hemstreet:
Joel Schumacher is dead at age of eighty years old
Good riddance Rest In Pieces Joel Schumacher
He also did Flatliners
Rest in peace Schumacher. Thank you for giving us the Bat Credit Card.
Julian Oviedo
Julian Oviedo:
Rest in peace you may have made the worst batman movie but you apologized (and as a fan I accept it, you are the best) and you are still a great director
Denis Dennis
Denis Dennis:
Falling down was a good movie.😎u think im a thief.
اربيــآن فتــى الـميـلاد
اربيــآن فتــى الـميـلاد:
he’s not only have batman and robin
I really love A TIME TO KILL and BAD COMPANY !
he’s a good director !
Glenn Morris
Glenn Morris:
With all due respect-
Batman films are terrible-
Speilberg films are vanilla junk-
With generally bad actors-
And John Williams ruins everything-
Hollywood is clueless !!
RED -5
RED -5:
Its probaly for the best
Artism NOA
Artism NOA:
Oh man
Chris Grey
Chris Grey:
I don't think Joel Schumacher is to blame for Batman and Robin being terrible movie. Because I think Wonder Brothers is once blame because of them Joel Schumacher couldn't do what he wanted to do with Batman and Robin.
András Péter
András Péter:
One of the worst director ever... rip