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Join us on the discovery of the beautiful Cape Verde islands. Cabo Verde is 10 destinations in one single country. Come with us to hike to the top of the active volcano in the island of Fogo; In the Island of Sal we visit the salt lakes and we practice some wind sports, like kite surf or windsurf on the turquoise blue sea waters. We trek the Island of Santo Antão in order to dive into its green lavish mountains. In Boavista, the sand desert leads us to marvellous beaches. In this trip we are introduced to the Morna, Grogue and Morabeza, which is Cape Verdeans typical hospitality…

Thanks to the wonderful diariesof contributors Rui Daniel Da Silva, João Leitão VIAGENS, Kathrin Maurer, Silvan Baeurle, Gabriele Rumbolo, Paulino Dias, Tiago Salazar, Xará Costa, The Wanderlust, CubaLibre SailingTrips, Si Ma Bô Associazione - Capo Verde for their inspiring travel stories, photos and help. A special thanks to Luxair Luxembourg Airlines as well as to the young actress Aury Monteiro, to the kite surf world champion Mitu Monteiro and to the popular Cape Verdean singer Elida Almeida for their inspiration.

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Video ➜ Gabriele Rumbolo, Jorge Valente
Music ➜ Elida Almeida - Lebam ku bo ➜

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53 comentarios:

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cheers :)
Africa is so underrated.
Celsa Santos Mendonça
Celsa Santos Mendonça:
where are the capeverdeans supporting us?
unde criolos
dari tavares
dari tavares:
I love where I am from Cape Verdean and proud🇨🇻❤️
The Adventures of Ken
The Adventures of Ken:
Just got back from Cape Verde. It was absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to return. I thoroughly enjoyed your vid. You really captured the beauty of the islands. I am about to start editing my vlog of my visit!
Bjarke Kirkbro
Bjarke Kirkbro:
Oh how i wish i could go (:
Gotta save up the money!
Hussein Ballita
Hussein Ballita:
3 years ago I moved from Cap Verde and I miss it sooo hard😍
jacqueline headley
jacqueline headley:
I went to Cabo Verde in 1996. Coming from Jamaica, the landscape was quite different from anything I know but the people were so kind, peaceful and loving.
I love them
Nam BI TET Tamare
Nam BI TET Tamare:
Will be there in 3 weeks 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Tomek Machul
Tomek Machul:
Great music and cool editing. I'm going with my family to the island to celebrate the 40th birthday of my wife. :)
ana mikhelidze
ana mikhelidze:
Visiting Cape Verde is on my bucket list because of the queen - Cesaria Evora ❤💖
Santiago Tojo
Santiago Tojo:
muy hermoso el vídeo ,que cámara usaste? voy a visitar su página quiero saber más de ustedes!!
This video is beautiful! I'm planning next vacation on Cape Verde! On which island is taped video? TNx!
Dalia Lourenço
Dalia Lourenço:
This is so cool.
Nathan Kennes
Nathan Kennes:
Love it! Went to the same place and also made a video of this amazing place!!
Da Onion Wing
Da Onion Wing:
My grandpa was a musician there luis morais and we are leaving to go there in a few days
Laura Xavier
Laura Xavier:
Bonito Cabo Verde.
Jolien Bosmans
Jolien Bosmans:
Im going in spring break! So happy
Lil Redworx
Lil Redworx:
Ohhh shit it is really true 😂😂😂it is almost like Papiamento
Adrian Lawrence
Adrian Lawrence:
Really good vid - I am impressed with the island, reminds me of cuba a bit. Great that there are reasonable deals there from UK / Europe now.
very nice editing ! thx for sharing
Douglas Donoghue
Douglas Donoghue:
I really liked the video. :D
James Almeida
James Almeida:
Beautiful! Maravilhoso!
lala vicente
lala vicente:
Very Beautiful 🥰
Lenira Susana
Lenira Susana:
Lindo 🌞
Life writes Stories
Life writes Stories:
nice video.. maybe a good tip for our world trip =)
just came across your channel.. subbed 🌍
Great i am going in 2weeks
Kept Promises
Kept Promises:
Where my dark skin Cape verdeans with European hair texture😂👏👏👏
LePari FF
LePari FF:
Kerry Cape
Kerry Cape:
Nice video. .... Cape Verde is my dream land
marcio gamboa
marcio gamboa:
Som de Élida Almeirda cereja na topo de bolo um dos maiores motivos pa nu orgulha e nos musica
புதிய வெளிச்சம்
புதிய வெளிச்சம்:
Hi 👍
Plenty of slaves were taken out of there. Remember that.
Himanshu Chauhan
Himanshu Chauhan:
Fordham Donnington
Fordham Donnington:
Tropical storm warning for Cabo Verde islands Tropical storm Helene 2018 brought me here just saying :)
Petronas ken
Petronas ken:
Name of song?
Patricia Thomas
Patricia Thomas:
My daughter & her partner is going here on the 10th November 2019 ,lucky bugger 👍
Andrea Vasconcelos
Andrea Vasconcelos:
My country my morabeza ❤️❤️🙏🏿
Moha Saeed
Moha Saeed:
So beautiful place.. hope to visit this country.. much love from Kenya 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪.. I must admit before I only knew about the singer Cesaria who comes from there and Luis Nani also♥️
Arty Alchubs
Arty Alchubs:
My family on my fathers side is Cape Verdean and we went last year before the pandemic. It was the best experience of my life; so beautiful and so many nice people!
KP Edits
KP Edits:
I'd love to go,just is hard to get there from Ireland with no direct flights,any tips on going there?
Islam N
Islam N:
Cape Verde is so nice country. thanks
Sol Cabo Verde
Sol Cabo Verde:
my lovely country
John Stoddard
John Stoddard:
Which island(s) is this?
samurai blader
samurai blader:
What is the name of this music
Hello Where is that place exacly at 2.22 min? Please let me know
Vission Mission
Vission Mission:
What's the population here ? What are the main problems people facing here ?
What’s the best and most interesting island to visit if you’re going in a group of 10??
same as angola just cancelled my trip after seeing this
Lil Redworx
Lil Redworx:
I heard that The people from the abc islands can easily communicate easily with the natives from cape verde
Lissa Maria Jacob
Lissa Maria Jacob:
Wisdom is better than weapons of war
Dominique Bala
Dominique Bala:
This is Africa Whao !!!
Lloyd Gittens
Lloyd Gittens:
seems a bit staged