Disney Plus Review: Everything You Need to Know About the New Streaming Service

Variety's Senior Silicon Valley Correspondent Janko Roettgers breaks down Disney Plus, the streaming service from Disney that features everything from Marvel movies to National Geographic to the Star Wars TV series, "The Mandalorian."




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King999 Me
King999 Me:
It’s gonna be Disney plus and chill from now on
Disney paid a lot of money to put this in my recommended.
Mo 243354
Mo 243354:
This guy sounds so excited.
I have it and I just watched mandalorian
And DAMN it’s great
Josh Sharpe
Josh Sharpe:
Why am I looking at my childhood right now
Compa Yairo
Compa Yairo:
why is there no orginal disney xd show 😢 trying to watch american dragon jake long
Things I don’t like.

The service doesn’t track what you’ve already watched.

That is a huge flaw. If I don’t know which episode I left off on how am I supposed to binge? Netflix has this feature.

I think there should also be a search feature searching movies by release date and possibly also content rating.
Burkay S
Burkay S:
Who else is watching while we all know that we aint going to take a subscribtion
DPE Reviews
DPE Reviews:
It's a fantastic app so far! And there dedicated 90s nostalgia X-Men, Gargoyles, Bonkers, Dark Wing Duck!! It's amazing
Angkur Jyoti Mirdha
Angkur Jyoti Mirdha:
Netflix : we have an army of Movie studios !
Disney + : we 've MARVEL !
Sebastian Sromek
Sebastian Sromek:
They need to add a resume feature for where you left off and a continue watching section because I don’t wanna waste time trying to figure out where I left off and searching for a particular show each time. It’s sad that a feature like that isn’t added day one in times like today.
Dormouse Cat
Dormouse Cat:
sounds like a platform for normies. Remind me if they have great documentaries, anime, or tv show and not amusement park-like one, as described by Scorsese.
Mr. Carroll Ware
Mr. Carroll Ware:
$70.00 a year sure beats cable $200 or higher a month.
5,ooo LightYears Away
5,ooo LightYears Away:
And all the Simpsons?? Yeah I'm getting it
Matthew Dimitrie
Matthew Dimitrie:
Brandon_1020 Sakata_3040
Brandon_1020 Sakata_3040:
So it’s like related to Netflix except it’s Disney stuff
Alive In Love
Alive In Love:
We are so excited about Disney+ !!! Loved your video , we just did a review video about the launch day on Disney + hope you will checkout
lmao 1337
lmao 1337:
I want it in Finland for F sakes I can’t wait for March before I can watch it
Jack M
Jack M:
2:00 it's not IMDb dude. No other streaming service does that so why in the world would you expect that as a feature
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin:
Home alone’s and the Santa Claus’s 🙌🏾 blank check! I could go on forever baby
Burkay S
Burkay S:
The yoo can i have you’re disney account season has started
Tracey Reid
Tracey Reid:
Comes to Australia on 19th November, looking forward to getting a subscription for my son's.
super gerd
super gerd:
simple, just screen mirror it fron your tablet.
Ryker Booth
Ryker Booth:
I signed up, I paid, and then I sat on hold for 3 hours because my app told me to call the help line and whenever I push the x or dismiss Button it logs me out
Still pissed I gotta wait 4 months!
I'm going to sign up right now, honestly i just want to watch all the shows I did when I was younger like Lizzie Micgire and stuff like that.
Blahzé Knowles
Blahzé Knowles:
Where tf is the continue watching section ?? I have a bad memory I don’t remember the f ing episode I was watching
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis:
And on PS4
Mandalorian was great ❤
5,ooo LightYears Away
5,ooo LightYears Away:
Id get it just for Moana lol
legit legit
legit legit:
I'm in nz, gotta wait till the 19th arghhhh
Crafty MaiLee
Crafty MaiLee:
I'm so glad Disney put the extras because I like watching backstage stuff.
So that's so Raven, suite life of Zach and Cody..and all of those shoes are on this platform? I definitely have to get it.
Holly Warren
Holly Warren:
Yes just paying for the mounth
It lags like crazy it’s really smooth on Xbox
This app is amazing
Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez:
My wife got the app our kids love it but for me it's not so good hopefully they add more to it the following months
Holly Warren
Holly Warren:
I love my Disney+ omg so many movies and searies I grew up with omg nothing better then revisiting your childhood and you can’t beat the 6.99 they have movies on here they stopped putting on tv back in the 70 and 80 omg I’ve been glued to my chair in pajamas all day watching awsome movies
Jiří Jankovec
Jiří Jankovec:
Not a word about streaming quality ;(
Belessobvious o'clock
Belessobvious o'clock:
I have it. I’m still on the free trial. I’m going to stop it. So much is missing they don’t even have Spider-Man movies most everything on here is on your cable channels.
Wanna hear paint dry? Listen to this reviewer
The only problem I have is that their advertising content they dont have the streaming rights to right now. There's stuff on there that doesn't come to the platform for a year at least.
Citizen 1
Citizen 1:
Who up voted this
Its a long commercial!
Anthony Carter
Anthony Carter:
Thx for the heads up. It looks okay, but I'll give it a few months before committing.
I can watch Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Star Wars: Rogue One (2016) and Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) on Disney+. On second thought, the 20th Century-Fox logo and fanfare was restored in Disney+ print of Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980).
Jarrod Edson
Jarrod Edson:
I have one complaint about this app it's a small complaint
Arturo Reyes
Arturo Reyes:
Very incomplete app. I like some of the stuff but if u are watching something and u have have to do something and get off it wont stay were u left off u will have to restart since the beginning and figure it out urself. Also it dont save what u been watching like Netflix. The positive u can keep watching without it asking u if ur still there and u can watch on 4 devices at the same time.
Crimson Demo
Crimson Demo:
Variety wants more interface
ARP Plays
ARP Plays:
The servers are crazy broken
Drew 21
Drew 21:
Of coarse they will have it come out basic design. It's called upgrades
Mohaymen Shoaib
Mohaymen Shoaib:
Which contents are available in HDR?
The Chainsaw
The Chainsaw:
The Simpsons season 3 - 9 itself is worth it
Got the 7 day free trial and I can already tell I'm going to run out of things I actually want to watch within that time, I've either seen it all already or have no interest in it. My kids haven't even really shown any interest in it either. I only signed up for the Mandalorian but with it only being one episode a week I should have just waited until the show was done and then signed up. Each to their own though but I'm not overly impressed. Warnings on old Disney movies like Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo, the Simpson's not having its earlier seasons in 4:3 aspect ratio which ends up cutting out many of the visual jokes, its just a bit sad tbh, and they even removed the Michael Jackson episode entirely from a season. Ultimately there's just not nearly enough stuff to keep my interest and to keep paying for it monthly and then there's the lack of anything that's actually adult orientated because you know its Disney.
Holly Warren
Holly Warren:
The trail time is a week
Flame The Hedgehog
Flame The Hedgehog:
It isn't on switch yet
Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow:
*Disney bought Hulu back in May*
Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson:
I have Disney Plus, but it is blocking my sound system. It is also difficult to exit Disney and get back to Cox cable. Anyone else have similar problems?
Allen Huang
Allen Huang:
How can they *NOT* have All Hail the King?!
Nb B182
Nb B182:
Why is a German doing this review?
Jose Osorio
Jose Osorio:
I have the Disney app installed on my QLED Q90 tv and I am also using an HW Q90R soundbar. According to the movies details most movies stream in 4K ultra HD, HDR10, HDR, Dolby Vision/atmos (not supported by Samsung). I haven't found yet what video format I'm really streaming on my tv since the app doesn't provide the specific info for my device. Also not sure about audio quality (could be 5.1) but I'm sure it is not atmos as my soundbar doesn't register it as atmos when the video is streaming. It Seems like the Disney app doesn't provide the info lime other apps do (Netflix and amazon video for example). The one thing I noticed is that the audio quality is bad. The voice volhme (dialogs) is very low while the background sounds and or music is very loud. There is no good balance between them. I have to constantly keep decreasing or increasing the volume depending on dialog being to low or background sound being too loud. Also there is a lag that is very evident to a point that it's annoying, the Audio lag can be adjusted on the tv settings but then it affect other apps that are not having issues.
So far the Disney app needs a bit of work and Samsung and disney need to figure out a way to provide atmos sound quality via the app in a way that it's compatible with the Samsung devices. This is in part Samsung's fault since it's so resistant to embrace HDMI 2.1 specially in its higher tier TVs and soundbars. No 2019 samsung tv or soundbar, not even their 8K tv or the Q90 QLED (their most expensive QLED tv) has HDMI 2.1, therefore can't handle true HD Atmos. Some apps like Netflix provide a loosless form of atmos and hopefully Disney will do this, it's not true hd atmos quality but it's still far better than the awful 5.1 that we are supposedly getting at this moment.
So far this is my experience with the Disney app. I've been watching some of the marvel movies and Star Wars movies but not enjoying them as much as I would like to with the audio issues I'm experiencing. I will be probably cancelling the subscription after the trial period and only subscribe back once I get confirmation that those issues have been resolved.
Holly Warren
Holly Warren:
Just the 6.99 or there’s a bundle for 12.99 but I’m doing the 6.99
Randy Tang
Randy Tang:
its a great start but there were some movies missing i was hoping to find like 'escape to witch mountain (1995 remake)', 'angels in the outfield (1994)', 'computer who wore tennis shoes (1995 remake)', 'the garbage picking field goal kicking philadelphia phenomenon (1998)', 'the paper brigade (1996)', 'susie q (1996)', and a few others. But the service still has a dope selection.
Jeremy Smith
Jeremy Smith:
Can u use a prepaid visa instead of a regular visa? Netflix u can buy cards but Disney does not that I'm aware of?
Hi how do you find all the Fox shows on Disney Plus? Also which Fox Shows are there on there besides The Simpsons?
Norma Gomez
Norma Gomez:
How many devices can run on one account at the same time?
Doug Dingle
Doug Dingle:
On my LG OLED TV, and my 2nd gen Amazon Fire box, the app only supports PCM 2 channel STEREO. Are you frigging KIDDING ME? Marvel movies with stereo audio? AND no UHD on the Fire box? What were you thinking, Disney? Guess what's going to happen after my 7 day trial is up?
What happened with the Disney xd shows like zeke and Luther, kick butowski, pair of kings, etc
Ninoska Lazo
Ninoska Lazo:
waverly place wizards pls
ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!
ChristianCountryBoy i Love Jesus Christ!:
It's not working on my PlayStation 4.
Alright, Arnie
#Rip Netflix and chill
ChicagoJG ➊
ChicagoJG ➊:
Can you watch lab rats or kicking it on this?? Plz answer
who’s account can i use? i wanna watch the first adventure 💀💀
Big City Diddy Straight Talk Ministry
Big City Diddy Straight Talk Ministry:
I like it so far let’s just get some of that Mickey Mouse club is some more of the old stuff
David Partee
David Partee:
Of course I have the one device that doesn't support Disney+ and I wasn't made aware until after I paid. It's not compatible with Vizio TVs built in Chromecast and Vizio says it won't be rolling out an update until 2020!! All they do is suggest to use another device, not all of us have a bunch of TV's, laptops, or iPads laying around. Hopefully they will refund me. Heard really good things about the Mandalorian and was excited to watch it.
Jacob Stark
Jacob Stark:
Is everything inside free? Or is like amazon prime :monthly AND stuff cost money
Paxton Ings
Paxton Ings:
People with Android's can't even stream Disney plus. It only works with apple air play.
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin:
Disney Plus is gets an A+ from me
abrianie Gonzalez
abrianie Gonzalez:
Does this also have Disney jr
Gamer 49
Gamer 49:
So we can pay monthly for access to our ancestors stories that Disney reinvented and copyrighted, so we loose access to the origional story? Yeah NOT interested.
z wang
z wang:
Madalorian is so good
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance:
Hello, Humans.
I had a problem after watching the new Star Wars show. I watched the old 80’s cartoon Spider-man and his amazing friends and it had some terrible greenish tints which carried over into my tv when I watched something else later on directv. I cut tv off and still remained so I tried a 4K Blu-ray and it returned to normal so I assume that old cartoon stuck my tv in a lesser graphic mode or something.
My Samsung tv does not have it. Is there a way to update?
Colt Johnson
Colt Johnson:
This peaks my interest. Gunna look into Disney Plus
Alonso Gonzalez
Alonso Gonzalez:
Do you know how many people can watch at the same time under the same account?
Dimitri Dimitri
Dimitri Dimitri:
will disneyplus go on samsung a20e etc?
Snake Pliskin
Snake Pliskin:
So many old original Disney flicks too which bring back my childhood and then some, they did a good job. And Lucas Films like Willow are available 😃🙌🏾
S Weirdo
S Weirdo:
There's so much to watch and its way cheaper than most services. Im not the biggest Disney fan but dam that's a good bang for ur buck.
Can The Punisher back ?
Tazz Shmoney
Tazz Shmoney:
Is the proud family on there ?
ronak mankale
ronak mankale:
I'm disappointed that it's not available in india directly the shows will be available on hotstar
ariana ghandi
ariana ghandi:
How much does it cost ?
Cat Man
Cat Man:
I own most of the content on blu ray or DVD. It's ok but nothing to shout about. Netflix and Amazon have nothing to fear. There isn't much for adults.
David Trowers
David Trowers:
I’m so sad that Disney+ won’t be coming to the uk
Watching Emperor's New Groove.
That's my shiiiiiiit!
Is it just kids shows or do they have stuff for adults?
Josh Roberts
Josh Roberts:
can someone please share their account with me?
Rusty Montgomery
Rusty Montgomery:
if your 12 its great im not and will not renew
There is no home button if you click on something then keep on clicking on recommended shows from that one. You have to go back like a hundred times to get back to home screen