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Noooooo! Never name your kid Jared. If you do it’s a wrap! 😂😅
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
RIP to the people named Jared who aren't creeps
J.R. Wavy
J.R. Wavy:
Josh will REALLY want nothing to do with Drake now; this is the real life “Josh is Done” episode
Lucid Soundz
Lucid Soundz:
bro I can't believe it!! Now it makes sense why Josh distanced himself. Maybe just wasn't feeling him a person.
This was probably the reason why Josh didn’t invite him to his wedding.
And to think this one was the more talented drake out of the two.
Karate Chap
Karate Chap:
He was the coolest teen boy from 2004 - 2007. Unfortunately he got stuck in his teen years and thinks it's still cool to mess with em youngins lmaoooo
Dark Star King
Dark Star King:
Not very surprising how these young stars that were sexually abused coming up through Disney and Nickelodeon end up continuing the cycle of abuse.
Joshua Olson Cook
Joshua Olson Cook:
Drake, You were supposed to fight Dan “looks like Chris Chan” Schneider, not become a creep like him!
Drake: Are you calling me a liar?
Judge: I ain’t calling you a truther !
Mister Poop Nose
Mister Poop Nose:
Megan: *cries*
Drake’s Mom: Owe honey are you crying?
Also Megan: I just never been this happy in my life
Josh probably knew this, that's why he cut ties with him.
VEX •_•
VEX •_•:
Don’t worry, he’s gonna escape prison with his cell mate breaking him through a wall.
NC Mariofan3
NC Mariofan3:
Josh: I read about prison!

Drake: And?

Josh: It ain't fun!😰
Connor Pugs
Connor Pugs:
This is honestly so shocking dude wtf
Taj Robinson
Taj Robinson:
“There’s some seriously evil shit going down at these production studios” shows a pic of Dan Schneider lol
Emily C
Emily C:
Drake looks like he’s in his mid 40s
Drake Meets his Cellmate:
“Drake, Where’s the DoorHole”?
Meer Alrafee
Meer Alrafee:
It's so hard to hate him. He is a big part people's childhood. It's so heartbreaking that these things are happening. It looks like the whole world is flipping upside down.
I knew his career was dead when he came to my high school to perform his new album and everyone was chanting “THEME SONG”
The Vintage Values Experience
The Vintage Values Experience:
Some of these child stars (Kenan Thompson, Josh Peck, Elizabeth Gillies) have turned out fine, and a select few (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez) have become huge celebrities. Unfortunately, they are outliers, and most child stars aren't so lucky.
Vince The Man McMahon
Vince The Man McMahon:
Drake: "Are you calling me a liar?"

Josh: :I ain't callin' you a truther!"
I guess all those years he spent around Dan Schneider kinda rubbed off on him.
Mister Poop Nose
Mister Poop Nose:
Drake gets charged for talking to a minor
Me looking at the camera: MEGAN
Josh told Drake he’s read about prison. He said it ain’t fun
Yung OZ
Yung OZ:
“Sending text messages too a 15 year old for 3-4 years”

So how old is she?
Come at me bro
Come at me bro:
Drake: I've been to prison
Josh: And?
Drake: It ain't fun!
Lincoln Salmon
Lincoln Salmon:
Makes sense why josh was backing off respectfully lol.
Dbz Master
Dbz Master:
There’s only one person who could be responsible.... MEGAN
Daniel Ricardo
Daniel Ricardo:
Josh: "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE! It was said you were supposed to destroy Dan Schneider not join him. You were supposed to bring balance to Hollywood not leave it in darkness."
Josh: "You were my brother drake."
Drake: "I HATE YOU"
Francisco Davis
Francisco Davis:
"And they say i gotta clean my lyrics to a child, it sounds suggestive, ok, I'll stop doing that when the government stops harboring child molesters"
- B.o.B
Triple Four
Triple Four:
Once Drake & Josh ended, Drake got into drugs and alcohol pretty bad, he's been downhill ever since.
Josh: Woah Drake take it easy man
Searching for Rugrats
Searching for Rugrats:
And now Drake won't have to worry about marrying Josh's e-pal Yooka anymore.
Mel Westmiller
Mel Westmiller:
"I NEVER THOUGHT THAT IT'D BE SO SIMPLE" has a whole new meaning now
Chris McCall
Chris McCall:
Drake: “So are you calling me a liar?”

Josh: “Well, I ain’t calling you a truther!!!!”
I'm going to be Devil's Advocate here, where is the evidence? They say they saw the "inappropriate" tweets, I wanna know what they were and what was it he said. He pleaded not guilty and was told to stay away from the victim, a person he stated he didn't know. These news sources need to get their stuff together because they all seem like carbon copies of each other and just straight up smear someone right away
Stefferson Segundo
Stefferson Segundo:
So Josh did nothing wrong about not inviting Drake to his wedding, hum.
I was told by someone who personally knows Josh Peck that Drake has always been a little secretive and odd , that why josh and other associates stood there distance away from him
Khem Boi
Khem Boi:
I never thought it'd be so simple but, he found a way, he found a way, If you open up your eyessssssss, It's gonna take some time to realizeeeeeeeeeeeee.
"Looks like were never getting the drake & josh reboot."
I knew he was falling off whenever he decided to do a damn concert at my high school in 2017
Magnus Malo
Magnus Malo:
At first I thought Josh was a jerk for not inviting Drake to his wedding. But now I can see why. Josh most likely knew about all his shenanigans and didn't want him around his family, which is totally understandable
Interesting how Josh became successful and Drake became the washed up loser.
It's even worse cause dude still looks younge enough to do a reboot of the show
The Random Kawaii Penguin
The Random Kawaii Penguin:
This is why I love watching cartoons more than live action shows.
Thomas Underwood
Thomas Underwood:
All I can hear in my head

“I never thought that I would get caught, but they found a way, found a way”
“why don’t you take a seat over there” -chris hansen
Having Tea With the Devil
Having Tea With the Devil:
I’ll be honest, i always thought Josh would be the one getting in trouble with the law for whatever reason. So when i found out it was Drake, i was shocked.
Abel Tesfaye
Abel Tesfaye:
Drake was likely assaulted by a producer named, Brian Peck. Thus now Drake is doing the same thing to others
Christian Roemer
Christian Roemer:
“Well, I never thought that it’d be so simple but
I found a way, I found a way”
Oh, you found a way alright, found a way to destroy your career.🤦🏽‍♂️
Chocolate ice21
Chocolate ice21:
I feel like the next time he gets locked up he's gonna be locked up for a very long time these childhood stars be messed up when they get older just like Amanda Bynes and Orlando Brown and Lyndsay Lohan and others
Itzel Montalvo
Itzel Montalvo:
Now we never getting a Drake and Josh reboot💀
If they've been texting for 3 years and she was 15, she's 18 now
yusuka 4ev
yusuka 4ev:
"Drake Bell ended his career"

Me: he still had one?
“Drake, where’s the defence attorney” ?
Kristen Neuhauser
Kristen Neuhauser:
This is the classic case of being in your 30s, having the mind of a 17 yr old and feeling in your 60s
I remember him being close to his all his fans on his IG page, eventually these things become taxing but none of us are at privy to cast final judgment because we feel this situation is cliche
Well look at the Drake and Josh show itself. That show was lowkey showing us a lot of stuff
Dylan-trista Moores
Dylan-trista Moores:
I never thought it could be so simple…. But… he found a way.
the last time i heard about drake was when he started talking spanish
Phantom Rain
Phantom Rain:
Im pretty sure this is the 3rd strike Jareds
0:44 Uh, that isn't true. Drake and Melissa have a three year age gap, so Drake would have been 19 at most when they started dating, not late twenties.
Send Me Location
Send Me Location:
Alternate title : I can ruin your childhood in 4 minutes or less

Seriously though this is just bizarre.
The Pedro Pascal crying meme hits so hard right now. 😭
Hector G
Hector G:
Damn wtf, I actually had faith that he would find success. Shame on him smh
Mr. Ade
Mr. Ade:
His career ended when the show ended🤣
Astro Punch
Astro Punch:
He should’ve just gotten the power saw
Jacob Chamberlain
Jacob Chamberlain:
Wait drake bell still has a career? Haven’t heard of him in like a decade.
did they specify what the texts were about or are we just jumping on this because the fact the girl was 15, if it were a serious situation I'm sure the charges would be worse, he probably was texting a fan
Slippy Frog
Slippy Frog:
This video should be called "how to taint years of childhood memories in 4 minutes"
It’s a shame cause I love a lot of his music.
Theresa Chavez
Theresa Chavez:
It’s very unfortunate hearing this, as I used to love watching Drake & Josh.
Mason plays some stuff
Mason plays some stuff:
Remember when this guy played spider man in a cartoon. Well this guy seems like the opposite of spider man
Shay H.
Shay H.:
Tbh Drake was a victim who now seems to be the monster.
Matt Barker
Matt Barker:
So sad to see your childhood icons become pieces of shit and ruin themselves
Now there's two Jared's we need to look out for lmao
Damn man could’ve made a comeback being a special guest on the new icarly. Tuff 🤷🏾‍♂️
3:23 This shit right here is terrifying. I remember seeing reruns of Icarly a while back since i never had cable (PBS Kids baby), so, even as an older dude, I decide to watch it on Paramount + cause of that free trial. Little did I know that both Disney and Nick had a creepy rabbit hole that you’re mentioning as I just finished the show and researched about it (Specifically Dan Schneider)
I was just hanging out with him last week, we all knew something was going on.

Im an event coordinator btw. I posted the pic with him so now i feel like bill gates to his epstein
Drake Bell is a rough looking 34 year old. He's aging like a banana. I'm almost 41 yrs old and he looks like he could be my age and I could be his age.
Black Midas
Black Midas:
I never thought
it would be so simple, but
Lock me away, lock me AwaYyy
Yellow Walkman
Yellow Walkman:
Every day there are more references to the 1980s. It never stops.
Sage W
Sage W:
Wow! I saw him open for lil yachty at my college’s concert - despite yachty showing up 30 min late Drake kept the crowd entertained and did well with keeping crowd happy. Did not expect to hear this news in the slightest!
Mr. Aero250
Mr. Aero250:
Drake: "Well, I never thought that it'd be so simple, but
I found a way, I found a way."
Oddly eerie how his face profile looks like jefferey Epstein
butt munch
butt munch:
I always had a weird feeling about him whenever I saw him off screen...
Andrew S
Andrew S:
Damn, this man performed for a fundraiser at my school just a couple years ago
Drake was 19 when he started dating Melissa Lingafelt, he was only 3 years older. Now many still say she's still underage and that's he's disgusting but you know how Hollywood is, they let to their kids do whatever the hell they want. Her parents and his employers should have put a stop to it if they felt that it was so horrible and disgusting. Remember the indian is not at fault, but the ones who make him chief. They had the power to stop it and did nothing.
IG Tea
IG Tea:
He literally just sang for my school’s graduation class like 2 weeks ago 😭😫
Adam Sheats
Adam Sheats:
I am also curious about the nickelodeon studios/stars sentiment. Most of girl actors seem to do fine.
The Sage
The Sage:
Perfect timing for iCarly 2021
jersey strong012
jersey strong012:
I’m sad for him I grew up watching him and josh and it’s sad to see him go threw this
youtuber 8557
youtuber 8557:
He needs an excuse slip from “Bob the Doctor”
Nessie x27
Nessie x27:
So wait he was sending inappropriate social media messages to a minor? He’s gonna get locked up for it while James Charles who’s done the same thing multiple times (btw even admitted it) is walking around free and still has supporters. They both deserved to be locked up.
Drake's best time off his life happened while he was young, so I think in his mind, he still believes that he's in his teens. Disney warped his mind waaaay past the point of logical thinking.
The Blue Thunder Bunny
The Blue Thunder Bunny:
Why can't these stars just have their time, appreciate it, then go away in peace. It seems like they always have to go down in flames.
Damn, rip my childhood lmao
This is breaking my heart. I had so much faith in him.