"Dune" Director Denis Villeneuve On His "Brilliant, Intelligent" Star Timothée Chalamet

Stephen Colbert is a known "Dune" superfan so he delights in picking the brain of director Denis Villeneuve, who explains the delicate process of adapting such a far-reaching novel into a film and expresses his admiration for its star Chalamet. #Colbert #DenisVilleneuve #DUNE

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100+ comentarios:

One of the best Directors working today.
sammy soppy
sammy soppy:
I love Denis. he is not only a master but a genuinely good, warm guy. He is proof that a director doesn’t need to be an asshole to make brilliant work
Emil Smith Nielsen
Emil Smith Nielsen:
You had Stephen interview Denis, and all we got was 6 minutes?! Stephen could have spend way more time on talking about Dune with him. Come on. Let the nerdom flow!
Villeneuve is a cinematic master. I could listen to Stephen and him chatting for an hour.
Discover Montréal
Discover Montréal:
The pride of Quebec! Not sure I've ever been more excited for a film, merci Denis♥
If you only go to the theatre once this year, go see Dune. Trust me it was a mind-blowing experience.
The way they did 'The Voice' is absolutely mindblowing. Small speakers simply cannot do it justice. It made me jump when I saw it in the theatre.
Villeneuve can do no wrong. I'm seeing Dune for the second time in a theater tomorrow and can only encourage everyone to watch it on the biggest theater screen you can find.
A. Clark
A. Clark:
Stephen played that so cool, when we all know he was absolutely freaking out on the inside
Adrian Mills
Adrian Mills:
Dune was released in some parts of the world already and I saw it at an IMAX theatre here in Norway a few weeks ago. Absolutely stunning movie and as faithful an adaptation of the book as you could probably get away with. Definitely among the best Sci-fi movies ever made.
Polytechnique, Incendies, Prisoners, Enemy, Arrival, Blade Runner 2049 this guy has been making nothing but brilliant cinematic works. Really excited for Dune.
I can't wait for the movie, I love the director and I love Timothée in the lead role. He's such a talented actor and actually look like Paul should look.
Stephanie Humala
Stephanie Humala:
Love his accent when speaking in English, you recognize quickly the Quebecer accent 🙂

Denis is making Québec proud, merci!
Alfie Frost
Alfie Frost:
Incendies is probably his most under appriciated work. The opening scene alone makes it better than most Hollywood films releasing today.
Roland Kloka 🅥
Roland Kloka 🅥:
I was fortunate enough to watch this film multiple times. It is one of the greatest experience in the movie theatre.
Cyrano DaBurgerack
Cyrano DaBurgerack:
A bit of trivia. I remember when Denis Villeneuve started his filmmaking career as a young contestant on the French CBC show "La Course Autour du Monde" (The race around the world). Young aspiring filmmakers had to submit a short film every week from a different location. Each contestant's film was then graded by judges on the weekly program. This was, of course, well before the advent of digital cameras, which made the process of shooting say, in a jungle, and then editing, etc... a lot more difficult. Cameras got broken, film got lost, etc... It was akin to guerilla filmmaking and tested more than just mastery of filmmaking tehniques. Denis Villeneuve won the 1990-1991 edition of "La Course Europe-Asie".
Give this man his damn Oscar already.
La Stefita
La Stefita:
I strongly recommend watching the movie "Incendies" by Denis Villeneuve, it is a true masterpiece! So happy to see him on this show! Merci! ❤️
rali io
rali io:
I'm rereading Dune in French right now, I feel closer to Denis this way : ))
P Tron
P Tron:
He is so humble, the man doesn't even know hes the best film maker of the past 10 years
Clément Hossaert
Clément Hossaert:
The way they edited Paul's perspective to mirror his feeling momentarily confused when the reverend mother used the voice is great.
Dune was awesome. Can’t wait for more by Denis. The next Peter Jackson in the best way possible
Merci Denis, je suis impatient de voir ton œuvres
Mario Beauregard
Mario Beauregard:
Hometown boy making Quebecers proud, can't wait to see it! Merci Denis!!
Felix Mathews
Felix Mathews:
He will be remembered as one of the greatest filmmakers cinema has ever known
I don't understand why the Internet is not blowing up over this film. To me it's the new Star Wars for sure.
Jared Vlogs
Jared Vlogs:
born and raised in korea, i was not familiar with dune so i read the book just before going to the theaters. and I was just absolutely transported and stunned. not like anything i've seen before in terms of scale. Stephen read it when he was 19 and i can see he is really moved. i can only imagine what an awesome feeling that could be...
Negla p
Negla p:
I live in Germany and saw the movie it’s absolutely amazing
Matt Casas
Matt Casas:
Blade Runner 2049 was epic. This guy knows what he's doing!
We’re so proud of you here in Québec Denis💛 I hope everyone will go see Dune in theatres!!
Cannot wait to see Dune.....

His Blade Runner sequel was brilliant....every bit as good as the original, imo. Totally felt like the same universe...but heightened with subtle tasteful modern sensibilities. Precisely what I wanted. I get the feeling his new take on Dune will be the same.
Shumayel Khan
Shumayel Khan:
Timothys scenes in the first half are some Oscar worthy stuff in my opinion.
I didn't read the book, but this movie was amazing. The visual experience was truly unique.
Stephen can’t help himself but to talk about Lord of The Rings all the time and that makes me love him even more
Ofer Mizrahi
Ofer Mizrahi:
Thank you Denis for being such a great director and loving Sci Fi / Fantasy fan. You are saving us for being stuck with only SH movies as big franchises movies.
I will watch your Dune at the theater more than once to show my appreciation.
Ive already seen dune (gonna see it again next week) and its a masterpiece! The directing is phenomenal, the photography, the score, the acting, its so so good! I pray to god it makes a ton of money so we get a sequel!
Max Hirsch
Max Hirsch:
If done properly, Dune will be another world; therefore, in that case, I expect I'll see it at least two or three times in the theater- the cinematography and soundscape should be incredible.. Also, films like this are worth supporting in their traditional format!
Michelle Gomes
Michelle Gomes:
He made magic and he deserves all the praise!
Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro
Dora Eugenia Gasteazoro:
I already bought my ticket. It’s going to be the first time I go to a cinema theater since the pandemic began, all because of my love for the books and my excitement to see this adaptation, with such brilliant cast and crew under the direction of one of the best directors right now. I can hardly wait!! My only regret is that we don’t have IMAX in my country.
He looks so genuine and a good man, exactly like Timmy
Bernard Yu
Bernard Yu:
There are so many directors that I love and he's quickly become one of them. I love how he uses sounds and music not to set the mood but to amplify it. He doesn't overdo it either effectively using silence together with breathtaking visuals. He lets the visuals tell the story rather than over relying on long, verbose dialogue. Throwback to the older directors and their style.
Hans Harhoff Andersen
Hans Harhoff Andersen:
I love how Stephen just refers to "the third movie", he does not need to clarify 😀
I saw the movie for the third time in the cinema in Germany tonight and I still can't believe how unbelievably good it is. Do yourself a favor and watch it in the biggest cinema you can find. Mind blowing!
Just watched it yesterday, and I will definitely watch it again in the cinema!
stephanie brown
stephanie brown:
All l know is that, even before l realized who he was all of his films that I'd seen left me shook. Like whoever this Denis dude is he's an f-ing genius.
Diana Shelton
Diana Shelton:
Can’t wait to see this movie tonight. I’ve been waiting for it since It was announced in production.
Tasha S
Tasha S:
just watched Dune. it’s well written, it’s visually stunning, with fantastic group of cast. it's confidently executed. and I think based on the trailer only, Villeneuve's done exceptionally amazing. goddamn, Denis Villeneuve 👏 j'ai tellement hâte pour Dune part 2! PS. Timothée Chalamet should forever be praised and never forgotten 🙌
Lynette Perkins
Lynette Perkins:
I could’ve listened to this conversation for hours.
Pool Hall
Pool Hall:
It’s seems like they’re trying really hard to sell Timothee as a good actor.
That should stand on it own.
New Message
New Message:
The casting was near enough to perfect across the board, really.
Vincent Krommenhoek
Vincent Krommenhoek:
My favorite director at the moment. Dune is an awesome masterpiece and loved Arrival and BR2049. Villeneuve his favorite movie of all time, like me: 2001: A Space Odyssey!
I watched the movie and it's one of the best I've ever seen (it's out in Switzerland already). I think I will see it again in the cinema, it's that good.
Its so good. Anyone who's a fan of Dune is gonna be very happy. If you're going into Dune expecting a Michael Bay movie with absolutely no subtext, shit dialogue, and a bunch of explosions and pew pew moments you're not gonna get that so dont bother. What you get is a masterclass on how to properly adapt a novel into a screenplay. If you're a fan of Blade Runner 2049 and liked that pacing and the visuals, and the underlying tension of that film, you’ll love Dune. If you want Fast & the Brainless then you wont get it. The people saying its bad and boring almost certainly thought they were getting a high octane sci-fi action movie.
Rolyat Neek
Rolyat Neek:
Prisoners is a fascinating film. He makes movies worth watching more than once because he knows how to tell an intricate story.
Ok, Denis is on track to be in the same rarified atmosphere as Kubrick. There, I said it! Discuss...
Mary Donohoe
Mary Donohoe:
So glad they waited for a big-screen release to be possible. Great patience, given the fact that it was totally envisioned for the theater and then COVID hit!
I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS IN THE THEATER!! Already got my ticket!!!
Bravo Denis! On est tellement fier de toi! ❤
Duncan McMillan
Duncan McMillan:
The 21st century's current cinematic genius.
Charlie B.
Charlie B.:
Everyone saying "he's one of the best directors working today": name someone who's better.

This guy has been flying under the radar for a decade but I can't think of anyone alive who more reliably comes up with more thoughtful, original, mindblowing movies. Cannot wait to see this.
The Owocowy
The Owocowy:
Seeing Dune in a movie theatre really was a once in a lifetime experience. I'm glad they moved the movie and not just released it on streaming, because it really deserves to be seen on the biggest screen possible. The amount of detail and the overall scale of the movie should be viewed on a cinema screen and the beautiful music by Hans Zimmer really hits your body with a right sound system (I guess that's how you can call it, non-native speaker here). So if, or more likely WHEN you find some free 2,5 hours, go watch Dune in the nearest theatre. You wont be disapoinent, it's a visual masterpiece, the most beautiful movie since Avatar ❤️
William Steeves
William Steeves:
Denis is a visionary. I want to see Dune on the big screen.
Denis is a genius i'm so proud of him. Been loving him since Incendies. Masterpiece.
B Dre
B Dre:
He is one of the best directors working today, I love all of his movies. That being said, I love the original Dune and it will be hard to live up to
Can't wait to see it. I think I need to go to the theater for this one.
One of the best movie experiences i ever had, i'm so glad i could watch it in IMAX 3D. Truly an audio-visual feast from start to finish. Can't wait for part two.
Villeneuve is a true master! when it comes to somewhat commercial film making.
Such a good director -- really wish this was longer! So freaking excited to see Dune
Villeneuve made one of my favorite films: "Arrival" forever grateful
Movie already released in my country 🇨🇭, my God. It is BEAUTIFUL!!! it deserves every inch of your cinema screen to be able to do justice the grandness in scale the world thrust upon you.
Holger V
Holger V:
Dune was one of the best movie experiences I had in years. Definitely watch it on the big screen. Can't wait for part II
Rüdiger Hasenpusch
Rüdiger Hasenpusch:
What a Masterpiece Dune is oh my....saw it twice here in Germany in Cinema,and next week for the third time! I just can't get enough! 😊
Alex Nguyen
Alex Nguyen:
I thought about walking out of this movie because I was so bored but the ending was alright lol
i like the way denis sees Timothée, ---- maybe its because of the combination of american and french culture
Denis is the greatest cinematographic wizard on Earth! 😍😍😍 Dune was MARVELOUS and breathtaking on big screen, I've seen it twice in theater. Beautiful, it's a feast for the eyes. 🤩😍
I love the french canadian accent so much
Christian Galvan
Christian Galvan:
Dune was fucking incredible
The One Truth
The One Truth:
Denis needs to make a epic film on Gilgamesh or someone with similar talents... Its almost a sin a big budget film has never been made on Gilgamesh.. it could probably span 2-3 films... easily.

That and its time for some more Conan films! Sword and Sorcery movies are too few... too much modern age crap with magic and guns these days and ugly sky scrappers its time for some more Ancient history epics to hit the big screen!
Sean Stadler
Sean Stadler:
There’s something that Denis Villeneuve does with silence that just feels so awesome.
Just watched Dune. Holy hell it’s good
Anita Acda
Anita Acda:
I have already seen it in Europe and trust me: IT'S AMAZING
B1001 D
B1001 D:
Dune is amazing. See it on the biggest screen possible.
Foxy Foxtrot
Foxy Foxtrot:
Dune was amazing. Please all go see it so that we get a second part!!
This deserved more time, especially since Colbert allegedly likes it.
Stephen should pronounce Denis’ last name correctly because he has a French last name himself: Colbert
Џон Мастерман
Џон Мастерман:
Such a gentleman, and a brilliant director
J Kelly
J Kelly:
Already have my tickets for IMAX, then ill rewatch on HBOmax. This movie is made for the big screen experience.
The way Americans pronounce Villeneuve is always "interesting" (i.e. laughable/irritating). Denis is very polite to say that Stephen pronounces it correctly, though he did say it much better the second time!
Ksenia H
Ksenia H:
proud that such an amazing director is Canadian. Love all his movies :)
I love his soft-spoken French accent. Very interesting guy
Quebeccers are so proud of him. Félicitations !
Thiago Dias
Thiago Dias:
is such a shame this interview is so short. You can see how Stephen and Dennis wants to talk more about the book, the film, such a waste. Stephen needs a podcast (same format as Conan) or a longer format for interviews.
Marcelo Sousa
Marcelo Sousa:
1:08 The excitement from Stephen after the clip was palpable
Alfred G.
Alfred G.:
Wherever you are in the world, if the pandemic situation allows you access to theaters, go watch this...as said, the scale is so enormous & cannot be appreciated fully by whatever home theater setup you have. I'm not a Dune fan, nor know anything prior but I'm glad I took the COVID risk (fully vaccinated of course) to watch it in the cinema! Well fucking worth it...
Well done, Denis 👏🏽👏🏽
Now, get to work on the second part ......right now !!!
Tabarnak !!!
I could listen to Denis read the phone book, if that was still a thing.🙏
jonathan rodriguez
jonathan rodriguez:
One of the finest directors, I wish I could forget blade runner 2049 so I can watch it again ❤️
Nicolas Alexander Otto
Nicolas Alexander Otto:
Best movie of the year hands down. Then again everything Denis Villeneuve touches turns into gold. 🤤
Matt Lang
Matt Lang:
So excited for this movie. It's the first film I've pre-ordered Imax tickets for since Avatar.
Oscar as BEST pic & Visual period ...is a Masterpiece & was jaw dropping
just like AVATAR came out