Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Reveals First Look at Black Adam, Release Date - IGN Now

We now know Black Adam's release date and why Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson wanted to play him over a hero like Superman. Johnson revealed all of this information on the DC anti-hero movie on an Instagram post, so we breakdown everything he revealed and explain the origins of Black Adam and how he connects to Zachary Levi's Shazam! movie.


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I hope Black Adam is an anti hero, like Venom in his movie
David Crockett
David Crockett:
I just hope he isnt all laughy n goofy as Dwayne usually plays in his roles
Steve Solo
Steve Solo:
This movie better be dark...
von ryan
von ryan:
i hope they don't make Black Adam a comedy/funny character like what happened with Venom. not every comic character needs to be funny.
I think this will be a serious version of shazam movie
Jake Gibbs
Jake Gibbs:
Well kevin hart will probably be in this because the rock is
Todoroki Is A Beast!
Todoroki Is A Beast!:
So hyped for that Black Adam movie with Dwayne Johnson and hopefully WB/DC u keep Henry Cavill as Superman because I want to see that badass fight between them🙌🏼
Wish ppl didn’t use the term ‘super-hero’ when talking about this character.

Villain or Anti-hero is what comes to mind for me when talking about Black Adam. It would be nice to see The Rock actually portrait a serious villain/antihero.
Geo Leo
Geo Leo:
*Mr. Clean's* fed up with humanity's lack of pristine kitchens & restrooms.
Coach Steve
Coach Steve:
Black adam might look better than shazam because the rock has the muscles where the shazam suit has fake muscles and looks cheezy
abdullah ahmad
abdullah ahmad:
Finally, we have been asking this for literally YEARS
Angel of Sarcasm
Angel of Sarcasm:
Hope he doesn't die right away and joins the injustice league.
Max Riggah
Max Riggah:
2020 will be nice but between Marvel & DC, 2021 and 2022 are gonna be a pair of freaking fantastic years for comic book Cinema
Stevie J
Stevie J:
The rock is a lot cooler when he plays the bad guy I don’t want him to go out like bane tho in TDKR don’t make him a badass then make him a big softie in the end.
IGN DarqEspada
IGN DarqEspada:
He does look perfect for the part.
ter pee
ter pee:
Didnt see that throne scene.. Was that in a deleted scene?
Lil, Charmander
Lil, Charmander:
0:42 Omgz you nerdy bastards!!! You spoiled shazam for me 😭
I have yet to see it. I'm like poor and have 0 time right now to do anything 😢😤
DC bout to Pop off with their movies🔥
The Lone Wolf
The Lone Wolf:
Rock “The Dwyane” Johnson 😁
Caland Grant
Caland Grant:
Seems like we're one step closer to a President Dwayne
The Regal Empire
The Regal Empire:
Whoa. 😶

He looks #DOPE af. 🤓
Crypto Judge
Crypto Judge:
This looks amazing I can’t wait the rock destroying everything as black adam😭
Zack Hawkins
Zack Hawkins:
I just hope he can convince Henry Cavil To continue as Superman coz it will be cool to see them both in SHAZAM 3
boss logic in the spotlight damn his work is amazing
Darrion S
Darrion S:
Just the back story of the character already got me hyped plus my boy the Rock is playing the role, LETS GO!
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam:
Peter Safran who's going to produce this already said that this movie will have a very different tone than Shazam. That pretty much confirms Black Adam is going to be dark
Is nobody going to talk about how this is literally going to be like watching Scorpion King but with cooler powers
So glad "The Rock" is playing Black Adam, a perfect match!😇
If only Cena was Shazam😭
The rock needs to take the anti hero vibe he gave on-screen in his ‘faster’ movie role and expand upon that for Black Adam.
Robert Crane
Robert Crane:
I think he's born to play this role!
Ivan Corredera
Ivan Corredera:
I wonder when we’ll see Mr Mind again in the DCEU
Whatever its gonna be just make it R rated ♥️
Godzilla Fantastic X000
Godzilla Fantastic X000:
I’m definitely excited for this !!!
Alan Fox
Alan Fox:
I love Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Faysal Mursal
Faysal Mursal:
It’s only fitting that “the most electrifying man in all of entertainment” is playing the most electrifying villain in DC history.
Jace Harrison
Jace Harrison:
We're really going no hair huh..
Anime Manic
Anime Manic:
For a glace there I thought the character looks like One punch man
Wallace Is Easy
Wallace Is Easy:
Wait i thought he stole the power from his nephew and became black adam
Quinton du Plessis
Quinton du Plessis:
When I heard the word "slave" my worst fears have been realised. I was really hoping they wouldn't go with that storyline but of course with the "slave" backstory you just know this movie is going to be woke as [email protected]#*.
Muhammad Muslim Almuttahdin
Muhammad Muslim Almuttahdin:
Saitama Alter :v
The 1 Ghrol
The 1 Ghrol:
I hope you realise that image is literally just fan art. Yes Dwayne is playing Black Adam but we are yet to see him actually wearing the costume
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
he said december 12 when its december 22 2021
calvin lagerweij
calvin lagerweij:
We need a Lobo stand-alone movie!!!!!!!!
Nathaniel Seaberry
Nathaniel Seaberry:
Almost forgot this movie was in the works, you never know with WB’s.
Razman Rafeek
Razman Rafeek:
I love the Rock I just hope WB wont spoil this movie..
martin horton
martin horton:
I still want want him to arch with shazam
Rôsê Blãçk
Rôsê Blãçk:
Electrifying star plays electrifying role
Starlyn Diaz
Starlyn Diaz:
Rock it!
Kokodeah Kokodeah
Kokodeah Kokodeah:
We will see the rock as evil man for the first time
That boy Who draws
That boy Who draws:
Family guy

“Black jesus”
Stephen Schiffman
Stephen Schiffman:
Darth Knightwing Phoenix
Darth Knightwing Phoenix:
Now we just need him to star in a Darth Bane movie.
k s
k s:
Wonder what role Kevin Hart will play in this one?
Poopdie Noobdie
Poopdie Noobdie:
Dwayne the Rock Adam
luffy blaze
luffy blaze:
He looks like saitama from opm
Just Nick
Just Nick:
Will it connect to Shazam?
StrangerOf The206
StrangerOf The206:
I know a guy name Black Adam. Well, I know two guys named Adam, but we needed a way to distinguish between them. One is Adam, the other is Black Adam. Shazam!
Joejoe -4-20
Joejoe -4-20:
The rock a anti hero hell yes
Random Stuff
Random Stuff:
I hope this Shazam movie is more serious and dark
Jimmy James
Jimmy James:
Is Shazam going to be in it as well?
Teff Shakti Chaos 2
Teff Shakti Chaos 2:
Rocks acting is like my pizza.. CHEEZY!!
Kevin Hart should play the villain.
myles vance
myles vance:
Wow they took Black Adam’s name real literal
mo kushtiwala
mo kushtiwala:
He looks fan made in this
Sabir Molla
Sabir Molla:
Greg Smith
Greg Smith:
Black who? I'm gonna need to see a teaser because shazaam looks silly AF.
Hector Montes
Hector Montes:
Should we have this movie
Watch he become the new superman of DC and they changed black Adams origin story.
Javier Strive !!!
Javier Strive !!!:
Thanks DC What A Lie I Thought It Was Going To Be Release 2020 Next Year. Now I Have To Wait Till 2021 Ok....... I Need Patience Now.
Eric Coldfire
Eric Coldfire:
I completely forgot DC was making this.
Black adak seven champion of shazam?
Au Jun
Au Jun:
Black Adam basicly the other side of the coin for super hero. Sometime they might wondering why we have to capture bad guys and let them breakout again why not kill and we done.
Ryan Velasco
Ryan Velasco:
Black Adam is no nonsense don't get in my way. If the directors keep it that way without making him a goofy bodybuilder then Dwayne has my vote.
David Hughes
David Hughes:
Y’all should be crediting Bosslogic for that thumbnail though....
Javier Strive !!!
Javier Strive !!!:
Most Anticipated
Samoan Adam.
Shahrukh Knight-99
Shahrukh Knight-99:
Damn super exited for Black Adam, but Rock play Black Adam please
Dc is looking more prosperous again!
Sherk F.T.P
Sherk F.T.P:
One punch man?
ThitherBoot G1
ThitherBoot G1:
It’ll get delayed again so chill people
Ultra Xtreme
Ultra Xtreme:
So the rock is joining the dc universe
I can smell it
Anand N
Anand N:
Richard Montes
Richard Montes:
Is clint cage still at cinefix or is he here fulltime
opuiyo golden
opuiyo golden:
But are we going to ignore the fact that black adam isnt actually bald. Dwayne better grow some hair
Theyn Smith
Theyn Smith:
javy sto
javy sto:
If youuuu smeeeeeeell what black adam is killing?
MinJuu Is goddess
MinJuu Is goddess:
Make it as dark as possible
I thought this is an One Punch Man movie
God is my fortress Acts2:38
God is my fortress Acts2:38:
Black Adam on fire
Mr A to Z
Mr A to Z:
Shouldn't BLACK Adam be Kevin Hart?
Enzo Jay
Enzo Jay:
I need a flash movie
Supongo que también está regalando dinero en el juego como en Facebook.
World Gaming Center
World Gaming Center:
The picture says 12.22.21 not 12.12.21
GambinoGod Body
GambinoGod Body: