Earth Day 2021

Earth Day

The first two and a half minutes is a message of despair, the last two highlights how people are fighting back to turn the tide.

Global CO₂ levels reached a record high in 2020.
This trend has continued into 2021 despite the

impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

If the world community halves global emissions by 2030
we have a 50% chance of staying below a 1.5C°
temperature increase.
An increase past this point will likely result in triggering
irreversible chain reactions which will be beyond human control.

We have 50/50 odds...

I implore you to take action now.

Good News! As of 20/04/21 the UK has just committed to cut C02 emissions to 78% by 2035.

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Joseph Stalin
Joseph Stalin:
This video deserves more attention! Keep up the good work!
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley:
[] “We need a change of heart, a reframing of all our conceptions and a new orientation of our activities. The inward life of man as well as his outward environment have to be reshaped if human salvation is to be secured.” [] ~ Shoghi Effendi, Baha'i Faith
Lauren Folbigg
Lauren Folbigg:
The first half is so sad 😩 Love the second part though. Brilliant video, thanks!!!!
Konstanze Tan
Konstanze Tan:
thanks for the making the video! it was really helpful
"Oh beautiful for smoggy skies, insecticided grain, for strip mined mountains majesty, above the asphalt plain. America, America, man sheds his waste on thee. And hides the pines with billboard signs from sea to oily sea.' George Carlin.
Thanks for the awesome video for earth day!
Using this for a school prject
Imanuel Februdoli Siahaan
Imanuel Februdoli Siahaan:
omg the koala :( TwT
Raymond Frankwick
Raymond Frankwick:
1971 school club President, of P.Y.E. *
That's second Earth Day timing!
Not watching us, eighth graders!
*Protect Your Environment
Imperial's is 50!
Dragondeal 2020
Dragondeal 2020:
Sad but true
Zhan Yao
Zhan Yao:
epic montenegro troller moment
This is why I have a company that I help someone own. Any future properties we lease will have rules about the enviorment such as restricting amount of pavement used and rules about plastic usage. We aready have a property where we never killed a single plant. *Peace...*
So my homework is to reflect my opinion on this video
So I think it just shows the bad things in the first halt and there is not a single positive image (only war and lots of *immigrants*)
But the second half is way better, because it's also talking for example about Friday's for future :)
Lets save are earth :C
Maddison Stacey
Maddison Stacey:
We watched this at school today
my teacher showed this
Jaymala Sharma
Jaymala Sharma:
Really there is no PLANET B😞😞
Mr.Bonnie 111
Mr.Bonnie 111:
this was sad
two guys gaming
two guys gaming:
my sir showed me today lol
t s
t s:
20 billion we xould end hunger. Think about that. US spends 780 billion on weapons. This is hard to sell.
To think there's still climate deniers despite everything. Yet, there are more of us then there are of them. We still have the power to change everything.
Syammil Daniel
Syammil Daniel:
javas Brodo
javas Brodo:
what if man made never existed