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Villa On Tour
Villa On Tour:
nathdog 44
nathdog 44:
Mcginn was unbelievable today one of his best in a villa shirt
FPL George
FPL George:
Would have loved to have seen Sanson play in the number 10 role. Looked so lively when hes come off the bench and deserves a start imo. Nakamba not too bad either today
Sam Haines
Sam Haines:
The hair is so disturbing 🥚🥚🥚🥚🍳🍳🍳🍳
What a win for you boys. Glad Villa are now established as a prem team. A club that is responsible for many of the AF rules that apply today. Respect from a Hammers fan.
Reuben AVFC
Reuben AVFC:
An absolutely MASSIVE win that! UTVVVV

edit: it’s amazing how “An absolutely MASSIVE win that! UTVVVV” can cause so much tears. God I love being an Aston Villa supporter 🤣🤣🤣
As good as Ramsey was I do think that when sanson came on he looked composed
Played well today espically scoring in the opening 5 minutes and keeping a clean sheet Sheffield United wolves and Newcastle to come could be interesting 🤔🤔 UTV
Dan Jones
Dan Jones:
I love that your reaction to the goal was the same as mine. This is what VAR has done to us all!
Captain Hindsight
Captain Hindsight:
Love the plethora of villa tops you've got, that jumper is beautiful ❤️
Jamie B
Jamie B:
Imma be honest and say when I was watching the game I was hoping 🥚 wasn’t making a vid cuz I had no hope in us winning without Jack but we held strong. UTV
Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer
Ben Anderson - ElLoneWanderer:
Nakamba honestly unstoppable today. McGinn really good as well and same with Ramsey. Love the midfield and it’s incredible that we have the likes of Luiz, Sanson, and Barkley on the bench to rotate. We’ve had midfield issues but we definitely have the options to help Dean get the tactics right.
Jake Brayshaw
Jake Brayshaw:
Gg max from a leeds fan 💛💙
Jordan Campbell
Jordan Campbell:
Get VOT to 100k hopefully the channel will start to pop off soon
Logcabin Villa
Logcabin Villa:
Every player was immense .. Nakamba wow yet again.. utv
Samantha x
Samantha x:
been looking forward to watchhhh :) utv
Carlos The Villan
Carlos The Villan:
Ain't nobody like El-Ghazi, we finally showed we can win without Grealish
Cameron Brookes
Cameron Brookes:
You needed to get rid of that trim anyway 🥚
Omaree Cox
Omaree Cox:
Love the content utv
Jamie Is Here
Jamie Is Here:
Props to you lot from a Leeds fan did what you needed to do and great video Max!
Will Tev
Will Tev:
Where did he get that jumper, I'm in love haha
Harry Elcock
Harry Elcock:
Egg on tour
Tiberius Blue
Tiberius Blue:
Good to see you back Max your enthusiasm was missed keep up the good work UTV
Phil Broeders
Phil Broeders:
Hope you kept the receipt for that haircut!
Peter Graham
Peter Graham:
Back to back wins is what we need..
Jamie Carroll
Jamie Carroll:
The one guy who doesn’t put an egg in the comments and instead puts bacon🥓
avfc.fans74 TV
avfc.fans74 TV:
Great Video Max!! Keep these going lad
El Ghazi was very good at thriving forward today and his goal separated the two sides and also an honourable mention has got to go to John McGinn, he was everywhere never ever ran out of steam or stopped running #UTV we’ll move on to Wednesday 💪🏼 AVFC
Blazing Saddles
Blazing Saddles:
🥚 chuffed with the result 👍🏼
Josh Webb
Josh Webb:
Eggs on tour 🥚🥚
Craig Dando
Craig Dando:
🥚head , another good VOT video Max 👌🏻
Joshua Jones
Joshua Jones:
🥚🥚🥚 ⬅️ As requested by yourself Max! 🤣 🤣 🤣
Reet Pateet
Reet Pateet:
If only we hadn’t have dropped some stupid points, we’d be up the top! But, what a season! The team, the manager, the owners - it’s all looking SO positive for the future! Great win as well today - I was nervous about this one! UTV!!!!!!!!!
Jonno Berto
Jonno Berto:
Great content slap head 😁 UTV!
kojiiko ko
kojiiko ko:
Love to see you back! Love the hair bro! Goood content as always. UTV!!
darren woolley
darren woolley:
Well pleased with the win and clean sheet.
Garry Taman
Garry Taman:
hey Max - it's been great having you back. Love the view from the opposing fan - could you add this to the end as well? Would love to hear what the same bloke thinks after the match. UTV...
Felix Drew
Felix Drew:
Leeds fan here. We've both beaten each other since the start of our 'rivalry' so hopefully we can move past it now. Good luck for the rest of the season
True Grinder
True Grinder:
🥚 looks good lad
Martin Collins
Martin Collins:
Good hair cut 👏🏆
ryan birmingham
ryan birmingham:
🥚 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 UTV Aint nobody like el ghazi what a guy 👏
Wardyboi 1
Wardyboi 1:
🥚 #UTV🦁💜
Kyran Foster
Kyran Foster:
🥚 🥚 love this man
Mark Hattersley
Mark Hattersley:
Great vid. Great result. All the players stuck to their jobs to perfection against a good team with a great manager. Tactics and changes won it for us for me. Smith seems to either be a tactical genius or naive game to game. This was a genius game. I cant remember the last time Villa got an early goal and then just kill the game. More of that this season please boys
Newton Street
Newton Street:
Brilliant result! Especially with the change of team but they all put a shift in, always nice beating dirty leeds 🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚 UTV
Liam Purton
Liam Purton:
Nakamba was a beast
Jake Crow
Jake Crow:
That jumper! <3 Proper enjoyed that win! Cheers, egg head. UTV
I thought Sanson would get his start, he looks really sharp and exciting
Wheres Fekkesh ?
Wheres Fekkesh ?:
Up the Villa 👍👍🥚🥚
Lee B
Lee B:
Tristan Edwards
Tristan Edwards:
The doubters that said smith doesn’t have a plan B

He has Plans A to Z even plans in mandarin and hieroglyphics true tactician
I thought there was a rule where a nominated Villa player could punch Bumford in his smug face without penalty.
Jeez Max - you need to stick a rabbit on your head so you have a head of hare. Great vid and great win. UTV
Halal Munchies Reviews
Halal Munchies Reviews:
Why does this ALWAYS feel like a derby 😆 #UTV
Joe Bushell
Joe Bushell:
4:26 “shocking touch initially” ???? We watching the same game😂😂 it was a class touch to bring it down seeing as it was hit at him at pace and was already past him 🤣🤣 utfv
The only problem raphina had was getting out of Elmos pocket
Alfie Taylor
Alfie Taylor:
Eggcelent hair cut
Calum Slater
Calum Slater:
Eggcelent Victory for the boys
Guy Beresford
Guy Beresford:
Since the Stoke debacle the "squad" players have been excellent when they have come in. I believe we haven't dropped a point when Nakamba has started, El G has scored loads of goals, Ramsey coming through big time, Elmo doing a job at the back. Would like to see Sansom given more of a go, but that was a great result against a dangerous team. UTV
Steven Clarke
Steven Clarke:
Good Egg!
Ben Barons
Ben Barons:
Nakamba on fire
TC Trifle
TC Trifle:
Deccky Ess
Deccky Ess:
At least you got a haircut , our barbers have been closed.!!! UTV!!!
Aaron Byrne
Aaron Byrne:
The Barnet is legendary. Villa where class tactical genius from smith
Errol Elliott
Errol Elliott:
James Wilkinson
James Wilkinson:
Reece Hodgetts
Reece Hodgetts:
MUFC away
MUFC away:
Adam Keeling
Adam Keeling:
We beat them in the championship, but at villa park. 1-0 Lewis Grabban
Shadow Dude
Shadow Dude:
Zach Twiss
Zach Twiss:
Egg on tour
Louis PS
Louis PS:
Hayden Ball
Hayden Ball:
Jim Carey
Jim Carey:
Toby higgins
Toby higgins:
Nakamba needs to play more....
Christopher Trotter
Christopher Trotter:
4.50, might as well end it there 😂
Credit to DS for the team selection, i have come on here commenting on DS poor tactic or team selection, so he has earn my respect today please keep proving me wrong Dean.
Stylerific Trophies
Stylerific Trophies:
Hazza Bom Bazza
Hazza Bom Bazza:
bleu19 innit
bleu19 innit:
Nick Jones
Nick Jones:
Mattia Hemming
Mattia Hemming:
Mattia Hemming
Mattia Hemming:
Jsavo 22
Jsavo 22:
Last one 🥚 UTV
Superstan Fc
Superstan Fc:
Loved the videos
Jack Butler
Jack Butler:
Harriet Shaw
Harriet Shaw:
Harry Norris
Harry Norris:
Mikey Guest
Mikey Guest:
Footielad 50
Footielad 50:
AVL was tak3n
AVL was tak3n:
Jonathan Murphy
Jonathan Murphy:
Tushar Kaintura
Tushar Kaintura:
Joystick Media
Joystick Media:
Brilliant performance from the lads today. Nakamba is massively underrated, was worried when I saw Luiz was dropped but he's looked leggy in recent weeks, great decision from the gaffer. 🥚🥚
Clare Eccles
Clare Eccles: