ELDEN RING Gameplay Trailer NEW (2022) 4K ULTRA HD

ELDEN RING Gameplay Trailer NEW (2022) 4K ULTRA HD

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I can’t wait to spend three hours trying to beat the first boss.
How the two wrote the lore together:
- Miyazaki: Creates characters.
- Martin: Kills them.
1:48 I just find the fact that the dragon catches the lightning bolt before throwing it at you so damn badass.
It seems slightly unnecessary but the extra detail just makes it so much better imo.
Demir Cruz
Demir Cruz:
Me: "Hey a Dragon, lets use Lightning"
Dragon: *Uses Lightning*
Me: "O_o"
This game looks amazing I can't wait to try out all these Death animations.
Born too early to explore the universe...

*Born just in time to witness the release of Elden Ring*
As I grow older I really try to quit getting so hyped over video games when so many studios keep putting out garbage but I truly appreciate from soft for being able to give me goosebumps and something to look forward to. Takes me back to seeing trailers for halo 3 in theaters as a little kid. I really think elden ring will end up making a top 10 list for me but granted I'd say nearly every from soft game ever made has been endlessly enjoyable.
Alcatraz 2099
Alcatraz 2099:
One of the main things that am excited for is the music. Yuka kitamaru's work on dark souls 3 and bloodborne was nothing short of a masterpiece
Maaaan , I can’t wait to spend a few hours in the character creator!
Kevin Nahuel Flores
Kevin Nahuel Flores:
"Elden ring is the dark souls of from software games"
Jesika Vocisano
Jesika Vocisano:
Probably a good thing it’s coming out relatively soon. My self esteem has been getting a little high and needs to be beaten down again lol
kinetic pen
kinetic pen:
2:27 That shot of the Luminous Stag dashing through the air with such grace and power literally caused a lump in my throat. Beautiful...primal...glorious!
I have been waiting for this game for so long. It looks epic. Can't wait to indulge myself fully in it.
Nhy Tarhalys
Nhy Tarhalys:
Miyazaki: i'm gonna kill this character
Martin: you killed the last one, it's my turn now.
I hope we live in the reality where elden ring is a flawless masterpiece, knowing my boy Miyazaki is behind this makes me feel ten times better. God I can't wait
Daniel Easterling
Daniel Easterling:
so we have a game company known for making games that are designed to kill you, and an author who is known for killing off everyone.

Guys, I don't think we are meant to survive in this game.
Γιώργος Αργυρόπουλος
Γιώργος Αργυρόπουλος:
2:50 for a split second every dark souls fan felt true joy
"I don't know, it is too dark souls like" and what did you expect? A shooter? Wtf with people
Daulton Johnson
Daulton Johnson:
This game is gonna beat my ass like an apache war drum

And all im gonna do is ask for more
Cygnus X-666
Cygnus X-666:
the design of every single one of these enemies/bosses look so amazing and original omg I can't wait
Light in Love
Light in Love:
Please, Fromsoft, never ever stop making games like this. I promise you they never get stale. Much love to you. 🙏❤️💯
Every time I rewatch the trailer feels like I'm watching for the first time again LOVE IT
Emperor of Mankind
Emperor of Mankind:
Fun fact:

The first two notes to Gwyn's theme can be heard at the end
Sm Tasin
Sm Tasin:
From dark souls to sekiro I loved each and everyone of from soft games. I'm confident I'm going to love this too
Danyal Naveed
Danyal Naveed:
Dragon: *uses lightning*
Gwyn: wait you weren't supposed to do that
I honestly think that it's going to be the best game ever made. I'm not usually the type of men to overhype things, but damn, looking back on FromSoft craftmanship in game making, and G.RR Martin as a scenarist (i guess ?) You can't go wrong. Miyazaki gave us genre defining video games (Demon's souls, dark souls, Dark souls 3, Bloodborne and Sekiro) and Elden ring is going to be the magnum opus of FromSoft
If the game feels like sekiro and dark souls at the same time, it’s gonna be a masterpiece.
I've seen this trailer ten times already. It's so beautiful
Hello Hello
Hello Hello:
Everytime i watch this trailer i feel alive again.. i havnt felt this feeling in a decade
you shall not pass
you shall not pass:
I love that it is more traditional fantasy, more colorful, nonsensical and magical. It's a good contrast to all their dreary and gothic games, but it still got that trademark gothic wierdness.
2:00 probably the best moment
003 TheZG
003 TheZG:
Love it or hate it, this is gonna be the most "berseker-ish" game we've ever got.
2:00 This whole line and the way he says it gives me goosebumps.
Cant wait to get lost, get destroyed by random mobs and get dunked on by the first boss. Thank you Elden Ring. Thank you Miyazaki.
Jp 2
Jp 2:
I wonder what patches will look like in this game
Nathaniel Berlanga
Nathaniel Berlanga:
I’m really glad this one wasn’t an exclusive. I love the soul series so much and I’ve been really looking forward to this!
i discovered dark souls last year and it was like love at first side

finished 1,2,3 and bloodborne all within 1 year and couldnt wait for more

guess my prayers have bein answered
this truly looks amazing

i hope this will go back to the connected world like dark souls 1 but even if they dont the atmosphere from this trailer alone is great enough
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy:
This is the only game in YEARS that i'm really looking forward to and am so mucho thriiled about
Darksouls: throw lighting at dragons

Elden ring: dragons throw lightning
blue gamer
blue gamer:
this actauly look so SICK
im legit out of words IT JUST LOOKS SO GOOD
Ethan Oliver
Ethan Oliver:
This game and Halo Infinite are what I'm hyped for.
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau:
This looks like a mashup of two of my favorite games, Castlevania Lords of Shadow and Dragon Age Inquisition!
One of the best videogame trailers ive ever seen in my life!
ᛞᚨ ᚠᛖᛊ
ᛞᚨ ᚠᛖᛊ:
Ladies, gents, I present to you:
Dodge Souls 4: No more horsing around
Darnell Lee
Darnell Lee:
I can't wait for this game it looks amazing 🙂🙂🙂
That moment at 2:00 when Oscar is thrown into the air and instakilled just got me. 😅😅
2:27 what a beautiful boss 😍
Elliot Magalhaes
Elliot Magalhaes:
Man this is classic fromsoftware trailer work. A handful of sinister voiced people commentating on the bleak status of the world and demanding you fix it set to epic, crescendoing choral music and shots of fantastical locations interspersed with clips of the player character getting helplessly brutalized by a vast array of weapons, magic and horrific monsters. Love it.
Unfortunate Rabbit
Unfortunate Rabbit:
1:37 I see that the Blood of The Wolf still lives on. I hope we get a good look at an Artorias/Sif hybrid boss and their boss weapons.
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith:
You know as excited as I am it feels kinda like a mix of shadow of the colossus and dark souls 3 especially in that first riding bit and don't get me wrong I love and have played both those games to death just something I noticed and felt I should point out that it looks like a ds3 mod and im okay with that because it looks so fun
These boss fights look absolutely insane....I think between all the games now they know what works and doesn't I see nothing but perfect bosses here no chaos bed, no rotted great wood nothing like that... everyone knows the best boss fights are the ones against insanely tough humanoid bosses ie The Dancer, Velstadt, fume knight, ornstein and smough, abyss watchers, owl, lady butterfly, artorias etc I could easily go on lol. Especially considering there last game didn't have a single bad fight in my opinion.
Dumb music sells
Dumb music sells:
Wow! I can't for this game. Looks incredible!
Byron Luke
Byron Luke:
"I command thee kneel!"

"Sorry, haven't unlocked that emote."
Everytime I watch this trailer I get goosebombs
Anthony Musacchio
Anthony Musacchio:
This game looks fucking beautiful.
Gacha BlackLight
Gacha BlackLight:
Imagine going trough the free world of elden ring, just traveling with your buddies, and then being ambushed by a dragon boss that should be endgame and killing it, but to make a weapon out of its soul you need 1M Souls :)
This game looks sick! Gotta start busting out some overtime hours at work to get a Series x 😂
asadel fadillah
asadel fadillah:
I love the fact that you can just summon a horse. Though I know several other games can do it, but the way Elden Ring does it just gives me major Darksiders and Immortal Fenyx Rising vibes.
Arjun Chatterjee
Arjun Chatterjee:
Just finished my first playthrough of Dark Souls 2 early this month and launched Bloodborne for the first time and then I find out about this one... (I'm sorry I've been living in a cave for quite some time) ... January 21st 2022 that's just three days after my birthday. I'm really excited for this because souls has been my go to game since it came out pretty much.
Ernie Philip Soloren
Ernie Philip Soloren:
Me while watching this trailer: " I can't wait to die over and over again and triumph against all odds".
Andy Kan
Andy Kan:
Me: Plays ds, ds2, ds3, bb and Sekiro
Also Me: I’m ready.
This looks truly amazing. Wow.
Challenge: "Tell me you made Dark Souls without telling me you made Dark Souls"

From Software:
Saber x ツ
Saber x ツ:
I’d trade my wife out for this game if she was real
Luke Newsom
Luke Newsom:
Ngl I get mad DS3 vibes and I’m extremely excited. Every fromsoft game I’ve played (DSR, DS3, BB, and a little bit of DS2) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.
Demopan TF2
Demopan TF2:
Just realised how diverse this world is. When I first saw it I thought that this was just a linear experience even though I knew it was an open world game, like this was all in one area and you just progress through it. But no. These ares a could be on opposite sides of the lands Between and we wouldn’t even know it.
1:38 heavy berserk vibes
Dylan Lachance
Dylan Lachance:
Looks like 2022 is going to be the year for games!
Crow Corvinus
Crow Corvinus:
I hope the " 4 Hoursemen" waiting, we have finished this Masterpiece of ARTWORK !
Michael Mattingly
Michael Mattingly:
I'm so ready for this game even tho I know I'm gonna suck at it
dsguy 73
dsguy 73:
I think I'm going to cry. It's so beautiful
"They will fight and they will die" yeah I know
Nikolaos Boukouvalas
Nikolaos Boukouvalas:
Praise the sun. I finally watched this trailer on all of my devices.
Brother Captain Brutus
Brother Captain Brutus:
Personally I can't wait to see how many people will attempt to get through this game without being hit or dying.
Jenna Logan
Jenna Logan:
HUGE fan of George R.R. Martin. Love the dark souls series. I've been following any scraps of information I could find out about this game since I read about it on George R.R. Martin's website. I've been dying to see what kind of epicness awaits and when it would be released. I CAN'T WAIT!!!
Oh yes, From Software games.
No outlandish promises, no claims to reinvent the wheel, no dodgy crap.
Can't wait to just play a good fucking game and have an even greater and more memorable experience.
Literally gonna be the greatest game ever
That Dragon boss fight looks sick. All of the bosses look sick but that one especially sticks out with the ability to ride a flying horse during the fight lol.
Paul Leon
Paul Leon:
(JAW DROPPED) I heard legends and stories about this and took it as a mythical tale. Proven wrong, this world is definitely real.....ELDEN RING!
Dragon: *wields lightning"
Gwyn: "Wait, that's illegal"

Dragon: "It ain't legal when Zeus is on my side"

Gwyn: "I'll see myself out"
um cara qualquer
um cara qualquer:
I'm absolutely loving the scenario! It seems like this game will be a killer in ambience... also, I feel like I have seen the cathedral at 2:20 somewhere else XD

In terms of gameplay, it looks like this one will be much more magic-heavy. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Idiot Ben
Idiot Ben:
Elden Ring makes you feel like you're Dark Souls
Lars Dutcher
Lars Dutcher:
Watching this makes my heart race, I am so ready
Marwan Hazem
Marwan Hazem:
This is the best game and the best trailer I have ever seen in my entire existence on this planet we call earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Big Jack
Big Jack:
I've already watched this trailer alike 20 times and i'm still ecxited and impressed and, most importantly, HIPED!!!!
Andrew Virtue
Andrew Virtue:
Dark Souls: Rekindle the flame

Elden Ring: Extinguish the flame
jacob yeager
jacob yeager:

We can see him caressing this dragon earlier in the trailer and here he is wielding it
Immortan dark knight
Immortan dark knight:
Dark souls II 2 looks amazing I can’t wait to play it
Jupiter, Lover of Rain
Jupiter, Lover of Rain:
Dear god it’s amazing

after all this time
Eli Smirnov
Eli Smirnov:
Eliphas the Inheritor, Starscream, Sauron, Sub-Zero, Vilgax, and now the Souls Game's boss.
Is it even possible to measure Steve Blum's awesomeness?
The prophecy has been fulfilled. *Gives me conniptions.*
James Mahon
James Mahon:
Seeing the knight from the official reveal trailer again and her doing that impale move on the character, I just had one thought cross my mind. "How many times am I gonna be dying from that move" 😂😂
It's been out 4 days and I've watched this about 100 times already I can't wait
Trajanus LaRocque
Trajanus LaRocque:
This looks so god damn awesome
Daniel Martinez
Daniel Martinez:
Can't wait to spend 3 hours trying to beat tutorial boss. I meant a week.
якупович кевин
якупович кевин:
This is literally the best trailer i have ever seen in my whole life. Hype 10/10
I'd say Praise the Sun but I think we are now way past that. I am stoked for The Elden Ring!
Anima Ovo
Anima Ovo:
1:36 that shot of the wolf man is great