Elden Ring is real. Geoff Keighley is real. Other things happened. Come listen to us decide it all!

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00:00 - Start
01:30 - Mike Check
07:42 - Intro
09:00 - Jeff's messy beard
11:26 - News
12:00 - Elden Ring
15:00 - Nintendo Switch Pro
21:44 - E3 schedule
26:09 - Square Enix E3 predictions
29:15 - Daddy shift
30:59 - Xbox E3 predictions
34:11 - WB E3 predictions
36:21 - Take-Two E3 predictions
38:58 - Capcom E3 predictions
41:20 - Nintendo E3 predictions
45:05 - Bandai Namco E3 predictions
48:30 - No Saints Row at E3
49:15 - Marvel XCOM
49:42 - God of War delayed
51:10 - Horizon Forbidden West release date
53:53 - Gran Turismo 7 cross-gen
1:03:15 - leave PS4 behind
1:04:37 - Team Asobi
1:05:50 - Yuji Naka
1:08:52 - Don't fight Nintendo lawyers
1:11:15 - Nintendo museum
1:12:04 - WarioWare $50
1:12:58 - AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution
1:14:39 - Valorant mobile version
1:15:03 - Break
1:16:40 - McDonald's fountain drinks
1:17:20 - Questions
1:52:55 - OUT OF NOWHERE!
2:14:21 - Break II
2:14:52 - Knockout City
2:17:15 - 3080 Ti
2:22:56 - Outro

30 comentarios:

Thanks to whomever brought up Mike battling Geoff for the soul of video games. This was one of the funniest, most enjoyable episodes. Thanks guys!
Ryan Laing
Ryan Laing:
Bandai jumping from MS to Keighley might be as simple as recognizing today they're the headliner grand finale, compared to on Sunday they'd get somewhat overshadowed by Halo and Starfield and buried within the other announcements.
William McLelland
William McLelland:
The summer games fest was disappointing but I can't wait to get my hands on Elden ring it looks like a game with gameplay instead of a game you watch to many games don't require skills and reactions just videos but Elden ring is going to be awesome to play
I noticed that TGA will be held at MS stage in la at the end of the year any possible announcements for then or is that to far out thoughts 💭??
Mkhuseli Mazungula
Mkhuseli Mazungula:
at 57:20 Jeff says the rumors he’s heard are all over the place but the main three he’s heard are IO Interactive, Avalanche, and Crytek.
For some reason I love that you casually talk before turning the camera on. It’s great.
Allan Whittle
Allan Whittle:
Maybe bandai wanted it to take centre stage and summer games fest was the best choice. Everybody is talking about it now. Would it have been like that if it was at the xbox event. I think they made the right choice in the summer games fest
Good Morning Games
Good Morning Games:
Good stuff as always
The best voice acting in a FF is XIV
Paul-Ove Eidem
Paul-Ove Eidem:
The only one that must come to Smash Brothers is Sora! 💝
Damian Elswick
Damian Elswick:
My question is, what was up with all the Sonic music? Was the Rule 34 orchestra the one who got away?
Elden Ring looked fantastic.

Announcing skins for games at this kind of event is silly.
RedDeadPanda Gaming
RedDeadPanda Gaming:
Starts at 5:50
nobody will care
nobody will care:
I'll be honest. This probably the last physical gen and I bought a ps5 first. Sony strong arming favors me and by the time xbox gets really going with their games and I buy one, all of those game will be on sale, so shit it works out for me 😎😂 yes I'm horrible.
Moon Studios wanted to stay independent
Fucking Sony....good business move tho
Blood of Heroes
Blood of Heroes:
Your show has an awkward cadence to it that makes it difficult to follow the conversation while doing other things on my PC. This is the first time having this issue with a pod cast. lol
j.k. 123
j.k. 123:
IO Interactive, Avalanche and Crytek will be big addition to Xbox. Wow.
Powerful Gamer Tweeter
Cincinnati represent!
Paul-Ove Eidem
Paul-Ove Eidem:
It’s Sony……🙄
Sony made that deal with Kadokawa (even if just 1.93%), and FromSoft started acting weird with Elden Ring, so it seems like quite the coincidence.
Jakub Hergesell
Jakub Hergesell:
Avalanche Studios or Avalanche Software?
It's false
You can not defeat my Staten style
You can not defeat my Staten style:
Sony strong arming publishers surprise surprise lmao
Daniel Cumba
Daniel Cumba:
The sony stuff is super unsettling. I really hope they're not strong arming publishers.
Ramses Garcia
Ramses Garcia:
People miss out by not playing the Borderlands 3 DLC. The best writing in the entire series.
Mr. Sarcastic
Mr. Sarcastic:
Please SONY REMAKE ELDER RING or at least give them the DECIMA ENGINE!!!!!
Khalid Hashmi
Khalid Hashmi:
Elden Ring graphics were very last gen. Artstyle aside
Michael Ellis
Michael Ellis:
Elden ring looks like shit but I don't like lord of the rings or the hobbit so!