Elizabeth Gillies’ Guide To Hollywood Glamour & Perfect Eyeliner | My Beauty Tips | Vogue Paris

Dynasty star Elizabeth Gillies showcases her vintage-inspired makeup look with a twist in Vogue Paris My Beauty Tips. Watch as the Hollywood actress, and long-time friend of Ariana Grande, gives us a step-by-step guide to her flawless skincare routine, as well as the art of mastering the perfect 1960s-inspired cat eye for timeless smoky-eyed contemporary glamour.

Casting by Nurrrr

Beauty Credits:
Vinopure Clear Skin Purifying Toner, by Caudalie

Hyaluronic Serum, by Dr Barbara Sturm
Rose de Mai Cream, by Chantecaille
Bright Eyes Mask, by 100% PURE
Tinted Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base, Light, by NARS
Just Peachy Mattes Velvet Eye Shadow Palette, by Too Faced
Mad Eyes Eyeliner, Noir Ebène 01, by Guerlain
Natural Definition Eye Pencil, Coffee, by Alima Pure
Traceless Foundation Stick, 2.0 Buff, by Tom Ford
Waterproof Foundation/Concealer, Buff, by Tom Ford
Brow Wiz, Taupe, by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Tinted Brow Gel, Caramel, by Anastasia Beverly Hills
Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen, by YSL Beauty
Shade and Illuminate, Intensity Two, by Tom Ford
Invisible Loose Setting Powder, by Laura Mercier
Hoola Matte Bronzer, Hoola, by Benefit
Dandelion Ballerina Pink Blush & Brightening Face Powder Mini, by Benefit
Endless Bronze & Glow, BECCA x Chrissy Teigen Limited Edition, by BECCA Cosmetics
Quick-set Striplash Adhesive, White/Clear, by DUO
Demi Wispies fake eyelashes, Black, by Ardell
Haute Couture Trio Lashes, Medium Combo, by KISS
Lip Cheat lip liner, Pink Venus, by Charlotte Tilbury
Matte Revolution lipstick, Sunset Lover, by Charlotte Tilbury
Legendary Lashes Volume 2, Black Vinyl, by Charlotte Tilbury


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vivi b.
vivi b.:
"and long-time friend of Ariana Grande" in the description..really guys?
long time friend of ariana grande in the description is so unneeded.
Diana C
Diana C:
She makes her everyday make up just la Fallon wow
mariana martins
mariana martins:
Baylee ChanTung
Baylee ChanTung:
Everyone's talking about Fallon but she was Jade first...
Angelia Harper
Angelia Harper:
ok lets be real she needs more praise
1. she's an amazing actress
2. she's a really talented singer
3. she's a GODDESS
4. she's an icon
there is no reason people don't absolutely love her peroid (no tampons)
Janani Sathish
Janani Sathish:
she does her makeup so aggressive but it turned out so good lol i was scared the whole time
#600 -
#600 -:
Did they literally wrote “a long time friend of Ariana Grande”?
Menna Elshazly
Menna Elshazly:
Why when she said that her boyfriend comes in I imagined beck from Victorious walking in😂😂😂😂
Kim Min-jae
Kim Min-jae:
I feel like she’s just getting paid for playing herself.
180_Trieska Ayu
180_Trieska Ayu:
I deadass paused and took a time out when she just rubs foundation all over her face like moisturizer
Disney, let her play Megara if Hercules gets a remake!
Her face, her voice, her EYES, She is so unique and this is way overdue! Definitely needs more credit. Natural actress, All I see is Fallon lol.
Emily Maune
Emily Maune:
Everyone talking about her being Fallon but the ogs know she’s Jade West
ಠ_ಠ M.S
ಠ_ಠ M.S:
Okay literal facts:
She needs more love. For real she's amazing,talented , gorgeous, Hilarious , and more.
Wait. She’s supposed to have no eyebrows. Like if you get it.
sesshoumaru‘s mokomoko
sesshoumaru‘s mokomoko:
I've never seen anyone apply make-up as carelessly and messy as elizabeth does but it still ends up looking so pretty?? i love how she just slaps the stuff onto her face
Princess S.
Princess S.:
“Ariana grandes long time friend” in the discription was a lil unnecessary🥴😬
Manel Aicha
Manel Aicha:
Never saw her without her statement Eyeliner
She was FEELING herself and that’s just eveerrrything
Lovely Cutie
Lovely Cutie:
"long time friend of Ariana Grande" what kinda description is that? She's her own person. Her career does not revolve around being Ariana's friend.
Luna Portman
Luna Portman:
“long time friend of Ariana” as if we didn’t love Liz before ariana blew up 🙄
_ hallucinogenicfallacy _
_ hallucinogenicfallacy _:
i find it quite charming when celebrities give us a glimpse into their personalities outside of their status, the intimacy of being spoken to directly. it makes the situation feel extremely enigmatic yet sweetly authentic because you'd never guess that even a gorgeous celeb would have went through a paralleling phase of desiring to look like Megan fox evoked by popular media. super interesting, and i've always loved liz.
Liz is naturally so beautiful but who else almost doesn’t recognize her without winged eyeliner
TryingReallyHard !
TryingReallyHard !:
3:48 That's so sweet, she thinks I could get a boyfriend
Ayla Abbasova
Ayla Abbasova:
Is it me or she looks like Lindsay Lohan?
Chill Chill
Chill Chill:
She is talented as actress but I’m so sad that she doesn’t want to work on her singing career. Her voice is so magnificent:(
Arieana Bromfield
Arieana Bromfield:
I feel like Liz Gillies in real life is a perfect mixture of both Fallon and Jade lol.
I feel like I’m actually watching Fallon doing a collab with Vogue in Dynasty lol she looks like she’s in character
Madelyn Cooper
Madelyn Cooper:
Soooo nobody has seen her in the tv show Sex, Drugs, and Rock n Roll as Gigi?
Aamna Afroz
Aamna Afroz:
Liz Gillies is just whole another mood. Be it Fallon or be it Jade, she always possess a captivating aura.
Roretta Tutory
Roretta Tutory:
She wasn't acting for Jade's character
I feel like her personality is exACTLY like when she's jade or fallon

I simp-
Stacy Singh
Stacy Singh:
6:55 "Ok, I'll take it" - so relatable.
Renee Goldberg
Renee Goldberg:
Who tf is Fallon, I just know Jade West
lololol lolol
lololol lolol:
Me: "OMG, no, don't do it like that! That's not a good way to do it."
Also me: "Wow, that looks nice."
Carol Revoredo
Carol Revoredo:
“and long-time friend of Ariana Grande“. Argh, is it really necessary? She is as amazing as Ariana, they both literally started together. Liz is talented enough, and has a (the hell) career, to be refer to as a “long-time friend” of someone else.
emma wheeler
emma wheeler:
i just realized that this is the first time that i saw Liz without makeup or even without eyelyner
Summer Xo
Summer Xo:
She's basically Jade in real life😂
alejandra duarte
alejandra duarte:
I love her, however, she is extremely rough with her skin:l
When she makes eye contact with the camera lens it feels like she is looking into my soul 👀

Jamie Sweet
Jamie Sweet:
"see that little clump go away go away go away" why is this me every time I applie mascara 😂
Girls can scooter Too!
Girls can scooter Too!:
yall be like ReMeMbeR JaDE like yeah we do but this is liz gillies now
won c
won c:
I've always thought Liz as a queen of smoky&cool makeup(Jade's look) but this warm gorgeous look... just ADORABLE.
her eyes are literally the most perfect shape for this look
Gabriela D
Gabriela D:
it looks like she was bit harsh on her eyes when she was blending the colors.
Haniffa Hosein
Haniffa Hosein:
I think we all have that moment where when try a megan fox look and then realize we can't look like her 😭😭
Liz really went from Gorgeous to GORGEOUS
She’ll always be jade in my eyes ❤️. Her jade literally popped out the second she started her eyeshadow 😂. I live for it ❤️
Sanjid Ahmed
Sanjid Ahmed:
It’s like Jade west is talking to my soul. Blessed!
Dana Al-Sahlani
Dana Al-Sahlani:
One word: GORGEOUS 😍

Btw I thought of Jade when she goes "this is a very dangerous game" 😂 Then she says "we hate you go away" 💀
Henrique Borges
Henrique Borges:
"I look like a superhero with no powers" so like... a normal person?
Blac Rose
Blac Rose:
How does it feel to be God's favorite. Her face is literal perfection 😍
Samia Uddin
Samia Uddin:
Naw, that’s not Fallon. She screams Jade west!
Black Sand
Black Sand:
She's so damn pretty.
Simply Lauren
Simply Lauren:
"The best is what people ignore"
She is so underrated but so down to earth!♥️
If she doesn't play Megara in the live action Disney Hercules I'm going to riot.
Kiarah Allen
Kiarah Allen:
"Why is the C-R-A-Z-Y .... WHY IS THE CRAZY LADY HOLDING A GUN?" Fallon Carrington
Katey Ash
Katey Ash:
Liz is my literal fav actress. Her acting skills as Jade in Victorious and Fallon in Dynasty were all awesome. Wish I could meet her in real life 😢🧡💛
ᴛʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ
ᴛʜᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ᴄʜɪᴄᴋᴇɴ:
She doesn’t even need makeup she looks pretty without it
holly mcmellon
holly mcmellon:
The end “yeah I feel good” I’m dead 😂😂
Pastel Daydream
Pastel Daydream:
"Don't touch me"who miss Jade?
Samantha Jane
Samantha Jane:
“We Stan a blended eye” she’s such a mood
Samira Port
Samira Port:
She looks like a real Hollywood diva - even w/o makeup ✨
Ceylin Çetin
Ceylin Çetin:
" 15 years ago your mom gave birth for the wrong thing"
She was jade first
Khadija Krelifaoui
Khadija Krelifaoui:
Love the fact that she uses her hand for foundation she doesn’t give a **** 😂😂♥️
The Cooking Marathon
The Cooking Marathon:
She’s actually really good with her makeup , that’s good
Michelle Stella
Michelle Stella:
A week ago I tried to find a Fallon/Elizabeth Gillies eyeliner tutorial... This is faith. 😂
Circus Smith
Circus Smith:
"I kind of look like a superhero right now, but a superhero with no powers." LOL!
never seen her w/o makeup before but she’s so pretty and her skin is gorgeous 🥺✨
Shes just so incredible. I enjoyed every second of this video. She was herself, genuine, hilarious. Loved it
I was poor so I used to do my entire make up look with my fingers in highschool and I've never really gotten out of the habit. I feel so seen and represented. Lol.
I also still stand by using your hands for foundation because I feel like it helps it melt into the skin and look more dewey and less cakey.
An actual video of Liz Gillies talking and doing things that isn’t on the Zac Lang show… How did we get so blessed 😍😍😍
Mayuge _Chan
Mayuge _Chan:
She looks like she could be siblings with Angelina Jolie
Why is that when I blend in my makeup with my hands it looks like I crawled out of a ditch, but when she does it, it’s perfection ?
I love you Liz Gillies 🥰💋
UGGGGHHHHH I LOVE HOW SHE DID HER MAKE UP the whole painting it on with her fingers was so old school and then using the brushes in little bits and then how it all came together it was so throwing it back to old school and it works it works so well I could watch her do her make up all day all the time
she’s so stunning but her putting eyeshadow on eyeliner is giving me so much anxiety
Sara Zaman
Sara Zaman:
she is just gorgeous like...wowww shes so pretty and attractive
I love her ... definitely she knows what she’s doing... also I like she was not selling products like some others ... it was more about her style and skills. Really good 👌🏼
salty bitch
salty bitch:
imagine being her future kids telling everyone your mom is that iconic Jade West .
King Luis
King Luis:
ariana and her go WAY back. imagine having friends omg
•Nerdy Nell•
•Nerdy Nell•:
Guys I’m not even joking- when she used to play Jade West people used to say I looked like her like I was so flattered 😂
I mean I actually do 😂
Lexuz Salinas
Lexuz Salinas:
I wish this video was longer and wasn’t so highly edited with jump cuts.
Lupita Martinez
Lupita Martinez:
🥺i miss her she is gorgeous amazing and talented and she sings like an angel she might not know that BUT I CAN SEE IT IN HER 🥺❤️ i just wish i could call her if i would i would cry to death
Upasana Blossom
Upasana Blossom:
2:39 "You just had to do it" Fallon showed up!!
Lwazi Mpofu-Mketwa
Lwazi Mpofu-Mketwa:
Liz' sense of humour is ace 👌😂
3:46 "you wear a mask everyday"
She is so beautiful. She would be a great Meg on a Hercules live action
Delilah Ross
Delilah Ross:
I love how you do your own makeup!!! 😍 I literally googled this today as I've been binge watching and breastfeeding at nights with my 9 day old boy 😄 cannot wait to recreate this
Sabrina L Souza
Sabrina L Souza:
I've looked up to this girl for so many years now, it's insane. She's so funny and genuine, god.
In this household we stan Liz Gillies.
Pretty MenaceXIV
Pretty MenaceXIV:
I’ve never been so in love with someone as beautiful as her she’s amazing on the inside and the outside 💕
Jawon Jones
Jawon Jones:
I just love her, I could watch her all day... woah not trying to sound too crazy but... yeah honesty she’s Fallon-tastic... see what I did there... lol hun? Ok bye!
“Like a mediumy brown”
Never missed Jade’s sass this much 😂
Nadia Tanjalog
Nadia Tanjalog:
omG , she's so beautiful !🥺
Phoebe Smythe
Phoebe Smythe:
*"But I looove to use my hands."*
@ 0:57
-Elizabeth Gillies, 2020

That's what she said. Ehe! XP
Jollie Vi
Jollie Vi:
LOOOVE her eyes! She's so gorgeous! Queen!
Brittney Dennis
Brittney Dennis:
She scared me when she rubbed her foundation in with her hands but it turned out amazing. She’s so beautiful
Miss Chameleon
Miss Chameleon:
She looks stunning with and without makeup or eyeliner! I'm proud really proud of her <3
Briza Berrios
Briza Berrios:
“And guess what.. i DIDNT look like Megan fox.” We hate having to come to that realization 😔
offical- dn
offical- dn:
This is my favorite person from victorious and it’s jade she’s so pretty🤗☺️