Elizabeth Olsen Has a Hard Time Not Spoiling Marvel's WandaVision

Elizabeth Olsen shares how complicated it is to tease Marvel's WandaVision with the secrecy that surrounds it and talks about being nervous to shoot the show in front of a pre-pandemic live studio audience.

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Elizabeth Olsen Has a Hard Time Not Spoiling Marvel's WandaVision- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

100+ comentarios:

She deserves an emmy for her acting in this show. She and Paul ofc, really show their range.
Tori A
Tori A:
I really like that Seth doesn’t try to do a ‘gotcha’ to try and get the actors to spoil anything - feels much nicer and more respectful
Kevin B
Kevin B:
She's always been a solid performer, but she's really showing range in this she hasn't had the opportunity to display before. Impressive stuff.
Elite Avenger
Elite Avenger:
She should win an award for Wandavision. What an amazing Actress.
"Oh she left honey... She had to rush home."
Displeased Sociopath
Displeased Sociopath:
I'm so happy to see Elizabeth and Paul get their own stand alone, they've more than earned it. I'm only saddened they couldn't also get a feature length film of their own. They genuinely are both, amazing performers.
Jasta Ykotuce
Jasta Ykotuce:
ppl that cant process the sitcom part are not a different breed, they're weird
Vítor Mateus
Vítor Mateus:
i really hope she gets an Emmy nomination this year, she deserves it
Valo Ojanpera
Valo Ojanpera:
I swear Lizzie has a different hairstyle everytime. She probably could rock a mohawk
Noel McGinnis
Noel McGinnis:
How does Elizabeth Olsen continue to get more attractive? She’s awesome.
“Are you using your night vision, Vision?”

I literally died. That was the cutest and funniest line I’ve heard so far. Lizzie is so on spot with her 50s accent.
Manifesting it now: the next time Lizzie is on, I fully expect them to be talking about her Emmy nomination for WandaVision!!
Of all the Olson sisters, I did not expect her to be the one I'm excited to watch a TV show for
Breathing exercises?
"Hee Hee Hoo"?
Rhetiq 99
Rhetiq 99:
I’m glad Marvel’s giving Elizabeth a whole lot more room to showcase her talent. Her and Wanda are going to be the next big thing in the MCU hands down. She’s come a long way from being a little lesser known indie darling for sure
So glad she's scarlet witch. She has really made the character.
Too bad she gets compared as “better” than her sisters.

Sure she is, we all know why, but the twins were thrust in at birth. Elizabeth was able to grow up out of the spotlight so grew up somewhat normal.

Shame the twins may have a little issues but not acting is what they want. Glad to have the gift of Lizzie!
25 minutes per episode is waayy too short
Geoffrey Feinberg
Geoffrey Feinberg:
She's a good actress. Better than what her older Sisters were. WandaVision is pretty darn good. Nice to see her with Vision. Can't wait to watch the rest of the series. Along with the MCU.
1921 APFA champs
1921 APFA champs:
So you’re in London? How . . . #Strange, would you say? Fascinating.
klloyd plata
klloyd plata:
Elizabeth Olsen was soooooooo very multi-talented, highly-intelligent, charismatic, beautiful, and attractive actress, woman as well as Marvel Superheroine because she deserves to win an award.
Since this came out on Wednesday, people who say that she's a "fine" actor and the show is "good" haven't seen Ep. 5 yet. :O
Alex 001
Alex 001:
Im really happy with Elizabeth Olsen performance
Harshal Sapkale
Harshal Sapkale:
The performance of all the women in this show is very good ( Wanda, Agnes, Monica , Darcy..) I am glad the MCU is giving more space to the ladies 👏
hair dresser
hair dresser:
I'm not a superhero movie watcher but my family is. Let me say...I have loved watching Wanda Vision. After three episodes I watched short explanations on utube of the background/easter eggs. It helped so much to help a non-super hero person to understand.Her acting is so good as is the writing,backgrounds ect. Can't wait until the next episode
Tako Kartvelishvili
Tako Kartvelishvili:
Seth is the best night show interviewer, he's always got a handful of good and insightful questions and so into the answers
Zodd HD
Zodd HD:
Omg I know at the end of wandavision either agnes or Wanda herself are gonna call her scarlet witch
Maddie Jung
Maddie Jung:
She's back to dark hair <3 wonder if she'll have that in doctor strange 2.
WandaVision is a great show, and you get to watch Elizabeth Olsen!
Cynthia Cardozo
Cynthia Cardozo:
I’m so glad she’s getting her spotlight, well overdue !
Why do I feel like this is the only interview on Wandavision I've seen where she's just genuinely relaxed about it. Like Seth just isn't trying to dissect her on everything and it's like a normal conversation
shes so pretty oh my god
Dylan Forester
Dylan Forester:
The only action I want to see is Wanda and Vision being parents.
Aniket Saini
Aniket Saini:
Elizabeth olsen and poul bettany has wide range of spectacular emotions. Both are brilliant actors.
Sienna B
Sienna B:
Elizabeth and Paul need an Emmy for WandaVision! The range of emotions that they displayed is insane! It’s just phenomenal how they can display different emotions in different ways and how they can act differently depending on the decade. amazing show, I love it.
Fulcrum 28
Fulcrum 28:
It must be hard, especially when tons of interviewers ask questions that they know can’t be answered
crystal haskins
crystal haskins:
I'm really starting to love her more and more since this show came out
Felizya Desjarlais
Felizya Desjarlais:
Has anyone else loved her since Ultron!?😂 hopefully not just me
Harry reviews
Harry reviews:
I’m so happy she’s finally getting recognition in the mcu! Her acting in wandavision is amazing
Haylee Shaye
Haylee Shaye:
A charming woman in a marvelous show. Love everything about it 💜
I need to talk about her hair and how fabulous she is and looks. Now, how can I get a fringe like that?!
I find this series the most interesting of all the Marvel stories. I also enjoy watching Elizabeth in the sitcoms. She has a great personality is very easy to watch.
poo lol
poo lol:
A nice Gentleman trying to protect MARVEL
She' so damn cute. My God
im so happy shes finally getting the recognition she deserves not only as the strongest avenger, but also as an actress. this the the perfect show to showcase the character of wanda and also lizzie as an actress. shes amazing here. paul bettanys real great too. the whole cast really- this show is so good.
Andrew P. Stewart
Andrew P. Stewart:
The “Are you using your night vision, Vision?” line gets me every time...
Ahh, she does the head tilt in real life as well
We need her back on Instagram
Lil Pebble
Lil Pebble:
Watching Wandavision was so satisfying for me because both Paul and Elizabeth's voices are so aesthetically pleasing for me
Honestly, out of all actors who ever portrayed a superhero, Elizabeth seems to be the most passionate about her character after Hugh Jackman with Wolverine and Ryan Reynolds with Deadpool (I'd say that RDJ, Tom Holland and Henry Cavill come after them). She is a huge fan of Wanda Maximoff, has read so many comic books and has always been vocal about wanting to do movie adaptations of various stories like "House of M". Now, she and her character are blowing up in popularity, and Wandavision is showing everybody how well she can act. Well deserved.
klloyd plata
klloyd plata:
I've heard a news on the Internet: WandaVision's Hollywood actress, Elizabeth Olsen praises Scarlett Johansson for Leading Marvel representation.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans:
If she didn't delete her insta account we probably know some spoilers
Yoooo she has darker brown hair closer to the comics Scarlett witch 😱
Elizabeth had better win an Emmy for WandaVision. She absolutely incredible in it.. (episode 5!!!! OMG!)
Bentendo Plays
Bentendo Plays:
Wandavision has been amazing. Such a shame it's a format that doesn't lend to a second season. But the whole cast, and the production, and the music... brilliant.
Kaung SittHan
Kaung SittHan:
How is she effortlessly beautiful?

That's not fair
Pro Man
Pro Man:
Three's Company, she said? when was it ?.. i missed it..
Shot in the Heart
Shot in the Heart:
Her acting in those first episodes was perfectly old school. It was so good
Jedi Regrets
Jedi Regrets:
I've said it before and ill say it again. "The woman's a Goddess!!"
Mars Ailee
Mars Ailee:
She's really doin an excellent job in Wandavision.. I'm so excited for more episodes and DS2 Movie..Love her 💕
annie evans
annie evans:
I love her so much its not even ok
Dave Mahone
Dave Mahone:
Wooooow, she looks so pretty with dark hair.
So glad to see her as a brunette again for Dr Strange 2!!! We're getting the full Scarlet Witch look! Great!!!
Majd Mahmoud
Majd Mahmoud:
I love that when she's talking about the show she's smiling, she really seems to love it as much as we do 😁
Matt Cook
Matt Cook:
She's a legend in the making imo.
I was walking my dog in the morning and she runs over to a lady having a morning walk by the Thames. My dog bugs this lady a little bit and I run over and exclaim “I’m so sorry she’s only young”, the lady turns around and says “Oh its not a problem she’s gorgeous” - AND ITS ELIZABETH FUCKING OLSEN
The lack of a studio audience making this the most awkward thing ever just proves how dated the late night talk show format is
Bijay Kumar Rout
Bijay Kumar Rout:
"Are you using your night vision. Vision" - Wanda
Crush ❤️
Wanda Ivanova
Wanda Ivanova:
Elizabeth Olsen Deserves An Golden Globes For This Show Because Of Her Acting
Sufyan Billel
Sufyan Billel:
Out of all the clips to choose...
Seth's such a great interviewer, there's this comfortable awkwardness to so many of his quarantine guest interactions that feel very real.
Now we need her to reactivate her IG
Rod HxC
Rod HxC:
I'm in love with her hairstyle in here. It looks unique on her. She's gorgeous ♥️
Olsen? Nah, someone needs to be with Bettany when he gives interviews. He's all over the place talking about a 'twist that has been kept under wraps', 'a Luke Skywalker moment,' 'a huge actor reveal', 'a character reveal that changes the MCU'... ...pretty much think this is the X-Men reveal. Quicksilver returns, but he's Evan Peters... Wanda is gonna create her universal pocket dimension and end up accidently merging dimensions, cue Dr. Strange 2.
I love her flexibility in the show and seeing her doing junkets,how much of a fan she is of these plotlines from the comics.
Kevin Chou
Kevin Chou:
Seth's transitions to move the conversation along is so awkward. Like, when Lizzie was talking about the director and how he got really sick during filming, Seth didn't even comment on anything she said and was just like "Ahh I hope I steered clear of having you give us any spoilers!!" like......sir that had nothing to do with what she was talking about.......
wandavision is so good and i'm so glad seth had her on!!
vs Jimmy Kimmel who always asks questions to the guests that they obviously can’t answer
Ricardo N
Ricardo N:
I love her so much, she’s truly an amazing woman 🥺✨
Vamanos Ninja
Vamanos Ninja:
That was a good question he asked if she ever fangirled over shows.
Dominique Bernard
Dominique Bernard:
She’s so adorable and such an amazing actress! Love her so much 💕
Alberto Xavier
Alberto Xavier:
What a lovely interview. So smoothly done. Loved it
Elizabeth Olsen and Sam Raimi are one of the best things that happened at MCU.
Benjamin Flagg
Benjamin Flagg:
I NEED that wallpaper.
Definitely not for my own room...
Jasper Levien
Jasper Levien:
Dude hes so excited to interview her its adorable
Watching WandaVision made me think Elizabeth Olsen is a millennial with the soul of a Baby Boomer or Gen X'er.
Rehan Sayed
Rehan Sayed:
Why do i feel like am looking at perfection everytime i see her
Bill Vegas
Bill Vegas:
That face! I could look at her all day.
Don’t brush curls
Don’t brush curls:
Omg the last time we saw her was a few weeks ago and she had blonde hair and now she has dark brown hair I love it
Cin Lung Chen
Cin Lung Chen:
Seing her and her sisters, I think they are pretty much triplets. So, they should be called the olsen triplets.
Tony Nelson
Tony Nelson:
She’s so pretty
Naya Wah
Naya Wah:
She's so chill and so humble in real life, I'm in love that!!! And she's such a great actor, WandaVison needs an Emmy, an Oscar, a TCA, a Golden Globe...ANY ACADEMY AWARD IN THE BOOKS
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
I love Wandavision! Marvel is giving justice to Wanda and Vision. So good!
Tasmi Muhtazi
Tasmi Muhtazi:
I've seen wanda maximoff being a mom on the show and I just have to say elizabeth olsen is gonna be a great mother!
Thiago Couto
Thiago Couto:
Wow she looks amazing in this interview!
Hank THE Patriot
Hank THE Patriot:
I would TOTALLY watch WHOLE seasons of WandaVision based on ANY of the time periods they have done!

Les TY
Les TY:
I was so happy when I clicked to this 9 min video, but then it was over too soon, I could hear lizzie talk for hours.
She’s so classy & beautiful. I love it. Queen!