Elizabeth Olsen on WandaVision Fan Theories & Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Clip

Elizabeth talks being in London during the lockdown, celebrating New Year’s Eve abroad, an exclusive never-before-seen clip from Marvel’s “WandaVision” premiering on Disney+ January 15th, and she reacts to online fan theories about the show.

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100+ comentarios:

sebastian molina
sebastian molina:
She looks alot happier without social media in her life. I'm happy she's happy
Elizabeth Olsen is like the anti-Tom Holland: try as you might, you're not going to get a single spoiler out of her.
Love Elizabeth Olsen. Wanda is my current MCU crush.
Shekhar Suman
Shekhar Suman:
*"Are you using your night vision vision?? "* *So cute*
KL Nelson
KL Nelson:
I wouldn’t mind living in an alternative reality where I’m married to Elizabeth Olsen.
It's so hard not to love Elizabeth Olsen. Not only is she stunning, she's funny, strong, and adorable. She's a wonderful actor. I've loved her work before Marvel.
Riki Libarnes
Riki Libarnes:
Wanda finally becoming the main girl after natasha's passing. Letsgo
Fable Town
Fable Town:
I love how she answers all of the fan theories without answering them 😂😂😂
Rahul Menon
Rahul Menon:
Really weird without ppl laughing. Its like friends without a laugh track
Isaac Beeby
Isaac Beeby:
This show is going to be weird, insane, whacky and unpredictable and I absolutely LOVE IT I CANNOT WAIT!
chloe hiddleston
chloe hiddleston:
she looks so much more happier without social media now
I feel slightly embarrassed when Elizabeth started to talk about the U.K. like that but it’s true 😳😂
bing xun
bing xun:
Myra Kelley
Myra Kelley:
“Are you using you night vision Vision”. I have no idea why I found that so freaking funny 😂😂😂 I guess because I’m really hype about this show
Jim Macros
Jim Macros:
She is one of the cutest, adorable creatures in the world!!!!
Sy Legacy
Sy Legacy:
Nice job yall made her deactivate her IG account for not making a post about Chadwick Boseman just to see if she was grieving in pain like you guys.
Jules Needs A Sleep Schedule
Jules Needs A Sleep Schedule:
Why was Vision jumping back into bed when he heard a noise such a mood tho
Mohammed Khaja Moin Uddin
Mohammed Khaja Moin Uddin:
She is a perfect MCU material, she is answering every show related question without giving spoilers😂😂😂
The Mad Titan
The Mad Titan:
This show is exactly what the MCU needs to last for another 10 years.
Coach CA
Coach CA:
Robbie is one of the luckiest men alive, prove me wrong
Melon Master
Melon Master:
This comment section: Elizabeth Olsen is soooooo cute
David Cipriano
David Cipriano:
I like these zoom things. Actors feel more at home. I'm looking forward to Elizabeth Olsen. It is definitely house of M!
Eric Scott
Eric Scott:
I love her scarlet lipstick. She is very bewitching. She is a vision of beauty.
zain kamal.
zain kamal.:
Who has a crush on her since age of Ultron??
D0N5K3Y David
D0N5K3Y David:
I hope they bring back aron Taylor Johnson as quicksilver, I’ve always wanted a speedster in the mcu
Ryan Donnel
Ryan Donnel:
Lizzie’s acting in WandaVision is incredible, I’m glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves ❤️
Elizabeth: Still by far the best-looking of the Olsens.
Caleb Chramow
Caleb Chramow:
After now seeing the show, those theories and easter eggs were sooo insanely accurate. Props to the guy who pointed all those out.
rod axel
rod axel:
I wish I was a part of that live audience. I'd gladly sign that NDA..
Brantly C
Brantly C:
Filmed in front of a live studio audience!
Disney/Marvel Execs: "Nobody walks out of that room alive."
Bro you can tell she’s excited to bring her character’s story to life. Im so hyped!
I bet this will be a show that is strange and yet so fun.
*_Wanda_* may be the reason we will get *_Andrew Garfield, Kirsten Durnst, Alfred Molina back_* ...
It’s really odd when he says “Elizabeth Olsen everybody” at the end and there’s no clapping
I thought she would say that "they were an unusual couple" when she was talking about the show.🙄😂
Seanyyy y0
Seanyyy y0:
She is literally the most likable person on the planet
The House of M easter egg really almost got her.
Venkat Katragadda
Venkat Katragadda:
Looks like they are an unusual couple
Mohammed Khaja Moin Uddin
Mohammed Khaja Moin Uddin:
There is no human in this world who doesn't appreciates Elizabeth Olsen's beauty😍😍😍
She’s way cooler than her twin sisters
Let's be honest, we all ignored Jimmy Kimmel just as physics numericals ignore air resistance
Tooba Qureshi
Tooba Qureshi:
“bRoUgHt bAcK tO lIfE bY tImE tRaVeL” more like professor hulk
WJ isme
WJ isme:
the prettiest and most lovable avenger
Devinder Kaur
Devinder Kaur:
Her voice is having that healing factor... Love her ❤️
Deanna Henry
Deanna Henry:
She not wrong, I live in London and people dont wear mask like they do in America. There is alot of fireworks
Scarlet -
Scarlet -:
wth those first two theory’s were so spot on I bet she was really nervous when they said that lol
Disney plus sales When Wandavision comes out 📈
👇 hyped for WandaVision
King S
King S:
We stan the most powerful avenger aka Wanda!
Hisyam Nct
Hisyam Nct:
How about Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness
shachar movies
shachar movies:
Who here after episode 5???
She do Wanda so goodddd
Jimmy figured out everything before the show started
Daniel S
Daniel S:
When each of the theroys were correct lamaoaoa
Mr Critical
Mr Critical:
5:05 oh that’s just their new neighbour Frank Castle, he likes to invite the local greasers round for rowdy parties then does some gardened afterwards
Safar Junaid
Safar Junaid:
I'm so glad he asked the House of M question!
Jeremiah Lougheed
Jeremiah Lougheed:
"Are you using your night vision vision" Thats the moment when you realize that wandavision is what happens when Marvel takes there formula of Having awesome action and heavy characters with some funny jokes and clever lines sprinkled thoughtout and then reverses it so now we have funny lines and jokes with some action and some heavy characters sprinkled through

If that's what each episode ends up being like you owe me a like.

Ah Ah Ah Don't like the comment yet, the shows not even out yet

ps. your probably thinking "how did he know, he had to have edited this" but I did not as you can see.
p.p.s. I spent a lot of time on this comment because I wanted to seem smart. In fact I am currently making sure sure my sentences sound good and checking if made any typo's right now I am making sure I spelled typo's right. dangit it's spelled typos not typo's. wait why did I type that down. whatever your probably not even reading this anymore. (sigh) I need to get a life and stop making youtube comments so people find me funny. I should really be paying attention to my zoom class.

Before I go I have one more thing to say.

Me in the future: thanks for the likes

I really hope I predicted this right.
I'm a simple girl: I see Elizebeth Olsen, I click.
Her smile is absolutely everything 🥺 i even get to have the same name as hers🌚
Georgie Man
Georgie Man:
it's Wanda's vision of Vision
Lane Dayes
Lane Dayes:
This show will make more than WW84 ....... hilarious...
King Georges Spit
King Georges Spit:
she looks so much more happy without social media. i’m so glad that she’s happy
She is insanely beautiful a
Chelsea Westfall
Chelsea Westfall:
Can we just take a minute to appreciate how great of an actress she is?! I mean, even looking at Mary-Kate and Ashley’s independent movies, they weren’t the best actresses and seemed so uncomfortable. She’s so natural and I just love her.
Hanspal Singh
Hanspal Singh:
The classy skin aetiologically push because invoice suddenly sparkle until a nauseating shorts. windy, cumbersome cave
Omkar Ghadge
Omkar Ghadge:
She is the cutest and most adorable human on earth ..... I said what I said
Thank god she doesn’t have a twitch or else I’d be broke
I just saw Marvel Studios story on IG. Opened youtube to watch it and it just gets uploaded! Wow
mckenna schroeder
mckenna schroeder:
i am a proud simp for elizabeth olsen.
SMAGT 315:
Elizabeth Olsen is such a sweet human-being! I can’t even imagine anyone else playing as Wanda then her because she did an awesome job! And I’m so freaking excited about WandaVision!! 😆😆😆😆
bing xun
bing xun:
Maria Barrera
Maria Barrera:
I love her, and when she said: Are you using your night vision vision?
I really laughed so hard. She looks so cute with her haircut
Well I think they handled that pretty well!
Comment Section: I hardly recognize her
Me: Are you kidding me, who can forget that smile😍
Ileana Roque
Ileana Roque:
God she’s so beautiful!
Elizabeth Olsen on WandaVision Fan Theories & Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Clip

elizabeth in her head: *damn i didnt know about these easter eggs these guys are genius*
0:21 I love the way she said “Hi.”
mackenzie neuendorf
mackenzie neuendorf:
Jimmy - Can you tells us anything that hasn’t been revealed
She should have said
“We just don’t know what to expect?”
She looks gorg!
Damn shes pretty
Maite Banda
Maite Banda:
Elizabeth Olsen looks soo great!!! Also loved seeing Paul as Vision, both were so cute in the clip!!!
Universal All rounder
Universal All rounder:
2:44 Video starts here, thank me later
Vinh Thai
Vinh Thai:
I love Lizzie <3
Aakash Saini
Aakash Saini:
Let's goooo can't wait to see my favourite marvel character (Wanda) use more of her powers in WandaVision
Knowing everything now,...THAT PROP GUY IS A GENIUS!!!!!
Dan Jun
Dan Jun:
She is so beautiful it's insane how gorgeous she is
This is the closest Fuller House fans got to having her on the show 😂
fan disperata
fan disperata:
wanda is so underrated tho
The Scarlet Witch
The Scarlet Witch:
No, no, no.
I don't think you understand.
I'm ✨𝕆 𝔹 𝕊 𝔼 𝕊 𝕊 𝔼 𝔻✨
Anna Dunn
Anna Dunn:
I’m so excited for WandaVision. 💖
Aymaan .T
Aymaan .T:
Elizabeth Olsen is so pretty
I thought they had a live audience for the old episodes? That audience laughing is the same from Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory
Angel Salvador
Angel Salvador:
Jimmy kimmel seems more of a marvel fan than a host 🤣🤣
wow...no making up, no hair styling, so flash~ i like it~
Charles M
Charles M:
2:03 holy hell that’s a huge ring 💍
She looks so happy and healthy without social media but I'm just so sad I people attacked her and made her delete Instagram ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I love you Liz Jimmy tell her I said hi
Adithya Sreeram
Adithya Sreeram:
My 2021 starts on January 15th.
The Jupiter Jumper
The Jupiter Jumper:
I can barely recognize her 😨 She looks so different wtf
Edit:Thanks guys for 66 likes 😏
Salman Rahman
Salman Rahman:
She is the crush of MCU fans