Elizabeth Olsen's 5-Minute Easy Radiant Skin Routine

Elizabeth Olsen's glowy, glassy skin is just 5-minutes away. Rich, luxurious skincare textures, brightened under eyes, radiant foundation, and naturally rosy, highlighted eyes, cheeks, and lips are all must for this radiant look. Lizzie will teach you how to use all the must-have, everyday products to achieve this simply stunning look.

Products Used:
Extra Treatment Lotion: https://bbrwn.co/34LHDF1
Extra Face Oil: https://bbrwn.co/2NQaHUI
Extra Eye Repair Cream: https://bbrwn.co/2pMIMx1

Extra Repair Moisture Cream: https://bbrwn.co/32tfy3K
Extra Lip Tint in Bare Pink: https://bbrwn.co/2Cm2Ys8
Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm in Bare Glow: https://bbrwn.co/2JSPKY8
Intensive Skin Serum Foundation SPF 40 in Beige: https://bbrwn.co/2JWr3u6
Full Coverage Face Brush: https://bbrwn.co/2NSCEeS
Corrector in Light Bisque: https://bbrwn.co/32j6X3f
Instant Full Cover Concealer in Beige: https://bbrwn.co/2NSDg4a
Sheer Finished Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow: https://bbrwn.co/32m9GZX
Eye Blender Brush: https://bbrwn.co/32q7joO
Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow: https://bbrwn.co/2WOKAlf
Angled Face Brush: https://bbrwn.co/33o0sh5
Pot Rouge in Blushed Rose: https://bbrwn.co/2pDDwfh
Luxe Eye Shadow in Moonstone: https://bbrwn.co/2pPerhf
Luxe Shine Intense Lipstick in Claret: https://bbrwn.co/2NN8rO3

100+ comentarios:

"This is how a real morning face looks like"
Proceeds to show the most radiant and beautiful face on Earth.
Omar Q
Omar Q:
So she's actually crazy, but in a good way.
Sela C.
Sela C.:
Shes sarcastic and funny without being cheesy or stupid
You can just see the crazy in her eyes... like she's about to trap everyone inside her own reality bubble
Jhustin Amaya
Jhustin Amaya:
She looks the kind of person who would take an entire town hostage
Rebekah Mansfield
Rebekah Mansfield:
“I learned that from Chris Hemsworth, who ALSO applies all of his mascara off screen”
Sarang Nambiar
Sarang Nambiar:
Omg. Lizzie trolling Chris Hemsworth and Paul Rudd made my day.
spassie nikolova
spassie nikolova:
lizzie: do you see these wrinkles?!
me: No, I actually dont. Thats the most perfect face on earth.
Jim Suan
Jim Suan:
What a beautiful lady I hope she doesn't take a town hostage or anything
Regita Aulia
Regita Aulia:
"I hope you learned something new

about Paul Rudd."
MrMrs Welch
MrMrs Welch:
Not only is she beautiful but she has a great sense of humor and I love that she doesn't use a lot of makeup and she takes care of her skin. If you dont take care of your skin you don't need all the heavy cosmetics. Bravo
Luis Fer Alonzo
Luis Fer Alonzo:
Nobody is talking about how amazingly beautiful she looks without makeup, in fact I think she looks better than with all those shades and stuff.
Ezra Ramirez
Ezra Ramirez:
Elizabeth Olsen: “this is what my morning face looks like”
Her Face: *literally the most gorgeous face on the planet*
Emilia Cota
Emilia Cota:
Why do I feel like I’m watching an ad by someone whose parents died, her brother, and her boyfriend ??
Anika B
Anika B:
Lizzie just going at Chris Hemsworth and Paul Rudd is the best thing ever 😂😂🤣🤣
Brontë Tierney
Brontë Tierney:
“My colour is.. beige, because that’s how bland I really am” 😂😂😂
Asmitha Muthukumar
Asmitha Muthukumar:
"what was now a dry and arid wasteland IS NOW A SLIP N' SLIDE" i died
Michelle Joshua
Michelle Joshua:
"Thanks guys I hope you learnt something about Paul Rudd" I'm wheezing ❤️😂🔥
She would make a great Cher if they ever decided to remake Clueless.
Your Friend
Your Friend:
I mean I love her older sisters but Elizabeth is like the opposite of MKA, she’s like reverse-aging... she doesn’t look older than 23 😍
caltrate boy
caltrate boy:
She is already perfectly beautiful without any make up.
Kaylee Kole
Kaylee Kole:
4:45 “it’s also super lightweight like ✨Paul Rudd✨”
Ess Tea
Ess Tea:
Lizzie: "good for blending and good for tickling."

Me: *melts from her adorableness*
D M:
"And my color is...BEIGE...cuz that's how bland I really am." (winks and smiles)
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson:
I can’t tell if she’s trying to be a comedian or just trolling 🤣🤣
Mony Delgado
Mony Delgado:
Girl yes, of course she doesn’t like a lot of makeup. She is gorgeous af and has A+ skin! Sooo beautiful!!
Still cant believe one of my favorite celebrities crushes got bullied on insta I really miss what she do in a daily live her cooking her garden etc. Enjoying her show tho Wandavison
“my colour is beige because that’s really how bland i am!” I AM ON THE FLOOR 😭
** khaled
** khaled:
This girl can go whatever she wants only with her morning face and no one will notice the difference
Miel S.
Miel S.:
Step 1: Have clear poreless skin.
Johanna Onofre
Johanna Onofre:
“this is what a morning face looks like”
me: looking at her beautiful face
Leeks Live
Leeks Live:
wanda in episode 7 was literally elizabeth just playing herself
You don’t need any makeup at all! You have perfect skin, eyebrows and eyelashes and everything is defined brilliantly.
cat Alfaro ASMR
cat Alfaro ASMR:
I love Elizabeth Olsen. She's my favorite avenger. Scarlet Witch
charlotte Montgomery
charlotte Montgomery:
“bye guys hope you learnt something new about paul rudd!”
3:33 Wanda after taking a whole town hostage
Curly Sticke
Curly Sticke:
I dont need this. I just want to see her having fun.
Sara Muñiz
Sara Muñiz:
okay but this gave me asmr her voice is so relaxing
We need a different makeup tutorial for each of the eras from Wanda vision
Opan Vadly
Opan Vadly:
This is what Wanda's gonna start doing do after she's said "NO MORE MUTANTS"..,
john zarif
john zarif:
I can literally watch this video on loop for the rest of my life....
poison ci
poison ci:
She seems like she is mindcontrolling me to watch this and possibly a few other thousands people to watch as well 😳
sebastian torres
sebastian torres:
So much wandavision has me watching makeup routines
Mrt Ozd
Mrt Ozd:
Even without make up she looks gorgeous
I'm very depressed
I'm very depressed:
Omg I love her personality she's seems so fun
Stanlen Faucher
Stanlen Faucher:
I just can't my eyes off of HER EYES. She doesn't really need makeup. She's so perfectly beautiful.
My gosh her eyes are so gorgeous!!!!!
I'm glad she's not only blessed with great skin but knows how to take care of it, too. I've always admired her flawless complexion <3
Fiorella Ce
Fiorella Ce:
imagine being this pretty
Bevys Edits
Bevys Edits:
“Cuz that’s how bland I really am” she said that so happy 😂😂
Not Telling
Not Telling:
"Good for blending and good for tickling" um *adorable*
I learned you need to wear 5 or so different products just before you have make up and that's called light prep.....
Critical Bill
Critical Bill:
Me after 10 seconds alone with Elizabeth Olsen: "Oh my god, please marry me!"
Dan 123
Dan 123:
Damn, so she really is crazy. Turns out WandaVision is actually a documentary and it’s happening in real life
Jenna Hamdan
Jenna Hamdan:
She's funny without even trying and she has that crazy vibe but not in a bad way you know?
''So this is how a morning face reeeally looks like!'' girl I wish I woke up with that face.
Well that was the most delightful makeup tutorial ever!
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson:
lmao she’s such a troll love her 😂😂❤️
Shells Sol
Shells Sol:
anyone else catch that singing at the end. its not "jenny from the block" now its "lizzie from the block" shes NATURAL lmao
Melissa Mikaelson
Melissa Mikaelson:
“my colors beige, cause that’s how bland I really am.” hahaha what a mood😂
Rebecca Fiveash
Rebecca Fiveash:
Lines?!! What lines, where?
Get real girl
John Singletary
John Singletary:
She is gorgeous even without makeup. She's definitely one of my favorite actors.
I didn’t know this episode of Wandavision
Carlos Arias
Carlos Arias:
How to look gorgeous when you are gorgeous.
Lawansuk Syiemlieh
Lawansuk Syiemlieh:
She's hilarious 😂
Tabitha Siddle
Tabitha Siddle:
She honestly the most adorable person I’ve ever seen. I’m in love
Elizabeth Mouanga
Elizabeth Mouanga:
Imagine Paul and Chris what hung being like my secrets revealed😳😂
I can't believe Elizabeth Olsen is getting me to watch a skin routine. She'll get me to watch anything with her in it.
Connected Brainstorm
Connected Brainstorm:
When a woman looks better without makeup than on, you know she's a beauty. Also, I don't see anything crazy about her. She's just happy and and free: not afraid to be herself.
she's so beautiful i'm crying
Rae Pons
Rae Pons:
0:57 "Always move your skin up, against gravity." I love the way she said that
Addie Zimmerman
Addie Zimmerman:
Always move your skin up "again gravity" Elizabeth Olsen
F E:
1:16 oh my god 🤣🤣🤣 I legitimately laughed out loud at that
Landon Dominguez
Landon Dominguez:
Why is she so beautiful, amazing and funny. This woman is just 😍
eu santos
eu santos:
Lizzie's funny. 😂
I honestly don’t know what I’m doing I’m just here
I honestly don’t know what I’m doing I’m just here:
She’s so cute ahhh
Kyle Ord
Kyle Ord:
She is so gorgeous without make up, and she is just a wonderful person. I love her so much 😆👍🏻
Kiah Aleyce
Kiah Aleyce:
She is so goddamn CUTE she could be a YouTuber
Ikbelle IB
Ikbelle IB:
She is so cool, I loved watching her tutorial
Nichole Christina
Nichole Christina:
I mean aside from her contagious peppy spirit the best part of all her little Bobbi brown videos is how she doesn’t use a million different brushes, doesn’t cement her face in full coverage foundation & 44 layers of concealer. She’s still her at the end of the video by highlighting her good features & appearing more awake. So refreshing to see especially on YouTube. She just a natural beauty tho no matter what she does lol
Sofia Stark
Sofia Stark:
I just fell in love with her eyes its like they are really magic
Marina Rizova
Marina Rizova:
She made me dizzy, watching her bop around so much.
The Enchantress
The Enchantress:
I just love Elizabeth Olsen. Not only she plays the most dangerous being in Marvel, but she’s also such a nice person and a very good actress. I saw some random movies with her and she delivers brilliant performances every time
mariam mustafa
mariam mustafa:
Literally my favorite person ever. AWH I LOVE HER SO MUCH
Danny Balanta
Danny Balanta:
In this Multiverse, Wanda is an actress called Elizabeth Olsen
She’s so cute🥺 her eyes are so big it makes me laugh
sofia ramos
sofia ramos:
this Wandavision episode looks different
Narcissa Malfoy
Narcissa Malfoy:
this just made my whole day
jess mcg
jess mcg:
she is literally such a ray of sunshine, i love her so much
McKenna Ham
McKenna Ham:
“Do you guys see these wrinkles right here?”

*literally no wrinkles seen whatsoever*
Chloë Amber ASMR
Chloë Amber ASMR:
I love her energy so much she’s adorable 🥰
Ian Ignacio
Ian Ignacio:
I love her confidence and jolliness 😂❤️
Cornelius crewe
Cornelius crewe:
God, she is impossibly gorgeous without a drop of makeup.
Elliott Davis
Elliott Davis:
She must’ve drank 5 cups of coffee😂
Elsa Torres
Elsa Torres:
Literally her eyes are Gorgeously Epic...wish I had them...❤️
Schrodinger's Cat
Schrodinger's Cat:
"Always move your skin up!
*against reality* "
She is the most beautiful person inside and out 🤧💕
After every skin routine I magically have on makeup.
Kingflamedori CCV
Kingflamedori CCV:
This is some bob ross stuff but on a psychopathic level
But still somehow ended up amazing
Does it matter
Does it matter:
“for a lot of freckles” loveee you barely have any