Ellie Kemper Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

Ellie Kemper answers the internet's most searched questions about herself. How did Ellie Kemper get famous? What did Ellie study at Princeton? What's her natural hair color? Does she play field hockey? Ellie Kemper answers all these questions and much, much more!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend is streaming on Netflix now.

Ellie's book "My Squirrel Days" is available now:

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Ellie Kemper Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED

100+ comentarios:

James Hill
James Hill:
Ellie Kemper's smile could stop wars.
Ian Paul
Ian Paul:
She's like a human version of a Golden Retriever
Baylee Palmer
Baylee Palmer:
It’s like she wasn’t acting as Erin, this is just Erin!
NH 201
NH 201:
She’s actually 40?? She looks like she’s in her late 20s tbh
She looks like the type who would date a manager who would eventually leave to go on a boat for 3 months and start dating a guy called 'Plop'.
She’s like that one nice kindergarten teacher that you’ll always remember
this is just kimmy with a different haircut
Varun Rao
Varun Rao:
She's the cutest person ever. Period.
Dude there’s no way she’s 40. She looks she could be applying to colleges.
"How Ellie Kemper teeth."
Frank Mysterious
Frank Mysterious:
I love how she said “I gained recognition” instead I became famous
Youtube User
Youtube User:
she's like the kindergarten teacher you first had a crush on and plan on marrying sometime in your life
Angel M
Angel M:
“Catch it on Netflix”

Well this aged well...
I like how she speaks in “reading book to children” voice.
My goodness, she's as bubbly as her character on The Office.
Kristen L
Kristen L:
I LOVE how she just cracks herself up half the time.
She definitely wasn’t acting when she played Erin on The Office
Sebastian Buciu
Sebastian Buciu:
I feel like she's someone who would sub swear words for "fishsticks", "fudge", "shoot" and "butternut-squash".

Edit: I know she would be cuz of kimmy schmidt but yeah haha even in real life, shes just too adorable ^-^
she is the embodiment of sunshine ✨☀️
Mark Lee
Mark Lee:
This lady's spirit is... Unbreakable.
Nicole Araujo
Nicole Araujo:
i love how she went on a rant explaining us her dental care😭 i love this woman
Shantanu Utekar
Shantanu Utekar:
Why is Ellie Kemper so cute ?

Google suggestions : top 10 questions science couldn't answer
I love how she’s always energetic even outside of the office
AmerKaty Vibes
AmerKaty Vibes:
She’s 40 guys can you imagine? I’m 21 and look like 65 years old -_-
Jadah Parker
Jadah Parker:
She’s so freaking hilarious to me. I always wondered if her and Titus would be laughing while delivering their lines. They’re so funny 😂😂
Magnolia V
Magnolia V:
Wow Erin knows a lot about this “Ellie kemper”
caustic rage
caustic rage:
This was so ridiculously amusing because Ellie Kemper is pure good natured hilarity. She'd make a great ambassador for Earth once the aliens arrive
anika !
anika !:
omg she’s erin. she wasn’t acting, she IS erin🥺
Wow, what a nice interview, I sure do like this person a lot and hope that no news or terrible stories about this person come out.
James Antony
James Antony:
She’s the cutest thing ever.
Hriday Adwani
Hriday Adwani:
She's 40 and still has the charm and way of talking like a 20 year old girl .
Savage_Aly 87
Savage_Aly 87:
You know what, she's one of those really rare actresses who will ever be happy in life because they have made others happy.
I hope to be an actor one day so i can meet all the famous actors in my life
Justin Cooper
Justin Cooper:
She's like a smart version of Erin
Alfred Carignano
Alfred Carignano:
She literally IS Kimmy Schmidt in real life, was she actually acting on the show or just being herself?
Sophie Ruesch
Sophie Ruesch:
I could watch this on repeat forever! She is the purest, bubbliest, most genuine person and I just love everything about her ❤️
Nahuel Fleitas
Nahuel Fleitas:
She's a National treasure. I’m watching The Office for the first time and I love how sweet her character is
Alexander Fooy
Alexander Fooy:
She’s actually is a lot more like Erin than I would have thought.
Just Some Guy without a Mustache
Just Some Guy without a Mustache:
Erin is lucky she got to play as Ellie Kemper
This girl actually makes my heart fly🥰
Why does this channel even exist
Why does this channel even exist:
Omg I love her so much! I had no idea she acted just like Erin and Kimmy in real life! She is so bubbly I would literally buy a car if she asked me to
Annie Rizzo
Annie Rizzo:
I love Ellie!! She is just like the characters that she plays! So entertaining lol
Mariella Cusano
Mariella Cusano:
I LOVE Ellie so much she’s just like all of the silly little quirky characters 🥺
i cant think of a name so this is it
i cant think of a name so this is it:
She's basically not even acting in Kimmy Schmidt, she just being herself
Lina Beck
Lina Beck:
She should audition for the human /realistic version of Tangled when it comes out! Absolutely perfect for that role!!!
I love her she is so amazing and just brings a smile on my face💜
Elias Varas
Elias Varas:
I love her. Erin was so cute. Im in love of Erin so much, for ever.
A frying pan
A frying pan:
She is my favorite female actress by far! Her smile is sooooo contagious and amazing.
Jack Knives Reviews
Jack Knives Reviews:
I legit believe that Ellie Kemper is actually a Disney princess that has been brought to life via some weird magic
Epic Kate Bjärgvide
Epic Kate Bjärgvide:
I love how she cracks herself up. You can't watch this without smiling.
parisimo wilsino
parisimo wilsino:
happy tone: where’s does ellie kemper live?

*”thats none of your business”*
Eli Cohen
Eli Cohen:
She needs to drop her skin-care routine real quick 😂
This honesty cured my depression - thank you Ellie!
Tyvek Homewrap
Tyvek Homewrap:
I refuse to think this woman is anything over 23 years old.
Joyce Garcia
Joyce Garcia:
she still looks beautiful even after all these years 🥺 i also love how wholesome she is ❤️
Nayops 20
Nayops 20:
Ellie’s so talented and stunning like always♥️👏🏼
Elisei Plesca
Elisei Plesca:
She's so beautiful! One of my favorite characters in The Office, as well!
Bruce Yanovitch
Bruce Yanovitch:
she is literally erin. and kimmy. its like shes not even acting when she plays those characters
Tushar Khanna
Tushar Khanna:
She is so much like Erin in real life.
We must protect her at ALL costs. She’s so sweet omg. I need her as my teacher. It’s so funny because some of her characteristics and movements are just like Erin. And it’s so funny
Oh my gosh, I love her! She has such a bubbly personality and its really fun to watch all the shows she is in
Himanshu sharma
Himanshu sharma:
She has such a beautiful smile and a nice positive vibe. I hope she stays like this forever ❤
Buğra Özbek
Buğra Özbek:
Existence of a person like Ellie Kemper in one's life could solve almost all of the problems
Aspen Tree
Aspen Tree:
Omg I’m so proud of Erin for getting an acting Job as this Ellie Kemper!
1997 BMW 3er
1997 BMW 3er:
She's so wholesome!

Erin, you're awesome
Kallan Butler
Kallan Butler:
i really appreciate the fact that through this interview she talks in third person
Swastika Das
Swastika Das:
Talking to some people lifts up your mood. Just seeing her did that for me ❤
Marlee Suarez
Marlee Suarez:
I love Kemper's smile. It's so genuine and she always makes you laugh. I wish her and her family nothing but the best.
Lou V
Lou V:
Ellie Kemper is insanely beautiful.
The real potato narwhal
The real potato narwhal:
After all these years she still has the same smile and it's so joyful
most upbeat, wholesome one that I can remember!
List of people who can not look stupid talking in third person:
1. elmo
2. ellie kemper
Such a nice person, I feel very happy listening to this 40 years old girl, and peaceful
She’s so happy and positive, I love it.
Erick Fernandez
Erick Fernandez:
She’s so adorable.
Little Fisher
Little Fisher:
I'm in love with Erin for the first time he showed up in the office and fell in love again seeing him as ellie kemper
I was sitting here the whole time thinking she was like 25.
i dont even think she acts shes just herself, and her laugh is so contagious 🥺
You are so truly amazing Ellie. You inspire me so much.
Mylea De La Hoya
Mylea De La Hoya:
I love Ellie’s personality! You need to watch her on The Office!!!
Avishek D
Avishek D:
I am really glad that Erin and Ellie has no difference in their characters 😍

6:28 The best.. 😂
She really deserves a real "answer" segment once the quarantine is over. She's so ridiculously cute
Lord Zuzu
Lord Zuzu:
She pulls a smile out of my face everytime
Omg I love the way she smiles with her ENTIRE face :)
she's just Kimmy and Erin and i'm living for it
Thomas J.
Thomas J.:
I loved her since I first saw her on The Office. Sooo unbelievably adorable.
Aïda Gutierrez
Aïda Gutierrez:
She's adorable! 😍😍😍 I love her smile! ❤️❤️
Lauren Richards
Lauren Richards:
I’ve never seen a celebrity so happy about answering questions. She is a gem.
She seems like a genuinely nice person, like a lot of celebrities fake it but I can tell she is a great person.
Douglas Creighton
Douglas Creighton:
Just the most wholesome human being on the planet. Love her.
Adrian Jaimes
Adrian Jaimes:
I feel like people forget that Erin's actual name is Kelly
I bet the questions would be different now...
I don't know her but she made my day. Her aura is glowing.
Diana Uresti
Diana Uresti:
Why is Ellie Kemper so adorable? 💕
She is so darn sweet and adorable 😍
Fingering Things
Fingering Things:
Ellie must be protected at all costs
i love that their family all have the sweetest most wholesome names and seem like the sweetest most wholesome people
Swachchhanda Dahal
Swachchhanda Dahal:
I can't imagine anyone not smiling back once when they watch this video, she's so delightful!
Luis Adrian
Luis Adrian:
She basically is "Kimmy Schmidt" in real life, so adorableeee
she’s always like this beam of life. she has good vibes and a happy aura with her
H W:
Youngest looking 40 year-old on the planet.