Elon Musk ATTACKED Amber Heard: NOT Johnny Depp! - WITNESS BOMBSHELL

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The Stovetop Ninja
The Stovetop Ninja:
Amber Heard is the kind of person who will throw her own family under the bus just to make herself look good.
Shadow Knows
Shadow Knows:
Johnny deserves an award for NOT hitting her. Self Defense.
Alex Tolleson
Alex Tolleson:
Sooo this sounds like a desperate attempt to throw someone under the bus to save her own hide.. Right?
M Wall
M Wall:
I would not be surprised if she caused her own injuries. Shes crazy
Doctor J
Doctor J:
I wanna see a movie about Elin musk life. Played by Johnny depp.
Simpleton Apollo
Simpleton Apollo:
It's funny how she is still allowed to roam free and no criminal charges have been brought against her. The civil suit is good yes but this lawsuit will just give Depp punitive damages and whatnot. She should be facing prison time!
SpikeyDemon SD
SpikeyDemon SD:
I bet shes the type to throw herself through a window so she can blame it on u
Moab's Washpot
Moab's Washpot:
Is this why Musky is trying his hardest to get off the planet, AH seems like she could get a job as a makeup expert for a horror movie, She tying to set people up.
s h a d ø w b a n n e d
s h a d ø w b a n n e d:
Think she asked her sister/friends to punch her in the face. I want to give people the benefit of the doubt but my god, this is starting to look like a calculated criminal conspiracy.
Great Hound II
Great Hound II:
Amber Heard is that one friend who constantly lies but you can't help but be amazed by the story.
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Simpson:
He had a mark on his face, too. This could possibly be some kinky sex stuff they were getting in to.
I think she lowkey likes getting beat on. And she never respected Johnny bc he wouldn’t do it. Sick woman. And why is Elon still lying for her? He has a new girl & a baby. Maybe he’s still trying to hit it? Ijs
Luke Rodriguez
Luke Rodriguez:
Oof did somebody played a uno reverse card.
Dicc Succ
Dicc Succ:
It all makes sense why Elon musk came to her defense right away he’s trying to hide his affair from grimes 🤣🤣
No wonder Musk wanted Johnny to “bury the hatchet” and to “let it go” he is obviously hiding something
Tery Wood Sr.
Tery Wood Sr.:
People forget that once you lie, then you are a liar and everything you say cannot be trusted. JD has tried to take the high road and just get divorced and go about his life. AH keep trying to drag him through the mud. I kind of knew what was happening when three of JD's exes came to his defense. That tells you a lot right there. Now look at AH... she has been caught lying. She has a history of becoming enraged when she doesn't get her way, and has herself been accused of doing what she accused JD of. Then there are those tapes of her basically admitting she was the perpetrator not the victim. And if JD wins then all the evidence is now admissible in court since it is part of a court record.
The Armorer
The Armorer:
Obviously, Johnny Depp traveled back into the U.S. to beat up AH and then he left the country again. He did this very quickly obviously. 😏😉
Dan the indoor man
Dan the indoor man:
This is like watching a bad movie but the remote control is to far to easily reach so u just keep watching.
P La
P La:
I think she harmed herself being the sociopath she is
pixie pixie
pixie pixie:
Omgoodness i never knew i could hate someone without even knowing them personally 😒 and yk what the fun part about this is, she killed her career with her bare hands! 😏😒
no one
no one:
Honestly feel bad for Depp. His insane wife cheated on him and then tried to blame him for bruises that she got from Musk. Just wow bro smh I’m going to pray for him.
Judging from her text messages with Elon, she was trying to convince him that Depp was abusive, so I think she added the "injuries" to fool Elon
She did it to herself-typical borderline personality
Tara Evensen
Tara Evensen:
This girl gave herself marks...so transparent. I have no doubt.
Mighty Mad
Mighty Mad:
Honest-to-God, TLC has to make a movie about this whole saga.
LOL. Amber Turd is just crazy af i bet shes spreading rumors to keep herself looking sane and a victim.
user name
user name:
"Not saying anyone did anything"
Title is "Elon Musk attacked Amber Heard."
Supreme Architect
Supreme Architect:
The simplest explanation, Occam's razor... you fools seem to have forgotten such simple logic.
Elon musk defended Hear not because they were collaboratively plotting to destroy Depp...
... but because Amber used her relationship to make Elon support her.
We KNOW Amber abused Depp, it makes sense she would play the same pity party act to get Elon on her side if they did have an affair.
Two facts remain:
1.) Elon does not have a history of attacking women violently
2.) Amber does have a history of being abusive and lying.
Cat Simson
Cat Simson:
Kinda wonder what the new Mrs Musk thinks of all this lol
2 for the price of one. I love it
They're both screwed
Jolene Elms
Jolene Elms:
Seems like they like a bit of chokey chokey.
BigBlessedFamily 2000
BigBlessedFamily 2000:
I don’t know if ellon musk hit her, but it could have been bondage sex during the affair.
Not again
Not again:
Elon is rumoured to be the one paying for Amber's legal costs even after they broke up. Maybe this is one of the reasons he is doing that, Amber got dirt on him?
So does Musk still feel like supporting Heard? Or rather Turd?
Danny Murray
Danny Murray:
Rocket mannnn.... he's a rocket mannn got a stiff right hand rocket mannnn.
James Franco was the smart one. He knew when to run away from this hot blonde mess when he had a chance!!
He probably realized he was being played for a fool too.
Vampira Mayhem
Vampira Mayhem:
Christ, the plot in this story is getting thicker than Joey Essex.
Just Another Happy Humanist
Just Another Happy Humanist:
Elon Musk and Amber Heard both seem like terrible people. No wonder he was slandering Johnny Depp. Just like Heard, he was trying to displace blame to save his own skin.

They’re both disgusting. His wife should leave him too.
Amy Jarrett
Amy Jarrett:
Didn't JD's lawyers request Elon and James' texts, emails, etc? I wonder if this evidence is going to come up in this trial. It might shed more light on Elon's thoughts.

I still can't believe AH took so many pics and audios during their relationship. Definitely sounds like this sociopaths very calculating and conniving building her dossier as insurance policy against JD like he said. Just insane!
David Mata
David Mata:
This will be pretty interesting to watch how fast Musk, at the mere mention of alleged abuse, will be cancelled and thrown to the wolves and lose everything.. Meanwhile Heard, after months of allegations that she beat JD, is still employed and walking around shitting on peoples beds without so much as a how do you do. And no I don't believe cancelling anyone is at all how things should work so not advocating Heard should be cancelled.. I'm just interested to see how long it take for the hypocrisy to hit full idiot mode.. We've gone to plaid, smoke em of you have them Dark Helmet.. :)~
This could hurt Musk's brand a lot!
Jelly Bean
Jelly Bean:
If Johnny’s not going to be in the new POTC I’m going to tell everyone to boycott it so hard
Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster:
My thing is, even if this guy is the one that “abused” her, why blame Johnny? There’s so much evidence, from recordings with amber heard and Johnny talking, where she admits she was the physical one. It’s all becoming a big mess and I feel it’s just going to be an on going drama that doesn’t have an end. It’s this whole ridicules puzzle of lies and schemes. How many times do things that prove amber to be guilty have to come up before this can end? Maybe I’m just stupid here and don’t get it, but there are so many outside parties coming into this when amber herself if on tape saying she was the abuser and that she couldn’t promise she wouldn’t become physical again. Also Johnny saying he was going to keep leaving when she turned physical bc he wasn’t doing that with her. This seems so open and closed to me. I’m not saying Johnny was an angel through all this, but look at how evil and twisted she has been through all of this. This is jus crazy to me.
Kayla Clayton
Kayla Clayton:
If Elon allegedly hurt her, then why frame Johnny? Could Elon musk actually have hurt her? Or another is he another victim of Amber's schemes and lies ? Is Amber getting desperate and knows her lies are starting to catch up to her? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Tiffanie Verhine
Tiffanie Verhine:
With every new update on this case I’m always asking myself... what the hell is going on?!? .. she’s lied to everyone about everything!!!
This Roller Coaster just took a sharp turn.
Lóránt Farkas
Lóránt Farkas:
Typical narc... Helped her, and she in turn attacking him.
Does she seriously thinks changing the false attacker going to save her after her lie, became oblivious?
Amber likes physical fights. Musk was sorry for something. Sounds like Rianna and Chris Brown. These people deserve each other. Johnny didn’t deserve any of this.
wobbly nostrils
wobbly nostrils:
Does anyone else think the eye "wound" looks self inflicted? She honestly seems like the crazy manipulative type.
Imperfect Lioness
Imperfect Lioness:
OOooh...Elon needs to watch his back now. They (Amber and her icky associates) will be coming to ruin him next.
Michael Hatchard
Michael Hatchard:
We all know what Turd is like, bet she has stuff filed away on Musk, and he doesn't want it released. Never liked the man, hope she throws him under the bus
Ang Lovetree
Ang Lovetree:
I don't see bruising on Amber's face, neck or body, no dark purple swelling around the eye, no busted nose with two black eyes, no split fat lip, nothing from the kind of beaten she claims Johnny gave her. In the photo's she looks like she's just woken up & had a pillow fight.
Island Monk
Island Monk:
no wonder he wants to go to mars
Jesus Saldana
Jesus Saldana:
but he was the one with the black eye right......
Anna Paliderová
Anna Paliderová:
Her “beaten” face is literally me every day in summer because of allergies and I look even worse I look like someone just smacked my face from both sides
Nina Thiemann
Nina Thiemann:
It’s so strange that they desperately cling to the statements of Amber Turd and her best friends, but Depp and a whole bunch of 3rd party witnesses (including police officers) are not believable. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Corey B
Corey B:
Title: Elon Musk attacked Amber Heard

12:01 "I'm not saying anyone did anything"
Celina Hernandez
Celina Hernandez:
Thank you for making these videos!
Y Am I Still Here?
Y Am I Still Here?:
Judge: *looks at notes*
Clearly with this compelling evidence, the only thing Musk beat was her ovaries
She likely got another person to lie for her. She failed at taking Deeps money, next she will probably start targeting Musk. I don't believe a word out of her mouth or her friends.
Izzy Sparks
Izzy Sparks:
I can see why Ellon Musk wanted this to be dropped.
L B:
Maybe she likes it rough in the bedroom....funny thing is this doesn't surprise me as Elon or another of her affairs could very well have done this specially Elon because of that text that clearly showed they had a falling out though probably not related to rough "play" just me playing with different ideas...... her hitting her partner and them hitting her in arguments is what she wants/likes/is normal in a relationship TO HER (her ex gf/wife wasn't into it either clearly) not Johnny or most people.....maybe if Johnny had smacked her around a bit she would have liked it and respected him more...thankfully he doesn't play that way, think he would rather stab himself in the heart than purposefully hurt a women his mum raised him right.
Timothy Newitt
Timothy Newitt:
If EM Did hurt her Im sure it was because he was dealing with or responding to Anger Turds violence.
And if true Im sure she appreciated it. Considering the recordings PROVING that violence is what Anger Turd believes a real and passionate relationship is all about.
Were there not marks seen on Elon as well when he and Amber were dating, and there was a question going round as to whether she hit him too? Maybe they, um, liked to do that to each other?
Hanzo Hattori
Hanzo Hattori:
AH will try to sneak out of this mess by throwing Musk under the bus: "He abused me and threated me to blame Johnny or else!" (fake tears).
If it really was Elon that hurt her then why would she cover for him and blame Johnny??? 🤔 hmm seems to me that Amber and Elon were into some crazy sex things and Amber being as bright as she is decided to use this against Johnny. 😱
Vincent Vega
Vincent Vega:
She’s a narcissistic sociopath. How she is not behind bars is beyond me.
Shawn E
Shawn E:
Elon Musk and Amber Heard liked it a little bit rough. Amber Heard wants to fight and so he fought her, rough play fighting is my guess
No wonder Musk urged JD to, "bury the hatchet". He knows what's coming.
Michael Munson
Michael Munson:
I’m sure the fact that Elon is now worth $70b is only tangentially related to these new claims.
Pete Pan
Pete Pan:
Some guys have ALL the luck...I'd LOVE to beat the crap outta Heard !!!
raks k
raks k:
AH prob manipulated elon into a rough bdsm session and thus the bruises. now she has him in her hands too. no wonder elon is so pro ah.
Taliesin Halliday
Taliesin Halliday:
someones going under a bus. amber needs to save herself. at this point i believe she did all injuries to herself to convince elon that johnny did them.
John Zeller
John Zeller:
I'm not a lawyer but if Musk's name keeps coming up I bet the court sends him a subpoena to appear. Now a days anything is possible!
No Diggity
No Diggity:
"Amber Heard" ~ "Turd"
"I just dropped a massive Amber off at the pool"
Vincent Doan Nguyen
Vincent Doan Nguyen:
well obviously when they threesome, she says :" hit me, daddy" so he does...
jack daniels
jack daniels:
It sounds like the marks on her throat were probably just rough sex marks and they were not being careful to not leave marks so must of been making the room really Musky!
No honor among thieves. I think Heard's defense is desperate to keep her out of jail.
Forgotten Hoshi
Forgotten Hoshi:
At this point I don't believe people should trust anything she has to say 🤷🏻‍♂️
Christian Trezeguet
Christian Trezeguet:
So Amber Turd got beat up by the guy she was cheating with...
Heinrich Muller
Heinrich Muller:
i thought there was security cam footage of whitney joking/mocking throwing punch to ambers face which then shows them laughing afterwards
Kris Jonson
Kris Jonson:
Elon "pimp hand" musk
its so clear that she are trying to scam her way trough everything. She's done
Phu Ngo
Phu Ngo:
I can't wait for next weeks episode when Elon reveals that he is Johnny's long lost brother or some shit like that.
I heard Depp got took for over 100 mill in back taxes that his old manager never paid.
Nina Thiemann
Nina Thiemann:
It’s so strange that they desperately cling to the statements of Amber Turd and her best friends, but Depp and a whole bunch of 3rd party witnesses (including police officers) are not believable. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Something I immediately found strange was this;

"How big were they?"
"Like a quarter -- little less than quarters"


"What did the bruises look like?"
"Hand marks"

How could you identify a mark that is the size that is a little less than a quarter, to be a "Hand Mark"? I am really confused about this. Was the hand smaller than that of a baby?
areeana chowdhury
areeana chowdhury:
Buckle up y'all, next they'll say James Franco also abused her
Alex Bowman
Alex Bowman:
She "dumped" Depp.
Dave Shaw
Dave Shaw:
She probably attacked Elon like she did Depp
Elon hit back
N I bet she kept It quiet cuz shes planning on manipulating him like shes done depp
Kay Vee
Kay Vee:
He seems like a doof. Respect the genius and all but I like to think I’ve always had good character judgment and something about him seems off.
Christine Lee
Christine Lee:
This women kept saying How she just want to move on with her life but she is being dragged back into this.
Isn’t she the one who wrote the article on how she survived domestic abuse. That’s why Johnny start the lawsuit, because she won’t freaking shut up about it.
Narcissistic AH
Clearly Depp is The Flash with all the drugs he was on while morphing into Elon Musk for a cancelled movie.
I would absolutely love it if this turned out to be true. Something is deeply wrong with Elon Musk.

Aside from his fraudulent genius persona, he seems to be a massive piece of shit on top of it. I don't give a damn if he hit Amber Turd, because she probably deserved it.

However, he has thrown out extremely bizarre accusations against people, for seemingly no reason besides jealousy maybe. The big one is the spelunker who saved the youth soccer team in Thailand; stranded inside a cave system, who Elon Musk called a pedophile.

And he seemingly did it for no reason, other than the fact that he rescued them without Musk getting any glory out of it. Musk was trying to bolster his image by devising (meaning, having an engineer from his company devise,) a technological solution to the crisis.

Guess the guy ought have just waited til a few of those kids die to appease Musk, huh? Maybe then he wouldn't have had his name smeared for saving their lives.
B P:
If the choice was between going to jail for lying or letting your friend be pinned for beating you up, then this could be another plot to put more in Amber’s favor, even if it was cooked up together between Elon and Amber.
TheKnight OfDoom
TheKnight OfDoom:
I liked Elon until he became a simp. Best thing he could do is come clean.
Armando Dy
Armando Dy:
Amber was probably trying to get violent with Elon, and he just checked her, Pow! Pow! Pow! 😫😵😵😵 And Elon just got back on the phone with Space X, and continued his conversation. 🤣😂
I guess we won't be getting those catgirls.