Elon Musk breaking up with Bitcoin? Price slides after cryptic tweet

World’s top cryptocurrency falls after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweets a broken heart emoji and a meme of a couple breaking up with a Bitcoin hashtag. #FOXBusiness

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100+ comentarios:

Stephanie Wilson
Stephanie Wilson:
This dude is literally the definition of financial literacy he's not just giving you stock picks like other YouTubers he actually teaches you how to read the market and such. Good luck to everyone watching this, May your investment yield you outstanding profits.
battle ov the bulge
battle ov the bulge:
Elon is thinking he’s going to scoop up some cheap crypto after driving it into the ground
Elon is trying to tank btc so that he can average-down his position.
A R:
Keep tweeting Elon, I love this slide, buy when it’s low!
The ignorance is astounding. People are always lamenting the fact that “they missed Amazon... or Microsoft... or Facebook” but when the next opportunity is dropped in their lap they turn their nose up at it. Their loss.
Elijah Logan
Elijah Logan:
I can't even break up with bitcoin because I have a very good broker
jason paul
jason paul:
Great video, Bitcoin has made investors doubtful this season, it's now a risk to invest in cryptocurrency.but it's still the right time to invest.
Robert Aguilar
Robert Aguilar:
I think Elon is just giving people a heads up on what’s coming, it’s out of anyone’s control and it was a good way to make some quick cash
"breaking up"...give me a break...he's playing "the system" and more to the point, he's good at it.
When you want something..you have to work for it...
When he wants something...he gets someone else to do it!...especially paying for things.
That's what makes him "different" his intelligence allows him to "game" the system.
Pretty simple to figure it out. Elon has a bitcoin / dogecoin mining Tesla in the works.
Wolf Hybrid Dog Trainer
Wolf Hybrid Dog Trainer:
Bitcoin is still the future. Anybody who understands it. Knows this. Look at the US dollar. Every day it becomes less & less valuable...
jake hensley
jake hensley:
All you have to do is watch for his tweets, and respond appropriately. I find it f****** awesome that this billionaire would give me a heads up before he wrecks my world.
tracey adkins
tracey adkins:
In other words,
Bitcoins lacked substance...
EVEN more so than "regular " monetary processes.
Bitcoin would have made it by now if to fulfill its original promises
God Cipher Divine!!!
God Cipher Divine!!!:
It happens in stocks, headlines affect stocks
IaMGucci Studio sessions and lessons official
IaMGucci Studio sessions and lessons official:
So politicians tweet about policies and the market tanks 10% so….
When you can make an asset move the way that Elon can. That's a huge opportunity for he and his friends to make a fortune trading said asset. Wish I was his friend.
Boris Sedacca
Boris Sedacca:
So sad to see women who disfigure themselves with botox
Not A YouTuber
Not A YouTuber:
The SEC must investigate Elon. Price manipulation is clearly illegal, for most of us.
I think the question we need to be asking is how can Elon manipulate Tesla stock without manipulating Tesla stock. Maybe it’s by driving down Bitcoin prices so the company can buy more, ride it up and then sell. Lack of regulation in crypto could theoretically allow him to do this. Think about the size of Tesla’s bag and it’s impact on their balance sheet.
Matthew Wescom
Matthew Wescom:
Only when the economy is good will more people buy expensive electric cars!
A person as rich as Elon Musk can do just about any thing they want. Especially tweeting at night.
Bella Hawkins
Bella Hawkins:
How profitable is cryptocurrency investment right now?
Siegfried Braun
Siegfried Braun:
Of COURSE he's not *dumping* his BC. He's using his platform to make millions, if not billions, just on his silly tweets.
Kevin C
Kevin C:
Another crypto video, another comments section full of bots and spammers. Coincidence that this supposed “legitimate” investment is inundated with scammers? Seems like a huge red flag to me.
Robin Berg
Robin Berg:
I will never own a Tesla. Hes playing with Bitcoin, and none of us like this. Hes losing business by the minute. Keep tweeting..
ray keelan
ray keelan:
"it could go down to 20 k like it was in the beginning if the year" then hold maybe! maybe zoom out a little bit paper hands Mcgee and realize it's averaged a 150%- 200% increase every year for a decade.
Marcelo Augusto
Marcelo Augusto:
I hope he keeps his twitter active, I want buy below 30k 💎🙌
Gary Biggs
Gary Biggs:
Never invest in a commodity that rises and falls on tweets and emotions.
Beijing 北京 2022
Beijing 北京 2022:
Biggest Market Manipulater of our time, people doing great mistake by following his Twitter account.

It is crazy as well As non sense
Brian Mercado
Brian Mercado:
Elon is playing with the retail investors each and every day. He spoofs you guys all the time. Try to think like him and you will be on the leading edge of your own crypto investments. This is no longer a buy and hold game it’s a quick an cryptic game, and anyone who complains has just not discovered the keys to the game.
Jin Z
Jin Z:
Yes, I completely agree that Elon Musk should focus on TSLA, not Bitcoin.
Mike JustMike
Mike JustMike:
Good!!! I want to buy more :) let's get that price lower!! Buy low sell high!
Troua Conti
Troua Conti:
He wants to lower the price to buy a lot of BTC then tweet again and raise the price
Razor Back
Razor Back:
Stable as Gold they said, crashed with an icon tweet
Kurt Boulter
Kurt Boulter:
If an investment can dive on the word of one investor, then it is more volatile than any market in the last 100 years. Please note, BitCoin is NOT currency, nor is it money. It only has as much value as people put in it, which is very different from gold, silver, which are real money, or even fiat currencies.
Warframe Warframe
Warframe Warframe:
Hilarious what he’s doing
Naim vrella
Naim vrella:
God Cipher Divine!!!
God Cipher Divine!!!:
I would love 2 know his motive
Dude..Taking down bitcoin does help the globe. It's bad for the environment and competes on and threatens the same grid all of his businesses are tied into.
I don't get how there guys do it... Trading the stock market has been a headache for me since I got into it, I placed trades with the help of articles I see online and It's resulted in losses I don't get what I'm doing wrong... Could you explain how you've been making money
Smith Wilys
Smith Wilys:
Digital assest like Bitcoin ,ethereum etc are making waves now and Bitcoin is down now is the right time to bag it and others too.
Michael Huber
Michael Huber:
When a tweet can tank a stock. Do not invest in cryptocurrencies, there is nothing backing it up.
HQO Berlin
HQO Berlin:
Someone recently said “if you knew, if you really knew who the creator of Bit Coin was you’d sell and run.
I Am That I Am
I Am That I Am:
The sheep applaud
Sherry Prather
Sherry Prather:
Why do we need a Bitcoin to begin with?
Bartiromo always looks like she just cried.. :(
carminda brendel
carminda brendel:
It’s OVER for Bitcoin ....I warned everyone LONG , Looong ago
Psychic Phone Friend
Psychic Phone Friend:
Elon Musk is going to invest heavily in Baby Shark.
Geert Matthys
Geert Matthys:
Elon was just trying to save people some money
Dick Tater
Dick Tater:
Bet Elon will buy more once it bottoms out.
Davit Sargsyan
Davit Sargsyan:
Couple of more tweets like these and those tweets will lose power and brcome laughin stock
Investing rightly today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future
Les Smith
Les Smith:
Criptos are more volatile than the stock market
Fun Toy Toys Channel
Fun Toy Toys Channel:
Bitcoin isn’t a currency it’s a speculative asset
Hydross :
Hydross ::
Such a great asset....
Nonya Business
Nonya Business:
I'm loading up on XRP! Chit going to explode like a spaceX 🚀 rocket.
So many scam in this comment section, jeez
His heart moji is cuz bitcoin people telling him to stay out of crypto comments I think they putting up billboards telling him to stick to space. So I think it's that not that he doesn't like btc now. Btc is the future, its just getting started...
Bitcoin is the best store of value that has ever been made. It goes up 200% year on year. Show me another investment that can do that??
Moon Base Olympia
Moon Base Olympia:
Emperor Musk is wise enough to see the game is over. It was a fun ride.
Elon Musk seen it for what it was. BS.
He bought at 25k and sold at 50k per share. He's twice as rich with less paper trail.

I can hear Him packing his bags for Mars.
" Tooth brush check, sunglasses check, iPhone check,. I'm ready !
freddy ybarra
freddy ybarra:
To the moon🙌
Mary Ronan
Mary Ronan:
Who cares about Elon?
Daniel Ostrom
Daniel Ostrom:
Hes making FUD to shake people into giving up their bags. He will change his mind once BTC gets cheap.
Casey Clark
Casey Clark:
I didn't loose a penny, lol, so I'm good. I put all my extra money at the end of the month in my safe. I'm doing pretty good.
Aeris West
Aeris West:
Why dont people ZOOM OUT the past 10yrs…it is up 200% year over year since…it is the best performing asset of our generation! Yes it comes with 80% swings and u have to live with that volatility…
Ross Coupland
Ross Coupland:
Pump and dump lol 😆 😂 🤣 🤣 🤣
Butterfly innerG
Butterfly innerG:
I never bought into Bitcoin, it dont seem solid enough for me...
Someone Else
Someone Else:
Help the world & print more money???
Bitcoin almost a trillion market he only bought billion and a half and weak hands freak out like it's the end of the world.😂
Silly Goose
Silly Goose:
Bitcoin is the future.
Heinz Fahrngruber
Heinz Fahrngruber:
Ja Elon Musk, we understand. The environment must be better protected. Compared to Elon Musk's products, bitcoin scores a lot better when it comes to assessing clean energy and sustainability. So now sell tesla shares and buy bitcoin for it. If tesla's projects become more sustainable and efficient, maybe one can think about buying tesla shares again. Thanks again to tesla for making us so smart. .
Daniel Ostrom
Daniel Ostrom:
John Demenic Radin
John Demenic Radin:
Love the dips buy More
I wish Musk would keep his F-ing mouth shut.
mike zappulla
mike zappulla:
Hey guy. How are your confused about what he meant? Also, how are you going to try give advice to a who could buy you out multiple times and it wouldn’t make a dent.
Raywalt de Cuba
Raywalt de Cuba:
Wow talk about out of touch with what is really going on!!!!
Be Nice
Be Nice:
ken candu
ken candu:
Who is this guy to tell Elon musk what he should be doing
John Mastrianni
John Mastrianni:
Children show more discretion in their tweets... guy needs supervision
James Beeler
James Beeler:
I see a lot of people on here that have no idea what blockchain and digital currencies are all about. Thank God. I can buy more now of things everyone will be using in the future. PS Bitcoin is not the future of defi blockchain in my Opinion. But there are some great projects out there that are inevitably going to replace the internet and financial systems as we know it. $2 trillion market. Can’t be stopped! ETH, SOL, DOT, XRP or XLM, VET... $$$$$$$$$
Maxwell jaji
Maxwell jaji:
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today,
HQO Berlin
HQO Berlin:
Wow. She was cut?
Phat cat business men telling Elon Musk how to run his
jimmy tuazon
jimmy tuazon:
One day we just hear Elon has behavioral problem.very self centered human being.leave crypto alone.
King Blue
King Blue:
XRP is inevitable!!!
Karsa Orlong
Karsa Orlong:
That guy didn't answer the question
People’s love rate # Doge >>>>>>>>>Bitcoin!!
-pollution rate # Doge <<<<<<<<< Bitcoin !!
Stop it Mike!
andrew cabral
andrew cabral:
Thanks for the sale elon. Buy hodl buy n hodl
Richard Gregory
Richard Gregory:
People are ignorant of profitability in bitcoin investment and that has been the major issues limiting their investment .
Prashant Tayshetye
Prashant Tayshetye:
He uploaded everything on Kathie woods
Cherish 9
Cherish 9:
Elon's Neurolink project has me worried - its not humane. Its not a good idea to merge humans with machines in such a way that the machine basically can have full control of the human mind... The chip is much like an implant that attaches itself like a paracite to the center of our brian. Our pineal gland will be ineffective and we will lose our spiritual connection / communication with our Divine Creator. There are a lot of well done videos on this topic done by regular citizens. I hope people check out several... Elon's grandfather was a big time Technocrat - please research Technocracy.. It looks like Elon is following in his footsteps. I dont know Elon personally so cant judge him but i dont just trust people just because they seem pretty cool on tv.
Scott Sarrels
Scott Sarrels:
# 45 in the house! Lol
Omar CRS
Omar CRS:
More for me
Tom Smith
Tom Smith:
1982 looking for they hair back
Dogecoin 🐕 🚀 🌝!!!!
Prashant Tayshetye
Prashant Tayshetye:
Buy it at 10000
Dahlia Love
Dahlia Love:
This man needs to stop playing god
Klr Rider
Klr Rider:
Plan your work then work your plan
..F elon
Esper Hickman
Esper Hickman:
Currency means fiat money.