Elon Musk Tweets How Out Of Touch He Is

Elon Musk needs to wake up. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss on The Young Turks. Keep Hope (and TYT) Alive: http://tyt.com/go

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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100+ comentarios:

Jared Burgess
Jared Burgess:
The U.S. has become so utterly corrupted by big business.
Skinny Palm
Skinny Palm:
We are 'Consumption Stock' to them. Not human.
Elon should stay in his lane.
D M:
Hmm, sounds like socialism for the rich, again; Truly perverts system.
Sandra MOORE
Sandra MOORE:
NO stimulus to large companies or corporations only to small companies and those in desparate need. The rich should get NOTHING!
Pano 360
Pano 360:
Why anyone would want to know what a multi billionaire thinks about what regular people need in their daily lives is beyond me.
Gary Pemberton
Gary Pemberton:
Direct payments to the people is best
GooD LucK
GooD LucK:
in terms of economic stimulus for people, he's right
They gave a billion dollars to a billionaire. Great.
Cesar Gonzalez
Cesar Gonzalez:
I came over from Jimmy Dore's show, boy is he telling the truth about the current state of the Left.
Occonner Wilderness
Occonner Wilderness:
What’s wrong with everyone getting 1000-2000$ monthly to meet essentials and stimulate the economy?
USA: It's Socialism for the wealthy and the huge corporations and rugged individualism for everyone else.
Oh Aww Geez
Oh Aww Geez:
This is the same guy that supports Kanye’s run for POTUS nuff said.
Ron Harris
Ron Harris:
Most rich ppl are out of touch with the real world.
Jackie D
Jackie D:
The last stimulus mostly went to corporations with teams of lawyers that can work around the law, and abuse it. Elon's right just give people the money.
Darius Manson
Darius Manson:
Elon has recieved 4.9 Billion in Government subsidies...
Pale Gray Version
Pale Gray Version:
I love how Musk, and to a lesser extend Yang, triggers the authoritarian left. The same left who seem to be fine with socialists starving and enslaving our fellow human beings since the 1917 Bolshevik revolution, and to this day stan for dictators like Maduro, Castro etc.

I keep saying Elon is autistic, lol!

I'm autistic and I can admit that I can be out of touch and I can be an idiot, and I can even act like a jerk because of my mindset clashing with others, and me letting my emotions cloud my judgment.

Thankfully, since I'm NOT famous, I actually have people who check me when I get irrational!! I really appreciate that and wish someone would give Elon a reality check too.
Stop saying FREE MONEY. Giving people who, unlike corporations, actually pay taxes, a portion of what they paid into the system BACK is NOT FREE MONEY!! It is their OWN MONEY. It is the rich and corporations that are the real, lazy freeloaders in this society, not people who work for these robber barons and create their wealth for them while also paying taxes, none of which they ever see again because it is used to bail out these criminals every 8-10 years. Stop framing it as free money or the government's money. There is no government's money, it is OUR MONEY!!
J K:
Because he concerns about people in poverty in this time of pandemic.
Julian Crooks
Julian Crooks:
I wish I was rich enough to get a bailout 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨
Bryna L.
Bryna L.:
My husband always says Elon Musk is a Bond villain.
Sean Borsodi
Sean Borsodi:
Really unhappy with TYT's reporting on Tesla and Elon Musk. This is uninformed and throwing red meat to people who are rightfully angry at the rich or sadly working against renewable energy. Elon Musk is not the Koch brothers and Tesla is not BMW.
John - B
John - B:
Musk's position is just mainstream economics. There's nothing insightful (or disgraceful) about it.
Ricky Bojangles
Ricky Bojangles:
I'm sure at one point, if not still, you'd support UBI, but now Elon says it, you disagree with him. Sounds like you might disagree with him based on his other opinions rather than his position on this particular issue. Anything less than 100% complete agreement with your views is simply not enough for you.
Elon lets give people $1000 a month. Progressives no let’s only give them $700 one time😂😂😂
Eoin O'Riordan
Eoin O'Riordan:
Fatcats lining the pockets of other fatcat buddies. Basically keeping it in the 1% family.
"Small Government" is a form of Orwellian doublespeak to confuse autocracy and fascism with freedom and independence. In a democratic nation, were the government is "By the people, for the people" the government is always big government because everyone is involved. Small government is power of the few over all. Elon Musk is wrong on this issue, as he is spewing the corporate model of Orwellian doublespeak.
Chris L
Chris L:
He supported Andrew Yang and he has been a constant supporter of UBI. His whole point is that we should just put UBI in place (even it just temporarily for COVID) instead of letting mostly greedy politicians keep screwing this up and using it as a political football.

TYT really has a blind spot when it comes to anything Elon Musk or Tesla. Of all the billionaires they could pick to talk trash about, they chose one of a few that is trying to change the world for the better.
Zach Grall
Zach Grall:
I’m a big fan of the channel, but I’m also a big fan of Elon and what he’s done with Tesla. I also own stock inTesla. I definitely don’t like everything the guy does (mainly him cozying up to China so much, and some
of the more overt capitalists statements/beliefs). But at the same time, he’s been doing a good job of taking on the Fossil Fuel companies and even called out Amazon’s monopolistic tendencies/tactics. I’m sure we’d have some major political differences, but he does care about saving the world, and until recently he’s only made a salary of $1 a year for being Tesla’s CEO. He’s definitely not perfect, but without him and his work at Tesla most other automakers probably wouldn’t be trying to make their own electric cars right now.
Greed is an awful disease. Cut me a check Elon! Actually I would like cash instead. Not sure your check would clear. Another grifter.
Robert Quin
Robert Quin:
I love Elon and the work he does, even the smartest people are stupid on twit-err, and are stupid for being on twit-err. The day Twitter dies the world will rejoice.
Mark Johnstone
Mark Johnstone:
"Giving each person money allows them to decide what meets their needs." I read this three times and it makes no sense to me.
Ricky Parmar
Ricky Parmar:
Careful TYT you're about to hand Trump the election...
Mac & Fiona
Mac & Fiona:
He just trying to make happy Trump with his Tweets. Notice that his business is booming in China and never received Flak from Trump.
Mike Dannheim
Mike Dannheim:
I had to come back to this. He said he supports UBI, and does not support the stimulus bills we've seen lately. Taken together in the same discussion, those become comparative statements. In other words, if we had UBI, the stimulus bills would be much less necessary. I agree with that.
Hellcat Masters
Hellcat Masters:
We need a government big or small that works for the people not for self interest and protecting each other .
Sean MusicUK
Sean MusicUK:
If he's work +$75B he should pay that back in full
Elon Musk IS a self-serving special interest.
I have always hated Elon Sure he has done some good things but he has a long history of using others' ideas and claiming them as his own.
The difference between Elon and many other billionaires is that he uses his wealth the push humanity forward. He has good intentions and I think we NEED him. The idea that because someone played this capitalism game well and became rich is bad no matter what they do with that money is rediculous.
breaking mega
breaking mega:
He completely ruined the housing market here in Nevada. This is why you should never put these people on a pedestal.
R H:
The guy wants UBI for Americans but the socialists hate it now?
Stev Rex
Stev Rex:
Musk has had more than a bit of luck in creating personal wealth. As such, elon believes he is a monied god. LOL.
Michael B
Michael B:
Unfortunately, they didn't see or chose to ignore the second part of his tweet. I hope they make another video covering recurring stimulus checks.
Michael Labriola
Michael Labriola:
" Engineers(musk) are interested in ideas and things NOT people."
---Prof. Jordan Peterson
Zoom Zoom
Zoom Zoom:
He should be honest and just say he wants people to go back to work
Demarcus Faulkner
Demarcus Faulkner:
Why is what Elon musk thinks important ?
I think before we give people UBIs, we should raise the minimum wage with indexing(meaning raise it every time inflation happens).
Alex Snow
Alex Snow:
The top 10% : Consumer lives matter
Human beings: What
Geralt of Rivia
Geralt of Rivia:
Why would anyone expect a billionaire megalomaniac maniac to not be out of touch.
Dr Brooklyn
Dr Brooklyn:
Wow "I can get $5 billion but I draw the line at you getting a second $1200 check"
Leodan Cuevas
Leodan Cuevas:
Elon musk fan's freaking out when someone criticizes their God king. LOL
rico rommheim
rico rommheim:
Since when do Americans listen to the opinions of African immigrants?
Scott Jensen
Scott Jensen:
One more thing regarding the title of the video, when have you ever seen Elon Musk speak and thought to yourself that that guy is IN touch?
Rosso Carriola
Rosso Carriola:
"out of touch" insinuates he doesn't know, he knows, he is narcissism on steroids.
Sir John Harington
Sir John Harington:
Elon Musk, whose Tesla Inc. was a major beneficiary of government stimulus in the wake of the last global financial crisis, has soured on the concept.
Jeremy Gregorio
Jeremy Gregorio:
He doesn't want to pay workers more. That's why.
mark haas
mark haas:
"Great job by Elon musk, in agreeing to build, in Texas, what is expected to be the largest Auto plant anywhere in the world. He kept his word to me. Texas, and Tesla, are big winners. Made in the U.S.A." - Donald Trump.
Notice how they aren't covering the riots AT ALL.
Ron DeForest
Ron DeForest:
Congress has had three packages already. There are still people that are worried about getting evicted. Small businesses going out of business. Trillions of dollars already spent, where did that money go? To the 1% like Elon musk? If there’s yet another package, 100% has to go to the people. They’re the ones that need the help.
Max claire
Max claire:
i get that he got bullied as a kid but to take your revenge by being a creepy person is not ok.
R killalea
R killalea:
I couldn't believe this, I watched cenk and Ana destroy elon musk, time and time again. I thought how is one of the smartest men on the planet bested by a small network like tyt. They even had offical news sources to refute his claims. In small print I seen, " the buffalo news." So I googled them! 🤣🤡🤪 you should too!
Matt Black
Matt Black:
Let's talk about off-world vehicles or are you scared?
Jason Waltman
Jason Waltman:
We don't need smaller or bigger government. We need properly applied government.
Professor Moriarty
Professor Moriarty:
You mean like their business being burned down by peaceful protesters
Aaron Vallejo
Aaron Vallejo:
Yes, we should build our renewably powered US economy with electric transportation. Yes, we need to pass Medicare for All to help our citizens. Yes, we need to pay all our citizens again to stay safely home so we can get virus cases down. Yes, everyone needs to wear masks when they are in the public getting groceries and beer once a week.
Small brain thinking. Somebody needs a cranial stimulus. (Just to be sure, in case your brain isn't big enough, I'm not talking about Musk)
Cash Johnston
Cash Johnston:
I agree consumers need a bailout. They will spend and help businesses that need money. Trickle up is better than trickle down.
C A:
He's a true imbecil!
(JUL 25 2020, 7:46AM PT) This JUST in: 424 Tesla fanboys have down voted this video
The most innovative man on earth is "out of touch"????
Mitchell N
Mitchell N:
If TYTs believe someone is "out of touch" then I agree with them lol
Yoshe Melton
Yoshe Melton:
3 billion went to Catholic churches. FFS. 3 BILLION, for an organization that does not pay taxes in this country, they got the funding through loopholes involving small business. how much of that could have helped hospitals, or small businesses.
Richie Anthony
Richie Anthony:
I fail to see what’s wrong with those tweets.... I’m missing something?
Rochelle Thomas
Rochelle Thomas:
I USED to be an avid Elon Musk fan but he’s been saying some questionable stuff as of late 🙄
I don't see anything wrong with Elon's twitt. He said what many progressives, including TYT, have said before: pork barrel projects are not beneficial to taxpayers. More importantly, in the context of the current congress and the fact that Republicans are running the government and setting up legislation, you know they will never pass a bill that will help americans. That is a fact, and every progressive knows it.

However, it is true that Elon Musk is making a big mistake by overgeneralizing his condemnation for subsidies for all companies. Once you receive subsidies, like Elon did, you can't close the door for those that are coming behind you. It is simply hypocritical.
Twilight Gardens presentations
Twilight Gardens presentations:
The rich fear equality
Christopher E. Pineda
Christopher E. Pineda:
What does Elon musk care, this is all a simulation.
Manav Sharma
Manav Sharma:
UBI is needed right now.
The man is from South Africa.
Deleted User
Deleted User:
How dare you criticize a successful immigrant
Brian Shock
Brian Shock:
Elon has bought himself a ticket to the people's guillotine.
Andy P
Andy P:
UBI is a great way of making society more equal. The socialists want to keep people jumping through hoops so you can give them food stamps.
Most of the bail out cash has gone to big corporations and not the consumers who are the basis for the economy.
You’re way off point on this one ANA...
Elon went from Tony Stark to Mr burns with his spruce moose
Tesla should be given more subsidies than oil companies.
Anna Lamorte
Anna Lamorte:
Oh it's ok when huge corporations get gov funding for there bs pay no taxes no one complains
mark haas
mark haas:
"Great job by Elon musk, in agreeing to build, in Texas, what is expected to be the largest Auto plant anywhere in the world. He kept his word to me. Texas, and Tesla, are big winners. Made in the U.S.A." - Donald Trump.
Is Cenk gonna bring up his hypocrisy regarding Unionizing?
Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders:
This is the game. Oppose what help CAN be passed, but say you're in favor something else no one is working on. If they do change and go after UBI, he'll support something else. Count on it.
Maybe he can use some of his money to get plastic surgery so he won’t look Beaker crossed with a blob fish.
Elon OnTheDole Musk
Mashell1l ANewName
Mashell1l ANewName:
He’s such a hypocritical jerk
Beastmen Delegate
Beastmen Delegate:
The problem with really, smart, people is that they think they’re smart at everything.
Anthony Mcqueen
Anthony Mcqueen:
That is most millionaries and billionaires. Coming from a billionaire welfare queen screams hypocrisy.

Millionaires and Billionaires whine and cry more so than poor people.
So giving money to people is bad for you? WOW
I don’t get it... Wasnt he in favor of a UBI?
Open Mind
Open Mind:
Elon might have already put his brain implant tech on himself ,now he is talking like AI ,without any empathy
Ana, love ya. But for god sakes, UBI IS A SOCIAL SAFETY NET!!!