Elon Musk's Electric Plane Has Competition

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The eVTOL market is growing rapidly. Electric vertical take-off and landing vehicles, or eVTOLs, are sometimes referred to as flying cars, but in reality, they are small electric planes that can hover and travel short distances. There are numerous companies with eVTOL prototypes. Some market leaders include Lilium, SkyDrive, and Airbus. Most of the prototypes that have been revealed so far are unmanned, but Japanese company SkyDrive, which is partially backed by Toyota, made history this summer with a successful piloted test flight. Elon Musk has plans for an electric plane, too. Tesla has only produced electric cars so far, but the company may make eVTOLs in the future. Musk will start working on an eVTOL prototype once more advanced batteries are available. Musk says a futuristic zero-emissions jet would require a battery pack with a density between 400 and 500 watt-hours per kilogram. Improved battery density is essential for Musk’s eVTOL prototype, but he also wants better batteries to be produced in greater volume. Many fans have been wondering what a Tesla eVTOL would look like. Tesla fanboy and UK-based industrial designer Tom Abbot-Davies posted a mock-up of a Tesla Model V eVTOL concept on Twitter. Musk saw the design and was very impressed. Once widely adopted, eVTOLs will be used as short-range air taxis in urban centers. They will also be used in search and rescue missions and as air ambulances. Here’s a look at Elon Musk’s plan for an electric plane and the competition he faces.

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Adam M
Adam M:
After he succeed with all those things, he'll become the richest man in the world.
Arabs: we have oil
Elon musk: lmao
Jack Fennell
Jack Fennell:
People: AMAZING!!! So eco-friendly!
Birds: Shit.
Scorpz - Minecraft
Scorpz - Minecraft:
I hate how most people *just* think of elon as "rich" and not of his actual achievements.
Mrjoemarc Official
Mrjoemarc Official:
flying car in the future.
Excident : Are u kidding me?
moksh gujarati
moksh gujarati:
Elon musk: let's build the iron man suit in 3 years
Other companies:yup we have to leave
blade nyz
blade nyz:
that man is richer than any of us can imagine. Money is the last of his issues
Living Luxury
Living Luxury:
Elon Musk is an actual KING 🤴 no matter what, I think he’ll make it work and come out on top!!
Jeff James
Jeff James:
"Elon Musk is losing the EVTOL Race"

Elon Musk: Hold my beer.
Fun fact: helping the enviorment started in 1990
Jesse Garver
Jesse Garver:
When I ride in a car or truck, my favorite thing about the ride is the sound. Therefore I'm not a fan of Tesla, but whatever it's just my opinion so don't get worked up
Edward Case
Edward Case:
Along with High-Energy-Density in batteries, comes the hazard of High Energy Denisty
Federal Bureau of Investigation.
Federal Bureau of Investigation.:
The only billionaire, i look up to, and i love hes sarcasm
Salute to Engineers who works hard for this.
Alexander Paideia
Alexander Paideia:
And therefore, according to the ancient Chinese secret wisdom, what are the five most critical powerful knowledge, and richness that every individual could and should possess? altc, Paideia Academy-Society
Da_only em_gamer
Da_only em_gamer:
"Looks pretty cool"
Ibaku Ifechukwu
Ibaku Ifechukwu:
Second richest man in the the world right now
dude it looks so cool
Elon Musk will win the race. he thinks while he sleeps and he's hands on with all his Projects.
Rose academy
Rose academy:
Success people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance- wealth , a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time.
fhjh jhgjghj
fhjh jhgjghj:
The redundant algeria phylogenetically reply because tennis amazingly untidy without a ancient battery. unique, impossible nylon
The Boy
The Boy:
1:23 Elon Musk would need palladium core and Arc Reactor to get electricity for his electric jet instead of batteries.
Batteries for planes is bs. Wireless Electric planes is the future
leo ybarra
leo ybarra:
It's about time someone is taking us to the future
Tim Knockwood
Tim Knockwood:
competition is so much better for Elon's creations because now he's has a bigger push to do better :D
I cant wait to get this recommendation in 9 years when this becomes a common thing.
Mission and Ministries sylvester
Mission and Ministries sylvester:
The Spirit, (Air and Love are one living as a real Human being )
mercy syonzi
mercy syonzi:
Haha. I find it unsafe.But a great idea if implemented correctly.
Marti Vince Rendon
Marti Vince Rendon:
Wew no veiws with 14 comments
Krazii A
Krazii A:
So there's gonna be sky racing in the future, cool!
James Kraemer Poker Heat
James Kraemer Poker Heat:
Hes smart
vax sin
vax sin:
Cyberplane ❤️
John Garrett
John Garrett:
My vote goes to Elon! I think he will do this!
Hold on an electric plane... Nah bro all I'm saying EMP, sorry man been playing COD to much 😅😂
Jason Edwards
Jason Edwards:
I don't know. Everything seems to be up in the air right now.
minion minion
minion minion:
🤔me why not I try building one 😂 but with a different approach of physics
JS Mariani
JS Mariani:
None of these models are powered by jet engines, despite his claims.
Rachael Guerrero
Rachael Guerrero:
First veiw
Make Money Now
Make Money Now:
Your videos are splendid! Thank you for giving me a new perspective to contemplate!
I might get one of those 🤔
L"Un des Grand visionnaire du 21éme siècle..
God bless you..
Clash Kings
Clash Kings:
Orochimaru : Unless imortality is archived, progress will always have setbacks.
All I wish for is I’ll live for day when it’s possible to fly from say, Asheville NC - Chattanooga TN in 30 minutes, hang out for the evening , and hop back on a flight back.
Whenever I'm about to hear elon musk talk I always think of an Australian accent like muselk
Fix the title, Elon has no electric plane.
One Two
One Two:
10years from now, a metalman man came from the future to assasinate Elon Mask due to his idea and innovation, leading to robots war
Ahmad Shafiq Zia
Ahmad Shafiq Zia:
I got an ad of an electric car while watching this
Venture Fanatic
Venture Fanatic:
How about improving tech to silence this insanely loud machines?
Eric Aga
Eric Aga:
Elon Musk is incredibly genius.
Bolormaa Monchoo
Bolormaa Monchoo:
Woohoo, he's such a luxury man...
Blacktegrity TV
Blacktegrity TV:
They're just extra large drones lol
Something tells me that I'd want these planes to still have a fuel tank reserve...just in case. Electric vehicles on the ground is one thing, but flying through the air without a propellant...lol...umm I don't know.
That's me
That's me:
'*Elon Mask making V-Tol*
All COD players-oooo no no no no no
Shane Lee
Shane Lee:
None of that’s even in the same ballpark as what Elon’s working on.
Ricardo Chaveste
Ricardo Chaveste:
Exciting technology for sure very impressive, I'm uber driver so I'm excited for this to happen in the future 👍👍🙏Thank you making this exciting video, looking forward to the future of flying for Uber some day.....
poop man
poop man:
I want a plane lol
Agunan Samosir #003
Agunan Samosir #003:
How about EHELI
electric powered helicopter?
elmocursed ROBLOX
elmocursed ROBLOX:
Why am I early while the video got recommended?
oo oxygen
oo oxygen:
Can someone tell me how this is exciting or cool? We already have helicopters and drones that would perform these tasks better and more efficiently. I'm sure these would have some very niche purposes, but it's not that revolutionary. If there's some kind of revolutionary purpose the video missed, let me know.
Nomadic Passport
Nomadic Passport:
World richest man competition just got real competitive 🔥
Alejandro Tarango
Alejandro Tarango:
Here the day Elon Musk became the second richest man.
Delmarva Aerial Photography
Delmarva Aerial Photography:
What type of license will be required to fly one? I have a small drone license 😅
Atif Khan
Atif Khan:
His employees come with Idea
Dj E
Dj E:
Dude he's such a nerd
Techno Gamerz Fan Tube
Techno Gamerz Fan Tube:
I will make the flying car👍
No body :
Brent goff
Brent goff:
Nice kudus to the new second richest person on Earth
Cracked Sponge
Cracked Sponge:
elon just nuke em or thro cash at them to stop production lol
My Hobby
My Hobby:
At 15million subs can you do a face reveal?
Big Homie
Big Homie:
Elon has already made his opinion clear about this in an interview stating that flying vehicles are not his focus right now and that it would cause a great about of anxiety for the people on land with possibilities of parts flying in the air in the event of an accident causing a big hazard. Also, flying vechiles are confronted with extreme weather conditions as underground they are not. He is currently working on an underground transit system called The Boring Company.
Roy Oetting
Roy Oetting:
Lilium is the way to go. A lot of engineering went into this concept and it by the most safe .
P.H.D. Boyz
P.H.D. Boyz:
8:03 I will 😎
It's all fun and jokes till Elon builds his own Iron Man suit and a Helicarrier
Shri Pawar
Shri Pawar:
Musk make science fiction to fact.
Pat Lacey
Pat Lacey:
I illustrated an airplane from a dream I had of a plane that looked like it was going to fly into a building but suddenly went straight up the front of the building and then flew over the top of it. I found out the building I illustrated from the drawing of my dream was a building that looks just like one in Israel. The building color was olive green and coincidentally matches the Israeli army uniforms. How do I protect my concept drawing that needs copyrighted? I have a Jewish birthright name. (I emailed it to a long time female friend who lives out of state.)
Explosive Potatoes
Explosive Potatoes:
Vtols just fancy helicopters change my mind
John Grey
John Grey:
All of those companies that Elon has a competition against, a few of those companies are in the space business and Elon has beaten their butts!!!
He'll do the same with ELECTRIC PLANE!!!
Lemon Pie
Lemon Pie:
wow I feel smart now
It triggered me that he kept saying EVTOL
its good to see that so many companies are working on it because competition drives innovation.
Banana Cheese
Banana Cheese:
The damaging modem normally burn because throat syntactically grate beyond a damaged coach. fancy, husky congo
Jaime G
Jaime G:
The battery' can be recharge you lose power it charges its self up it can Have a sinser it will know when the battery' is low
Choco Later
Choco Later:
Building an electric car is a bad idea.
Let' do it.
Glenn Tremblay
Glenn Tremblay:
That's all great but where is all the electricity going to come from? Until nuclear fusion is a reality the all electric world will have to wait. It will be cool if and when it happens.
ade L
ade L:
GO EVTOL!!!!!!
Greatest entrepreneur of Our Time
Sohaib N.
Sohaib N.:
But we all know this sky driving will cost us skyrocketing prices. Doesn't it?
Lil Paws
Lil Paws:
Could you imagine a world eventually going from all these gas cars to electric cars 😱 hope I’m alive to see it but sadly most people wouldn’t be able to afford to make the change right away
Mike Hall
Mike Hall:
Fun fact: helping the enviorment started in 1990
Chucky Cheese
Chucky Cheese:
Planes can glide and helicopters have autorotation in the event of an engine out. I feel that these electric aircraft would fall like a brick in an emergency. Plus the more things that make it run, the more things can fail. all the computers and everything keeping it running I just feel wouldn’t be safe or practical at all unlike a helicopter that has far less parts and pieces making it fly.
Ndlelenhle Dlamini
Ndlelenhle Dlamini:
Bros have you heard of that fancy new thing? Its called a helicopter.
I have an idea to help ellon musk how to top these💯 if i ever get the chance to at least have a convo with him we could travel at the speed of light
ummmmm you never want want to leave the ground in an electric anything
T H:
With a good ❤️,,,🤗
radu ionescu
radu ionescu:
Kyle Davis
Kyle Davis:
This man sold his soul
chris ball
chris ball:
Just a multi atmospheric lobster if you got mesh worms for me thanks
chris ball
chris ball:
Compressed air levitating pendulums air water displacement ferroelectric anti gravity gyroscopic generators
Inversion implosion helmholtz plasma subwoofer 🛸
Brave Kish
Brave Kish:
damn am in school
Isai R
Isai R:
it’s VTOL not V-Tall
Im only gonna ride elon's flying plane
Nuclear_ Fussion
Nuclear_ Fussion:
hahahahaha im probably dead before i get in the future unless i got reincarnated