Emerson Royal 2021 - The Future Of Barcelona 🔥🔥 - Insane Speed, Goals & Skills | HD

Emerson Royal 2021
Emerson Barcelona
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"Future of Totthenham Hotspur"
DEVIL Gaming
DEVIL Gaming:
Defensively he is better than dest. Offensively also he is good but I'd say dest is slightly better. But he can be good bcoz he has experience of playing the league
Akash M
Akash M:
I would bring Emerson to Barca and provide competition for Dest, they are 2 different profiles. Dest is smaller but very technical, can dribble, beat players one on one and his crosses into the box are too good for his age, the only reason he didn't have more assists this season is because our attackers couldn't finish and defensively he is average but Emerson is a complete opposite, he is strong, physical, very good defensively and hard to beat in one on ones for attackers and is decent offensively as well but doesn't have some of the offensive abilities of dest to be as effective as dest attacking wise. But it will be great to have both of them in the team, we can use dest if we need to go all out attacking and use Emerson when we need more support defensively. I'm sure laporta will bring him to Barca.
Emerson is very good, he could be a starting right-back in Barcelona because he is very good defensively, he is fast and also that Barcelona has a terrible defense and I think it would help on that side more than dest
william giannoudis
william giannoudis:
Seems like a solid young player. Would love to have him on the team. Only thing is how it affects Dest. I believe Dest has really developed as the season has gone on and I believe he has to be playing for us. Dest has played left back for Ajax and for the United States national team. If he can play on the left side at this same level I’m totally down for it. But if he can’t I think Dest has to remain as the starting right back so not sure how much playing time Emerson would get. Regardless you can’t go wrong with bringing him in for that price while also adding depth to the squad
Barça Herb.
Barça Herb.:
Very good talented player
Wellcome back to Barça 💙❤
Visca el Barça ❤💙
Amin el king
Amin el king:
for those who saying he is slow if you need speed remember semedo has masive speed and skills and we all know how alphoso and V. junior made fun of him he was afraid not confident . so i believe solid defensive, brave mentality and aggressive tackles are what made a beast defender.
rose mvp
rose mvp:
🇳🇬 Betis - Brasil 🇧🇷 ~ Legendary connection.
arsenal boss
arsenal boss:
Watched him play today against athletico Madrid the guy was a beast
Accras Mumbi
Accras Mumbi:
Finally,we have someone who can win aerial duels. great signing 👏👏
Great Video As Always!!🔥👌
Lee Serene
Lee Serene:
Being a brazil fan, I have been calling for his call up since 2020. Yet tite still hasn't called him for nt and continued to pick danilo!
Random Dude
Random Dude:
He is an average player, decent defensively and ok in making runs. He reminds me of Semedo and Firpo. Both of them have been bad signing for us. We can give RB spot to Mingueza to share with Dest, he have similarities to Emerson and understand barca very well.
🐐 melhor bode do mundo
🐐 melhor bode do mundo:
Visca Barça 💙 ❤
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi
Mohammed Amine Chouirfi:
Visca Barça ❤️⚽
Very good
Elias Cedeño
Elias Cedeño:
Viniste a verlo después de que cracks lo dijera te eh pillao eres un verdadero fanático 💪🏻
Sumit Dey
Sumit Dey:
We don't need a rb we need a lb as we already have rest and he needs someone to trust him caz he's a good rb
He is 10 Times better than Roberto
D10S 10
D10S 10:
I think if he stays in Barca then he is gonna be a starter for sure
Bhaijaan Bj
Bhaijaan Bj:
Big bigg upgrade on roberto the guy can head the ball is real quick and defensively is grt and even puts in crosses also is gud physically
While roberto does neither of it
Wellington Souza Costa
Wellington Souza Costa:
Seria ideal no PSG!
Ali Zidhan
Ali Zidhan:
I think he's will be good at CB as well
Urico Armagedon
Urico Armagedon:
U know you have a good back winger when his jersey name is 'Royal'🔥
In 433 he will be better option
But in back 3 dest will be better option
But in the end we shd sell either of them as both are world class,we can't keep them as bench warmers like puig
This guy can be a special player
This is gonna be hard with Tanganga already plays on the Rb position
David Burgos
David Burgos:
*Que diferencia Emerson está años luz mejor que Jordi Alba*
Here after freindllies , I think Koeman will use Dest as LB and Emerson as RB
Emanuel Andrade
Emanuel Andrade:
Not sure if he's really a potentially top player to play at Barça
Jon Sekander
Jon Sekander:
I bet he will hell of CB if we need !!
Excited to see this guy in a spurs shirt
weston jinjika
weston jinjika:
Wecome back our man. He is very strong plus hieght and very young and energtic . Atleast he can able to remove all cross balls eg corners, plus remember we usually faces some challenges cze our players are short. So this one will be a solution. Dest right attack and they wll be switching. Let the deal done
Someone is there now in RB to chase the speed and stop mbappe attacking against Barcelona🔥🔥🔥
Chelsea Jake
Chelsea Jake:
I love emerson so much, come to barca
J Xavier
J Xavier:
No offense.. But i think he has had more crosses in this video than dest has had in his whole barca career... And defensively theres literally no comparion bw him and dest.
Maybe dest beats him in pace.. But ill go for emerson any day over dest.
Kesly Monteau
Kesly Monteau:
He's solid but not so fast and skillful
Bilal Adnan
Bilal Adnan:
Next video on Jordi Alba's season so far
Aldonis Ambel
Aldonis Ambel:
His the next dani alves.
His like alaba can play everywhere on the pitch ^^
Roberto time at barca is out.
He need too left too dest and emerson compete on that flank.
Himanshu Bobade
Himanshu Bobade:
Play him as a CB with araujo..dest on right..that would be great
toruk maktu
toruk maktu:
Así me gusta, menos técnica y más cohones
Prema Giri
Prema Giri:
he is perfect in righ bach instead of dest
Defender 3
Defender 3:
I am here after Barca officially announced 😍
Gleison Lucas
Gleison Lucas:
Welcome To Barcelona 🔥
hyun J
hyun J:
Welcome to barca❤️💙
Mokthari 1989
Mokthari 1989:
good aggressive player but i guess his skills on the ball are not good enough for barca. cant see a good technique,good passes,good kombinations. hes a dynamic player but i cant see these football skills for barca
Tycord Officially
Tycord Officially:
Tottenham fans...where ya at?🔥🔥🔥🔥🥳🥳🥳
Underworld gamers
Underworld gamers:
He is no more Barcelona's future big thing.
에메르송을 팔 줄은 상상도 못했네... 메시까지는 어떻게 이해하려고 노력해봤고 아직도 노력중인데.. 에메르송은 잘 키워서 앞으로 바셀 책임질 재능인데 이걸 토트넘에게 파네....
오 나의 파버지 감사합니다
Jess TH
Jess TH:
Welcome to Tottenham Emerson . #COYS
Awie awie
Awie awie:
Barcelona good pick emerson
ObreezY LED
ObreezY LED:
Who's here after being announced as Barcelona player
Welcome to Barça
Mat J
Mat J:
COYS!!! Spurs have stolen a future star here
hamze i
hamze i:
Lucky Ram
Lucky Ram:
Emerson is very good defensively but attacking Dest is way better 🔥 Dest can literally cause big problems for defenders....
teo bilgic
teo bilgic:
Dest and emerson is better than dest and roberto
Shavon Gray
Shavon Gray:
Welcome to Barcelona
Csaba Kállai
Csaba Kállai:
This guy reminds me a bit Alaba,the speed,aggressivity,passing style and phisicality,but i don't know Emerson good for Barca i think would be good in CB but in RB the better option Dest for me,do you think?
Aiko Dutra
Aiko Dutra:
Não acho que seja a melhor opção para a seleção brasileira 🙄
Munte Kald
Munte Kald:
Long reach
MG Han
MG Han:
Welcome to spurs⚪️🔵
Random Dude
Random Dude:
I hope we get him and sell him in some profit to psg or some other club.
Matheus Sena
Matheus Sena:
Minha opinião, jogador comum. Como que está na seleção e no Barcelona ? Não consigo entender
m rm
m rm:
Grande futuro en el Barça Emerson Royal ajjajajaja
Must keep player for barca
Cristhian Garcia
Cristhian Garcia:
Un lateral como Maicon
Djamel ed
Djamel ed:
Better than Sergio Roberto
misael garcia
misael garcia:
is good defender, so agressive, not fast but not slow
Glx Nichtso
Glx Nichtso:
Welcome to the fc Barcelona
Better than dest and Roberto
trt 22
trt 22:
normal player!!
Rahul Sk
Rahul Sk:
Future Brazil team permanent squad
thilina jayasundera
thilina jayasundera:
Does he ever cross the ball?
B.P.N Mafia
B.P.N Mafia:
Welcome to Tottenham Hotspurs😍
Ishan Aggarwal
Ishan Aggarwal:
imagine this defense
lisandro Martinez

barca will be unstoppable
98_Amlan Das
98_Amlan Das:
Anyone here after barca signed him? ❤💙
Philippus Marcellus Bombastus
Philippus Marcellus Bombastus:
Mulyana Kusumah
Mulyana Kusumah:
Wellcome to Inter
القران الكريم
القران الكريم:
Cathal Kirwan
Cathal Kirwan:
He signed for spurs
Sethey Thorn
Sethey Thorn:
The next Dani Alves ?
Barca Productions
Barca Productions:
we could use back 3 of oscar araujo emerson?
Welcome to Spurs! COYS
Sufian Muttolev
Sufian Muttolev:
“Future of barcelona” 😂😂😂🤣🤣
Good defensively but a little slow
Anton Thulin - Ekenässkolan 8D
Anton Thulin - Ekenässkolan 8D:
Welcome to Spurs
Black Stars
Black Stars:
Well he's no Maicon, the future of barca wayyy too early relax.....
Murshed Mahi
Murshed Mahi:
Didn't barca signed him officially?
Jaider Cueto
Jaider Cueto:
Hay que buscar otro técnico porque koeman va poner a mamar banca a todos los nuevos fichajes sin duda
Future of Tottenham
That was Firpo before coming from Betis too...
Let's hope Emerson is better.
이적소식 듣고 왔습니다^^
He is coming Tottenham
Braiko Simba
Braiko Simba:
Yo le veo como recambio de jordi Alba que juegue por la banda y de centrales a araujo con eric García y en la otra banda dest y mingueza
Rymix ريمكس
Rymix ريمكس:
Welcome to Barca next season instead of dest
Shuhaili Akmal Shafiq
Shuhaili Akmal Shafiq:
Welcome to Perak 2022...
Sembra Dalbert
Are u here after the signing of Emerson for barca