EMERSON ROYAL | Welcome Back To Barcelona 2021 | Crazy Goals, Assists & Skills (HD)

Emerson Royal - 2020/2021 - Betis ➠ World Of Football
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39 comentarios:

EMERSON ROYAL! Barcelona are set to re-sign Emerson Royal from Real Betis, the clause has been triggered and the deal will be announced soon. Enjoy! - WOF
Leo Messi G. O. A. T 10
Leo Messi G. O. A. T 10:
We need 20 - 22 good player in the first team that why both dest and emerson are important
Abdalla Faisal
Abdalla Faisal:
i would start Emerson as a right back and convert Dest into a left back and make him compete with Alba
P G.N:
Finally a rb who can cross since Dani alves
Abdurrahman Feroze
Abdurrahman Feroze:
"Concentration" as a weakness.... That's an interesting one🤔
Scriller JaxNoCap
Scriller JaxNoCap:
Marking should be atleast 7/10 but other than that great vid. Keep it up💪💪
awanish adhikari
awanish adhikari:
Proper Fullback.
stop hating
stop hating:
When it come to defend he is the best,
While dest is the best at attacking.
Koeman just now have better option to his tactical game
ADRIan duran
ADRIan duran:
Emerson Royal es un jugador de mucho desborde, y gol, y tambien al mismo tiempo weno en la marca y defensa por su fisico y musculatura es muy dificil quitartelo de encima, fichajazo de 10 para mi, y con 22 añitos esta todo bien, y mas sumale que es de la masia
Emerson final 3rd is good
Nagraj Rabari
Nagraj Rabari:
crossing ability..... Fantastic.....
Cule ⚽
Cule ⚽:
That what a called good transfer Now we need one great defender like napoli player kolibaly ..
Mahamadou Dembele 123
Mahamadou Dembele 123:
Bonne ideé 👍👍
Sahil Salvi
Sahil Salvi:
His performance against madrid this season was🔥🔥
Sabir Hussain
Sabir Hussain:
He is tall, and brave in defensive and attacking 🔥
imad kaspArov
imad kaspArov:
This player is not bad will be good help for the team after the incredible reberto
Noel Swai
Noel Swai:
Intelligent version of Mendy
Sabir Hussain
Sabir Hussain:
Nice crossing
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
Dest should be converted left back
I don't want him on the bench
Ahhhh is royal!!😂😂😂
Arvin Miraftab
Arvin Miraftab:
So he will cross to Aguero ha ? :)
Walid Waloda
Walid Waloda:
Kind of reminds me of Edmilson
Ramsey Chukwu
Ramsey Chukwu:
Before it blows up ☺️
Tarik Tarek
Tarik Tarek:
ال البيت السود هخخخ الشورفة ديال البرازيل بارك الله فيهم و ارضاهم ....ولاد روسيووو كايسلمو عليك
Leo Messi G. O. A. T 10
Leo Messi G. O. A. T 10:
I think laliga don't know how to film match. A player is very far away and they don't zoom it🤦🏻‍♂️
Abe G
Abe G:
His playing style is very similar to that of Nelson Semedo.
Felipe Barros
Felipe Barros:
Martin Ochoa
Martin Ochoa:
Song name?
Ashutosh sharma
Ashutosh sharma:
Official ✅
Niaj Rafi
Niaj Rafi:
Next cafu
Fofa Kitty
Fofa Kitty:
Why people talking about Dest and Semedo? For me these two players are ridiculous
The fitness challenger
The fitness challenger:
He is way better than desk
not good enough
Imam Agus Faizal
Imam Agus Faizal:
Semedo 2.0?
And then is gone
midoria ff
midoria ff:
First ❤
Around The World With Football
Around The World With Football:
I think they won't sign depay
They can't left aguero or dembele/fati on the bench
Taziah Slentiller
Taziah Slentiller:
Still little a bit slower than Hakimi. From Inter fan here.