Emerson Royal ● Welcome Back to Barcelona 🔵🔴 Tackles, Skills & Goals

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100+ comentarios:

Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot:
Welcome to Tottenham
Ahmed Azab
Ahmed Azab:
Besides every other good trait he has, his confidence and energy resemble that of dani. I am very excited and hope he shows more of this at Barca
DAMN BROO... look at the quality of his crosses and what about his tackles. Man is just amazing 🔥❤💙
ahmed aiman
ahmed aiman:
he is physically better and his crossing is pretty good compared to rest in barca. lets see how he perform
Ricky Anderson
Ricky Anderson:
This man is out of this world top class right back
Martin Perez
Martin Perez:
At first I liked Dest more but Emerson is much more complete. Dest lacks the crossing ability aswell as defensive composure Emerson has. Emerson will definitely be more beneficial to Barca especially those crosses since Aguero is coming.
David Burgos
David Burgos:
*Emerson tiene un físico de Toro y parece que tuviera 4 pulmones corre todo el partido a diferencia de la gran mayoría de jugadores del Barça*
Abhishek Jha
Abhishek Jha:
Emerson crosses the ball into the box, Aguerooooo heads it to the goal 😀
Joche Ruiz
Joche Ruiz:
Brasil exportador de excelentes jugadores
Wellington Silvino
Wellington Silvino:
Técnica de CAFU, Raça do MAICON e elegância de DANI ALVES! Completo o moleque
FTS gameplay
FTS gameplay:
Grande Jogador que jogue o msm no Barça
z zha
z zha:
Such a great signing. Now we have 2 competent and young right backs, both with different styles. Dest is more attacking and has more flair, but lacks in defending, he likes to dribble inwards towards the box, while, Emerson, who shows incredible physical attributes and defending, can stop more skilled opponents and players like wingers, this way, the manager can rotate between them two depending on the tactics.
Стойчо Стойчев
Стойчо Стойчев:
It amazing right back Brazilian talent fast passes complete 👍👍🇧🇷🇧🇷🙂🙂😉😉💪💪⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Passes are sharp and smart. Great vision and strong and fast 🤷‍♂️ just perfect
Amos Apostrophe
Amos Apostrophe:
Emerson and depay have very high awareness, just what Barcelona needs , and on top of that they both have confidence 👏, what a boost to the team...
Soufiane M
Soufiane M:
Hope this man can solve the struggles we had after Dani left
Israel Nichols
Israel Nichols:
He is a perfect replacement for Dani Alves 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Island Life🏖️
Island Life🏖️:
His back heel & dribbling looks pretty accurate very aggressive got pace and always track's back 😁
Him and Romero will be doing alot of pushing forward plus he's way better than Doherty who always let his man run pass him constantly can't wait to see him on the pitch COYS 💪🏽
Abdulrahman Magdy
Abdulrahman Magdy:
He’s a powerhorse 🤯❤️
Diaz Jesus
Diaz Jesus:
Este jugador es un animal.
Avinash Kumar Singh
Avinash Kumar Singh:
Good competition for dest, he has better crossing ability than dest
and physicality as well
amrit bhattarai
amrit bhattarai:
excited to see how he performs at barca. Huge talent, no doubt. But talent alone has never been enough.
Light Bringer
Light Bringer:
What I like from him is the last pass you can see he takes care to get a good ball in the box. Good luck on Barca.💪
Adam Middleton
Adam Middleton:
If I want to see a player's compilation, I always check your channel first. Excellent stuff again, thanks.
Basthian Tarigan
Basthian Tarigan:
Strength, powerfull, speed and his crossing so good
Nihar Ranjan
Nihar Ranjan:
Just look at the defensive aspect , after dani Alves we're gonna have a proper right back, we're too obsessed with forward going full backs , Emerson and dest will be perfect
R S W N:
Perfect player needed for Barca. Beast as defensively and attckingly.Welcome to Barcelona Emerson.
His crossing, defensive abilities and physicality are great
Now this is what I call a Baller !! 🔥🤑
Davi Silva
Davi Silva:
Emerson e arana titulares nas laterais da seleção brasileira pra ontem .
Pranjal Prithvi
Pranjal Prithvi:
Make a video for Eric Garcia too. I want to see his talent❤️💙
So excited about him coming to Barça! 💙❤️💙❤️
Zulfathly KZ
Zulfathly KZ:
He runs like Sissoko but more skillful, can pass the ball, can cross the ball and shoot as well. Welcome to Tottenham!
Muaz Arefin
Muaz Arefin:
In search of Gold, Barca found a Diamond.
Pork Adobo
Pork Adobo:
Just hope he has a smooth first touch, that's essential for a team that plays like Barca
he reminds me so much of inter legend maicon than dani alves, same physique but with great technical ability aswell
Joche Ruiz
Joche Ruiz:
Tiene más porte y físico y lo mejor es brasilero tierra del fútbol
The Illyrians
The Illyrians:
What a beast!!!!
Huge talent welcome to Barcelona 🔵🔴🔵🔴
River Kang
River Kang:
He is a good player but im wondering if he could fit in the starting 11 because Japhet and Reguilón are on form and our defenses team work is brilliant🤔

P.s We can see his passing skills are kind of wobbly

Folawiyo Hammed
Folawiyo Hammed:
He is physically strong , and has good positioning
Nice, a classic right back who are smart and tough. Good skill also. Congrats for Barca
Crossing from him and Header from AGUERo and Griezmann ✨
Wesllen Balesteiro Dias
Wesllen Balesteiro Dias:
Tem raça e qualidade
Freedelivery 85
Freedelivery 85:
Passe aggression crosses…
Welcome to Tottenham my G
Negi ji
Negi ji:
If u searched this video just after the announcement....u love barca❤️
Thomas Shelby
Thomas Shelby:
Perfect Signing!
Jin Herrera
Jin Herrera:
no tiene una calidad técnica depurada como la de Jordi Alva, tal vez en cuestión de defensa sirva de relevo y como revulsivo en ataque , Vamos Emerson , confío en la potencia de ese jugador pero recuerden esto , se ve que hace entratadas poco ortodoxas y posiblemente le cobren muchas faltas que desentienda el juego colectivo , espero no suceda
محمد علاء وناس
محمد علاء وناس:
I wish him a luck ❤️💙
Abin Joseph John
Abin Joseph John:
This guy deffo knows how to shoot!
Emanuel ZzZ
Emanuel ZzZ:
Ótima contratação
ibrahima kalil Kourouma
ibrahima kalil Kourouma:
I hope that he will be a good player in this position at barca. Because we have needed very so much.🔥🔥🔥
At all way he seems be a good player after his season at betis 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿.
najaf jaffery
najaf jaffery:
I love his defending & tackling just don't let ur maker inside the penalty box tackle before to reduce risk 😈😈 attacking wise brilliant proper modern day Full back
Jason Francis
Jason Francis:
Big up on getting this transfer correct 3 months ago 🐐 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Morion tgd
Morion tgd:
Il sera complémentaire avec Dest.Lui pour la défense, Dest pour l'attaque c'est un bon équilibre
Man these brilliant brasilian-argentinian connections in catalunya, love them <3 welcome mr royal and good luck for future
top class defending and attacking skill
udean bambang
udean bambang:
combination of alves and abidal 👌👌👌
Elijah Faucher
Elijah Faucher:
His world class
anthony adams
anthony adams:
If spurs can get him i think he will improve their defense. Doughty will be right out.
TheGreatestOfAllTime LM10
TheGreatestOfAllTime LM10:
I am so happy for him he comes back home ,he deserve the chance in the first 11

#ViscaElBarca 🔵♥️🔥
Wellington Souza Costa
Wellington Souza Costa:
Seria uma bela contratação para o PSG
Alex Silva
Alex Silva:
10x melhor que o Sergi Roberto
Mrugendra Shilvant
Mrugendra Shilvant:
Typical Brazilian... Would love to see how he performs in Barca🥳🥳
A10 Footballl
A10 Footballl:
Would love to see him in RB position
Eagle Vision
Eagle Vision:
Good player 👍🏻✔️
Youdak Star🪄
Youdak Star🪄:
Welcome Emerson 🔥✈
Jean Carlos Justiz
Jean Carlos Justiz:
Crack ..no veo la hora de verlo jugar con el Barca
milen valkov
milen valkov:
I really hope Barca don't sell him. He has the potential of a really great player.
Theophanis Evangelou
Theophanis Evangelou:
Very gutsy player just the type of player that will suit Tottenham brilliant buy .
Marcelo Cavalcante
Marcelo Cavalcante:
He has a resemblance to Maycon in his game. But in future Brazilian national teams I prefer to see Yan Couto from Girona.
Sean Breen
Sean Breen:
Great player but has far to go yet the future of Barca is bright
Miguel A
Miguel A:
ha estados 2 años en real betis es un buen jugador muy rápido.
Srijan Verma
Srijan Verma:
This guy defending is good which is expected but currently Barca defending is not good and his defending is also better than dest and Roberto and his strength will also help Barca as we lack this. Hopefully a good signing
Heart Player
Heart Player:
I'm super excited for him come to barca ❤💜
Navas C
Navas C:
Better than Dest👏👏👏
Very similar to Bellerin but just a lot faster and more aggressive.
So smart & creative player
Tim Ser
Tim Ser:
One word what a player Jesus Barcelona signing a player every day crazy 😂
Extraño a dani alves :(
wow! I didnt know we had such a great RSB. Why we caught Dest.
G . O . A . T
G . O . A . T:
He is not as fast and as attacking threat as Dest, but his defensive qualities are much better than Dest tbh.
anirudh varma
anirudh varma:
He is currently the best right back in the world
Playboi-Rodrigo 🏀
Playboi-Rodrigo 🏀:
Que garra que tiene el muchacho .
Janitha Lakdinu‍••
Janitha Lakdinu‍••:
The guy just walked past jordi alba like a walk in the park !!
he is the next dani alves 🔥🔥🔥🔥❗
Nicholas Freitas
Nicholas Freitas:
É só um brasileiro pra ajuda a zaga do Barça msm
Muhammad Tibro
Muhammad Tibro:
Against defensive team, we need dest
Against high pressing team, we need Emerson
Ricardo Silva
Ricardo Silva:
O futebol te escolheu
Diego Lopez
Diego Lopez:
He should be center back, I’m still sure he’ll become a center back.
Dhani Darojat
Dhani Darojat:
His style like maicon.. Good👍👍
Toxic Queen
Toxic Queen:
Its seem Dani Alves is like a benchmark to be RB for Barcelona.
Hope he does good at Barca because he has potential
Prema Singh
Prema Singh:
Welcome to barcelona! We definitely needed someone in the backline who can actually defend
Emerson RB, and Dest to LB 👌🔥 or even Dest to a more wing position since he's skilful and very fast😳
Danilo Di Fonzo
Danilo Di Fonzo:
Emerson Royal will have a great season at Inter Milan.
Bully Maguire
Bully Maguire:
Melhor q o Danilo
Apesar do danilo ser mais defensivo
Gran video bro👌🤙🤙
raslen barred
raslen barred:
Every RB task for barca since Dani Alves has left is just one think he goes two steps forward then he pass the ball back behind him and that’s what I’m afraid of when emerson joins barca
Bhavneet singh
Bhavneet singh:
Dest at left back, emerson at right back