Emiliano Buendía 2021 | Magic Skills, Goals & Assists | HD

Emiliano Buendía 2021 | Magic Skills, Goals & Assists | HD
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1. Cartoon - Howling (ft. Asena) (Andromedik Remix) [NCS Release]
2. Teyeq - Demons [NCS Release]
3. Freestyle Type Beat - "New Hype" (prod. waytoolost)

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Gooold Dark
Gooold Dark:
Joder tío los argentinos levantan una piedra y aparece un crack.
Envidia sana por vuestros gran compatriota ojalá estos crack que les están surgiendo les puedan devolver esa gloria que os pertenece.
Good Day
Good Day:
Him, Grealish and Watkins together at Villa would be insane.
La calidad de las asistencias es espectacular, todas son dificiles y las resuelve y tambien le pega bien con las dos
He has to get called up for wc qualifying and wc 2022. Argentina midfield is looking stronger and would look even better with him
Drillin Newz
Drillin Newz:
The Argentinian Eden hazard.
Axel Moonwalker
Axel Moonwalker:
TREMENDO. Y quien diria que estos dias ya esta en la Seleccion Argentina, un gran conocido de Ruggeri (CAMPEON DEL MUNDO 1986). Que gran refuerzo para la Albiceleste.
2:00 Shiet man,what a finish 🔥
Jagan Nathan
Jagan Nathan:
He is like Cazorla. Good with both feet, great dribbling and vision. Arsenal should have tried harder to sign him.
with an owl!!
with an owl!!:
With Martinez as well, I think Villa are going to have a serious fan base in Argentina after this signing.
Abs Tewelde
Abs Tewelde:
He’s very very good with or with out the ball. And he can score from any side of the field. Welcome to Arsenal💪💪
Lo importante es que tenga la mente fria, y vaya a ganar con todo sin pelotudeos de esos que hacen otros jugadores de hacerse ver. En la seleccion hay que ir a por todo. Confio en que les va a romper el culo a todos los contrarios.
G P:
Would have been a better fit for Leeds (i was hoping for that) due to his direct-attack style of football...but Villa have just become stronger - and if they can get a CL spot (or better) next season, it is because of Emi...
Avoy Chatterjee
Avoy Chatterjee:
Argentines have dribbling in their blood 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ezequiel Godoy
Ezequiel Godoy:
Increíble, así como juega, scaloni. No lo puso ningún partido y lo dejo afuera de la lista de la copa América
Emanuel Bushra
Emanuel Bushra:
I had him on FIFA 18, nice to see he's come far :)
Mallku Vázquez
Mallku Vázquez:
Desde Club Cadetes de San Martín, de Mar del Plata hasta la selección.
El que no puede es porque no quiere...
kyle coleman
kyle coleman:
Will gladly take him at Liverpool his a gem of a player as a back up in Midfield, playing alongside Fabinho and Thiago or Henderson would be magical give him that freedom to create. And his only 24 his got plenty years to improve under world class players, would be amazing to see him at a bigger club respectively.
Dipesh Pandit
Dipesh Pandit:
Man he's freaking awesome
Ali Juddy
Ali Juddy:
I just put him in my initial draft! The way he takes those shots from outside the box, I think Watkins will be redundant this season! Hope he gets to play all the minutes and is not rotated.
Un mediocampo con De Paul y Buendia, defensores Senesi y Cuti, de pivote Lisandro Martinez.
J K:
Argentina should select this man.. incredible midfielder.
Mark Ehab
Mark Ehab:
I don't know how such a talent didn't join a top class club till now ... I think his performance qualifies him to play in a club has aspirations higher than villa
Tomas Pettersen
Tomas Pettersen:
Que jugadorazo dios mio
This guy got some serious potential. Let's see if he could do justice to his immense talent that he has.
Pytron 1
Pytron 1:
Fajne filmy gościu, spoko kontent nagrywanie o tak mniej znanych i nahajpowanych piłkarzach, pozdro
Macho Fantastico
Macho Fantastico:
1:52 that goal is just filthy. :D
Argentine blood and skills.☆
jason mcardle
jason mcardle:
cant wait to see him playing with Grealish our MD is gonna be absolutely filthy ohh man UTV
Stephen Anyanwu
Stephen Anyanwu:
He's exactly what Partey needs in midfield, another player who is as technically gifted and football savvy as himself
Korea broadbelt
Korea broadbelt:
This guy is worth £50-60 mill. I would splash that kind of money on him
Marcos Valdés
Marcos Valdés:
Gawd dam man is 🔥🔥🔥
Anshuk Gaddam
Anshuk Gaddam:
Hope he joins Aston villa
AB - D
AB - D:
He is classic player well come to arsenal
Jugram Haschwalth
Jugram Haschwalth:
He deserves to Play for Argentina...
sayid mohamed
sayid mohamed:
I like him,hope he comes to arsenal
soy yo o tiene un estilo de juego muy parecido al de mbappe?
Hector Sanchez
Hector Sanchez:
Sean Penney
Sean Penney:
Yessss bring Norwich some shiny pennies 💛💚💛💚💛
Well done
Udaya Thapa
Udaya Thapa:
Hoping for Leo Messi and Buendia connection in world cup 2022 for ARGENTINA ....
Strider 77
Strider 77:
Welcome to Aston Villa up the Villa!! 👊👊⚽️
Anıl Göksel
Anıl Göksel:
Fenerbahçe Elinden kaçırdı alsaydık şu an Lig de rahat 10 asisti olurdu
arjun kumar
arjun kumar:
Wow good job
Michael R
Michael R:
Hes not another Hazard, more similar to Nasri
Lucasgarayquevedo lucas garay
Lucasgarayquevedo lucas garay:
Alta dupla va a hacer con Messi en afa
sergio pelayes
sergio pelayes:
Vaamo la selección
Anyone here after Fabrizio's tweet? Welcome to Arsenal Buendia. #COYG
Sebastian Gutierrez
Sebastian Gutierrez:
Le pega con las 2
Chalu Tv
Chalu Tv:
Miss him in copa
T K W:
On his way to Villa Park ;)
Green Earth
Green Earth:
Dario Isla
Dario Isla:
Un cra el Emile Goodday
Ovie grant Digbori
Ovie grant Digbori:
What a player Arsenal will be signing
Vamos pibeeee convocado por Scaloni
Muy completo emiliano goodmorning.
wenceslao szelagowski
wenceslao szelagowski:
i dont understand why he has never plaid in the argentina's team!
Jonah Masudal
Jonah Masudal:
Damn I must be tripping but does the song say "you got me Erling Haaland"?
Raya fahriza
Raya fahriza:
Like Hazard in chelsea
Carlos Blanco
Carlos Blanco:
Es muy parecido a Pires
Musa Touray
Musa Touray:
Am watching him like santi cazorla
Mauro De Leon
Mauro De Leon:
Como se llama esa cancion 0:37 ?
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø:
Arsenal can't even sign this guy smh.😂
Facu Coceres
Facu Coceres:
la geometría que maneja
Good video
Hank Waddingham
Hank Waddingham:
what a partnership with captain jack
*Still he is not playing in Copa. What the hell is Scaloni doing*
Long Shlong Silver
Long Shlong Silver:
Him and Grealish will tear the premier league apart next season.
Bobby Turkalino
Bobby Turkalino:
Up the Villa!
Graham Turner
Graham Turner:
Definitely a 60 million pound player at least
cosmas kiprotich
cosmas kiprotich:
Over to you Arsenal. Plss don't disappoint
Dylan-J Davis
Dylan-J Davis:
Welcome to villa! UTV 🔥
Sebastian Gutierrez
Sebastian Gutierrez:
Menos marketing y más potrero con scaloni !!!
Noah Tai
Noah Tai:
the argentine messi
Omg scaloni are u seing this please i choose him over lautaro and current aguero 😭🔥
I'm worried his not going to be able to do this is in prem, i hope he can but we will see. You get a lot less time and space on the ball.
Daniel O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor:
Welcome To Aston Villa
Mourad Sedrati
Mourad Sedrati:
Welcome to Arsenal
Ibeh Valentine
Ibeh Valentine:
Plays like Hazzard
Nat Longlife
Nat Longlife:
Welcome to villa!
Cantwell tho
Emil Good day...😄
Tuğrul Türk
Tuğrul Türk:
Bi arar fenere geliyordu :d
Jona Sand
Jona Sand:
Sebastian Gutierrez
Sebastian Gutierrez:
Que dupla con el rubio !!!
Hi bro.amazing video.my last video come?
Dyego Silva
Dyego Silva:
Style hazard 🤔
el q usa la 22 q es el 9 es malisimo
Aaron Mbongo
Aaron Mbongo:
Arsenal let that man go 😩😩😩
Ebwaba Desteva
Ebwaba Desteva:
Welcome to arsenal
Phil Watkins
Phil Watkins:
Villa bound?
Heavy T
Heavy T:
Weak foot: N/A
adamus adamus
adamus adamus:
welcome to atleti
Rodrigo Marolla
Rodrigo Marolla:
Hazard 🤣
Ashif H
Ashif H:
Come to barcelona
Goze Ty
Goze Ty:
Qatar 2022
Welcome to Arsenal Grealish
Eze Olgiati
Eze Olgiati:
Cra posho
santi cazorla regen
Cristian Aguilar
Cristian Aguilar:
Welcome to club América
Sreehari K
Sreehari K:
Raf talk malayalam 😂😍 vamoos