Emiliano Buendia ● Welcome to Aston Villa 🟣🔵 BEST Skills, Tackles & Goals

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100+ comentarios:

James Yates
James Yates:
Apparently personal terms agreed with Villa deal set to be complete in the next 72 hours
Ken Gold
Ken Gold:
Cazorla vibes. Need a player like him again. Would love to see him with arsenal
Dixon Cider
Dixon Cider:
A goal scoring attacking mid is just what arsenal needs
Naija gooner
Naija gooner:
I don't know what people are thinking, saying we don't need him. I'd take him over odegard any day.
Joseph Limo
Joseph Limo:
For a moment I thought I was watching Santi Cazorla. The quick turns, long range passing, shooting with both legs, fast dribbles and dummies.... Welcome to Arsenal.
Cris Boboc
Cris Boboc:
everyone saying he's like Cazorla but he honestly reminds me more off Sanchez
Welcome to the mighty Villaaaaa
Emiliano Buendia is one of the options that Arsenal are seriously considering as potential new signing. He’s appreciated and #AFC board have re-started contacts with his agents after opening talks in December. ⚪️🔴

Buendia would accept a move to Arsenal and he’s now waiting. 🇦🇷 [Source: Fabrizio Romano]
It’s official!!! Can’t wait to see the lad play with grealish
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson:
You changed it from Arsenal to Aston villa now 😉🤣
Will Darbyshire
Will Darbyshire:
Arsenal would be insane not to get him
Hemant Shrestha
Hemant Shrestha:
I like how Arsenal is going after a player that resembles a lot to Santi, both footed and quick turn and nutmeg
Arsenal need a CAM that eats up space by absorbing defenders. ESR is still a work in progress, lacks the strength and does not collapse defenses. Buendia is more of a finished product. A CAM who can attract that much attention will free up the CF and wingers.
samuel harsten
samuel harsten:
Oooh that skill with the drag from right to left reminds me of Cazooorlaaa ;)
The importance of having a two footed player in a set up is very integral
Yunanto Abdul
Yunanto Abdul:
He made teemu pukki looks like lewandowski
Dipthong thathongthongthong
Dipthong thathongthongthong:
The man who served it up on a platter for Teemu Pukki. Ollie Watkins must be licking his chops watching this. UTV!
devon swarts
devon swarts:
My goodness!...this guy is pure Santi Carzola. I love the energy, he's all.over the place. Bring him home!
his awareness of what's going on around him. He seems like the type who's always looking to do something when he has the ball. We have not had a midfielder like that since ramsey left.
Buendia-bissouma-partey seems quite legit
Kieran SUBASI 11
Kieran SUBASI 11:
The only video that has convinced me for arsenal to buy him
Earnest Nathan
Earnest Nathan:
Emi Buendia and Emi Martinez 🔥
Vamos Argentina 🇦🇷
Lets go Aston Villa 🤘
John Void
John Void:
Plssss Arsenal, Emi had grit and skill, we need fighters
roshan jayaswal
roshan jayaswal:
This man and bissouma is what we need..
Tekkman 38
Tekkman 38:
Just what we need at arsenal. Excellent dribbler, quite physical considering his size and also a killer final ball. Would also bring in much needed goals from midfield
The music was hyping me up watching all the skills then an ad come up lol
kelvera88 chief
kelvera88 chief:
A real baller, exactly what Arsenal need.
Will Cumberpatch
Will Cumberpatch:
Can’t wait to see him in a villa shirt 😍😍
Nelly Manyenga
Nelly Manyenga:
Oh!!!, Santi Carzola 🎵🎵🎵👏🏿🙌🏿
Ran cu
Ran cu:
Just sign him up, upgrade version of smith rowe plus cazorla
jeff fei
jeff fei:
His combination with centre forward seems a lot.. hope this will bring the best out of our striker...pukki seems always ready when Buendia have the ball..this is what other striker need to learn playing with Buendia ...partnership perfection...also notice that Buendia have high respect inside the team.. no ppl ever moaning that he carry the ball too long and lost it...I think his ability is undeniable inside the team but one more outstanding is his very high work rate.. a Duracell in attacking... earn respect from the team and push others to do so...can’t wait he sign for Arsenal and having to Duracell in Torreira too.. will definitely push other to perform too...
Martinique Hostel
Martinique Hostel:
We should have bought him last year 😅
Playing free flowing attacking football, Emi would be a outstanding signing for Arsenal, he would flourish and I have no doubt would have highest assists in the prem and chip in with double figures in terms of goals too
Brian Barasa
Brian Barasa:
Thank you to Arsenal FC transfer department for delivering some banter content.
Jawier Ote
Jawier Ote:
Cazorla + Sanchez 👍👍👍👍👍
Bee Tee
Bee Tee:
Reminds me so much of Cazorla. Would love to see him at Emirates
John Void
John Void:
Emi and Pepe taking souls 2021 - 2022
Tennison Dixon
Tennison Dixon:
Bring him..
Bring him now. The force is strong with this one.
Yogesh Mahtani
Yogesh Mahtani:
The EMI effect at Villa is going to be mad. With jack in there too. Arsenal a small club. Next season relegation battle.
Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown:
Him and esr are quite similar I wonder what we do with willock also need emi, bissouma, lamptey Aaron’s or hakimi. , a striker and spare left back
Abz Balogun
Abz Balogun:
We need him so badly 😭
Luke Venter
Luke Venter:
Villa in talks but nothing formal yet 💜💙
Mẫn Võ
Mẫn Võ:
Santi Cazola version 2.0 :D
THIS GUY IS INSANE! his way of playing reminds me of Eden Hazard of the chelsea💥💥💥
Robert Karlsson
Robert Karlsson:
Mad skills anyway 😍😍
Cazorla vibes 💕
갭집입 붑엔딥압을? ㅋㅋㄲㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아스날 파이팅!
He will be amazing for villa
Naveen Prakash
Naveen Prakash:
After a very long time we can see a player who is truly made for Arsenal. Like Santi and arshavin
Manoj Nayak
Manoj Nayak:
We need a striker auba is omni-absent, should sell laca , balogun is too young and martinelli prefer playing at LW
we need this such an intelligent and creative player. he can dribble,creating chances and superb finish. he is an architect on the field for arsenal
abibe sall
abibe sall:
Welcome tou arsanal
Reminds me a lot of Cazorla
dries mertens
dries mertens:
Varrior 💪
Mo_ Sahal
Mo_ Sahal:
sooon at emirates
Joseph T
Joseph T:
Would be a star player in a top 10 EPL team, great buy by Aston Villa.
Simon Robb
Simon Robb:
Amazeballs 🤩
Leandro Torres
Leandro Torres:
La importancia de saber usar bien ambos pies y no ser solo zurdo o derecho
Bob Buji
Bob Buji:
If we can get Emi, Bissouma and Grelish I think that would be the best transfer window in a very long time. I can only wish at this point.
Wow great to be a Villa fan 👏
Ashley Edwards
Ashley Edwards:
Would be an exciting signing this summer, some much needed strength and depth
Rahul Ganesh
Rahul Ganesh:
Real baller✌
Jonathan T.
Jonathan T.:
Espero que arsenal se ponga serio en la temporada q viene asi no le caga la carrera al Buen Dia
Saludos Argentina
Jack Theladd
Jack Theladd:
A cheeky little nuisance in the mid with skills to go with it. He'll have a ball with Jack, McGinn, Ollie and co.
2:09 😂😂
Luke Woods
Luke Woods:
Incredible video - I fucking love emi
Alan Garcia
Alan Garcia:
South American, we all know how well we match with them. (Sanchez)
Needs no time to get used to the Weather,League, or Language.
This might just be our most important signing of the season.
get High 77
get High 77:
lobsterb 737
lobsterb 737:
Dewo p
Dewo p:
Very talented player! Let's gunners! Get him immediately!
Simp in the city
Simp in the city:
He’s a brilliant player, as a norwich fan we had Maddison before him and I thought he was class then emi comes along, however much he costs he’s worth it pure quality
DinhLuyen Nguyen
DinhLuyen Nguyen:
Wellcom arsenal
Buqari MA
Buqari MA:
He Reminds of me Our Old Santi Cazorla🤔💯👌
:( nonono
Reuel Pamei
Reuel Pamei:
Guys this guy is the real deal. If we get him next season its gonna be historic. You heard it here 1st.
arsene azwan
arsene azwan:
need him more than we need odergaard...
Joeiei Kaka
Joeiei Kaka:
จะมาหลอ. ควายอาเซ่น่อลไม่ ซื่อหลอก. แบบนี้ มันจะซื่อ แนวช้าก้า แนว ปาเต้ นู้น กลองกลางสย เคาะคือหลัง. กูเห็นแบบนี้ปะจำ
Thanh trần
Thanh trần:
Mua ngay rất hay
Ashley Davis
Ashley Davis:
i like that he does everything quick, good close control and all round game solid player welcome to Arsenal
A definitve Rant
A definitve Rant:
I've watched just about every game of norwich over the last 2 and a half seasons as a canaries fan... And only time will tell of course, but i think villa have got an absolute steal.. He's the best attacking midfielder ive seen at tackling too... 2 red cards last season, so he'll put his foot in..

Am gutted.. But you have to applaud villa and dean smith is a good fella..
Eyad Sowerky
Eyad Sowerky:
vary good 🔥🔥🤩
Sains Sense
Sains Sense:
Yang dibutuhkan arsenal adalah playmaker...yaitu pemain martin oodegard. Dan oodegard is ozil
Ahmad Amin
Ahmad Amin:
Damn why liverpool didnt by him last year
Gastón Volpe
Gastón Volpe:
Buendía and Martínez... This is going to be fun. New fan from Argentina.
Jonathan Samuel
Jonathan Samuel:
He's offensive awareness is off the charts
Very good at tackling has a killer finish
Just the cam arsenal needs
What a player..
Nanda Christanto
Nanda Christanto:
kind of like kevin de bruyne somehow. definetly a bargain for 30m or so.
Asma Kaddache
Asma Kaddache:
As usually, we expect Arsenal to sign Buendia, they end up having some 30 years old players who had been sacked by their teams... and we still expect some results
Mikel Arteta
Mikel Arteta:
Welcome to Arsenal 💥💥💥
John Inesi
John Inesi:
Fits perfectly Arsenal DNA
Deabasish Sarker
Deabasish Sarker:
A.K.A Emperor
A.K.A Emperor:
Carzola 2.0
นายศุภณัฐ ศาสนะสมบัติ
นายศุภณัฐ ศาสนะสมบัติ:
New Gazarla 👍😁
David May
David May:
How much Ambition as this fella got in Life? To move from Norwich to Villa 🤯 MUPPET. ! When grealish moves on you lot will be back in championship🤣🤣
Youve foreseen it😱😍
Chris Rodriguez
Chris Rodriguez:
buendia, grealish, bissouma, hakimi & a ST. this would be 🔥🔥🔥
Thomas Pratt
Thomas Pratt:
great video
Amazing player! I see a combo of Cazorla and Verratti.