Emma Corrin: In The Bag | Episode 30 | British Vogue

A theme quickly emerges as The Crown star Emma Corrin takes British Vogue through the contents of her handbag: relaxation. Not only does Corrin tote around a stash of Pukka’s calming Night Time Tea and a lucky thumb-stone that “helps when you’re anxious”, the rising star also keeps her vibrator close to hand. “It’s great if you’re stressed and you need to unwind,” she says simply. “And also it kind of looks like a lipstick... so, you know, nice and subtle.” Watch the video to see what else The Crown’s new Princess Diana never leaves the house without.

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Emma Corrin: In The Bag | Episode 30

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British Vogue
British Vogue:
Read Emma Corrin's British Vogue cover interview in full: https://www.vogue.co.uk/arts-and-lifestyle/article/emma-corrin
Sugar Refined
Sugar Refined:
“ a vibrator” I DID NOT expect her to say that and I love her 500x more for being so casual about it
Ren Sol
Ren Sol:
"A vibrator." Wow I love her confidence. 😂😘 😈 Correct me if I'm wrong, she's probably the first to pull that one out of her bag in this series.
Sofia B
Sofia B:
I love that she pulled out her vibrator in the same tone as her hand cream. New favourite person.
Anisha's Illustrations
Anisha's Illustrations:
If Jodie Foster and Leonardo Dicaprio had a kid🙀
Bowen Liu
Bowen Liu:
She seems very intellectual and straightforward. Can't wait for her interpretation of Diana. She is going to be a huge star after the Crown.
jessica seto
jessica seto:
I LOUVE HOW SHE SO CASUALLY PULLED OUT HER VIBRATOR. it looks like a lipstick or mascara 😂 I LUV EMMA
Adrian Velazquez
Adrian Velazquez:
The vibrator, I’m screaming!!!!! 😂💗👑👑
Emeline Lee
Emeline Lee:
She just radiates good energy doesn’t she :)
Sabrina Z
Sabrina Z:
I underestimated the capacity of her bag, that was a lot
The vibrator item is new in "in the bag" episodes 😂
she looks like a young jodie foster
Jacqueline Devonshire
Jacqueline Devonshire:
Check this out - it was widely documented that Diana herself always carried ' an adult relaxation aid ' in her Christian Dior handbag, and I don't mean Pukka evening tea !
Zeynep Uçar
Zeynep Uçar:
She is a Sagittarius, of course. Love that Sag energy and love HER.
Ishika Patel
Ishika Patel:
oh...WOW. The vibrator threw me off guard, I thought I heard her wrong and was waiting for her to explain she was just kidding and it was a lipstick but its actually her virator......lover her confidence.
Vittoria Colonna
Vittoria Colonna:
Sounds as if she ‘s a worrier and a bit high strung (in a good way) . The book, calming tea , notebook and yes vibrator are all coping mechanisms to help her keep calm. I always carry a book with me.
Omg! Vibrator! love the honesty
Apeksha Rai
Apeksha Rai:
OMG..! She really has the perfect personality for the role. So honest, elegant n bold! Loved her
Rachael Clothier
Rachael Clothier:
I like how her dogs’ name is Diana’s maiden name as she is playing her
Now that's what an honest peek in a bag looks like! ❤️❤️❤️
kayhan tel.
kayhan tel.:
Hi Vogue, could you take video In the bag : Lily James ? She is amazing and British.
sophie !
sophie !:
1:37 i loooove her handwriting omg
hafsa Abbas
hafsa Abbas:
An ethereal energy!
Love how she talks about and explains Eight Hour Cream and Touché Eclat like they’re new things. Honey, they’re older than you 🤣
B. N
B. N:
So... we pull out 700 items now out of a quite small bag. Props to you, love. I always have a leather tote on me and still manage to sometimes make it overflow whilst carrying half the content she has on her.
J P:
This is one of my favourite in the bags along with Emma Watson, Emma Mackey, Lily Rose Depp and Kaia Gerber
Paola Martínez
Paola Martínez:
Mi bebe, la amo!
Tom R
Tom R:
Wow I didn't even realise she was the actress who played Diana until she mentioned the crown. Just shows what an incredible job she did turning into her.
Cecile C.
Cecile C.:
VIBRATOR??? LOVE HER NOW LOOL Maybe I should bring mine everywhere with me now
Totally Tirtha
Totally Tirtha:
That vibrator!!🕺🏻😅
Can’t wait to see her as Princess Diana!!😍🤗
A G:
OK, she is my new favorite person now! I would love her skincare and make up routine. She is gorgeous and stylish and cool!
Dullgunn Amalie
Dullgunn Amalie:
yeeey! 🔥
Saoirse Kavanagh
Saoirse Kavanagh:
Total and complete respect to her. I need this girls confidence! 👑
she is absolutely stunning? does anybody know how i can achieve her hairstyle here? Is so chic and elegant. I don’t know if i’ll look as good as her but she’s beautiful!
Harriet Little
Harriet Little:
Really didn’t expect the vibrator. 😂😂
She is literally amazing though, she’s become iconic so quickly! And she deserves that, she was perfect as Diana.
Jennifer Amaya
Jennifer Amaya:
Haha! I love this one! She’s so classy & yet funny at the same time.
She's so espontaneus and cool and fresh and rebel 🙌🏻🦋☀️😍🥰💕 we stand
I always love how down to earth she is
milzzz w
milzzz w:
she’s such a dream, such a good style and soo talented also has my dream bag i’m jealous
Moonflower Tarot
Moonflower Tarot:
Yaaas, she has a wild bohemian side ♡
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis:
This is so calming to watch!
Empty life
Empty life:
She's cute and respectful how lovely she's 💜
Edwige À La Mode
Edwige À La Mode:
omg I love her!
Cameryn Lang
Cameryn Lang:
omg im obsessed
She really did that🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 iconic queen
Reymart Ido
Reymart Ido:
She looks incredibly handsome and beautiful at the same time! That's why we love her 😍
00:07 this whole statement has strong top energy
Janella's Dailies Xoxo!
Janella's Dailies Xoxo!:
Evane Luna
Evane Luna:
Je crois que je vais aller voir mon psychanaliste pour lui parler des relations que j'entretiens avec mon sac!
Allison Burfield
Allison Burfield:
Loved everything about this video! Quirky, quick witted co-dependent with her bag, lol! I’d love to know the sources for her outfit and bag items (wish links were here for all guests bag sharers), and that leather blazer is everything! Source please!!!
Ruang Riang
Ruang Riang:
Most favorite video of "in the bag".
Ray Of Light
Ray Of Light:
I bet the views for this rocket when Season 4 is available next month. 🤩
Nur Naz
Nur Naz:
I can really agree with the tea helps to sleep better haha
Victoria West
Victoria West:
But I want to know about that coat!!!
Ayesha Siddiqa
Ayesha Siddiqa:
😍😘loved this every bit of this video...i really want such confidence in my life i mean like literally..
It actually does look like one of those chubby mascaras by L’Oréal or Maybelline but in fact it really is a vibrator by a brand called Lelo which apparently is £69 in the market.
edona asani
edona asani:
one of the most realistic whats in ny bag!
S̸a̸b̸r̸i̸n̸a̸ M̸a̸h̸j̸a̸b̸i̸n̸
S̸a̸b̸r̸i̸n̸a̸ M̸a̸h̸j̸a̸b̸i̸n̸:
She is amazing... Love her
Loved this one, thanks for sharing!
Irene Colon-Nava
Irene Colon-Nava:
Her gucci bag made me wish we could see what's in harry styles's bag.
Teddy Hall
Teddy Hall:
She has beautiful penmanship
ayu odagiri
ayu odagiri:
This is a real bag cos i have most of het stuff except the vibrator 🤪🤪
Loved this one
Lynda Taylor
Lynda Taylor:
Emma you are outstanding!!!
Panatda Shanads
Panatda Shanads:
Love her❤️
Fabi Acuña
Fabi Acuña:
Love her! 🤣🤣👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Paula G.
Paula G.:
love the vibrator bit. also always shook by the size of tampons in the EU/UK.
Cristina Narciso
Cristina Narciso:
Where is her bag from? Amazinggg
Skylar moonlight
Skylar moonlight:
I love it 💗
OMG!! The vibrator 😆 I ❤️ Her
Rome Blanchard
Rome Blanchard:
Another Emma that I’ll stan
Elsa Labouret
Elsa Labouret:
I also put gum in receipts!
Ashton Anaya
Ashton Anaya:
Where can I get a keychain like hers?!😩
Just queen things 🌟❤🌟❤🌟❤🌟❤🌟❤🌟
Well, she’s just adorable, isn’t she?
Alana Hope Middleton
Alana Hope Middleton:
omgomgomg can’t wait to see her and Harry in a film together omgomgomg
Deresa Memuar
Deresa Memuar:
I need to know where she that keychain is from. I want one!
Gabriel official
Gabriel official:
Nice woman 🙂❣️
Axel Edfalk
Axel Edfalk:
Alicja Jaworska
Alicja Jaworska:
Best one ever British Vogue !!
Inna Sokolova
Inna Sokolova:
С первой секунды видно, что девушка относится к себе очень серьезно. Очень.
Sara Margheria
Sara Margheria:
Sulagna Ghosh
Sulagna Ghosh:
Her bag is a 20 something bohemian and chic person😍
Lizzyywix Gavilanes
Lizzyywix Gavilanes:
What’s that bag? It’s so beautiful
Aurélie Jenna
Aurélie Jenna:
Mina Akbar
Mina Akbar:
such a tiny bag with so much stuff 🤔
The key ring is so cute. does anyone know where I can find one like it?
What bag is that? Looks lovely
Leon Klein
Leon Klein:
Since she was so chill about talking about her vibrator that she carries around in her bag, is it normal for people in Britain to carry that stuff around? Or is it just her? XD
Ant Toronto
Ant Toronto:
What designer is the bag? Lovely!
Sandra Cobo Ruiz
Sandra Cobo Ruiz:
the vibrator omg love her
Somdutta Chakraborty
Somdutta Chakraborty:
Emma Corrin should be cast as Clarice Starling in the Hannibal series with Mads Mikkelsen. The pair would be cannibaly perfect.
Robert Singh
Robert Singh:
She could be like Q from the Bond movies explaining about the revolutionary vibrator to next the generation of young girls.
The vibrator caught me off guard———😭😭😭🤚🏽
Lily Blackburn
Lily Blackburn:
Where did she get that bag or what style is it
Geo Manhire
Geo Manhire:
When she takes the vibrator at the end lamooooo I love her