Emma Corrin reacts to her Princess Diana scenes in The Crown | GQ Action Replay | British GQ

As Netflix’s all-conquering royal spectacle The Crown returns, with the People’s Princess taking centre stage like never before, Emma Corrin breaks down her favourite moments playing Princess Diana, exclusively for GQ Action Replay.

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Emma Corrin reacts to her Princess Diana scenes in The Crown | GQ Action Replay | British GQ

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British GQ
British GQ:
Full interview here: https://bit.ly/EmmaCorrinGQHype
Alex G
Alex G:
Her portrayal of Diana’s joy and misery was exemplary. I was hurting seeing her in the last episodes
This young lady has a bright future ahead of her, she was brilliant.
Blessed Child
Blessed Child:
Diana comes across as so confident before marrying Charles. She lost her confidence, then gained it back after she adjusted to life without Him.
Catherine Martell
Catherine Martell:
They better give her all the awards she deserves for portraying Diana

i hate bananas
i hate bananas:
She portrayed Diana’s gentleness very good. Like in her expression, voice and the way she spoke the lines
Katerina Patiniotis
Katerina Patiniotis:
If Leonardo Dicaprio and Jodie Foster had a daughter, she would look just like her.
She absolutely nailed this role. Give her all the awards now.
Lisa Maria van Harmelen
Lisa Maria van Harmelen:
I don’t think anyone can ever top her Diana portrayal!
Renee Simpson
Renee Simpson:
Emma really nailed Diana. The voice, holding of her body and head, her mischievous side, her frenetic sensibility at times, her essence—there were some scenes/moments that were just eerie in terms of how much she channeled her 🙌🏻.
Mena J
Mena J:
I was skeptical but she did a great job, this season was so painful because we all know how Diana's story ends. But love the series.
Faith Jackson Docherty
Faith Jackson Docherty:
the way she’s unrecognisable,, the way she can morph into characters is incredible
Jackson Wang's Facial Expressions
Jackson Wang's Facial Expressions:
She said that she gets her Diana looks from her mother, who apparently looked so much like her that she walked into a restaurant one day and scared everybody there, since Diana had died at that point.
Emma and Gillian Anderson were the stars of this season.
Her performance and resemblance to Diana is amazing, but can we talk about that voice?! She perfectly modulated her voice to sound like young Diana in the early episodes, and by the end she sounds like the mature Diana.
Never watched The Crown, but tuned in for this season. She's fantastic.
Not an easy job to take on portraying Diana, she was wonderful.

*Edit: Emma's performance was wonderful
Gael Marconi
Gael Marconi:
One interesting fun fact: Diana actually had more English blue blood in her than Charles did. Charles has some German in his background
Daphna Eremina
Daphna Eremina:
Re: the stag symbolism: “It is a point to remember that of all the ironies about Diana, perhaps the greatest was this – a girl given the name of the ancient goddess of hunting was, in the end, the most hunted person of the modern age.” - Charles Spencer in Diana’s eulogy

the goddess Diana is often portrayed with a deer, so it’s an obvious YET beautiful way to think about what the family ended up doing to her in the end. Hunted her down, wore her out, killed her. They put her in a deer sweater right after as well, just to hammer the point home. She was already wounded by her genuine affection towards Charles, by the way her sister treated her, by her innocence and naïveté. In the end, she was but a trophy wife, a thing to show off.
SA93 Productions
SA93 Productions:
You know you’re obsessed when you’re this early to watch the interviews 🤣
She is an absolute class. And she has portrayed 'Princess Diana' gracefully. Makeup and Styling is great too, as in the wide shots, she looks exactly like Diana.
Miss S
Miss S:
She really deserves an Emmy, specially after seeing how different she looks out of character.
Victoria Tennyson
Victoria Tennyson:
This is the most perfectly casted show I’ve ever seen. Couldn’t have picked a better actress to play Diana.
Czarna Kawa
Czarna Kawa:
Charles is soooo insecure, Diana was far too much for him (as well as for the Royal Family who took on much more than they could chew), she needed a confident man who would be able to appreciate her for who she was. And Camilla... is perfectly bland and boring, exactly what he can manage, only just.
connor Ranz
connor Ranz:
She looks like a young Jodie Foster
Emma’s voice, style and personality are soooooo drastically different from Diana’s which just speaks to her acting talent. I never would have thought Emma was like this.
She looks like the Teenage child of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jodie Foster.
Teneesha Fernando
Teneesha Fernando:
Hated Charles. And hating him more after watching these clips. I feel sorry for Diana. After all she died while Charles is living happily ever after with Camila. I guess this show is just lightly touching what nightmares Diana faced. I am far away from UK and a Sri Lankan who has nothing against the royals. But I truly hate Charles for what he did to Diana. I say this just to Give a portrait of how the outside world see him and camela.
Amira Foad
Amira Foad:
The fact that she looks so young made me sympathize with Diana even more, I swear I just wanted to reach through the screen and hug her and protect her
max ride
max ride:
Corrin is amazing, but can we just appreciate how all of the directors just trusted her and let her do whatever she felt was best for the scene and then giving constructive feedback?
Herman Jacobs
Herman Jacobs:
Lady Diana passed the test with a highflying result since her attributes fit the profile of a prince's wife, her pure heart, faithfulness and loyalty to Prince Charles and the royal family. On the contrary, even if Camilla was there she would haven't passed it because she was not the type that belongs to the royal court. Camilla was calculated, complicated and pretentious, of which those attributes wouldn't have won the love of the royal family.
Emma portrayed Princess Diana so well. I was born in '95, a minute overlap of when the Princess was still alive, but rest assured, my mom shared how Diana was the People's Princess. Her influence and impact was beyond her own life. Watching this season has completely made me angry all over again by how she was treated by the Royal family. The same feeling I had just as I heard about her story for the first time. The world continues to mourn her loss. :(
What a fantastic talent! I swear that her performance as Princess Diana is one of the best performances I've ever seen on TV!!! If she and Gillian Anderson don't get recognized at the Golden Globes and at The Emmys; I'd be very disappointed!!!
stahp pls
stahp pls:
I love her and Charles' acting but watching them onscreen gave me neck pain cause Charles souches and she twists her neck around shyly 😂
Amelia Saleta
Amelia Saleta:
Emma Corrin performance is just marvelous. How she recreate lady Di mannerisms and struggles with her eating disorders and everything concerning her transition into the royal family.
Thaifi Agnes
Thaifi Agnes:
Her portrayal of Diana is simply the best.
Madison Tyler Thomas
Madison Tyler Thomas:
The stag was Diana’s trophy/victory. The symbolism to me showed her popularity and power she had (represented by the stag) directly opposite and confronting the dusty royal family (represented by the stag opposite, that had already been there). The head to head battle of those two powers, just like Philip and Anne joke about at breakfast
GIVE HER ALL THE AWARDS!! Emma Corrin blew me away as Princess Diana. She became the Princess of Hearts and played her as flawed and compassionate as she was. Her eyes filled with pain but also empathy. Her moves, her intonation, how much she loved her kids, just everything.
I thought it might have been the make up and hair but she’s actually a doppelgänger lol
The accent she did for Diana was so good
Emma here, and emma as diana is totally 2 diff person. The voice is on point, the gesture. For some angle she really did look like diana, especially with her back and how she walk and stand.
jenny taylor
jenny taylor:
Highly intelligent girl with her own natural grace and sensitivity. Not just anyone could have portrayed Diana, but she was perfect for the role.
Andrian Harsono
Andrian Harsono:
Just watched two episodes; her portrayal of Diana was supreme. I hope she wins awards 👍
Varshini Baskar
Varshini Baskar:
She is the luckiest person as she gets to be like diana and wears her outfits for once in a lifetime.
Alex Najera
Alex Najera:
I swear if they show the funeral, they better have someone play Elton John and sing "Candle in the Wind (Goodbye England's Rose)"
Imran Becks
Imran Becks:
She brought Diana back to life.
i hate bananas
i hate bananas:
There’s this scene in season 4 where Margaret says when she’s being replaced that the people all want the princess of Wales. Lol Diana was a hot topic
*Me watching The Crown's Season 4 Interviews, even though I don't have Netflix*
Papa Moomin
Papa Moomin:
Perhaps one of the greatest performances of all time. I know this show is a fictionalized work of real people, but she provided Diana so much justice. Hearing her voice, seeing the coy way she would look at the camera once in a while brought me to tears.
Nazaret Nazaret
Nazaret Nazaret:
I know that for almost everyone the performance of Emma Corrin as lady D was impecable, but for me the one who stole the show completely was Gillian Anderson as Margaret Thatcher.
Sarah Urbanova
Sarah Urbanova:
Great job, Emma. You brought parts of Lady Diana, back to us!
Paris Devaney
Paris Devaney:
She was perfection in this role.. at times I honestly felt like I was watching real footage of Diana.
Oana Manole
Oana Manole:
Such a good way of putting it....she enjoyed playing Diana when there was no tragedy to play.
Anthony Hebisen
Anthony Hebisen:
This might be one of the best casting of a role since Vivien Leigh as Scarlett O hara. To not only be brave enough to attempt to portray someone who the world loved , mourned , and held so intimately personal as Diana , but to actually deliver a universally acclaimed performance so perfect, she won the world over , is extraordinary. I wasn’t expecting it with a bar set that high, but when she appeared dressed in the tree costume hiding behind plants, and her voice , It instantly reignited so much suppressed emotion that only time could help bury , that Before I knew it , i was holding back tears. When other actors who have done Diana before, they failed to do what Emma did, capture that alluring yet demure aurora Diana radiated out.
i swear I’m not Emma Corrin using a fake account to praise myself, lol, but she deserves all of it.
King Coco
King Coco:
She truly embraced Diana. Wow wow. I kept skipping the show just to watch her scenes.
I think more people will watch Crown new season because of her. I haven't watched Crown, but planning to watch it to see her
Mounika Yerrapotu
Mounika Yerrapotu:
Intense role to fill in, no wonder Emma is talking emotionally.
Eva M
Eva M:
I haven’t cried watching an actors performance in a long time, she was absolutely phenomenal. I’m astounded. Give her all the awards.
She’s such a darling ! I’m only on episode 2 and am so drawn to Emma as Diana
Tommy Lellan
Tommy Lellan:
Well look at that, an Emmy on her first try. Good on her! (Speaking from the year 2021)
She was absolutely brilliant! Completely broke me in that one scene where she hugs the queen desperate to get the families love, support and approval 😔💔
Menzi Loyer
Menzi Loyer:
The Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series goes to...

Emma Corrin (The Crown)
Maria Cristina Pedroza
Maria Cristina Pedroza:
Just wrapped series 4, and she was brilliant as Diana. Can’t wait to see what she does next. 👏🏾
Aidana Trachtenberg
Aidana Trachtenberg:
Emma’s acting and portrayal of Diana was spectacular and beautiful. She nailed and personified her.
She was the stand out of the show
its called “playing against”, when you dont let the character go all the way into the emotion. much more powerful. an acting technique.
I had to pause several times while watching the series because i got a bit emotional from her performance. It was as if Diana was alive again
Aaron Mc
Aaron Mc:
She deserves all the awards and she looks wayyyyy to much like her it's ridiculous
Ros Sen
Ros Sen:
Princess Diana cannot be matched, and I've seen many actresses try to play her on TV, but none of them could even come close to the real princess. I didn't think it would be even possible for someone to take on that role, but Emma Corrin has truly done the impossible. I watched the first episode and my goodness she has captured her voice, grace and Diana's magnetic appearance that instantly draws you in.
Cairo Alexander
Cairo Alexander:
new season is just sad....trying to watch it but ...anyone else getting depressed?
Stephanie Lemus
Stephanie Lemus:
She’s brave to see herself acting and hear her own voice...I would be cringing the whole time if it were me. She did a great job as Diana!
She did an exceptional job at portraying Diana. Very respectful and classy.
Aditi Shetty
Aditi Shetty:
I like the story of the director hiding the phone, so that she frantically searches for the phone and develops the energy🙌🏼
Also it's so nice to listen to Emma she explains everything so well👌🏻
Oksana Sirju
Oksana Sirju:
She is so insightful and knowledgeable. What a star!
Jason Lam
Jason Lam:
Amazing scene and frightening. This series isn’t subtle at all who they’re suggesting was responsible for Diana’s death. The hunting of the deer 🦌 the shooting and then dragging the deer 🦌 home to the family. The music is soooo dark and ominous. The next morning, we see Diana wearing a sweater with deers🦌 on it. Wow. Truly scary.
Katrina Festejo
Katrina Festejo:
She was just brilliant. She looks nothing like Diana but in the series she is the spitting image
Martin White
Martin White:
Was very impressed with her. Acknowledging some poetic license on the truth of everything, I think we know there is a significant amount of truth in how things were portrayed. At my age of 55 I remember well the Diana years but the one feeling I had from watching the first 3 episodes so far was sadness...for her in those initial times. Because of the mega stardom Diana achieved bit is easy to forget just young she was
Stephanie Samuels
Stephanie Samuels:
I don't really remember Princess Diana just because she passed away when I was a kid but after watching so many biographies and documentaries about her and then watching The Crown. Emma has got her portrayal down to a T, its actually crazy how good she played this role
Zonun Ralte
Zonun Ralte:
I read quite a few times that Diana was an outdoorsy person actually. She grew up in an aristocratic household, and grew up being exposed to outdoor fun her entire childhood.
Tia K.C
Tia K.C:
She was meant to play this role! I can't wait for all her success and a brilliant career to continue to unfold before us.
Every interview she wears something with a nod to Diana’s style. 80s jumper with a necklace here.
Laura Krüger
Laura Krüger:
obsessed with her sweatshirt and style.
that 'i love you' scene was really tormenting because like emma said, charles said that because he thought that's a proper statement to say to end the quarrel. not saying that charles did not love diana, nonetheless it's still like hard pills to swallow for both of them when they knew that the relationship is unsalvageable.
Shar Roon
Shar Roon:
"You are there to be observed and everything you do is going to be observed" this describes every experience I have had with my in-laws.
Breaks my heart watching season 4. To know this isn’t fiction. Lady Di you are missed ❤️
Angel CityGirl
Angel CityGirl:
Why do these interviews always feel the need to put music underneath the speaker? Its so unnecessary and distracting.
Finn Smith
Finn Smith:
Emma was the standout performance of this season and in my opinion it is the best season of the 4. Her portrayal of Diana is flawless and the ending is so heartbreaking I’m honestly very upset in that she won’t return for Season 5.
Tanya Chou
Tanya Chou:
What a thoughtful actress, so young and already very mature with her craft
Lucia Rodríguez
Lucia Rodríguez:
i cried on every episode diana appeard, she really did an amazing job portraying lady di, they should give her all the awards
Piper Dela Cruz
Piper Dela Cruz:
Finished binge watching season 4 and here I am consuming every video featuring anything about it. haha! Emma Corrin was wonderful btw as Princess Diana. Best season so far!
Lit Chick
Lit Chick:
Man! God knows how Kristen Stewart will match this level of perfection
J Albright
J Albright:
grateful for this beautiful performance - I found it heartbreaking and magical - the first meeting when she is a young girl and hiding behind pillars was inspired - finally someone directs something extraordinary. Emma is brilliant
Kamen Jones
Kamen Jones:
I finished can I get season 5 now 😂
Laylla's Locker
Laylla's Locker:
That stag scene killed me. I know its a metaphor on Diana and royal family affairs. But before everything I saw it as "how human race destroys everything with it's greed and corruption".
Ellaouise Vlogs
Ellaouise Vlogs:
Her portrayal was beyond amazing. All it has done is make us all realise how much we miss her!
j’amies Mumwhotookhercokezero
j’amies Mumwhotookhercokezero:
I'm obsessed with all her outfits
Anna Chanioti
Anna Chanioti:
You did a wonderful job Emma!!
H J:
An absolutely brilliant actress portraying Diana. Well done to The Crown Production team. You didn’t let us down 👌🏻❤️
Jessica Pierce
Jessica Pierce:
It's a shame to not have her back for season 5