Emma Corrin - The Crown | Golden Globes 2021 Full Backstage Interview

Emma Corrin won the Golden Globe for TV Drama Actress on Sunday night for her role as Princess Diana in Netflix’s ‘The Crown.’ The actress opened up about the support from her fellow nominees and revealed that she was ‘moved’ to find out that Prince Harry watches the show.


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silly pets life
silly pets life:
Well done girl. Best Princess Diana ever. 100% deserved.
She is lovely and a fantastic actress. Josh was great too!!
Joseph Kitchens
Joseph Kitchens:
Very well deserved
Dale Hilary
Dale Hilary:
Congratulations, you are so deserving, you did an outstanding performance, unbeatable. Best wishes
Mickey Donelan'xo
Mickey Donelan'xo:
you can tell how tired she was 🥺 such a sweetie 💕
Jen Li
Jen Li:
Good to watch it in the month of February. I like her everytime she looks sideways. The eyes are haunting.
03 AI
03 AI:
Wow, her real accent is totally different from the one at the Crown.
Pat Cannedy
Pat Cannedy:
Congratulations 🎉
Naznin Sultana
Naznin Sultana:
Congratulations 👒✊
Alexander Unger
Alexander Unger:
She's so drowsy here 😀
Anita Maulina
Anita Maulina:
Btw emma masuk nominee oscar tahun ini gak siii??
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela
Artes Pintura Ana Estrela:
Yer Yang
Yer Yang:
She looks like Mila Kunis. Very pretty!
Fadel Bash
Fadel Bash:
Jude MelRoses
Jude MelRoses:
She looks tired and sleepy.
silly pets life
silly pets life:
Please do one thing..stop saying its a fictional story. We lived it..what we saw..the show is carbon copying. Good..show how she suffered. Once the dear Queen goes..get rid of the rest.
Caesar The Emperor
Caesar The Emperor:
Why is she dressed as a clown?