Emma Raducanu vs. Caroline Garcia | 2022 Indian Wells Round 2 | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Emma Raducanu vs. Caroline Garcia at 2022 BNP Paribas Open.

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100+ comentarios:

First win in the desert for Raducanu! How far can she go at Indian Wells this year? 💬
Diane Bailey
Diane Bailey:
11:35 Son unos de los Xxlike.UnO

31:41 Sun: ''Hotter''
27:45 Yoongi: ''Butter''
42:40 Hopi: ''Sweeter''

33:40 Son unos de los mejores conciertos ,
13:12 Joonie: ''Cooler''
21:24 Belleza doops

hay nomas pa ra reirse un rato y no estar triste y estresado por la vida dura que se vive hoy... 🖤
los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer .
, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente...''
Son unos de los mejores conciertos, no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente 7Z5Z ⬇
That was a great match to watch and Raducanu is showing some of that US Open form again. There’s a lot for the youngster to handle, being her first year on the tour. The usual route for players is through many months or years of the early rounds perfecting the craft and the fitness. Instead she flew over several hurdles last year, and is now getting prime court attention even ahead of some of the more seasoned pros. It’s a lot of pressure so respect for her to be shining here in this match.
Looked a lot more like U.S. Open Emma today. I thought she was too tired to win when her energy dropped off in that second set, but she picked it back up again. So great to see.
Priscilla Young
Priscilla Young:
Son unos Xxlike.Uno de los mejores conciertos 💋 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente❤️💯
los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.
Thelma Almaden
Thelma Almaden:
I hope she's back after covid and injuries. Congrats Emma! That's the way to do it. Give your best shot..love the ACES... 2x in a row! and win the point...Amazing.
Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson:
Son unos Xxlike.Uno de los mejores conciertos 💋 Son unos de los mejores conciertos , no puede ir pero de tan solo verlos desde pantalla, se que estuvo sorprendente❤️💯
This is such a big win for her! Glad to see her smiling and back to her strong form again, Garcia has been playing really well!
She’s got the talent, for sure. Needs to keep her head down and keep working hard. The winning streaks will eventually return. Garcia was not an easy opponent, she beat Simona Halep easily in straight sets just last month in Qatar.
Toto and Toby in NW
Toto and Toby in NW:
Feels like the first time seeing Raducanu playing confident since magical US open run. Way to go!!
Jack Wachtel-Scott
Jack Wachtel-Scott:
That's more like the Radacanu we saw win the U.S. Open.
She has the power and shots to keep rallies short and that is when she is at her best.
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
This is the best Garcia has played in a long time I think. Unfortunately for her it’s the best Radacanu has played since the US Open also.
Yakziv Z
Yakziv Z:
Great win for Emma!!! Hopefully she can win it all- it will be a big test.
Jonathan N
Jonathan N:
That's more like it from Emma - looked freer and more assured. Carrying the weight of being the US Open champion must take some time to get used to emotionally and mentally which can have physical impacts. Great to see her playing like this again.
Revolt Revolt
Revolt Revolt:
Emma has the right mental toughness in the game that will keep her very competitive for the long haul. Physical fitness will only get better the more experience she gets
sl joe
sl joe:
That shining smile is back. Congratulations Emma. Win this title!
Ben TheKeeshond
Ben TheKeeshond:
Congrats to Emma! I hope Emma realizes that many tennis fans' love for her is even beyond tennis. As long as Emma tries her best, she will have no regrets in either winning or losing. But please don't slack off and be the best you can be.
Love Emma unconditionally!
a bit surprised of how tough she played compared to her previous matches.
Emma was completely aggressive and will continue to be if she wants to make it far in the tournament!. props to her for this win! 🥳
I’m so happy to see you win Emma 😌
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Lovely to watch Emma play, such star quality 💚💫🏆
Sad to see what's become of Garcia, a player I once thought was destined for greatness. Congrats Emma!
She's already talented, but when she adds consistency and increased fitness levels to her game she's going to be a superb player.
Matlani Zote
Matlani Zote:
Love to see your smile and victory Emma.Keep going,keep smiling💪💪May God bless you
k odu
k odu:
I have never seen Emma play this well since winning the US Open.
JL Zivi
JL Zivi:
Good to see Raducanu gaining her confidence back!
Really happy for Raducanu I wish her a great 2022
Max Shine
Max Shine:
Really good match, high quality shots! Also it shows that gets harder once the other players know your style.
Great to see Emma have that fire again and really transferring that forward momentum into her shots and going in the attack and taking balls on the rise. That's the game she needs to play
Great match for Emma in terms of experience and practice. Caroline is a very competitive player with great skills. With a little more beefing up, a healthy and fit Emma would be a force to be reckon...!!!
I am so so happy that Will, the mechanic, is now back with Emma. He will continue to keep her healthy during this demanding tournament season and keep her "in one piece."👍
This game requires not only skill but strenght to hit the ball hard and fast. 💕 Emma’s tennis outfit. Go Emma🙏🏾
gary horton
gary horton:
I thought emma's ball striking and fitness level looked much more like her us open triumph performance and some of her backhand passing shots were sublime.
Steve Adams
Steve Adams:
You played great
You let it fly
Good competitive match
Your beautiful backhand shot down the line
Was a beauty
You won
Now rest up then practice
On to the courts
Itsme Forsure
Itsme Forsure:
Garcia and Zhang looked really good last week indoors in Lyon. Both didn't fair well in the outdoor conditions. Emma played well, but Garcia's play was off today. Hopefully Emma racks up a few wins.
Goel Numa
Goel Numa:
Wow Harriet Dart (another Brit) vs Svitolina game was really really good, Harriet improving day by day. I think Harriet might win a WTA tourment next year
Chelsea Fans TV
Chelsea Fans TV:
Congratulations Emma 👏🎾 hoping for great success for you 🇬🇧
Lã Văn Chung
Lã Văn Chung:
Emma is great player if she can prepare many plans in variety of situations
Galloping Nuns
Galloping Nuns:
There is a ton to like about Emma's game. With a few small adjustments, she'll get back to winning consistently in no time. Great start here against a tough veteran.
Keanu’s Life
Keanu’s Life:
Good win for Raducanu, Garcia has been playing well lately.
Perry Martin
Perry Martin:
Good win for Emma. Hopefully she can continue this form and silence the naysayers.
Gaming Tonight
Gaming Tonight:
Worried about how she "fell away" to lose the 2nd set. She can't afford to do that and must keep her game up throughout the match.
Yetwirani Lampe
Yetwirani Lampe:
Wow ... amazing, I'am so happy to see you win Emma ... conggratulation 👏👏👏
Invision Hope Healthy Living
Invision Hope Healthy Living:
Congratulations on your win today. Well deserved smile at the end.
poetries by avinish pathak
poetries by avinish pathak:
Amazing performance raducanu keep it up
Alfredo Durán
Alfredo Durán:
I hope that Emma Raducano does very well in this tournament and shuts up more than one hater who has been doubting her tennis abilities.
Cosmo Ray
Cosmo Ray:
Congratulations Emma 🔥🎉🎊
Joseph Guerrero-Lopez
Joseph Guerrero-Lopez:
Let’s go Emma!!!
Ming Jone
Ming Jone:
Go Emma, You can win this tournament!
Kelvin Ong
Kelvin Ong:
Radacanu does very well on the front foot. Been noticing lots of points lost off the back foot. But somehow, she's still not really in the category of ultra aggressive. If she can figure out that part of her game quickly she will at least get a handful of good tournaments in this year, which should be enough to keep her within the top 30 once her Wimbledon and US Open points fall off.
Paula Richards
Paula Richards:
Great match. I really want to see Emma reach the final. P.S. WTA we don't care to see the coin toss and please give us more than 8 mins. The matches don't show in my country. Thanks.
Chuck Kirk
Chuck Kirk:
Happy for Raducanu stick it to the haters
Let’s go Emma!!!
Much more bite to her serve and forehand compared to the beginning of the year. Her aggressive redirection and her serve was the most underrated part of her US open run.
Ryan Mitchener
Ryan Mitchener:
She played great against an aggressive Caroline, great win for Emma 🇬🇧
Wai Tong
Wai Tong:
Garcia fought back in her last two matches.Not an easy opponent for sure.
Sooo happy my idol won 🙏🏾
Mr.t Joe
Mr.t Joe:
Yay!!! Cool1 Miss Emma raducanu. Well Done! 💪👍Congratulations🎊🎉😍
Steve Gilham
Steve Gilham:
Champions performance !
Max Tong
Max Tong:
I still think Emma needs to pack on a lil more mass for sustainability, and the cardio too. Anyway, best of luck kid, you're such an amazing fighter.
Franklin NJ
Franklin NJ:
She has the game the only question is her body endurance and mental toughness...
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh:
tournament!. props to her for this win!
Harry Wild
Harry Wild:
Go Emma!😁👍
She had patches where she played as well as she did at the US Open. Her best chance at a deep run this year might be at Wimbledon where she already reached 4th round last year.
Hapy Nik
Hapy Nik:
Emma looks great!! Way to go Emma..
Yey!!! ❤️ Great win for emma.
It was good to see Emma able to play a full match and play well. I was a bit disappointed with Garcia. I had greater expectations. As one of the broadcast team said, Garcia has not beaten a top 20 player in the past 3 years, which explains why she is a top 70 player. Emma had her under pressure for most of the match but when you have ~40 unforced errors, it doesn't help on the scoreboard or between the ears.
Ajanta Kulkarni
Ajanta Kulkarni:
After winning the match Emma your happiness and your smiling face is very innocent. And your self clapping also Beautiful.
From 🇮🇳India.
Mike K
Mike K:
Go Emma, you are the best
SanJan Jayadevan
SanJan Jayadevan:
Super Happy For Her....❣️❣️❣️❣️
Joe Joe
Joe Joe:
Emma looks fresh lively and confident when she plays in USA
salome russell
salome russell:
Well done Emma. See you next match.😍🖤🙏
Covid, injuries and a crazy stalker. It's not been easy for her. Glad she's back.
Come on Emma!!! (my favorite shot of mine is also the BH down the line 😜)
Paul Coverdale
Paul Coverdale:
Come in Emma. Let's get bk to that form at the US open. Just so exciting to watch her play. We are all behind you...x
Ichsan Nurzaman
Ichsan Nurzaman:
Finally, another match win in WTA. Lol, what a way to describe a literal Grand Slam champion. Onwards and upwards Emma (finger cross)
Kevin Waters
Kevin Waters:
Garcia is the best 330th ranked player I have ever seen. She should really be at least 329th.
Alan Costa
Alan Costa:
Best perfomance since USOpen.
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith:
When was the last time Emma won a tournament? I hope winning the US open was not a fluke.
Good victory but Emma seems to lack confidence. The dip of her level of first serve and second serve in the second set is not explainable. She won 6-1 fist set, break in second set 1-0 and then, total collapse of her game starting with the serve. Good thing that she managed to get back on track in the third set will Garcia mentally collapsing.
Tim Homer
Tim Homer:
Well done Emma
Wayne Wu
Wayne Wu:
Go get it, Emma!
Pitikasem Nilavongse
Pitikasem Nilavongse:
Nice to see Andrew team have been back to join Emma again.
Ameen Aftab
Ameen Aftab:
Go win this, Emma!
Víctor Vallejos
Víctor Vallejos:
Raducanu un talento increíble.
Very happy to see Emma regain her "old" form in 2021 US Open. But what happened in Set 2? And from this highlights clip, it looks like Garcia is the winner.
Tony Padilla
Tony Padilla:
That’s more like it Emma ❤️
Normand Miranda
Normand Miranda:
Go Emmaaaa!!
Alexandra Sandu
Alexandra Sandu:
Grand slam Emma is back!!! 💃🏽🏆🥳🎾
aung tin
aung tin:
She still needs to control her return balls - many falling in middle of opposite court at a height just perfect for the opponent to smash.
Leylah has a Crazy Draw , if emma wins the next match she could go far.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Good battle. Garcia wasn't going out easy. Good win.
Anca Truta
Anca Truta:
Bravo Emma!!!!🇬🇧🇹🇩
Goodbye Garcia!!! Come on Emma!!!
Can we see the whole match please?😀
Jeff Criswell
Jeff Criswell:
keep fighting emma -
Great fight from Emma! Garcia is not an easy opponent and has shown great form in the last few tournaments having both a lot of fight & a dangerous forehand.
Emma you are playing with tennis players with tremendous strength, so keep building up your strength. You have all the skills, stamina and super strength is all you need, maybe? Just guessing. Good luck on your next match. Have watched this video 10x already.
Marli Oliveira
Marli Oliveira:
As chatinhas vão caindo uma,por uma,,primeiro Muguruza agora essa outra.Ta ótimo o torneio
Hernan Sanjuan
Hernan Sanjuan:
Now that is the US open champ... Go for Win Emma
yanjie ji
yanjie ji:
Good start!
musiK Kool
musiK Kool:
Ma joueuse préférée Madame Garcia 🇲🇫🇲🇫🇲🇫🌹💐