Emma Roberts Is Pregnant, Expecting Her 1st Child With Boyfriend Garrett Hedlund

Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund are starting a new chapter! The actress is pregnant with their first child, Us Weekly exclusively revealed on our “Hot Hollywood” news podcast.

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8 comentarios:

Vinamra Shinde
Vinamra Shinde:
That's gonna be one genetically gifted baby
Angel Donoghue
Angel Donoghue:
I knew it ages ago I’ve constantly checked her page then when it changed I was excited
Nevena Tosic
Nevena Tosic:
but how do you actually know if she is pregnant?
Rhett Corbett
Rhett Corbett:
Jeanell Schenkers
Jeanell Schenkers:
Wooooow great news. You are going to be real good parents. Congratulations 💋💋💋!
Jibran Shah
Jibran Shah:
Her mother kelly has blocked me on instagram .
Sanchira Vanity
Sanchira Vanity:
Even peters must be loseing his shit
Jibran Shah
Jibran Shah:
Even her kelly has blocked me on my 2 instagram account . She made her instagram account private.